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Awakeri School

Room 12

Who are we?

We are a talented joyful class. We are a year 6 class with 29 kids this year with a wonderful teacher.

Class News

November 15 Hola we have been learning numbers and comands in Spanish 1-uno 2-dos 3-tres 4-cuatro 5-cinco 6-seis 7-siete 8-ocho 9-nueve 10-diez. We have been doing a quiz on countries using a website, our score is 89-196. We had to make a pot for our little garden. We have been reading Harry Potter and the chamber of secerets, which is a great book, since the start of the term.

October 25 We are growing lots of little gardens and learning about the Hubble space telescope. Here are some Spanish words hello-hola, adios-goodbye, buenos dias-good morning, buenos tardes-good afternoon. We have done the basic facts tests and 1-4 spelling tests.

October 18 We finished Matilda and we are on to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. We have been training for athletics in Week 3 and we have Ag-day on Friday. We are growing a butternut too.

September 28 We finished a long walk to water, we are now reading Matilda. We are in the middle of the story Matilda. We have created and finished our Theme parks and added up all the area and perimeter. We finished our states of matter topic, our new topic is French. We are excited to learn how to speak Spaish.

June 20 We have finished The One And Only Ivan and have started A Long Walk To Water. It is a really interesting story about a girl and a boy. We have finished our Galapagos Islands topic and have started our new topic which is the states of matter.

May 26 We have just finished the 1 Harry Potter and we have started The One And Only Ivan. We have finished our sound topic and we are moving on to our new topic the Galapagos Islands. We have finished our alliteration pages, which are in the order of the alphabet. We read some at assembly today.

March 30 We have been learning how to sketch kiwis with Mrs Plews, also we made Anzac poppy pictures using crayons and dye with Miss Moore.

March 14 We did Mr Fynn's 20 minute maths challenge.

March 3 Scroll down to Students' Work to read some cool stories.

Feb 17 We have been doing hand art and self portraits also we have been learning the recorder.


Students' Work

"Hello" I said to the curious looking customer.
"evening" He replied back.
"do you have a jar of eyeballs?"the customer said.
"Tonnes" I replied as I gave him a large jar. He paid, mended his doll's eye then randomly ate the entire jar...how strange??? Very strange!
By Charlie

The Magic Key
It was now or never. She leapt out and grabbed the magic key and she ran and ran to the secret place where noone knew about. There were doors and doors. But the magic key didn't just open any doors, it opened two doors. There were buttons on the key.
By Sophie

The Golden Key
Her heart still thudding, her legs trembling, splat! She landed smack bang on her face. The crow furiously raised up high in the cruel air, looking up into the stormy sky. Her heart sounding like an elephant's footsteps and even harder. But then she just realised if she grabbed the key, and ran, she would be able to get away with it. Pow! She gasped. She got a huge fright. But she did it! Her heart felt so nervous that it looked like it was pounding out of her body. She had it and frightenedly buried it. So no more horrendous monsters could come out, and won't ruin the world. They were saved!
By Layla

The Golden Key
She took a leap of fath... she got it she saw that the clock had a key hole in it, so she took the clock into her super secret hiding spot and tried the key, so she opened it and... it was a time machine so she decided to go back to when she was at Bayfair and got 400 dollars so she brought lots and lots of lollies. Then she traveled back to the real time with lots of lollies in her bag.
By Lily


Teacher's Message

I am very excited about this class this year. I have a very talented and funny bunch of kids in my class room 12. I am looking forward to all the exciting things that will happen this year.