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Awakeri School

Room 9

Who are we?

We are a cool class with 8 and 9 year old. We have an amazing teacher named Mrs. Dowzall.

Class News

4 September 2019 Sorry for the huge lack of website updating. We apologize. Anyway this week we are making reports about animals. So basically like where they live what they eat and more. We are also making Bio posters of them and writing facts on them. For our calendar art we are doing this thing where you have a frame and you put your photos in or we can do the Illusion art. We are going to do both and see which one we like then we are going to pick that one. We also in class have a new teacher who is Mrs. Manderson because Mrs. Dowzell left to take care of and have her baby. We miss her, but we are really having fun with Mrs. Manderson.

25 July 2019 Welcome back to term three this term. We have started reading the Far Away Tree and have tried to to make our own. We are training for hockey and soccer day. We are practising songs for Miss Grundy for her baby. With our new principal we have decided to write him some letters to make sure he feels welcome. In room nine we have made a lit quiz team and are reading lots of books. We are still practising our basic facts and climbing the multiplication to get to our twelve times tables. Miss Dowzall has moved our desks around and is giving out new jobs. We have created autumn art and poems here is an example:
Who is carrying all the leaves?
"I am" said the huge queen ant.
by Fergus Rowe.

17 June 2019 We are back. In class we have been doing Pattern Art with animals. Some have already finished and we are proud of them. In class we also made beeswax wraps for food, to save the environment, with Rachel the environment lady. To make your beeswax wrap you first have to get an old T-shirt then you have to dip it in hot beeswax and let it dry. We are working on making Autumn poems. To make that we first choose a leaf and then put it under a piece of paper and shade over it, cut it out and then write a poem on it. We have a busy week this week.

21 May 2019 Sorry for the lack of website updating. All of us are excited for cross-country. We are looking at some wonder rockets to build and launching them with Jordan Andrew. Scroll down to see Students' Work.

11 April 2019 Today in class we have been watching a movie called Nearing. We are really enjoying it at the moment. We are also excited about the Fun Raiser today. We are looking forward to getting heaps of lollies, throwing sponges at Mr. Fit and also playing some games. After today is also the day off school. We are so excited for the holidays. We hope everyone has a great holiday.

1st April 2019 In class we have been doing topic. For topic we have been learning about Anzac Day. So for Anzac Day so far we have learnt that when it happened.; and we are maybe going to learn more later on in this week.

25 March 2019 In class we have been creating a poster for recycling. On our poster we have written about not littering, to reduce, reuse and recycle and heaps more. We enjoy doing that and we also look forward to carrying that on. Here is something else that is amazing about that. If we do a good job we might be in a chance to win $500.

18 March 2019 Here is some of Room 9's KIA Ka ha poster. You can see the rest of it in our classroom. Come and have a look.

14 March 2019 In room 9 we have been doing pepeha art. We have been drawing our rivers, mountains and our Murray. We are really having fun. We will get them done and dusted on Monday so there will be photos on them on Monday.

5 March 2019 This week we have been on a beach trip at Ohope. We went there to learn about surf life saving. We had heaps of fun learning about it. In maths we have been learning our times tables and playing a game called maths tag. To play maths tag everyone has to spread out across the room. Next the teacher has to call out an equation, then when someone gets it, they get to take a step to anywhere, and if anyone is around them they can tag the person or just leave it. We are looking forward to learning about cyber bullying.

22 February We have been learning about KIA Ka ha, practising for our swimming sports and next week on Tuesday we are going to Surf Life Saving. In art we have been doing math monsters. We have also been doing hand art with our buddy reading class, which we have been enjoying a lot.

Students' Work

Riaan Skips

Dear grouchy grass hopper, I really can not wait to see you doing high jump on TV. I really like it when you spring off your feet then land on a contestant! I can't believe that your this year. I can't wait to see your last high jump on TV. Any way I wish you the best! By your first fan: Riaan, P.S I made you toubrolone chocolate hot cross buns.


Dear Mr Grassy I like how you always win when you race with the other grasshoppers, although you are a little rough with your car. Can you please cut back the muffins, thanks.

When we drove over the hill there was a extraordinary view of the crystal clear ocean. It was glistening in the sun and it was extremely beautiful. The water was freezing cold, it was like ice.


Me and my dad drove straight from our house to the beach and we were the first ones there by far. When we got there we had a tour of the club. We saw the IRB in the first aid room and the racing boards.

Ollie Peat

As we drove over the hill, we saw the extraordinary view of the sparkling clear sea. We got to the the IRB which stands for Inflatable Rescue Boat, which is a boat that they take out to the rescue people.

Ella Brown


Teacher's Message