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Awakeri School

Room 7

Who are we

We are room 7 and we have 27 people in our class. Our awesome teacher is Mrs Elliot. We have the best class in the world. The website monitors for this class are Bonnie, Kalib and Josh

Class News

12th December We performed our junior production. We have been practising our fancy dress item. We have been swimming and we love it but we especially like it when it is a hot day. For maths we have been doing some basic maths sheets.

1st December We have been practising for fancy dress. For maths we are still learning about Clock and time. We are drawing the Eastern Bay of Plenty. We are excited for the water fight. We are learning about money.

November 14 We have been learning about the wharenui. We learnt about the history and how the wharenui is the only woman wharenui in the whole of New Zealand. We have just finished doing our speeches. I say everyone did a fantastic job. We have also done some tests and we are now reading Ramona as a class.

27th October Today it is Jed's birthday and he is turning eight. For maths we are learning about time (Clocks). We are reading a book called 'Do Not Push'. For writing we are practising paragraphs. In a couple of weeks we are going to go to the marae. On the 20th October we had ag day. We made some creations. Our creation on options were Tennis Ball Creation, Mini Scene Vasiline Face and a recycled animial. We had to pick at least three of them.

28th September We went to Mount Maunganui and we saw sheep on the mountain. We had lunch at the top of the mountain and we had morning tea at the surf life saving club. We went to the salt water hot pools. We got creaming soda.

21th September We are doing plays. We are still learning about volcanoes. We are learning about Mount Maunganui and we are going to climb it tomorrow.
Our website monitors asked us what was the favourite bit or character in the production (Valley Of The Voodons) that we went to yesterday. These are our answers:
Elias-Kapa Haka
Ryan L- My Sister The Zandrusite
Ryan C-Stink

15th September We have been learning about volcanoes. We made a volcano of our own. We sang a song at assembly on Friday.

11th August 2017 Today we are learning about characters. We are also learning about anti bullying and super heroes. In maths we are trying to make 10 with numbers.

28th July Today we are making All About Me posters. To make that we need to measure our standing height and sitting height. We will measure it with a tape measure. In class we have made multiplication buildings on big posters. We are learning measurement. Not much this week but I wonder what will happen next week.

24th July welcome back to Term 3. This term is going to be a great one I can just feel it. In room 7 we have been writing about what we have been doing in the holidays. Here is what we did.
Ariel- Swimming and playing with my puppy.
Keith- Going to Baywave.
Aaron- Playing on the farm.
Natalee- Going to the snow.
Ryan- Slepping in.
Alecia- Sleep over with cousins.
Jayden- Play with cousins.
Tyler- Riding motorbike.
Kyle- Watching Winter Jam.
Ryan- Going to the movies.
Bailey- Opening present and getting a motorbike.
Alyvia- Going to the movies.
Kaeylen- Sleep over with cousin.
Jed- Going to Tauranga.
Nate- Went to the snow.
Tara- Went to Scotland.
Christian- Watched two movies.
Max- Chose a calf for ag day
Addie- Going to the snow.
Isla- Roller skating at Whakatane High School.
Elias- Buying lego.
Zaena- Play dates.
Alexander- Going to Wanganui.
Rese- Going to Lene's Birthday.
Laura- Playing with brother and cousin.

30th June Today we are doing our Matariki Celebration day. When we came to school at 7 o'clock, it was foggy and freezing cold! Everyone of us were rugged up and trying to stay warm be the fire. We had a sausage sizzle breakfast. But you could also have cereal if you wanted to. Our teachers had created a little fire inside of an, old metal drum. Chairs were shifted around it. There were chairs scattered about the place too. We were all trying to huddle around the fire. All of us were trying to find a seat. Others were sitting with their parents. Our breakfast was yummy! Also today we are making kites, plates, and our own fishing lines. We're going to Thornton Beach. We will be trying out our amazing kites at the beach. As well as our fishing lines.We have been put into groups for when we go to the beach, and try out our crafts. We are also going to do a Matariki show that our teacher has been helping us with. It is going to be an awesome day!

21st June This week we have not started doing anything new but our Website Monitors Kalib and Bonnie-Marie have asked us what our favourite things to do in our class.
Making cool stuff-Aaron
Mrs Elliot is nice-Natalee
Art and Writing-Christian
Singing and Art-Alyvia
Maths games-Layra
Making Spinners-Max
Singing and Art-Kaelyn
We don't have as many people as we would have because the average number of people away in room 7 has been 17 and out of those 17, eleven of them have been sick.

13th June In our class we are learning about Matariki and also learning about the stars names in the Matariki constellation. We have made some poi's. We are now on to making a big book on one of the Matariki legends. In maths we have found out the area of our names. And that is Kalib and Bonnie reporting live from room 7 news.

6th June We are working on our adding and subtracting huge numbers. We are also buddy reading with one of our favourite class. Room 10 are our buddy readers. Today we wrote about what we did in the weekend. We can't wait for our turn on the new space net that fell from space. In art we are making Rakau sticks. We draw a pattern on a peice of paper and then we colour it and then we dye it with different colours. After that we then wrap it around a taped up magizine. There we are, some easy steps to make a Rakau stick.

April 10 Room 7 have just been on an amazing adventurous camp. They went all over Whakatane and Awakeri. The went to Kohi Point and looked at the beautiful view. They went to the Awakeri hot springs and they did some activities. The had an amazing race comp from the skate park to the coastguard. [ and this was walking not driving]. They also went on a super long bush walk. That sounds so fun. For art they have been learning about hot and cold colours. They drew a sun picture and also some portraits about themselves. The also did some kiwi pics and writing about the flood. Scroll down to see some flood writing.

March 23 Room seven have been writing about relatives or someone who liked them as a friend. They got this idea from reading a book called Kiss Kiss. They are thinking really hard and trying to make it as good as the could. I have read some of them and they are really nice.

March 9 Room 7 have been learning how to use hot and cold colours in their art. They have done it in their sunset pictures. You should have a look. They're awesome. Room 7 have also been learning about native birds. Down below you can see Keith's work about the native bird called the Kiwi. We have been doing some quick maths on the white board with Mrs Elliot. Today they played girls against boys. We have been having sooooooo much fun!!!

Feb17 Room 7 has been working on their waka and how to work together and making some unique paddles with their name on it. The have been doing a lot of art like unique crayons and making buckets. They have already started on their prime maths and they have been playing a game called Boggle. They have already started swimming. Ryan said that his teacher is creative and Natalee said her teacher is super fun.

Students' Work

Gumboot Song

Righto, kick it in the guts, Trev....
Gumboots, they are wonderful, Gumboots, they are swell
coz they keep out the water, and keep in the smell
And when you're sittin round at home, you can always tell
When one of the Trevs has taken off his gumboots...

Our area is flooded from cyclone Debbie.
Usually cyclones don't come to New Zealand.
Roads are closed.

Lots of people can't go home.
Our rivers are bursting
Cyclone Debbie caused flooding
A cyclone is caused by two storms mixing together
Lots of people can't live where they used to live.

Alot of people lost things.
Rain made it flood
Edgecumbe has flooded
Alot of people have evacuated
By Ryan Lambert

Our house had big puddles
Usually we have no storms
Roads are closed

Lakes were full as
Our school had lots of water
Cars couldn't get through Edgecumbe
Alot of the water is in Edgecumbe
Lots of people had to leave their homes.

And some are in our class
Rivers are full
Everyone has a story
And lots of people in our school live in Edgecumbe
By Kaelyn Mcdonald

This morning I woke up by a rat-a-tat-tat.
I slowly tiptoed towards the curtain. I quickly opened the curtain.
In our vege patch there was a rat knawing on the lettuce. I ran as fast as I could down the passage. My sister woke up with a start.
She saw me running down the passage. She ran into the lounge with me. We found mom watching the rat through the window. So dad heard the news.
He went in the garden with a tool looking for the mouse hiding in the pile of wood. Pipa the dog came. She was trying to get through a hole and that was all I saw.
By Ariel Bailey

The Kiwi
The Kiwi is a small bird.
It is nocturnal and it sleeps in the day.
It has very sharp claws.
It digs its beak into the dirt.
It has very big toes and it runs as fast as the flash.
It is a flightless bird.
It is as fluffy as a cat.

By Keith-Bailey-Reece

Teacher's Message