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Awakeri School

Room 13

Who are we?

We are Room 13, we have 30 people in our class and we have a mixture of Year 6 and 7 students. Our teacher is Miss CT. We are active and we support others and encourage others and help people if they need it. We have 10 and 11 year olds. We have lots of fast people in our class.

Class News

18 May

We are proud of our first creations at tech. These personalised boxes only took us three sessions.

24 March: In room 13 we have been learning how to say Spanish greetings to each other and to the class and the teacher and to our family. We are so excited about top school and the gala.

3 March: We have been doing swimming poems about swimming sport and it's a poem of our senses. We have been making tttle pages about earthquakes and caving .

2 March: On Monday we had our swimming sports and next week on Tuesday it is at Edgecumbe College. Congratulations to the following Room 13 students who are going - Ollie Fort, Jake Laurent, Sophie Peat, Addison Dodson. Don't forget - teacher only day on Monday! Our camp letters went home this week and people are bringing them back as fast as possible to get house points.

24 Feb: We have been making Kete Taonga boxes that we had to design, it's about ourselves and our families. We made these boxes about our uniqueness and what we value.
We had to make or bring in a family tree, describe how we got our name and what it means, share the other places we belong such as clubs and teams, share our family traditions, create a time line about our life so far and we could bring in some photos to talk about too. It was really cool hearing about everyone's life outside of school!!
Don't forget your togs for Swimming Sports on Monday!!

15 Feb: We have been working on a class crossword that is 2 metres tall and 3 metres wide. It is all about the things we do and want in our classroom.
We have written Thank you poems about our senses. One is written below.

6 June: Miss Dennis is teaching our class this week. She is here for the first 8 weeks of this term and we love having her in the class. She has introduced a Virtues Jar and if we show the virtue that the school is working on, we get to put our name in this jar.

7 June: Today Joel, Jake and Phoebe are representing the school at the Interschool Cross Country. Good luck!!

8 June: On Thursdays, the Year 7 students in Room 13 go to Tech. We have been working on boxes which we finished and swimming bags with some very amazing designs.

9 June: Today our class hosted the Year 7 and 8 speech contest. We look forward to finding out who got into the finals that are on next Wednesday! Well done to Marshall and Sophie who were in the competition and to Kennedy who was our top Year 6 speaker and kicked off the speeches today.


Students' Work

Thank you
for all my hands can hold
ice and snow
so very cold
books for reading
with words in black
it's due back at the library
so don't be slack.
Thank you
for you for all my eyes can see
children climbing
up a tree
boiling hot sand
between your toes
you better watch out
theres a bee on your nose.
Thank you
for all my ears can hear
flipping in the air
lots of people
loudly talking
baby birds
in their nest squawking.
Thank you
for all my nose can smell
daisies and lilies
smelling so well
at the beach
salty ocean spray
crunching shells
swimming in the bay.
By Sophie


Teacher's Message

Hi everyone, I am Naomi Courtney-Tennent, I usually get called Miss C-T around the school. I am very lucky to be the teacher in Room 13 this year. I am sure we will all have a great year. I am especially excited to go on Camp later on this term. I look forward to seeing the children continue to develp in their learning throughout the year.