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Awakeri School

Room 7

Who are we

We are a fun exciting class. We have an awesome teacher called Mrs. Laurent. She is teaching us a lot. This year is going to be awesome. We have enjoyed everything we have been learning, we are definitely the best class in the school.We are so excited for the year to end but we loved it.

Class News


We are also doing prime maths, we love doing it. We are getting really good and our teacher thinks so too.


For fathers day we have been making poems and pictures for our dads. We think our dads are going to love them because they look awesome and we really like them.
We have been learning about the rugby world cup. Coby has been learning about Fiji's rugby team and Daisy has been learning about Argentina's rugby team we find it really cool. For P.E we have been practising football it is really fun we are really enjoying it Mrs Laurent is helping us kick it to our partners.
For maths we have been learning how to do bar models, it is really hard but we are getting the hang of it.


Today room 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 had sport rotations. There was many different types of sport like soccer, dodgeball and t-ball but there was many more as well. Some students say that they were excited all day.
We have also been doing koru pattern art which is going to turn out really cool.


For Mothers Day we made poems about our mums. We made cards and we really like them. We also made clay pots for our mums and wrapped them up. Our mums loved them and we are very proud of ourselves.
For topic we are learning what past, present and future is. We know that future is what's going to happen, but we are still learning the rest.

28-3-2019 March

We have been on camp and it was really cool. We did a burma trail and got a lot of jump scares. We stayed there for two days and one night. We went swimming at the lake and saw this huge waterfall. For dinner we had these awesome burgers. Today Braxon and Bailey are our leaders. They are nice and funny leaders, also Braxon and Bailey are our milk monitors. When we were at camp, we made weta houses. It was so much fun.

22-2-2019 February

We are going on camp soon. We are very excited. We are writing and drawing what we want to do there. It is going to be the best camp ever because we are all very good friends with each other. We are so excited.

Students' Work


In room 7 this week we have been doing math tests Harry got 98 in pluse and 79 in take away Aai got 52 in pluse and 23 in take away they are very happy with there scores.We have also been making kowhi patterens drawing and mixing colors that was our favourite.The book we are reading is the girl how rode the wind it is such a good book best one all year.

For sport this term we have playede patter tenis, tea ball,master tag and dodge ball we are really good at it now.For te reo maroe we are doing rakoes ite have learbnt so many songs.

For reading we have been doing litery questions.For writing we are writing about our weekend they are really intresting.We are also doin g swimming we think we are really good at it and we love doing it.


For maths at the moment we are doing prime maths. We are also doing basic facts and two dice. The aim of the game is to roll the dice and who ever works it out the fastest gets to roll the dice next.

For reading we are reading our junior journals. There are the groups Ocean, River, Beach. Bonnie is in Beach and Harry is in Ocean.

Harry and Bonnie are our house captains this week. They are very brave and we like them a lot.

For art we did the sun rising. It was really fun and they turned out to be really cool, they are hung up on our wall.

28-3-2019 March

We did boller maths for math and we are doing prime maths. It is really fun and hard. For reading we are reading The Giant Soup. For writing we are writing thank you letters to parents from camp.

22-2-2019 February

For the last few weeks we have been doing a lot of art. We have been doing fill a bucket, so we have been doing lots of kind things so we can fill someone's bucket. We have also been doing self portraits and we are very proud of them because they look very cool. For Valentines Day we made hearts. We coloured them in with red and pink, we love them. Our teacher Mrs. Laurent has also been teaching us about wow words. We have learnt a lot.

Teacher's Message


We have had an exciting term! We have learnt about the past the present and the future.We had an heart warming visit to Mary Shopley Resthome we are now moving on to studying countrys that are in the rugby world cup. Go all blacks!

15/5/2019 may

We are a fabulous group of year 3 children in room 7.We have had a fantastic start to the year with a whole lot of enthusastic and keen learners!