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Awakeri School

Room 8

Who are we?
We are a delightful class of 24 year 4 children. There are 14 boys and 10 girls. This year is going to be a great year in Room 8 as we will work hard and learn lots. We encourage each other and help some of us finish our work. We like to work together and participate in each others games.

Class News
Friday 28 July
It's been 5 days back at school and were've been working so hard to make up for the time we took off school. We've been doing so much stuff, like making smoothies, learning measurement and units and so much more. But I want to tell you our favourite thing so far: our Big Foot research is sooo fun. We get to watch videos, search on the computer and read books. {my favourite part}

Wednesday 21 June
We've been making Matariki stars, they look soooo beautiful. We have also been writing questions about different super market foods like cornflakes and weetbix. Our colour wheels are so colourful. We added lots of colours like yellow, blue, even orange! Our fitness is super fun! we play tee-ball, last one standing even our running is fun. But best of all we have been writing letters to family members who live far away! We have to talk to them, ask them how there are doing and tell them how we are.

Tuesday 30 May
Cross Country was sooo hard. But luckly our track wasn't as hard as the senior's.
We had to run through squishy cow pat and prickly prickles.It was so hard but we got rewarded at the by going on a awesome trip. We got to go to new world and the coastguard, and then race around town to find lots of famous landmarks.

Thursday 23 March
Our rabbit pictures were so cool, we added so many colours. It looked so amazing. Did you know that a cicada drops from the tree when they're young. They come out and stay on the ground for 6-17 weeks. Their wings come out and then they shed their shells. Phew touch training was so hard. We passed the ball and then dropped it.
We traced our hands and coloured them. We all made faces and stuck them on to pieces of paper and wrote facts about us.

Thursday 9 March
"Whoosh" we have been working on camp writing. Scroll down to Students' Work to read a story.

Thursday 2 March
Camp was amazing. We had to walk all the way to eight acres! We built rafts and raced them down the river. The burma trail was so scary. We were really lucky to have some amazing dessert like apple crumble, fruit salad and so much more. We were able to go tubing down the river and build bridges. Our camp was the best. Check out some photos of our camp last week.

Thursday 16 February
Next week we are off to the Lions Hut in the Urewera National Park. We can't wait to roast marshmellows on the campfire, sleep in the dorms, play spotlight and go tubing down the rapids. When we go walking in the bush we really hope we can see kokako and maybe some vivves.


Students work

We got a blanket and sat on it and looked up at the sky. I was in a group with Chloee. We saw the pot and milky way. The eels were slimy. I picked a glowworm up on a glowstick. We went to 8 acres and tubed all the way back, we went down into the waves but it got a bit scary. I fell down the wrong way. I was crying. Camp was cool. I slept with Talia and Hollie. My mum was there for one day. Mum brought iceblocks for our class. YUMMY! Our leader was Matiu and the other people were Chloee, Jessica and Talan. Chloee and me were buddies for the burma trail.
By Jessica Carter

Teacher's Message