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Awakeri School

Room 8

Who are we?
Room 8 is a class of year 3's and 4's. They are a class of 8 and 9 year olds and their class has 26 students and 1 teacher who is the best by the way and is known as Mrs Howard. They are all about Kindness, Helpfulness, Responsibilities and Respect. They are a very knowledgable class and they know all about what's happening around the world and in their community while also learning and loving their fellow classmates. We do buddy reading with room 1 and we love helping them learn to read and love to do activities with them.

Class News

17/12/19 Today Maddie and her mum brought in 12 baby chicks to show the class. 5 of them were white and 7 were black and grey. they were very cute. Lately in class we have doing lots of crafts around Christmas. We have made Christmas trees and reefs and Christmas baskets. We have also made decorations for our Christmas trees at home including bells, stockings and birds. We have made Christmas word finds and singing Christmas carols. Since we are in the last week of school we have been taking down all our art and things off the walls and everywhere in our class. We have been reading Fantastic Mr Fox and have started watching the movie. We wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

29/11/19 For a few weeks now we have been swimming in the school pool. This week we have started taking down our artwork of the walls. We have been going to the library and getting out cool books. In class we have just finished our book called Giggler Treatment and have started reading Fantastic Mr Fox. When we finish Fantastic Mr Fox we will be watching the movie. We have also been learning about bees and wasps. We have been reading books and writing about them. In class we have been writing letters to people that dont have familys and cant afford presents for christmas. Next week we have a trip to New World Whakatane. We have made sure that we have been wearing our hats on these very hot sunny days. We have also been having milk in class everyday. It is very nice.

14/11/19 On the 30th and 1st of October/November we had athletics. We had field events on Wednesday 30th and track on Friday 1st. We all tried our bests and we had lots of people that got places and did really well. On Tuesday this week we went to Wairaka Marae. We had the day there with 3 other classes. We got welcomed on by room 13 and went down to Muriwai's cave and did a few activities back at the Marae including an art assignment, poi's and rakau. We have been doing writing and art about the Marae visit which includes doing Kowhaiwhai patterns and much more. We soon have P.A.T tests so we are revising and practising all areas of maths and English. We also have started touch this term and have a few people in teams for our school. We have just started swimming in our pool for the summer. We have started a new book in class called "The giggler treatment". We are enjoying it so far. Lately we have been doing fitness in class. We have circuits with running, skipping, padder tennis, hurdles and much more. On Saturday we had a few girls from our class go to jump jam nationals in Tauranga They were in the year 4-6 team and did very well. They got merit in all the categories. Sadly they didn't place but did very well.

29/08/19 In class we have been doing Cinquain poems. It was Mrs Petersen's last day on Monday and we are very sad that she's leaving us. We made her thank you cards to show our appreciation for everything she does for us and for teaching us. We had Miss Sisam and studied the Kaimanawa horses with her. We made posters about them with pictures and lots of facts. We had a pyjama day because we filled up our acorn jar to the top and had a very fun day.

07/08/19 On Thursday 1st August we went on a class trip to Pikowai beach. We planted pingao and wiwi. We meet a guy named Ben and he showed us the correct way to plant them. We also did a few activities, like we made triceratopses out of sand and went on a Pohutukawa tree swing. We picked up some rubbish so that New Zealand could be a tidier place. It was so much fun and we all really enjoyed it. We have started a new book in class called The Sasquatch Escape. We have been writing Haikus in class and on Mondays we write about what we did in our weekend. We have hockey and soccer day on Friday 9th August and we are all very excited about it.

26/07/19 We have been using a new online reading site called Epic. We can read stories or get the computer to read the story to us. We have also just finished a book called Fing. It was a really good book that we all really enjoyed. Mr Mac the new principal came into our class to see us. We learnt a lot about him including that he is 43, his favourite colour is blue and he hates McDonalds and KFC. Next week we have a trip to the beach. We are going for a walk and to learn about and maybe plant sandunes. We have been learning about Kiwiana and making puzzles pieces of New Zealand as well as colouring in jandals. For writing we have been focusing on writing creative stories as well as writing summaries. We have been doing some summaries with Mrs Petersen about articles and stories we have read. We have been focusing on times table algorithms in maths and learning how to do them properly. We have hockey and soccer day coming up on Friday 9th of August. We have been practising some skills for the day. We are looking forward to our other trip towards the end of the year to Comvita. We will be doing some research about bees further into the year.

17/06/19 Lately we have been learning about Matariki and the seven stars. We have been learning songs and studying a bit about what Matariki is. We are doing some drawings on the seven stars.We have been learning about atlases and how to use them. We do buddy reading with Room 1 and have been doing self portraits. We have a trip in Term 3 to Comvita which we are looking forward to.

14/06/19 Tomorrow we have our winter sports which we are right into now. Lots of us play Hockey, Soccer, Netball and Rugby. We love playing and making some new friends with our team mates. We have been learning about recycling and reusing. We have been talking about the big garbage pile in the middle of the pacific ocean. Today we have been working on some posters, they look really good. DONT LITTER!


Students' work
At the river were we went tubing. We connected three tubes with ropes and went down the rapids. It was horrifyingly deep, bumpy and so fun. We roasted marshmallows and I always made mine go on fire. I gave one to Matt, Blake Heath's Dad. Matt was the parent who drove me and Blake Heath to the Lion's Hut. When it was time to eat, I had brownies and cookies and one banana muffin. They were really delicious!

The Lions Hut! We arrived at the huge Lions Hut, with my class. I got out of the car, the lions hut looked way more different than it looked in my head. I wondered what it looks like on the inside, I thought to myself. Finally, I told my friends that we could go inside. All of us raced to the door to see the inside of the hut. Wow we all said with a booming voice at the same-time we explored the place for a-while. Soon we went tubing. I was amazed at what the river and rapids looked like and how clear the water was. I ran into the water for the first time, I started tubing. It was AMAZING!!! I fell off my tube at one point, it was really deep I could not even touch the ground. Later we got out and dried off and we went back up to the hut and had lunch. It was delicious. We had watermelon, baking and juice and some other things. It was a good lunch, in fact it was the best lunch I had ever had in my life. At night soon we did the Burma trail. All the parents hid. It was my turn to go through. I got lots of scares.
In the morning we looked to see if we caught any eels. We caught about seven, Also I got to hold an eel. It was sticky, slippery, wet and slimy.

On camp
I love tubing, I felt excited. I liked the Burma trail. I heard people screaming. I made a tiger noise. I heard an evil granny noise. I was scared. I was feeling it was coming alive. When we went back to the hut, I had macaroni and cheese for dinner. When we were building our hut, I saw lots of birds. I saw a tui, a fantail and a whio.


Teacher's Message