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Awakeri School

Room 13

Who are we?

We are Room 13 the most awesomest amazing and smartest class in the world, with an beautiful and smart teacher named Miss C-T [Her name is Miss Courtney Tennent, but we can call her Miss C-T].

Class News

19 June 2018 In room 13 we have been doing art with Miss Wood who is training to be a teacher. First we picked our favourite animal and wrote a poem about it and typed it up. After that we got an image of our favourite animal and then we printed it out and coloured it in. Some people used charcoal, coloured pencils and pastel. We are still colouring it in but we will eventually get it finished. Oh and it is Miss Wood's last day on Thursday but she will still visit next term once a week.

11 June 2018 Finally we are back. We just had our Rangitaiki Cross Country and 4 people from our class got in it. We had Joseph Spalding, Ani Doherty, Kendall McKane and Jon Tiwha-Smith. Unfortunately Jon and Kendall did not go but Ani and Joseph went. Joseph came 3rd, Ani came 9th.. That is amazing news. We all think they did an amazing job. Also our rafts are all done and we shared them in assembly. We are soon going to do the race, but we are not sure when exactly.

.22 May 2018 Tomorrow we have Cross Country. Some of us are looking forward to it and some, as in most, are not! If you would like to check out the distances of the running, come look at the maps on room 13's window. Anyways some class news now. We have been building rafts with our buddy class room 5. Once we have finished we are going to have a competition and see whose will float.

4 May 2018 Room 13 went to tech yesterday and we had a great time. It was so fun everyone enjoyed it and we wish we had it every day. At tech we went and we got split into 2 groups. The first group contained boys and the other group contained girls. The girls did Wood tech and the boys did Sewing tech. Today I am going to interview a few people to talk to us about tech 2 boys and 2 girls. First we have Kendall Mckane and Ani Doherty. They are told me that "So what the girls did was wood tech. We first started with filling out a planning sheet of what we were meant to do. Then we measured our wood to make these cabinets. After that we had a tour of the workshop. The rules were when you go inside we had to tie our hair back, tuck in your t shirts and also wear covered shoes. We also had to do a practise on this scroll saw before we could go on to our good copy. Then we did our good copy and once we finished cutting the wood we placed it in a cupboard to carry on with next time. So we just had an interview with Kendall and Ani now we shall have one with James Shailer and Michael Seales. So they told me that "Yesterday we went to tech and we did Sewing tech. At Sewing tech we first started to practise on a bit of scrap piece of fabric. We started to make a t shirt. We planned for a while and then started it. We made a start on the waist and then we did not get much time. Ok Michael and James that was good. And I will be back with you guys, next time see ya.

30th April 2018 YAY! We are back to school and I can tell you this term is going to be amazing. In term two we will have Tech, cross country which some people are looking forward to and some are not and we have heaps more. Today Miss C-T is not teaching us because she is in Hawaii. OMG! Right. We are so jealous. But hopefully she comes back safely and she can be our teacher again.

10 April 2018 This week in room 13 we have been working on this poster where you have to talk about an animal or bird or something that relates to camp. So what we did we made our posters and we are going to present them in front of the whole class saying what our poster is about. We hope that we will have lots of fun doing our oral presentation in class in front of everybody.
Scroll down to read a new Teacher's Message and some new stories in Students' Work.

4 April 2018 Here are a few photos from camp:

This is us at the Kiritehere beach swimming in the cold water. What a bunch of mud monsters. Wade gave us the idea to cover our selfs with mud.
Here we are at Huku Falls admiring this wonderful waterfall. Here's Caleb Hanlen feeding the eels at the Kiwi House.

27 March 2018 This week we have done some artwork but Kiwis, Tuataras and Keas. First we drewed it onto a piece of paper, then we cut it out, after we got some black paper and stucked it on that, and finally we wrote a short description. If you would like to see them come to room 13 and you will see our cool and amazing artwork. Scroll down to Students' Work to read some new stories.

13 March 2018 Last Monday we went to Waitotmo caves for camp. We stayed at the Tokikapu Marae which is 3 hours away from Awakeri. We went to the Waitomo glowworm cave, Ruakuri caves, the museum and more. It was so fun. When we came back we climbed Mt Mauganui and after that we got to have some chips, hot chips. We aren't really going to tell you that much because we have pictures to show you... coming soon

26 Feb OMG! Next Monday room 13 will be going to camp. We just can't wait and some people are so prepared that they already have packed and gotten all ready. In camp we are going to be staying at a marae at Waitomo Caves. Oh and quick reminder if you need another lost form or just another extra you can come to room 13 ask and grab one and you can also tell your kid to ask the teacher to get one. Especially the !CAMP GEAR LIST! some people can loose that a lot.

12 Feb In our most amazing class, I forgot to mention that we love art, so in our artistic class we have been doing ink printing art. So what we did was we got a long piece of paper, then we got chalk and drew bricks and coloured in the brick, later on we dyed the paper yellow so the chalk would go away and it would look good. We also made our names in block letters in cardboard then we cut it out and stuck it in to another piece of cardboard and finally the magic happened. We rolled some ink onto the cardboard letters and then we pressed it onto the brick art paper and "Voila!"

9 Feb Room 13 is going to camp in week 6. We are so joyful. We are going to Waitomo Caves, we will be staying at a marae for 4 nights and 1 day. So basically it will be 5 days altogether. We have been studying for camp and getting everything organized lately beacuse if we do it now we won't have to do it on the camp day. Room 13 and Miss C-T hopes that we will reach safely and have an incredible camp. Remember to scroll down to look at Students' Work and read the teacher's message.

Students' Work

Black Panther

Black Panthers have a smooth and shiny black coat that shines in the sun.

They are very quick and speedy when they run.

Their eyes glisten comically with the col our of emerald green.

Black Panthers are calm and gentle but they can be very mean.

The claws on a black panther are sharp as knifes, they may be strong and vicious but they save peoples lives.

Jade Rika

In the anicent days this man named Escher created a piece of artwork that told a story. This story was about lizards growing up. He is telling us that, "look at these lizards. In the middle they just came into the world. But years have passed and look how big they have gotten. They are just like us, when we came into the world we grew up to. So we shouldn't kill animals. Animals are just like us. They don't want to be killef. So we shouldn't harm them and then they won't harm us.

Henali Patel

1,000 years ago honey making lake town. They called it Bee Lake. But it was cracking and thorough those cracks seeped a terrible darkness. It obsorbed the D.N.A of the bees and the lake. It then slithered back to the underworld. Then the lake exploed. Lizards big and smal eripted of the underworld and the was never from again.

Shaun Miller

Alliteration Sentence

Lucien looked at large lazy lion's laying lonely and lazily

Lucien Horn-Christensen

"Mum how far to go" yelled Jay. "Not far" said Mum. "Finally it is taking ages" yelled back Jay. "Look there's the bach" I exclaimed. We unpacked and started walking down the steep bush walk with my cousins who greeted us as we arrived. The waves carshed and smashed against the white, hot sand. We looked out across Martins bay and the sun glistened on the water, blinding us.

Ella Murphy

We [my family and I] drove into Mt Smart Stadium carpark in Auckland for me to compete in the 2018 Colgate Games [ The North Island athletics champs]. I was going to compete in the 1500m race and the 400m sprint. The Colgate Games went from the 5th of January to the 8th of January. My 1500m was the one on the 6 th and my 400m was on the 7th.

Joseph Spalding

Tuatara are scaly with sharp spikes on their backs. The Tuatara is like a statue beacuse it can stay so still. The Tuatara is usally black and their scales are like tiny circles that cover their entire body. Tuatara live in the bush of New Zealand and they are a bit endangered so look after them.

Angus Murray

Mum was just trying to drop us of at hip hop and while we were getting there, a mammoth wave crashed onto our car. Jahval started to scream and I started to panic. Mum told us to stop worrying and calm down, as more colossal waves hit us and other cars, we nearly slid off the road. The car was bouncing and rocking back and forwards. We get a call from my dance coach that class was canceled, and we all knew it because the road was closed.

Zealia Peretini

As we turned onto Rox Road we realised the storm had gotten worse by the second. Ben was crying in the back seat, while another wave smashed onto our car. My hands were clenched to the handle on the door, while Alecia was asleep. I could see that up ahead the storm had just began. SMASH! Dad said the storm had gotten really bad but we could not turn around there was so much rain I could barely see the cars lights behind us. All we could hear was the static on the Radio.

Celeste Grimes

Ani amused acting aunties by announcing an artist's arrival.

Ani Doherty

Vaughan voraciously views various videos.

Vaughan Hathaway

Keen Kangaroos and Kiwis kept kicking Kendall

Kendall Mckane

Teacher's Message

What a fantastic Term One we've had. We had a terrific camp at Waitomo caves. We had swimming sports. We've completed reasearch topics. We've worked hard in maths swap with room 15 and this Friday we are having a school CommonWealth Games day. I hope everyone has a super 2 week break. Keep up with your reading.

Welocme to room 13's webpage! We are an awesome class of the year 7 students. We are looking forward to Waitomo camp which is in a few weeks. We are also looking forward to going to Tech at Edgecombe Collage in Term 2 and Term 4. Mis Courtney-tennent is really excited to be teaching us this year.