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Awakeri School

Here was the News in 2011.

16 December Click here for some good photos of the seniors wrestling and then the water fight. Our wonderful news reporter Katy is even featured!! Have a great holiday everyone! Mr H

14 December The senior social was great last night. People danced and had lots of fun. Here are a few shots of the disco.
Today was awesome too. C Block had wrestling champs and then there was the massive water fight.
Tears and joy it's the end of the year. Bye bye to our wonderful year eights, who are going to high school ranging from Auckland Grammar to St Kevins in Oamaru!!

13 December. Fancy Dress last night was really cool. There were all sorts of awesome outfits like boys in drag, Disney Characters, Santa- type people, ghosts and loads more. The Prinicpal's award went to Edgar Smits. The Jump Jams, Folk Dancing and Songs were really cool. The Yr 8 Haka was one of the best things, they were really loud and the Dance Troupe people were great. The Orchestra was a great beginning to the night and they performed really well. Here are some cool photos of fancy dress.
Tonight is the Year 7 & 8 Social. It is going to be really cool, so remember to come. It starts at seven. My last report will be tomorrow. BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE(for now)

12 December. Hi people. Today, reports are going home, so be good, because the teachers can still change your reports. The magazines are also going home. Tonight we have Fancy Dress. I will report on this tomorrow. This is probably one of the last things I am going to write on the Website for this year. Quite annoying, actually.

8 December. I forgot. Today, the teachers from Singapore are going back. It has been cool having them here and it sounds like they enjoyed their trip.

8 December. It is almost the end! Of the world? No, although that's highly likely. It's almost the end of school, so we have been very busy. Yesterday morning, we had a Fancy Dress walk through. This yer there is a lot of extra stuff at Fancy Dress, so come to it on Monday night. It starts at 7:00. This shows some of the stuff the school has been doing throughout the year so don't miss out. Room 9 sang Christmas Carols at the Rest Home, which they enjoyed. Yesterday the Junior School had their Picnic, and today is the Middle School Picnic. Photos are coming. On Tuesday the Year 7& 8's have their Social, which will be awesome. I think that's all. Toodles, everybody.

7 December There are some more cool photos of the seniors intensive here.

2 December. Wow. It is almost the end of the year! I have lots of news. Right. Rm 6 & 7 are on Camp in Ohope. They are having an awesome time and will be back this afternoon. Today there was a Jandal Day to raise money for Surf Lifesaving. Renske Brabant won the jar of lollies. They raised lots of money. I will find out exactly how much soon. Congratulations to Emily Robbie who got High Distinction in ICAS Maths. Classes have been doing PAT tests. It is probably a good idea to do well as the teachers are writing their reports now. That's about all. Bye.

27 November. Hello everyone. On Thursday and Friday, Year 7 & 8 had their intensive. It was really cool. On Thursday, the Year 8's went to the War Memorial hall and did lots of exercise, and the Year 7's did working with juniors, making house chants, signs and flags and indoor challenges like indoor soccer.
On Friday the Year 8's went to the Aquatic Centre, either golf or the skate park, and Tauwhare Pa, while the Year 7's did Team Building activities in Thornton, things like filling holey buckets and wearing gumboots (don't ask.)

Anyway, here are some photos of the day.

22 November. NOW you can look at the cool pictures!

21 November. Check out some of the fantastic artwork that will be on on Rm 3's page soon! Mr Hawkes wishes Rm 14 could paint like that!

21 November. Swimming started today. I wonder how many ice blocks there are in Room 13! There are lots of trips happening this week, from Year 7 & 8 intensive to Room 2's trip to White Pine Bush to Room 9 & 10 going to the Buried Village. I will give you more info on this later.
Today the Middle Syndicate have their speech demonstration. There are some really good speeches, as they have worked on them for ages. That's all for now. Bye people.

18 November The senior interschool athletics went really well at Edgecumbe yesterday. Everyone had fun and there was a good attitude among all the competitors. The highlights were the relays. The 11 year olds won theirs - Lila, Brady, Sharnaye and Alex. Then the 12 year olds won theirs too - Tiaan, Dylan, Sammy and Kyla. The 13 year olds came second to Edgecumbe - Jordan, Ashleigh, Abbey and Nikoli. Individual highlights included Tiaan winning NINE ribbons! One of the 13 year olds from Matata did his long jump and then just kept running, nearly fell into the creek, jumped it and ended up hanging on to the hedge on the other side! Nikoli won the discus. Lauren won the 800m. Kyla won the 100m sprint. Lila won both the sprints and Brady won the high jump. On the way back to school, there was even entertainment. Some dude was playing his bagpipes on the side of the road as the bus went past! Mrs Merry said it was probably the only place he was allowed to play!

17 November. Today is interschool athletics for 11, 12 and 13 year olds. Yesterday Awakeri did very well at the 9 and 10 year old interschool. Tawari has a great collection of ribbons from his successes alone. Both 9 year old and the 10 year old boys relay teams came first, to make it an exciting ending to the day. All our children showed great tenacity and sportsmanship in their events. The parents were wonderful support as well.

15 November. Hello. Today the Year 7 & 8's have Maturation Talks. These are being done by Shirley who does Life Education, and this is the first year she has done them so it should be good. There is also lots of testing going on, with classes doing PAT tests and STAR tests and Basic Facts and Spelling and all of those other lovely things- not! Anyway I think that's all, so bye everyone.

13 November. The school athletic records have been updated. Quite a few people broke or equaled records, e.g. Tiaan Brownless, Tawari Stanley, Emily Julian... The standards keep getting higher!

11 November. Hi everyone. Sprints went well yesterday. Rimu won the House Relay.
As you probably know, today is the 11/11/11. Oliver Thompson is turning 11, in Rm 11, on 11/11/11! Wow, that is pretty amazing. Look out for photos of Athletics and Sprints days.
Click here to see some pics

9 November. Seldoot People. Today the Juniors (Rm1-6) have their athletics. They are doing really well and having lots of fun, judging by the noise outside! Take a look at the class pages if you want to see more news and pictures on the Athletics day.
I thought I would remind people( even though there have been lots of reminders already) that tomorrow we have Sprints. This is the whole school so don't forget to wear your house colours( Yellow for Kowhai, Red for Rata, Blue for Tawa and Green for Rimu) and you have to cheer really loudly so that Kowhai wins everything! Of course, if you aren't in Kowhai you don't have to cheer for them but it would be nice( Hint Hint.) Also, Hannah and Mr Hawkes agree with me
Yeah, Kowhai is the best house that beats everyone else, though I'm biased, but GO KOWHAI!
Kowhai will be Supreme!!!!!!!!!!!!
Those were Hannah and Mr Hawkes's opinions but you are entitled to your own - as long as you want Kowhai to win!
Anyway, I have to go now. Goodbye.

8 November.(again) This is Miss Cleveland. She is getting married soon so she had to wear this veil today. Very pretty!

8 November. Hello everyone. Yesterday the Senior and Middle School held their athletics. It went quite well, with lots of different people getting places in events. There were also lots of school records broken, so that was very good. The Juniors have their Athletics on Wednesday and the whole school has sprints on Thursday.
Oh yes. If you were placed in more than one event at our athletics you are eligible to go to the Interschool athletics in two weeks time. More information later. Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee.

1 November Today we have four teams going to the BOP Technology Challenge. Mr Sheather has had them training, and we know they will work well together. Good luck (if you need it!). Mr H
(This is Katy.)The teams did really well, especially because the challenges were hard. The Aces got second place in the Mystery Challenge (which was to make a hut) and the Magic got third place in the backpack challenge,
although everyone did really well. That's about it. Bye.

31 October. Hello. Athletics is going well, and Rm 1 have moved into their really cool new classroom.

27 October. Hi people. Welcome back to Term 4. This term is rather short but rather busy. We have athletics in Week Three, and there will be lots of events like sprints, 1500 m, 800 m, high jump, long jump, standing jump, shot put and discus.There will be lots of house competitions, and everyone will have lots of fun supporting their houses.(Hopefully.)
We also have a new school banker. Jessie is going to do a really good job. Remember, banking is every Tuesday morning at the office and our bankers do an awesome job.
Another new thing is that Rm 1 is being done up. You probably knew that already, but I'm just reminding you. They will be moving in next week.
I think that's all. Bye everyone. I will report to you soon on what else is happening.

24 October Don't forget your clothes suitable for doing athletics in everyone! School tomorrow!

7 October. Hello everyone. It is very exciting, as today is the last day of term. There are going to be lots of cool activities to do this afternoon. You probably know the sort of stuff we are doing already, but I will just remind you. . .
Things like rollerblading, skateboards, Awakeri rulz, soccer, bullrush, art, remote control cars, dodgeball, adventure playground for the juniors, and watching a movie. That's about all. Have a good holiday, people.
Oh, wait! Today is Blackout day. This means that everyone is wearing black clothes to show their support for the All Blacks and the Rugby World Cup. Unfortunately, Mr Hawkes is wearing a T-shirt with a soccer ball on it
. Oh well. Bye, everyone. Don't break any bones in the holidays (your own or anybody else's.) Byyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee.
P.S- I do enjoy doing those extra long bye's. Here's another one for good luck. Byyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

5 October. Yes, Ag Day was awesome. There was some awesome baking, some great indoor show crafts and some really cute pets, dogs, kids, lambs and calves.
We have had a really busy term, but this is the last week of school and then it will be the holidays! Yay!
We are having a reward day on Friday, because it is the end of Term Three( which is actually quite scary, because it means the year is almost over and it doesn't seem like we have had a proper year at all, even though we have managed to fit quite a lot of stuff in.) Reward Day is going to be cool. If you want to know the sort of activities we'll be doing, scroll back down through the page, as I have mentioned rewards day lots of times before and I don't think this one is going to be any different.
We have also started training for athletics. There are lots of different events, like long jump, high jump, standing jump, discus, shot put and lots of different running activities.

The seniors did 12 minute run today. The best score was Tiaan with 2880m.
I think that is all. Toodles, everyone.

4 October Ag Day was great fun on Friday, with lovely weather. Check out these cool photos of the day.

28 September. Hi everyone. Sadly, production is over, but we have another busy week- this Friday is Ag Day! Tomorrow we are making all the craft stuff for the indoor show. It is going to look really cool, you should go and check it out on Friday morning. There is also a baking section. You can go and look at all the delectable dishes- but please don't eat them!
Mr Hawkes isn't at school today because he was watching the Phoenix game and they lost so he's too embarrassed to show his face at school. Nah, not really, he is sick from sitting in the rain and he had to have three days off school. Oops.
By the way Mr Hawkes, it was Mr Fitz's idea to write that so please don't murder me when you get back.

P.S- There is viewing at Ag Day, parents and grandparents and anyone else who wants to can come and check out the animals. There will be a parade first, so that will be cool to watch, and there are some really cool animals too.

23 September Well Mr Fitz did give a 10 out of 10 last night. It was a great final show. Congratulations! Check out the photos of the show and the kapa haka.

22 September. Production is going really well. Yesterday's show was really good and the juniors enjoyed it. We got an eight out of ten yesterday and a seven out of ten on Tuesday. Tonight we are going to try and get ten out of ten! Well, I am, anyway, but I think everyone else is as well.
Today we had a fire drill. Mr Fitz made good use of the smoke machine. There was smoke coming out of the computer suite, but most people walked straight past it! Luckily it wasn't a real fire!
I asked some people whoat they thought of Production.
Chrystal plays the 3rd Zandrusite and she says Production is cool fun. She likes the songs, especially Cosmic Rock. Her favourite character is the 1st Zandrusite who is played by Caroline P.
I also talked to Rachael and Jordyn from Room 6, who went yesterday. Rachael said she liked Stark because she was angry. Her favourite character was the Princess. She liked the Destructor and Hannah and Nikoli in the machine. She liked when her sister said"You pompous idiot!"She said the Princess song was best, especially when the Princess said "Don't want to be a celebrity."
Jordyn liked the Prince. The teacher said to boo at the Voodons but she didn't. She liked Stink, especially because it was actually the smoke that was stinky. Jess and Sharnaye looked funny fat. She thought Hannah was scary.
They both thought it was funny when the Prince and the Princess held hands.
I also talked to some people from Room 1. Summer liked everything, but especially the Prince, Princess and Kapa Haka. She thought the Ultraviolet light looked cool.
Radha liked her brother Chai best. Joel liked the guards with their swords. Stink was cool. He liked the Kapa Haka songs. Kade liked the Destructor.
If you want to hear some more about Production, check out the Room 6 and Room 1 pages.

20 September It's opening night tonight!!! Have you got your tickets yet? Valley of the Voodons, 7pm tonight. Yesterday the dress rehearsal went very well. The kapa haka sounded awesome, and the singing and acting was entertaining. The set looks very colourful. The destructor is an amazing prop, with awesome flashing lights.
Come and hear Georgia sing! See Jess's crazy costume, watch our regal princess, and her hmm hmm macho brother, watch Hannah and Nikoli be mean to each other, listen to our orchestra get their beat going, hear Jessie poking fun at Mr Hawkes and Coronation Street, and there's heaps more but you have to come and see it, don't you. . . . .
Don't miss out! There will be some door sales tonight, but Thursday will be sold out. There are only 16, no make that 14 tickets left! Check out these cool photos of the show.

16 Sept Today Room 12 and 14 had an awesome time doing maths with students teachers from Whakatane High School, actually lots of our lovely ex-pupils. Here are some photos. Captions still coming.

13 September. Hi people. I haven't updated my page for a while, but we have been busy with Production and RWC. So- Rugby World Cup. Let's see, I had better tell you about our opening ceremony, because it was pretty cool. Here goes. . .
Mr Fitz divided the whole school into the twenty countries of the actual World Cup, and there are two senior students in each country who are the ambassadors. We had a day when everyone made flags and learnt about their country, then we had a walk-through of our opening ceremony. The following Friday we held our opening ceremony, the day the actual ceremony was being held. The countries walked into the "Stadium"and the BOT chairman opened our games, then we went to play the games! There was five activities, Throwing the ball into the bucket, Shuttle runs, Kicking the ball through the posts, Passing the ball in a circle and Tug of war. At the end, the points were tallied up and the USA won!
Here are some cool photos of the games.
Production practise is going really well. Everyone is remembering their lines, sounding lovely and tuneful while they sing, and acting convincingly. On Wednesday we have a dress rehearsal which should go really well and it will be awesome seeing everyone in their costumes. We have done a few full run throughs now and most of the props are made, Miss Robb and the backstage crew have done a really cool job.
Well, I am not going to reveal much about the production because you will have to buy tickets, they are on sale at the office, $4 for kids and $8 for adults, make sure you don't forget because VOV is awesome. Of course, you knew that already, but never mind.

7 September Tickets went on sale today, less than two weeks till VOV opening night!
Ag Day is not far away. Check out the indoor programme on the link to the left.

5 September. Yay! Since it is now September, we are in the season of Spring. We are rehearsing hard out for Valley of the Voodons show. Tickets go on sale on Wednesday, from 8.30am at the school office. $8 adults and $4 children. Evening shows Tues 20th, Thurs 22 September, matinee for senior citizens and schools Wed 21st. Don't miss out!! You get to see our awesome kapa haka as well!
Here are a few photos from our kapa haka intensive last week. Ataahua!

29 August. Seldoot people. Room 13 and 14 were just at Tech, and an interesting thing happened. Well, maybe not interesting. Funny for some, irritating for some. Well, I will just tell you what happened if you want. Edgar and Dan got left behind at Tech! The bus left and they were still inside!
Bye for now.

26 August. The winner of the lollies was Emily Julian!

26 August. Sorry, everyone, I haven't updated my page for a while, so I have lots of stuff to tell you. Actually, that isn't a bad thing, but you will most likely have a lot of reading to do when I'm done.
Today is Daffodil Day, so we are having a Guess the Lollies in the Jar competition. I will tell you the winner later, when we find out who it is.
Production is going well, as is Kapa Haka. Yesterday, we had a walk through of Scene 1, which is also pretty much Act 1, as it takes up half the show! Everyone is looking really good, and Mr Fitz doesn't even have to yell that much! We also have singing practice on Fridays, and some of the songs are sounding really good, especially the ones I sing, ha ha.
Kapa Haka intensive is happening on Monday, and we haven't seen them perform yet, but lots of people tell me they look really cool. I am looking forward to watching them!
I also have to report on Soccer-Hockey day. Our teams did well, and the FAST PTA sold lots of food. It was awesome.
Well, I think that's it. Bye people.
Wait. No,that isn't it. I thought I would probably forget something, and I was right! There is now a class in Room 2, and the building work on Room 4 & 5 has been completed, so they are back in their awesome new classrooms. The next building work the school is doing is to join Room 1 to the old dental clinic, so they will have a much bigger class and a cloakbay to themselves.
Also, Rm 15 has a new website monitor. It is Dylan Hoefsloot, and I'm sure he will do a great job.
Now, I think that really is all. Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeee.

18 August. We got some great results at the EBOP Science Fair last night. Robert Coulter got Gold, Millie Patterson and Cara Biddle got silver, and three projects got special awards. Check out this page for all the results.

15 August. Wow, this is amazing! We were just at soccer practice and it started snowing! Snowing in Awakeri! This is absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 August. I actually forgot to tell you, but the new house captain for Rata is Ashleigh Dixon. She will do a really good job, now that Luisa has left.
Tomorrow is the EBOP Science fair, so lots of people from Awakeri are going there. Hopefully, they will win everything, and they all have really cool projects so it is highly likely they will.
We also have Soccer/Hockey day on Thursday. The hockey players will be going to Edgecumbe, and the soccer players will stay here. There are 6 schools participating, including Awakeri, and 48 teams altogether.
I think that is all that is happening, so Toodles, people.

11 August. Today we had school photos, so everyone came to school looking beeeeutiful, especially Mr Hawkes! If you want family photos, you can book a time at the office, as they will be happening on Saturday.
Bye people.

10 August School photos tomorrow!! Please turn up looking handsome!

7 August Here are the Science Fair results and some photos.

4 August. Good Morning, everyone. The Kids Lit Quiz team for 2011 is Katy, Jess, Amelia, Jessie,Hannah, Elana, Finn and Ollie. Well done to all those people, as well as the people who tried out.
Science Fair is going well, with the judging happening today. There are seven judges, asking people all kinds of questions about their displays. Prizegiving is tomorrow at twelve, you can come to that, or there are public viewing times tonight at 5-6.30, or tomorrow morning from 8-9. I think that is about all, so toodles!
Oh no, I forgot, we have the mobile dental clinic here at the moment, fixing everyones teeth for them. They are really nice and friendly, and (almost) painless.
Now, really,toodles!

I August. Welcome back to Term Three, people. There is going to be some exciting stuff happening this term, like Production (Valley of the Voodons), Science Fair, and Ag Day. I have already said lots of stuff about Production, but Science Fair and Ag Day need a bit of explaining, probably. So...
Science Fair is a competition that the Year Seven and Eights participate in, and it is happening this week. The students have been preparing their projects for the last six-eight weeks. There are lots of different topics people have been studying, as they could choose from science or technology. If you want to have a look, there is a public viewing time on Thursday, go and check it out, 5pm to 6.30pm.
Ag day is when people can take dogs, kids, lambs or calves to compete in different obedience things. There is also an indoor show with lots of cool stuff on display. I will tell you more about it closer to the time.
That's about it- Toodles!

29 July. The holidays are almost over! Hopefully the year 7 & 8s have finished their science fair entries, ready to be handed in on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday before 9am.
Welcome back to Mrs Gordon, who is teaching in Room 13 while Ms Sisam is away for four weeks. Thank you to Bryce for proof reading this web site too!

15 July. And the winner of Awakeri Idol 2011 is...Luisa! Coincidentally, it was also her last day, so that is a pretty cool thing to happen on your last day at Awakeri. Today we had to get three new house captains, because as well as the Williams family, the Duffy family is leaving as well. They are going to New Plymouth and Taupo respectively, and we will miss them heaps because Matthew, Mikayla and Luisa are Year 8 and have made some great contributions to our school. We hope they have fun in their new schools.
Anyway, the new house captains for Rimu are Ravneet Kaur and Lance Biddle, the new house captain for Rata is someone who will be revealed next term.
Oh, yes, I haven't particularly mentioned that today is the last day of term. So have a good holiday, people, and don't get hurt, please. That's about it. See you in two weeks!

14 July. Good Morning people, we have just found out the main parts for Valley of the Voodons. Here they are:
Queen Fara is Jessie Schuler, Count Gratto is Dylan Hoesfloot, Count Budget is Jenna Wilson, Prince Dronos is Tiaan Brownless, Viscount Pansy is Korben Wilson, Corpus is Sharnaye Hall, Delictus is Jess Robbie, Princess Kimnos is Katy White, Stella is Molly Bradley, Astrid is Georgia Leonard, Stark is Hannah Van der Horst, Baron Wastes is Nikoli Christensen and Stink is Christian Mattock-Prince. Well done to all those people, as well as all the people who tried out for parts.
Some more exciting news is that it is almost the end of term and so tomorrow there will be a rewards afternoon for the people who haven't been on detention this term. There are lots of cool activities to choose from, like soccer, sandpit, wheels, movie, Awakeri rulz, bullrush, art, library, and probably more that I have forgotten about as well!
Anyway, I have to go now. Toodles, everybody.

11 July. Welcome to the last week of term 2, people! Wow, the year has gone fast! Parent interviews are on Wednesday and Thursday, so we will have two half days, and then it will be the holidays, yay! Although, parent interviews are very daunting, because the teachers tell on us! Scary!
Today we found out the Finalists for Awakeri Idol. They are Luisa, Georgia, and Katy. They will be singing at assembly on Friday, which is also Luisa's last day! I will tell you who won on Friday afternoon.
Production auditions are today as well. There are people singing and acting in front of the teachers. Scary! Actually, there is a lot of scary stuff happening this week. . .
So I will leave now before I get more scared. . .
Oh wait! Hold it right there, people! I forgot about the school disco! It was held on Friday night in the complex, and there was lots of glittery lights and yummy food. There was also some pretty cool music. It was really fun and lots of people went. It was really awesome. Millie went and she says:
It was fun, we had lots of chocolates and some nice chips, nuggets and hotdogs. There weren't as many people as I thought there was going to be. It was funny watching people trying to dance. We had a conga line. That's about all.
Right, now I really have finished. Toodles, everyone!

7 July. A strange coincidence happened in room 14 today. Luisa has written an awesome fantasy/adventure story called Slade. She was letting Mr Hawkes have a read, and he says "Slade? They're my favourite Punk Rock band from the 1970s!" So he showed Luisa and the class some video footage of Slade in concert! Hmmm, back to Luisa's story, it's cool. Go to Room 14's page to have a read of a bit of it.
(this is Katy) Today is the auditions for the Awakeri Idol finals. I will tell you who is in as soon as I know.
Speaking of auditions, the production auditions are happening soon. The people auditioning for singing parts are going to be singing a really cool song from last years production, Bad Joke. I will tell you the major parts for production when the teachers tell us (probably next week.)
Toodles, people.

5 July. For some news on the middle school Jump Rope, see Room 6's page.

4 July. Good Morning, everyone. Today the seniors did the 12 minute run. It was very tiring and not particularly enjoyable, although some people might have liked it, especially the people who beat their old scores. I disliked 12 minute run, personally, but I should probably not say that as I might have just put you in a cynical mood. I am in a cynical mood. Can you tell?
Science Fair is looming (Scary music, dun dun dun dun.)It is the first week back next term. Watch out for more news on this.

1 July. Pinch and a punch for the first of the month, people! Today the Juniors(rooms 1-5) had a Jump rope for life morning. They had a lot of fun and learnt lots of new skills. They had 10 stations with different things on them, including two rest stations where you could play games. There was lots of cool music and activities like an obstacle course, long rope chants, simple skipping, wiggling snake rope, hula hoop jumping, and partner skipping. Watch out for some photos on Monday!
Today at assembly everyone watched the Firewise video. The bloopers were really cool. They also announced the people who will be going to the BOP Cross Country next week. I will tell you more about this later.
I have to go now. Toodles!

30 June The winner of the chocolate bar is . . . Hannah! She got 15 and 1/3. She beat Mr Hawkes by 1/3 of a point!
Oh, our Helping Your Child Page has some very cool Educational Websites that can help students learn, from young to old (well if you call Year 8s old). Plus there's a games high scores page that Millie, Shane, Dillon, Jess and co have all used their brains to get into the Worlds top 100.

30 June. Good Morning everyone. Yesterday the senior school watched the Firewise video that Mr Sheather's extension group made, "C'mon aliens get Firewise". It was pretty awesome, but then I am biased because I was in it! Mr Sheather is going to send it to the fire people, and if they like it they are going to take it to other schools and show them. Cool, we are going to get to be movie stars. Maybe.
Auditions for production are going to be next week and lots of people are keen to get good parts. You can put your name down for an acting part, a singing part, a company member, backstage, choir or orchestra. It is one of the main events of the school year. This year it is called Valley of the Voodons. If you go on the Archives page and look for the 2007 production Windust, Valley of the Voodons was written by the same people. This production was last done by Awakeri in 2004. Wow!
Oh, that's right, today is the cut-off date for the Kids Lit Quiz questions. And the winner of the chocolate bar is. . . but wait! I have just had some more takers. He he he.
The Awakeri Idol semifinalists are Katy(me), Hannah, Ben, Courtney, Alex, Jake, Georgia, Centreece and Luisa. They are singing "I'm yours" by Jason Mraz and they all sound like angels, or in Jake and Ben's case, cherubs. The auditions for the finals are coming up soon and the finalists will sing at assembly.
I think that's all for now so I will see you some time in the not-too-distant- future (I hope) because otherwise Mr Hawkes will get mad at me!

23 June. Seldoot, people. Yesterday was the Interschool Cross Country at Manawahe. Lots of people got places, well done to Tiaan, Dylan H, Nikoli, Jalen, Bleyne, Kevin, Ethan C, Korben W, Jenae, Emily J and Sarah S. Here is what Mikayla, who went, says about it.
The track was mainly hills, quite steep hills and really long, apparently longer then usual. It was really cold at some parts of the day. I was really glad that I was able to go to Manawahe to represent Awakeri and really glad when I finished running. My age group was last to run so when the last person came in, we got right into cleaning up then prize-giving. Overall it was a great but tiring experience.
See you tomorrow, probably, there has been a bit of a pattern developing here.
P.S- Please, please please, can somebody answer the Kids Lit questions. You can email me the answers,set them up like
3. etc. Please do them, remember the chocolate bar. Click here to see the questions. The rules have changed now, the person with the highest score wins the chocolate bar. You have to have them in by 30 June. Have a go!
Now, toodles, everyone.

22 June. As you probably know already, last night was the senior speech finals. I will reveal the results at the end of my ( probable) tirade, to keep you in suspense, mwa haa haa.
The first speaker was Lauren Hall. Going first is a challenge, but she was pretty good, setting the tone for the evening. She did a cool speech on her healthy role model, Laura Langman, a netball player for the Silver Ferns Netball team. In fact, her speech was so good she almost converted Mr Hawkes to netball! Almost. . .
Jenna Wilson was our next speaker,and she did an awesome speech on her healthy role model, Sarah Ulmer. Did you know, SUB stands for Sarah Ulmer Brand?
Molly Bradley was next up, with a cool speech on Push Play. She had a photo album and lots of good information.
Mekaela Learmond was next, and she was probably our most enthusiastic speaker, with a speech on Quitline. There was a lot of information in her speech, as well as some funny things, and she managed to embarrass her mum too!
Next was Hannah Van der Horst and Percy the horse. They were talking about the Riding for the Disabled. It was an awesome speech, both entertaining and informative.
Then it was my turn. my speech was very awesome, ha ha. I talked about extreme body image, like tattoes, body piercing and people who remake their body image. Mr Fitz wanted to know if my pictures of tattoed people were family portraits!
Nikoli Christensen, who won last year, was next up, and he did a speech on BDD and a perfect example of it, Michael Jackson and all his plastic surgery. It was a good speech, with lots of facts in it.
Last but not least was Luisa Williams, with a speech on accepting differences. She talked about things from black jellybeans to racism, and she had some awesome stripy socks.
Anyway, now is the moment you have (probably) been waiting for- the results. In third place. . .
Hannah and Percy! In second place. . .
Luisa! And in first place. . .
The winner gets the PTA Oratory Shield, which was donated in 1949. Wow! It's even older than Mr Hawkes! If you want to see some cool photos of the speakers, click here.

21 June Since I was in Wellington last week, I didn't report to you about something happening at the moment- Life Ed. I know I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago, but it has now started and it is really fun. Shirley and Harold have been teaching us lots of interesting facts about our bodies and some healthy choices. It is educational and fun too so it is awesome.
The speech finals are tonight! They are going to be fantastic so I advise you to come along and listen. Watch out for me especially, ha ha ha.
I will report on this much more as it comes closer, but I thought I would introduce the topic now, as it has begun, in a way. Yes, that's right, Production is looming, and the people doing Kapa Haka have started practise. I don't know if I am allowed to reveal the name of our production yet . . .

20 June Breaking news (no, not your leg Hannah!). The speech finalists are ..... (in speaking order) Lauren Hall, Jenna Wilson, Molly Bradley, Mekaela Learmond, Hannah van der Horst, Katy White, Nikoli Christensen and Luisa Williams. Congratulations to these eight orators! Come and hear them tomorrow night, 7pm in the school staff room. It'll be fun, entertaining, a good night. Check out the previous winners on our Academic archives page. The shield goes back to 1949, woh!

20 June. Morning, everyone. On Friday most of the semifinalists did their speeches, and we finished them up this morning. There were some awesome speeches. After lunch I will report to you on the speakers at the finals tomorrow night, because that is when we will find out.
For the Kids Lit Quiz questions, can somebody please try them? Remember, there is a tasty chocolate bar up for grabs, and if you get them all right. I can have a word with Mrs Petersen and she might just put you in the team! They aren't that hard, have a go! Toodles, people.

17 June Amelia is back from the Wellington trip. Highlights? The tour through parliament. They got to meet the Minister of Education Anne Tolley, they visited the debating chamber, see the mace and after the quiz they saw parliament debating. There weren't many members there though, so it wasn't very exciting. The quiz itself was hard. After a couple of words, some team's buzzer would go, and they'd get the answer. Awakeri managed to win the buzzer race three times, e.g. "Which lazy pack horse...." BUZZ!!! Amelia said "Harry Wakatipu." Jess got.... "It was not that he didn't appreciate the gift, far from it...." BUZZZ! "The Indian in the Cupboard." Yes!! In the end, Awakeri came 10th out of all of New Zealand. Not bad!
The team got interviewed by Iona McNaughton, the author. Katy was asked her reading habits. Katy's mum said she'd block her ears! But she didn't.
On the way they went through the town of Bulls. The team had fun making up Bull words, e.g. constabull, irresistabull. Maybe they'll put a sign on Mr Fitz's door - Princibull!
(this is Katy) After the competition we went out for dinner at this yummy restaurant, that was a highlight! Parliament was awesome, though. On the Thursday, the Whites, Robbies and Van der Horsts went to Te Papa Museum and The Weta Cave. They were awesome. Our hotel was cool, it had electric blankets on the beds!
Hannah's Highlights:The rides at Te Papa and the bookstore. I got a cool book called "The Emerald Casket."
Jess' Highlights: The quiz. We sort of won because we didn't come last and I liked winning a book.
Katy's Highlights: Everything! No,that's cheating. I liked winning my book. it is called "Wings."I also liked going on the rides at Te Papa and buying some cool books and lollies in Bulls.

13 June. Click here for some Kids Lit Quiz questions. The first person to email me all 20 answers correctly will get a chocolate bar. (Katy)
All the best to Katy, Jess, Hannah and Amelia on their trip to Wellington tomorrow for the National Kids Lit finals. Go Awakeri!! Watch out for them also appearing on Close Up.
Also, congratulations to these people who have got into the senior speech semifinals: Paige Sharpe, Molly Bradley, Sharnaye Hall, Jenna Wilson, Abbey Coventry, Josh Ruiter, Thomas Fretwell, Sam Looney, Jordan Andrew, Daniel Gow, Nikoli Christensen, Luisa Williams, Lauren Hall, Mekaela Learmond, Millie Patterson, Hannah Van der Horst and Katy White. - Mr H

13 June. Seldoot people. This morning I went and checked out Room 6 and 7 being clowns. They were visited by Myrtus Star and Strawberry. They got to dress up as clowns, do clown face painting, clown walks and clown names. They all looked pretty awesome. I will try and get you some photos.
Another interesting thing coming up is the Kids Lit Quiz Nationals. They are on Wedneday! Four teachers are coming to Wellington with us as well as our families, so they can all cheer really loudly. I don't know how we are going to do but I hope we do well. Mrs Petersen is being interviewed by the radio station 1XX this morning, to talk to them about the quiz. Anticipation is building. . .
The speech semifinals are this week, and Life Education is starting this week too. In case you don't know what Life Education (generally abbreviated to Life Ed) is, I will tell you. It is a mobile caravan that travels around schools, visiting students to teach them about Healthy Eating, Peer Pressure and other things to do with Health. Harold the Giraffe teaches us lots, as well as the Educator Shirley.

7 June Click here for some nice cross country photos and the place getters.

2 June. Cross Country was typical. I know Kevin Paulsen enjoyed, it, though, because he broke the record for 8 and 9 year old boys. He beat it by 20 seconds and the new record is 6 min 48 sec. Well done, Kevin.
For the house points, Tawa was first with 250 points, Kowhai was second with 183, Rimu third with 160, and Rata fourth with 144. We are going to put together a photo link for you for Cross Country.
Another cool thing that happened today was the Kids Lit dress-up day fundraiser. I don't know if I have explained it already, but we could dress-up as our favourite book character and bring a donation. There were all sorts of characters, from Spiderman to Batman, from witches to wizards, Cat in the Hat, some beautiful fairy princesses. . .
We raised ,bringing the amount of money raised up to about $800, as we raised almost $450 at the sausage sizzle last week, and there have been lots of people donating various coins and buying the chocolate bars in the staffroom.

Room 1 in their outfits
The whole school in their gorgeous outfits. Room 1 looking awesome in their cool costumes.
The office fairies The team
Mrs McConway, Mrs Prodger and Mrs James- the office fairies. The Kids Lit team- Bad Jelly the witch, Issie Brown, Galadriel, queen of the Elves and Pippi Longstocking.
Mrs Petersen
The team handing over the bucket of money to Mrs Prodger. I wouldn't - she looks fairly shifty! There is Mrs Petersen, looking very regal as the Evil Queen from Snow White. Mirror, mirror, on the wall. . .


1 June. Today is the first day of Winter. This is not necessarily a bad thing but I consider it one. Sorry for being cynical, but I am in that sort of mood. Mostly because today is Cross Country. . .
Yes, that's right, possibly our biggest annual sports competition and it is today. In case you don't know how Cross Country works (although you probably do) it is a big house-based set of races. Everyone wears their house colours and sits in their houses. Everybody races, and by the time you have finished your race you are too tired to yell any more. Unfortunately, you get house points for cheering.
However, I can't be cynical, as some people enjoy Cross Country. Never mind. . .

31 May. Good Morning, everyone. It is a good morning, actually. The sky is that perfectly blue colour again, not dissimilar to the colour of the page. . .
Anyway, I have to tell you the news, so here it is.
The school's latest craze is skipping. The ropes are outside Room 8 and most lunchtimes the hook is empty. There are some fairly awesome moves going on, and lots of people are learning how to do really tricky stuff like Double Dutch (I still can't, though.)
Mr Sheather's Middle School extension group has made a video from their crime scene they did with Constable Lance Leighton. It was made by Finn Spod and Ben White and has lots of cool photos. Click here to download it.
Speaking of videos, the Firewise video is coming along well, It is almost done and is looking really cool. I will tell you more about it when it is finished.

27 May. Seldoot, peoples. At assembly today, Emily Julian did some really cool skipping. She was trying to break the world record for skips in a minute, but unfortunately she didn't. Her score was 137, over two per second, but the world record is 332. Wow!
I also realised that I had forgotten some things the school has been doing recently. As you might know already, May is New Zealand Music Month. Some kids have written a music month song called "Things to Remember" and we are learning it. The song is cool and has both English and Maori in it.
Since it is Music Month, we are also having our Awakeri Idol competition. The auditions are next week and I will tell you soon who got in. I am curious myself!
Oh, cool, someone has found me a photo of Emily skipping. Here it is.

Toodles, people.


25 May Mr Sheather's middle school extension group (Finn Spod and Ben White) have made a cool video about the role of the police. Click here to download it.

23 May. Sorry, I am reporting twice in one day, but Mr Hawkes said I should interview some Room 12 and 13 people about camp, so here you go:
Jaydon's favourite thing was catching the leap of faith, Kayleigh's favourite thing was going down the abseiling wall, Tiaan's favourite thing was doing big jumps on the BMX track, Jade's favourite thing was going down on the Flying Fox, Jayden's favourite thing was doing froggie jumps on the abseiling, Paige's favourite thing was doing the leap of faith at High Ropes, Kenehia's favourite thing was hitting his head on the tyres at the Flying Fox and Shelby's favourite thing was beating the boys at jumps on the abseiling wall. They all sound really fun! Toodles, people.

23 May. Hello, everybody. Room 12 &13 have just come back from Camp, and apparently it was fun, but there were lots of injuries. Three people got hurt, and Paige was even taken away in an ambulance! Luckily, they are all alright. Apart from that, the camp was cool. Click here to see some cool photos.
Hey, this is probably the shortest amount I have ever written. I could bore you with some meaningless babble but I'm not going to, so I suppose I have to sign off now. Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

11 May. Good afternoon, peoples. There are some interesting things coming up for the senior school, Speeches and Science Fair. The three Year 7&8 classrooms have started to work out what they are doing for their speeches. The topics to choose from are: Healthy Role Models, The Healthy Impact of the Rugby World Cup, Body Image, Accepting Differences, or Positive Impact of a Health Agency. The Year 6 students are also doing speeches. In the Year 7&8 competition, the best speechmakers go to the semi-finals, then the finals. The best speech wins a shield.
Another thing that is coming up is the Science Fair. The teachers are telling us about fair testing and things like that. You can do either a Technology project or a Science experiment. For the Year Eights, this is compulsory, but the Year Sevens can do a project instead. Anyway, you should watch this space for more information. See you soon. Oh wait, hold it! I forgot. Room 12 and 13 are going on Camp next week. This has actually been mentioned before, but never mind. Mr Hawkes is going on Camp with them because Mrs Merry isn't here, so Room 14 is going to be taught by Mrs Parker and Mrs Turner instead. Now, Toodles!

6th May. Wow wow wow wow wow wow! I would continue saying wow in this manner for all eternity if I could, but I can't because a) I can't type fast enough, and b) it would take up heaps of room on my page. Anyway, the reason I'm saying wow is because. . .
We won the Bay of Plenty Kids Lit Quiz!
I am so biased here, but Awakeri 1 is really awesome. Actually, Awakeri 2 were really awesome as well, they got good scores on everything. Anyway, this is how the Kids Lit Quiz works;
The Quizmaster is called Wayne Mills and he makes up all the questions himself. There are ten categories with ten questions in them each, and nobody knows the categories until the competition starts. The teams sit in groups.They discuss the answer they think is correct and then one person writes the answer on a piece of paper, which is collected at the end of the round. I am boring you, aren't I? Yes,I thought so. OK, well the best bits of the competition are when you get the highest score in one of the rounds and you can win books, or for the spot questions in between rounds where the quizmaster asks you one of the questions from the world finals the previous year, and you can win money. There are also questions for the people in the audience about books for adults, and if they answer it correctly they can come up and choose a book. So, that's how it works and it is really fun.
Now I get to tell you what the categories were. It may bore you but don't worry, it is educational for me because I am going to see if I can remember them all in order. Here goes.
Well,the first category was um, aliases. I failed miserably at that remembering thing, I had to get someone else to tell me what it was, ha ha. The second category was anatomy and our team won books for that, for getting the highest mark, which was cool. The third category was Birds, then Book Knowledge,which was about different types of reference books, parts of books, etc. The fifth category was music, which was quite hard
, we had to listen to tapes and say what book it came from, but it was mostly movies and stuff on TV. After that we had a break for twenty minutes and then we had to go in again for the sixth category, which was comics. Awakeri 1 was terrible at comics, we got three points, but Awakeri 2 did well in this category, they got six. The next category was dragons and it was a fun category, so was the next round, Fantasy, which was the double for both teams.How this worked, was you could pick one round to score double points on so your final score was atcually out of 110. The second-to-last round was males and it was visual, so you could see the pictures and you had to write down who they were. The last round was Christmas. As far as I am concerned, this was the best round, simply because it was the last round! Then they said who the winners were, and that was the best thing in the competition. It was awesome. Anyway, as I said before, a lot of people went to see it, including the teachers, so I asked them what they thought of it.
Apparently it was really good, there were lots of questions they didn't know, the guy was really entertaining, it was really nerve- racking at the end, and they were proud of both teams. Oh, and Mr Sheather said that it was good seeing me wear a dress. Grrr. Anyway, it was really fun, and we get to go to Wellington for the nationals, and maybe we can meet John Key
. That, would be really awesome.

3rd May. We haven't actually fallen asleep in class, Mr Hawkes. Yet! Welcome back to Term two, peoples. There are some cool things coming up soon, including Oliver. You should go and see it because it's awesome. Well done to Hannah, Ben (my brother), Felicity and, obviously, me, who are all in it.
OK, school news. On Thursday we have the Kids Lit Quiz competition at Tauranga Intermediate. Two teams from Awakeri are entered, and they are going to win! Probably. Mrs Petersen has been really busy training us and she thinks we are going to do really well this year. It is the second year we have entered, and last year we had one group and came a very close fourth out of 55 teams. This year we have two groups and there are only 23 teams entered. One of the teams is Jess, Hannah, Amelia and me, the other team is Jessie, Luisa, Georgia and Elana. There are lots of people coming to watch us and shout "Go Awakeri!" Really loudly.
This term we have two classes going on Camp. Room 12 and 13 are going to Tui Ridge. I went last year and it was really fun, there are heaps of cool activities like high ropes, abseilling and the flying fox. It is awesome.
Anyway, I will tell you how we did at Kids Lit as soon as we get back to school. Hopefully I will get to write that Awakeri won!

29 April Lets hope everyone's had a great holiday. Watch our for some of our students in Oliver, which opens in Whakatane next week. Better stay awake in class Katy and Hannah!!
Good luck to Mrs Merry, heading off overseas for the term. Good luck to room 12 without her, oh wait, you have a good substitute teacher, and camp.

15 April. Wow! I can't believe that the end of term is here already. I know that sounds quite cliched but it is true in this case. Although, looking back through my page, there is a heap of writing and some awesome photos. Today we are having a rewards afternoon. There are heaps of fun activities to choose from, including activities like rollerblading, skateboards, Awakeri rulz, soccer, bullrush, art, remote control cars, dodgeball, adventure playground for the juniors, and watching a movie. There are probably more that I have forgotten about as well, sorry!
Even though it is now the end of term, the firewise movie that I told you about a while ago has started filming. Yesterday the senior school classes had a visit from two firemen. Here are some really cool photos I took.
The two firemen were called John and Garth. We watched a documentary about candles and John and Garth told us some facts about fire. Then we got to go in the smokehouse, which was an inflatable house type thing and we got to jump out of the window.

11 April. Hello again. I had to write about the EBOP swimming champs, so I was talking to Tom, who went. He said it was really cold, but fun, because there were sausages and other yummy food on sale. Rangitaiki won overall. Unfortunately, the organisers of the race were two hours late, so the races were all much later than they were supposed to be. Well done to all the people who went, but an extra big well done to Jordan, Moana and Jenae, who all got places in the finals.

8 April. Educational?? Definitely. Check out this cool online Maths dictionary. It's animated, interactive. You can practice and learn lots. There are more recommended web sites in our Helping Your Child page.
Good luck to our swimmers at the EBOP champs today. It was ccccooooollllldddd this morning, but at least the Kawerau pool is heated!

7 April. Morning. I have been playing I- spy around the school, and I found the set of picnic tables the Enviro team have been painting (well, staining.) They look really cool, because they are now dark brown and they smell nice. If you were wondering what Enviro team is, I will tell you. It has probably been mentioned before, but in case you are not a regular follower of my page ( although you should be) it is a group that make environmentally friendly changes around the school, like painting things, planting trees and they send away for things for the school.
I was actually in the middle of my I-spy when I remembered something that the school is doing at the moment. Firewise extension! A group of eight students from the senior syndicate (myself included )are making a movie/documentary for the firewise company about their new fire resource. It is a computer program that teaches kids all about being firewise. It is going to be really cool when we have made it. I will tell you more about it later. Bye for now.

5 April. We have put a photo link of Funraiser together for you. Click here to see it.

4 April. Hello everybody. Funraiser on Friday was very successful, we raised heaps of money and everyone had lots of fun doing it. Room 14 raised the most money out of all the senior classes, which is really cool, but then I am biased. The food stalls made the most money, but the fortune telling was very profitable( here I am really biased.) I think everyone had a good time, including the teachers.
You may be wondering what the total of the money raised was, and I would love to reveal it, but I can't, because we raised two different totals, apparently, and I don't want to get the wrong total, so we shall have to wait. We will try and organise a photo page for you so you can see some of the highlights of Funraiser.

31 March Seldoot, people, Katy here. Touch day was really cool. There were only five schools participating this year and there were some very entertaining games. The canteen sold heaps of yummy food and Awakeri won lots of their games. But here's a warning for you- beware of hard rugby balls because they can hurt! My finger is sporting a large, painful, purple bruise. It is sore. Here are a few cool photos of the touch day yesterday. There were some very tricky runners!
Funraiser is tomorrow. You probably already know all the events and which stall to go to (Misterioso Ltd. Fortune tellers extraordinaire) but I am just going to say, remember to bring heaps of money, in coins, so you can go to lots of different things, most of which are under two dollars. See you there!
Our school info has been updated too ... follow the link on the left Basic Awakeri Info.

25 March Today at assembly Levi won an ipod for selling heaps of Top School raffle tickets. Room 13 did some cool sketches advertising their stall on the Fun Raiser day next Friday. Luisa sang beautifully a song she wrote to the tune of Hey Soul Sister. It was about a funny incident on Room 14's camp. You can read the words on Room 14's page. What house won the shield for this week? You might not believe it but it was . . . . . Rimu! They got to do their house chant for everyone.

24 March. This is Seargeant Katy, reporting for duuu-uty! My duty is to bring you, yes, you the latest news, hot off the press. Here it is. . .
The seniors have been preparing for their funraiser. I know I have mentioned that already, but now we are preparing properly. Signs are appearing all over the place ( not literally out of thin air, that would be freaky) and the groups are advertising with the loud-hailer at morning tea and lunch, followed by their entourage, aka the juniors. There are six different food stalls, a hippy house, fortune telling, guitar hero, sumo wrestling, tyre throwing, piggyback/wheelbarrow rides, mazes, mini putt and more others that I couldn't name, for fear of using up this whole space! Oh, by the way, if you are feeling indecisive about precisely which stall to visit (although you should visit all of them), I recommend the fortune telling, primarily for the reason that it is my stall and it is the bomb. That will be all for today, listeners, and I will see you next time, erm, because it is time for my break.

24 March Here are some good photos of the Top School day.

21 March. Hello, peoples! Top School was extremely successful yesterday. Unfortunately, we didn't win, but we did come sixth in our section. The overall winners were St Josephs Whakatane, and they were the winners in our group as well. The winners of the other group were Te Teko, and the winners of the Year 5& 6 section were Kawerau South School.
Our Cheerleaders were fantastic, and we had the biggest group of cheerleaders, but Thornton School came first in the cheerleading.
Now, I want to say a big well done to the winners, not only because they won (which is fairly obvious), but because they have never won before, and Top School has been happening for 26 years now.
Anyway, now it is time to reveal the money we raised, drum roll please, because we took in a grand total of $33742! That is fantastic, because it's the most we have ever raised, and we will be able to get some awesome new stuff for the school. The pig racing, which was a new event, got about $700, and the Julians Berry Farm icecream stand sold 1,040 icecreams, and since their goal was to sell a thousand, that is pretty cool. So, a highly profitable day, and it was fantastic fun.
TTFN, from Katy.
We have had a nice letter from Lyttelton Main School, thanking us for the money raised (see March 11th). This is their school web site. They have 132 pupils now, after several left following the quake.

16 March. Greetings, earthlings! It was the Interschool Swimming sports yesterday, and although I wasn't there, I know that the school relay team came second,( Te Teko came first) and Luisa tells me that it was hot, but the swimmers did really well, especially Emily Julian and Gene Brown. Well done to the school relay team( Jordan, Sharni, Joshua and Tiaan.) We also came second in the medley relay, which is backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. The people racing in that were Josh, Emily, and Shannon. An extra well done to the swimmers representing the whole school, but congratulations to everyone who went.
Another cool thing happening at the moment is the senior schools Funraiser. No, that isn't a typo, because we raise money to pay for camps, which are fun,and we have fun while we are doing it. There are some really cool stalls like fortune telling, sumo wrestling, food selling, throwing sponges at Mr Fitz, wheelbarrow rides, mini- putt and jumping out the window of a haunted house. They all sound pretty fun!
We are all ( that is, everybody at school) are preparing for Top School. Yes, that's right, our big day is on Sunday, and all over the school, you can see equipment and things to sell at the garage sale stacked up in piles, or boxes. Now, in case, you don't know what Top School is, although you probably know already, it is a gala that raises money for the school. There is a garage sale, lots of food being sold, fun activities like a boat swing, chair lifts and mini jeeps. And of course, we have the competitions. Teams from 29 different schools come to do fun challenges. They are cheered on by cheerleaders, and every year we see which is the Top School and the top cheerleading team.
Anyway, it's lunchtime now, so I have to go, I am hungry. Byebye.

11 March. Seldoot! I know that this is an extremely weird expression, but I just invented it and I needed somewhere to test it out. The school website is most probably not the most ideal place to do it, but it is perfectly harmless. It is the word toodles backwards, and as toodles means goodbye, seldoot therefore means hello! So, seldoot, everybody! Well, here is the news.
On Wednesday we had a crazy hair/hat/mask day to raise money for the people in the Christchurch earthquake. People brought gold coins that we put on the coin trail, and the money we raised was an amazing $877.20. We are going to send it to Lyttelton Main Primary School, because it is almost at the centre of the earthquake, and it's a school similar to ours ( a Year 0 to 8 school). Something else going on at the moment is (and you can almost hear the scary music playing in the background) parent interviews! Today and tomorrow, parents are going to visit the teachers to hear about all the horrible things their little darlings have been up to when they aren't looking. Well, not really, in fact the teachers are going to be absolutely gushing over us and saying what wonderful little angels we have all been, right, Mr Hawkes?
Anyway, I have to go now, and this time, I am not saying seldoot, I am saying toodles! Byeee, everybody!
Oh, and check out the links on our photo archives for all the recent camp photos.

9 March. Hello again! Well, as you can see below, Room 14 has been on camp, and since I went, I know that it was awesome. Room 9 and 10 have just come back from camp as well, and they had fun too. Anyway, the most recent thing happening was swimming sports yesterday, for the Year 4 to 8 students. It was really fun, and there were some interesting races. There are a lot of people going to the Interschool swimming sports this year. The house relay was really cool, and Kowhai won (yay!), but not by much. Here are some cool photos of the swimming sports.
There were a lot of house points won, mostly for entering races, getting places, or cheering really loudly. Probably the most entertaining event to watch, though ,was the biggest splash. I saw quite a few painful looking bellyflops, and some huge bombing that had splashes going 2-3 metres high! Wow! So, it was really fun, and judging by the swimming I saw yesterday, Awakeri will win almost everything at interschool! Bye for now!

7 March Check out some photos of room 14's camp last week!

23 February. Mwaahaahaa, this is spy Katy, leaking a trail of false information. Doctor, doctor, stitch me up, oh no, I'm leaking! No, not really, but sorry, because I got the day wrong for the day they told us the Top School team. So, TODAY was actually the day we found out. Here is the team. . .
The girls are Molly, Jenna, Luisa, Mikayla, Abbey and Kyla. The boys are Bleyne, Tiaan, Daniel P, Nikoli, Jordan and Dylan H. The team on the day will be five boys and five girls, but there are two extra people in case somebody breaks their leg, or someone is really sick on the day or whatever, but the reserves will depend on who does the best at training. Good luck to the team. I am sure Awakeri will win Top School this year!
I also wanted to remind the other website monitors that they have to check their grammar on their pages. One person's page, but I'm not saying who, was writing about shark dissection. What she wrote was: room 1,3,4and 5 went to go and see a shark get dissected from Mr Sheather. I'm sure what she meant was that they had seen a shark get dissected by Mr Sheather, but it came out wrong and sounded weird. Luckily someone noticed before she uploaded it! Anyway, speaking of uploading, that's what I have to do now. Bye!

18 February Football (soccer) enrolment forms are being given out at school today for the Awakeri Football Club. Enrolment day is Wed 23 Feb, 3 - 5 pm. You can also get a form from their website.
Oh , hi, this is Katy, and as well as enrolling for football, we have finished Top School trials and on Monday we find out who the teams are. Laters.

17 February. Hi there! So, Room 11 got back from Camp yesterday and they say it was heaps of fun. They learnt lots of stuff and took some great photos, click here to see them.
Another cool thing that happened yesterday was the Junior Schools visit to Hiwi the Kiwi. Hiwi the Kiwi is a travelling show that visits schools all around New Zealand and teaches them about fishing, preserving marine life and water safety. The person who runs it is called the Minstrel. He is really good at playing the guitar, he's much better than Mr Hawkes, and his poetry is awesome! We also got to learn lots of different songs and some cool dances that were a lot like Jumpjam. He told us some funny stories, and gave away some Hiwi the Kiwi posters. Tiaan got a cool hat. The House Captains got to go and watch as well! Toodles, from Katy .P.S- Toodles reminds me of spaghetti, for some reason. Bye!

15 February. The first camp for the year is on. Room 11 are at Ohiwa and they had extremely hot weather to start their camp yesterday. Room 8 are off on Wednesday for their turn, then Room 14 in two weeks, and rooms 9 & 10. Camps are a great way to form good relationships which will help the classrooms throughout the year. Plus there are lots of shared experiences to discuss, write about etc.

!1 February. Greetings, earthlings! Anyway, I've just found out who the new house captains are, and it turns out that I'm one of them, for my house, Kowhai (yellow).Which is absolutely awesome and I am very happy about that. So, for Rata(red) the new house captains are Luisa, Ashleigh, Cabhain and Jaydon: for Rimu (green) the new house captains are Mikayla, Matthew, Savannah and Tiaan: for Tawa(blue) the new house captains are Abbey, Hannah, Jordan and Edgar: and for Kowhai the new house captains are me, Kyla, Dillon and Nikoli. These are our new leaders for the school and I'm sure they'll all do a very good job (and I know I will do a good job, touch wood.) Byyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee!
The website monitors have been appointed too. They are: Katy (as you know), Mikayla, Millie, Shannon, Chrystal, Hannah, Sam, Petri, Lauren, Poppy, Adele, Oliver, Ashleigh, Paige and Dillon. They all have different pages of this web site to keep interesting and up to date. - Mr H

10th February. Hi everybody! My name is Katy White, I'm a Year Seven and it is my job to bring you all the news. School only started a couple of weeks ago but there is already lots of cool things to tell you about. Both Room 11 and Room 8 are going on their camps next week,and they are going to Ohiwa. Look on their class pages if you want to hear more about it. The Top School trials have started, and lots of hopeful Year 7 and 8 students are doing strength tests, running tests, teamwork tests,agility tests, lots of tests on almost everything, except for the tests we're doing in the classroom! Also, we held the House Captains elections yesterday, and tomorrow we are going to find out who the 2011 House Captains are. I promise I will tell you as soon as the teachers divulge the information, because I want to know who they are as well!

2nd February Students who want to be web site monitors for the year can apply to Mr Hawkes for the job. Classes' pages will be set up when the monitors are appointed.

1st February School's back! Lots of excited kids and teachers! Children should be bringing home a class newsletter today. Hopefully we see lots of parents at the meet the teachers night on Thursday.

27 January The new stationery shop is open tomorrow Friday from 9am till noon. It's in room 2 at school. Stationery lists for each room are available, as is eftpos. Otherwise, the shop is open from Tuesday next week from 8am. Teachers expect that children should have their stationery ready to use by Thursday. Enjoy your last few days of holidays!!

19 January 2011 Less than two weeks of holidays to go! There are quite a few changes this year, with three new teachers, and no Mrs Gordon or Miss Taggart. A new system for buying stationery starts before school starts. Good luck to our ex-year eights as they buy their uniforms for high school!

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