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Awakeri School

Room 8

Who are we?
We are Room 8 the funniest class ever. We also have the coolest teacher named Mrs Howard.

Class News

Before anything else I just want to say sorry for the lack of website updating.

20 September 2018 In room 8 we have been learning about bees! On Monday 17th September we went to Comvita, our tour guide Mila showed us how bees make honey. Here are some facts about bees:
The queen bee lays 1,500 eggs each day, thats an egg each 30 secconds!!!
The bee smells with its feet!
The bee has 5 eyes!!

We have made some Kowhaiwhai patterns for art. Room 8 has also been doing poems about Feelings and poems about Colour! With athletics coming up we have started training for athletics. We have had Mrs Petersen on a Tuesday and Wednesday. We have production coming up and we are super excited to see the show: Robyn Hood Outlaw Princess!!

30 July 2018 We are back. We have started buddy reading this Term with Room 1 and we are so excited. We also had Mr. Maple coming in for Energy Ed on Thursday for 6 weeks. He is going to teach us about all types of energy. Here are some names of energy: Solar, Nuclear, Heat, Wind, Kinetic, Steam and there are more. Also scroll down to read the students work by Keith

4 July 2018 In room 8 we are still learning about recycling with Rachel the rubbish lady. We learnt that there are the 4 words which are important for recycling and they are reuse, refuse, reduce and recycle. We also learned that when they make plastic they use these things that are called nurdles. They are little beads and they put them into bottle moulds and they turn them into plastic. We had a fun time with Rachel the rubbish lady. This Thursday is her last day and we hope she will visit us again.

19 June 2018 In Room 8 our topic recently has been plastic. We can use more than 1,000 bits of plastic each day, without even knowing! Examples: a plastic phone and cover, plastic bags, a car, bread with a plastic bag and way too many more. Plastic is made of resin pellets, which are made of plants, they look like crystals. People put plastic bags into the water, which fish can eat, and that is NOT good. But what is good is that New World and Pak'n'save are charging people 10-20 cents if you buy plastic bags, but they really should charge them $5 or $10. They should use other type of materials to create bags, like paper bags or cloth bags. In writing we have been doing a Cinquan poem. And in maths we have been learning lots about measurements, we have been our heights and arm length. Two of our groups have been learning about money.

11 June 2018 In Room 8 we have been learning about measurements for maths lately, also we have been learning about whales for our topic. Some of our kids in our class has gone to interschools. We have done a P.A.T test, so far we have done a maths test, but soon we will be doing a reading, comprehension and more to come. We have been doing salt art, and heaps of other types of art. We've been listening to the teacher read a chapter book each day, we have just finished Terrible 2 and now we're on Lost in the Backyard. Also we've been doing blending, we will have shapes glued on to the blended background. The light shapes in the dark area, dark shapes in the light. For writing we have been writing about the weekend.

22 May 2018 In Room 8 we are back from the holidays and are allready in week 2! We have been writing about whales and sea lions. We have been sketching our self portraits during art time.We have learned about the artist Tom Fedro. We have also been doing crosswords as well.We have recently been doing Science. We put a boiled egg on top of a plastic bottle and inside of the bottle was news papper that was on fire. The boiled egg sitting on top of the bottle got sucked in! We have been doing cross country practice for cross country on Wednesday, we also walked the track on Monday. We've been learning songs of the week for the virtues we get weekly. We have been going to Bible on Fridays and we have also been retells of stories.

4 May 2018 In room 8 we have been learning about ANZAC DAY. We found out so far that 1300 Turkish people died. We have also been writing about our 2 week holiday. To read about this writing you guys can read it when the next news of room 8 has come up because we will be finished by then.

9 April 2018 Room 8 have been doing this postcard to school with a metaphor at the back. We received a piece of art work from Torbay School. If you would like to see the pics please scroll down. We later on also sent back to Tourbay school one of those blue posters but with something different on it.

Here are some metaphors that are at the back of the poster. Here is the poster that Tourbay School gave to us.


4 April 2018 In room 8 we have been learning about birds and we have talked about the commonwealth games. Here are some facts about birds. 1. The bird Whio has a bit of rubber on the end of the beak, Whio only stay in moving water, 3. Whio have webbed feet. Also our camp photos are now avalaible so don't forget to check them out.

This is our group with Mrs Morris building a hut. Here is our class photo with our parents at Lions Hut.
Here is Mrs Morris tubing with us. It was funny when she fell in! This is us doing the granny track.

27 March 2018 Last Tuesday we went to camp. It was extremely amazing. On the first day we went for a huge walk up the Granny's track, we went for a swim down the rivers and the boys and some girls did a bomb. On the second day we went tubing and on the third day we made fun hunts for parents. But on Friday it was a sad day because it was time to go home. Scroll down to Students' Work to read some camp stories.

15 Feb "Yeah" There are 5 more days till camp and it is goting to be fun. We are going to going tubing, also we are going to catch eels. Also we are going to be doing a scary burma trail. We are so excited we hope it goes well. There are lots of other activities too but we think our favourite one is going to be Star Gazing. Miss Howard also has lots of surprises, we wish our camp was today.

8 Feb Room 8 is going to the Lions Hut for their camp in 11 more days. We said "Yeah" because we were so excited. We are going to stay for 2 nights and 1 day. Our imagination is that we are going to for bush walks at night, going to see a mind blowing view and we are going to eat a lot of food. We hope we have a great time at camp.


Students work

The advantage of Orange juice is you would have more energy. The disadvantage of Orange juice is that it will go to waste. A pro of Orange juice is if you are having a bad day you can just have Orange juice. A bad thing of having Orange juice is you will have roting teeth. A problem of having Orange juice is if it had splashed had got in your face it would be sticky and if it got on your T-shirt there would be a stain.


I heard the whistling amazing colourful birds they were bright and while I was eating my, scrumptious dinner. I saw the swirly squishy mince on my plate as I took a delicious bite. I felt the curly bolagnaise in my oozy mouth. I wondered if people were going to have more because it was so delicious.

Nate Parsons

I heard the river splashing agasint my body as me and Nevaeh floated down the icey cold river. I saw the blackberries reaching out to grab me. I felt the rocks bumping our tube. I wondered if the tube would pop when we were on it.

Alecia Grimes

I heard people screaming loudly as me and Nate tripped over the big, bushy, dirty forest steps. I saw the bright, colurful glowsticks leading in a long line. I felt sad when we got to the end because I wished we could do it again from the start. I wondered if any one else wanted to be at the front.

Isla Thompson


Teacher's Message