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Awakeri School

Room 12

Who are we?

We are very proud to say that we have 14 girls and 14 boys and our names are:
Riley Annan, Ryan Ashton, Taylor B-C, Danielle B-C, Tylah Bateson, Charlize Butler, Callum Cameron, Jessica Carter, Lucy Carter, Natasha Clarke, Ella Cowdery, Kayla Edwards, Barclay Fort, Luke Fortune, Callum Hathaway, Julien H-C, Jenna Horner, Talan Kennedy, Zoe Laurent, Jay Mckane, Levi Murphy, Alexis Ogle, Jose Rika, Kalani Robinson, Holly Rowland, Pacey Verco, Kaia Weijers and Hannah White.

We are year 6 students. We are all mostly 10 turning 11. Our lovely awesome teacher Miss Dennis and most Fridays we have Mrs. Wakelin. We are all confident about this year in room 12. We are all happy being in room 12 and settling in pretty well. We think we are very energetic and a very enthusiastic group.
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Class News

Tuesday 17th December 2019
One more week and it's the school holidays, all the children are excited, the parents not so much. In room 12 we are planning on having a fun week (movies, Lots more P.E we have also done a secret Santa). Having the water fight on Friday has left room 12 bursting with excitement. The year is coming to a end and with Mr Hawkes leaving the whole school is going to change, he is such a kind support to the whole school and a generous man. This is probably going to be our last update so thanks for reading the Room 12 Website :) Merry Christmas
(Scroll down to read students work)

Thursday 21st November 2019
It is almost the end of the year with summer coming up Mr Chelley has kindly cleaned up the pool for the summer. We have made smoothies and learned about protein and nutrients, and learnt all about the digestive system. We have just got new kids in the our buddy class and we have been going around the school teaching them about shapes. We are all excited for summer!!!

Thursday 24th October 2019
Welcome back to a late term 4. This term we are writing to pen pals in Marbella Spain. We are also learning about the digestive system and eating healthy. We are doing high finals after morning tea today for the 10 year olds and the 11 year old girls and boys tomorrow. We are going to the Marae in 2 weeks.

Friday 6th September 2019
In Room 12 we have been doing calendar art, we have had choices of doing a beautiful scene such as a sunset or a imaginative ocean with dazzling skies. In math we have been learning multiplication because we need to know all of them off by heart by the end of the year. We have been doing an interesting writing task in writing, we have been writing about how our past was when we were little and talking about our present (right now)and our future (our job and what we think we would look like).

Friday 26th July 2019
Welcome back to term 3 I hope you had a great holidays!!!
In room 12 we have started doing netball. We are also reading the World's Worst Teacher, with that we have been making up and designing our own world's worst teacher. We have been learning about Africa and we are going to do posters about the countries there.

17th of June 2019
We have had our debate finals today and all contestants were looking excited, but Riley on the other hand was sick in bed playing fortnite. So we had some volunteers fill in for Riley, in the end we had CHARLIZE BUTLER!!! WE HAVE WON OUR DEBATE!!!

12th of June 2019
This week in room 12 we have been doing debates as you might know. We have finally came to a decision, that the team going through is LUCY, ZOE AND RILEY!!!! The debate finals are on the Monday next week.

28th of May 2019
Room 12 have been doing debates. At the moment we have 4 teams in the semi finals. Our first debate on Thursday morning of the 30th May we have "Zoos should be banned". On the affirmative team we have Charlize Butler, Jess Carter and Kalani Robinson and the negative team we have Kayla Edwards, Luke Fortune and Barclay Fort. For the second semi final debate we have "Homework should be banned from primary schools". On the affirmative team we have Talan Kennedy, Hannah White and Julien H-C. Let's see who gets into the room 12 debate finals and then see if room 12's winners can beat room 11's winners. The debates are on!!!

24th of May 2019
Finally we have done Cross Country for the year and we are all proud of our scores. We have all improved since last year. In class we are doing debates instead of speeches this year and we will get down to 2 teams playing each other in the end. In writing we are doing goals and reflecting on them.

14th of May 2019
Last week we went on camp. It was fun we all loved every single bit. We climbed Rainbow Mountain it was struggle but it was worth it for the view in the end. We also went to the aquatic centre, there was a huge obstacle course that we had to get across ON THE WATER!!! But we all had fun and it was an awesome experience to hang out with our friends and even parents.

10th of April 2019
This week Room 12 has been doing art for Room 12 has been doing ANZAC day art and has been drawing a sunset and then cutting out a black figure of a soldier and glueing it in front of our sun set. In the computer suite we have been typing out our highlights and our things we didn't really like about term 1. We are all looking forward for the holidays and looking forward to cross country. C'ya next term...

1st of April 2019
In Room 12 we have been learning about rivers and how they work and flow from the source all the way to the ocean. We have also been learning how to multiply in an algorithm with Mrs. Wakelin. We have finished our symmetrical butterflies and they look amazing on the wall.

22nd of March 2019
In class Room 12 has been doing some more symmetrical art again, but this time we are doing it of a symmetrical butterfly with our own creative thoughts and ideas. We are all looking forward for top school on the weekend and hope we will see each other there. There's an enthusiastic group of girls in our class which trains every lunch with awesome coaches, one of them is our teacher. Three awesome swimmers have gone away to EBOP swimming and competed for Ikaria School.

18th March 2019
We are all looking forward to our camp in term 2 at the trout camp in Rotorua. We will be doing crazy fun activities with our awesome teacher Miss Dennis, Such as the amazing race and so much more.

13th of March 2019
This week we have all worked hard thinking about a person we look up to. We have been writing a speech about them and sharing it at assembly as you might have seen. We all got a day that we do oral language on and have to share on a certain categories. We have also been learning about tsunamis and the Japan 2011 tsunami!
Scroll down to Students' Work to read some great writing.

3rd of March 2019
We have been doing super hero art and writing a description on our future super hero art. We have also started prime maths and doing other activities such as maths games and a number of the day. With Miss Waiklen we have been learning about symmetrical shapes and have drawn amazing looking pieces of art. We went over to Miss Dennis's House and saw her cute little dog called Buddy!

22nd of February 2019
We have all been doing self portraits for art with Mrs. Wakelin. We have been getting into groups and have been doing posters and learning about New Zealand history. We have been writing out goals and will be trying to achieve them throughout term 1. We have recently been on a fun cool school trip at surf life saving education which was fun to hang out as a class away from school for a bit. We learnt how to spot a rip in the water and how to get out of one if we are in trouble. We have learning about what you would do if you were in a situation with a bully and understanding how you would help someone if they are in trouble.

Students' Work

I was travelling in a hot air balloon with her magical family.
A stern voice runs through the gloomy clouds it said, “Died!”
By Kalani

you are a great friend
you are good at dance
and you like to dance
By Levi.M

I was travelling in a hot air balloon when I saw a house with balloons.
A stern voice came through give me them toes crumpled
By Callum.C

Summer its cool feel the breeze
The Colourful and Beautiful flowers make me sneeze
By Ryan.A

You are a great friend
our friendship will never end
the way you act it’s so funny
I’ll throw you in a dunny
By Jay.M

one of my Christmas wishes is to go sky diving again.
I wish that I would win the lottery
I wish that I would get everything on my Christmas List
By Baclay.F

You are the best, better than the rest
your silly just like a monkey
you got the speed but I got the skills
the past has vanished 
By Julien.H.C

If I could do anything I would stop global warming
I wish I could make the world a better place

The average person farts 8 times a day
it takes 8 minutes for light to travel to earth
our sun keeps us alive
By Talan.K

I strongly believe that P.E is important because it could be very good for you.
By Pacey.V

I wish that I could think have three wishes
I wish the roof was green
I wish that today was Friday
By Jose.R

Once upon a time there was a town called black whole
By Taylor.B.C

I think consideration means caring for one another doing things for other people
By Holly.R


I wish for a ps 4
I wish for a solor panal
By luke.f


the bright haunted ship flashed from my eyes, seing s hord of zombes runing through your eyes.



once there was a cragety cottage the gracefully sat on top of the humungus rock.



I was traviling in a air baloon, to meet my friend,i all of a sudden the baloon julted then it stoped.

A stearn voise ran through my ears i keept hearing it i looked at the colck it was 2:58am i was comeing from the room down the hall i got out of bed and started to walk.


Lady Bird

As a fether droped i was trying to say im lost , im lost but the fether just dropped finlly,


i was traviling in a air baloon and 1000s of birds were peking at the baloon POP!

A stearn voise ran through my head over and over again.

by Hannah.W


I was travling in a air baloon and i fell out and face planted.

A stearn voise ran through my infected ear.



You are my best bro, you are pretty great. if you fade that would be sad cause i will get mad you are like the drink, i always wish i had my favirouite one of you is passion fruite peach and vinilla. you are so special i have got the left over from you i know this does not ryam but this will. Everone you are my best mate

Alexis your allways late,

Tylah you swim like a fish,

Kayla you love your dish,

Zoe you always do laps,

Jenna you always use the taps

Lucy she does gymnastics

Everone is spastic



hot summer day

the sun sparkling on the water

fun at the beach.


Persuasive Fortnite writing
Fortnite is a big game. People are playing from all over the world. Is fortnite a waste of time?
Firstly fortnite is a team work game about cooperating and building. When you get shot you don't, a drone picks you up so you can start a new round.

Secondly there are emotes like the floss, running man and the conga. There are skins like, rana rock, drift and hybrid. This is very fun and amazing game.

Thirdly you can go it alone or with someone else or 3 more people. Its good for strategy and mining. So fortnite just gets left as a corporative building storage fun game.
By Riley Annan

Into the Mist

She walked into the shallows and looked back at something she had left behind. I ran down the hill to see what it was. A tiny baby was lying there crying. I picked it up and gave it to an eagle who just flew by. OK so back to the girl. I tried to look for her but I knew she had submerged under the foggy water.

By Lucy. Carter

It was the morning of Weetbix triathlon and Mum woke me up at six o'clock. I was sooo tired. I could fall asleep for the whole day. But I could tell we had to go. I had mixed emotions scared, nervous and excited. As we drove there I was drinking a delicious hot chocolate it was warm, yummy and fluffy. After we picked up Emma and Aunty Kim we started heading to the race.

By Zoe.L

Join in while playing games.
Have more time at lunch

Protect people from bullies
Be nice to people

Be kind to other people
Work together like family
By Ryan.A

Monster Menu

Spiders socks with strawberry sauce.
Blue bird beaks with blue berries on top.


Human head hamburgers.
Pimpled pineapples with pig Poo.


Sausage ice-cream with slimy snake skin.
Farted on fingers with frog slime.


Strawberry smoothie with shredded school kids
Brain juiced in black blood
By Kayla Edwards

One day I woke up lying on a big ice cube and I shouted ahhh!!!! where am i. this looks awesome but its freezing. these ice cubes look like a play ground. they feel like a table. oh that got my feathers cold. I'm going to feel the water it feels very icy. where is every one did they leave me? I am going to go an adventure and see what i can find. So I started my adventure by trying to find some food so I dived in to the icy cold water. and got eaten by an ORCA!!!!
By Tylah Bateson

How to make your mum and dad happy !!!
Don't argue with your siblings.
Help out with chores without being asked.
Say thank you after every meal.
smile when ever they look at you.
don't talk back or give attitude.
Always say thank you.
Don't beg for anything
You don't always have to drag attention.
Bye Ella Cowdery

How to make your teacher HAPPY!!
1) Always listen
2) Don't talk while they are speaking.
3) Never argue with them
4) Always finish your work
5) Do what you should be doing.
By Lucy Carter

Super heroes

Welcome to the amazing world of fart man and fat man !

On the 30th of October (halloween) 12.00pm in 2011 on Commerce Street Whakatane we were robbing a dairy when suddenly we saw with our own eyes.... stick girl and bungy girl ! KAPOW SMASH BOOM watch out there's a cow fart man shouted cow? look out heres comes a fart bomb. Looks like I'm fighting stick girl and fart man is fighting bungy girl, and i give her a punch and she falls to the ground and the fart man gets out a fart bomb and throws it at her and that was the end of that.

By Tylah Bateson


Suddenly there was a huge noise, screams and shouting. I immediately ran for higher ground i said to my self this is completely insane. I saw Tylah hop on her mobility scooter I thought it would be too slow on foot so i asked her "can i please have a ride!" Tylah hollered back "i can't hear you over the noise." i shouted as loud as i could "can i have a ride."

Finally, we were at the top i was crying because it was so tragic! It was worse than dropping your ice cream on the floor!!

By Zoe Laurent



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