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Awakeri School

Room 13

Who are we?

We are the best class in the school by far. We have an amazing teacher miss C.T. We have a awesome class filled withh 28 bright students who are always eager to learn. We are also very funny, nice and are always on our best behaviour.

Class News

December 17th. This week is the last week. yayyyyyyy. We are all looking forward to the year 7/8 social which will be so fun!

December 12th. Last week the seniors had intensive. We did lots of fun activities like swimming and exploring. We also learnt a lot about each other for example who has ever driven on a motorbike. Everyone who has been on a motorbike would run and try get on another cone. We also found each others' strengths: some were strong, some were also brainy.

November 8th. On Tuesday this week our class spent a night at the Wairaka Marae. There was plenty of activities like saying our pepeha, rakau, poi and a cool art assignment. Brooke, Karma and Bree called on the visitors, while Ari and Cole said a speech in Te Reo Maori.

June 28th. We have finished another thing at tech. The girls made metal boxes and the boys did food tech. We have been doing poems and factual writing. There will be an example down below in Students Work. Our topic this term has been the human body and we have been learning all about it. We had an awesome student teacher this term. It was Miss Mills.

June 5th. A few weeks ago the senior syndicate started to do an art rotation it is on a wednesday and the categories are dancing visual art stopmotion movies and music.

May 10th. Last week on thursday our class started tech.We leave at 10;30 and arrive back at 2;30. There is a canteen where you can buy delicious food like chips and nachos etc. The boys are making amazing chests while the girls are making cool swimming bags.

March 14th. On Monday last week, room 13 went to camp at Waitomo. While we were there, we went to 2 caves - the Ruakuri cave and the glow worm cave, which was mostly on a boat. We learnt about a whole lot of things like fossils, stalactites and stalagmites. On the way to the marae, where we were staying, we stopped off at the kiwi house. We learnt a lot of things but also got to see amazing animals, we even saw a kiwi. Here are photos of our camp!

Room 13 are waiting eagerly to get inside the kiwi house. Karma Bailey-Reece sees a very cool bird!
Brooke Nolan and Cole and Jason Broadmore look like they had lots of fun in the mud! Kohitu is trying to run away and protect her balloon. We were playing a pop-the-balloon game at the marae.
Nice smile Bree! We are at the Kiwi House, feeding the eels. Max Thompson is touching an eel at the kiwi house, gross!
A giant eel trying to swim away from a Kiwi House staff person. Ryan Somerville smiling for the camera in a cave. We are all looking at the stalactities and stalagmites.
Nathan's very cheesy smile. We had just been on a bush walk and it led us to this cave. Cheese! Here we are on the bush walk near Waitomo.
We are at Stubbs Farm. Kohitu is abseiling from 13 metres up. Four fifths of our class managed to do this.

February 22nd. On the 19th room 13 went to to a beach Ed trip with room 12. We learnt about rips and how you can spot them. Later on after lunch we went down on the beach and played some awesome games, that the really cool life guards made up for us. We have also recently had our interviews. We are going on camp in week 5 to Waitomo. We will be going in caves, sleeping in a Marae and doing a lot more awesome things.


Students' Work


Room 13 wrote arguments about what the most important word is... here are some examples.

The most important word in the English language is love. This word is very important because it is used to show affection and caring to lots of different people. Love should be shared between each and everyone. It is a very powerful word, without it, most of everyone would be lonely, so it must be an important word. Cole Broadmore.

The most important word is no because otherwise you'll have to say yes to every question (unless you say nah). And also, you always have to agree with people without saying no. For example, if someone asked you to jump off a cliff, you would have to say no. Ari Henman

The most important word is the. This word is important because it is used in the most important conversations. Everybody will use the word the in their typical day. I just used the word the, seven times in the past three sentences. The is spelt t.h.e. those three letters create the most important word ... the! Kobi Wetting

The most important word in the English language is 'hope'. How come? Well because it is saying you believe in something, you have faith when it comes to this position and it is always good to have faith in something. Hope is a magical thing because it can make you excited. And being excited can turn your bad mood into a good mood. Bree Lawn.

The most important word is joy. Without joy, you would be sad and lonely. You will have no happiness in your life. Everyone will thin you're sad and not a very good person. Joy makes you happy and a very good person. Mostly everyone has joy in them and they always should. Charlie Murray

What do you think is the most important word?



28 June

Such a sight I saw:

A cyclone breaking through the white clouds and turning them black. Rain flooding everything in sight. The dark sky has taken over.

Such a sight I saw.

And such a sound I heard:

Thunder and lightning crashing to the ground. Rain splashing on the window. A dull day.

Such a sound I heard.

Such a smell I smelled:

Steaming hot chocolate with a hint of coffee. It took me back to nana's hot creamy porridge. Delicious.

Such a smell I smelled.

Such a soft bed I felt:

Soft fluffy blankets. Warm sheets covering me. Comfortable.

Such a soft bed I felt.

Such food I tasted:

Sweet and creamy. Gooey marshmellows floating around. Happy days.

Such food I tasted.

Such a world comes in:

So many different foods to taste. Many textures to feel. Through your terrific brain.

Such a world comes in.

24 Mar. We had to write feeling metaphors. Here are a few examples.

If feelings were a sound then happiness would be the sound of Santa Claus laughing and giving presents to children .

Max Liu

If feelings were a colour then pain would be a silver blade piercing your skin.

Kobi Wetting

Teacher's Message

SEE YOU IN 2021 !!!!!