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Awakeri School

Room 9

Who are we?

Room 9 are a group of yr 4 -yr 5 students at the age of 8 and 9 year olds. They learn very quickly. There are 29 students in room 9. Their teacher is Miss Dowzall. I am Leanna, their class website monitor.

Class News

12 December This week is the last week for all students and teachers. Every student is looking foward to the water fight on Friday. Mr Fitz is bringing the fire truck this year. PLEASE make sure your child brings a hat to school. On Friday all the students went to watch the junior school do their production. It was called Some you win Some you dont. Each class is slowly packing everything up so the walls are becoming bare. All the senior syndicate are looking forward to fancy dress and social. Will hope to see you all at fancy dress for prizegiving. Room 9 have been doing plays instead of reading activities. Last week or the week before there was the middle school speech finals. Room 9 does buddy reading with Room 2 and they made Christmas decorations.

1 December There is exactly 1 week left of school. This week we all started swimming so please make sure your children bring their togs to school. Every student is writing a self assessment of them selves from the year. Miss Dowzall has finished reading a book called Fugi and the Worlds. So they now have to start a safari background using only trees and sunset. Room 9 are making and creating 3d stars. They are building them to take home as this is the last weeks of school and reports will be coming out soon. They have been practising their dance for fancy dress with Rooms 8,10,11,12. Room 9 students have been put into groups and they are learning about space and all the different planets. They have to make a poster of the planet that is the same as their group name. They have also learnt the order of the planets from the sun to the last planet.

13 November Last week Room 9 missed out on going to the marae as the weather was bad when they were supposed to go. Tomorrow there are 47 students going to athletics in Whakatane and 3 athletes are in Room 9. Today was there first day of speeches and the first four were about different topics. One was about gymnastics another was about their dad. The last two were about a goat and a pink fluffy armadillo. Last couple of weeks Room 9 have been planting little gardens and the tallest one is 15cm tall. The shortest is only 1 cm tall. Miss Dowzall has done a secret draw for the students to pick out someone's name. They have been sketching some toucans and some elephants there are some pictures down the bottom. This morning Room 9 did some maths writing and spelling tests. They have been learning about space and planets. They also learnt that the sun is first and then it's Mercury. Miss Dowzall has read the wild robot and then the students had to design a new leg for the robot as it got eaten off from hyenas. Room 9 has written stories about what they want to be when they're older. Alexis wants to be a vet and Natasha wants to be a teacher. If you scroll down to Students' Work you will see some stories of their moment in time. And there will be some pictures as well.

26 October This week is the second week back at school after the holidays. Since the beginning of last week every class has been practising for athletics next week. Last week was ag day and students from every class brought a pet to school. Callum Cameron bought a chicken and one of the seniors brought a piglet. They also had creations day last Thursday for everyone to create some interesting looking creations. On Tuesday Awakeri school held the Rangitaiki group day so all the other kids from other schools came to show off their animals. Room 9 have started to make little picture books to read. They have also been writing interesting stories about their holidays using the senses. They have been planting and looking after little gardens from New World. Room 9 have been learning about Elephants and how to sketch them. They have also been doing pattern art. Scroll down to students work and you will see some stories.

28 September This week is the last week of term 3 as the holidays are coming up really quickly and they are 2 weeks long please don't send your children to school until the 16 October as that is when they can come back to learn new things. Today Room 9 were supposed to go to Matata and plant sand dunes because they know that with sand dunes around the water wont go up over the dunes and flood the towns. But sadly there trip was cancelled and they are going next term.Tylah and Zoe are in the jump jam team and they are going to compete in the nationals in Auckland this holidays.Kia Kaha Room 9 have been talking about what bullying can do and how bad it is to bully others online. Room 9 have been making dream catchers and are looking forward to see them when they are done. Most of them are going to really colourful.Today instead of going to the beach Room 9 watched Paddington bear the movie and they read the book they also described what he looked like. With Room 4, Room 9 have been doing buddy reading and buddy singing This week Room 9 started to train for athletics and get ready to do athletics next term so every day this week they were outside practising high jump, shot put and discus. Earlier this week Room 14 gave out questionnaire sheets and is collecting the data so Room 9 was lucky enough to get some sheets for their class to full out one sheet each..

15 September This week is the last week of production rehearsal as production is on next Tuesday night and Wednesday the school are watching and on Thursday is the last night show and tickets are selling fast. Room 9 have seven people in the production and some in Kapa Haka. Miss Dowzall is currently reading her class the Paddington Bear book. For homework Room 9 had to make some catapults and are testing them today at school. They look rather interesting as some are made from old scooter wheels and others are from wood and metal. For calendar art they had to write out a phrase and draw a picture that goes well with the phrase e.g. think out side the box with a picture of a box. They have been writing plays of their own and are going to be performed when they are done. Room 9 have been busy making dream catchers with wool. With Miss Dowzall and other relief teachers have been playing tee ball with the students. Room 9 have been going to Room 4 to do maths probability questions e.g. are you going to the pools tonight? probably,definitely or definitely not. Room 9 have been making and creating simile books with similes.

9 August Today was Awakeri school photos and every class had to have their class photos. Room 9's main focus at the moment is camp. Room 9 have been busy working on their skits for the talent show that they are going to have at Maungatoroto for camp. Room 9 have also been working really with Mrs. Sisam yesterday afternoon while Miss Dowzall was organising referees for interschool soccer on Friday. While we also have teams representing Awakeri at the interschool hockey as well. Yesterday with Mrs Sisam Room 9 listened to her read a book about dolphins and then write down all the facts that they could remember and one boy remembered 13 facts. For maths Room 9 worked out that it is approximately 267km from Awakeri School to Mongatoroto for camp which is about 2 hours. With Constable Maria Room 9 have made big rafts and fish and even oars. The oars have positive words on like awesome, amazing and cool. They have also been learning about cyber safety and what to do when getting bullied online. Room 9 have been learning about what skis are made of and how to use them ready for camp. Room 9 have also made giant peaches as a part of the James And The Giant Peach book that Miss Dowzall read to them. For maths Room 9 has been learning about fractions and what they are they also have been doing measurement ready for camp.

28 July This term Room 9 has been learning about Kia Kaha with Constable Maree from the Whakatane police force. Room 9 have also been colouring in pictures about kindness. Room 9 have also been looking forward to camp. For camp and maths they have been measuring their feet to see what size ski boot they will be at the snow. As well as getting ready for camp everyone one is really excited about heading to the snow for a couple of days with Miss Dowzall and all the parents that have got time off work to go with their child to camp.
A couple of days ago Room 9 made smoothies and were able to drink them but a couple of students decided not to drink it. Room 9 have finished making their clay characters about James And The Giant Peach and have started painting them and making them look really interesting. Last term Room 9 started making shape monsters and they have made them look really beautiful. Miss Dowzall gave each student a balloon and they had to cover it with newspaper and let the glue dry then they got to paint it. Room 9 and Miss Dowzall have watched the James And The Giant Peach movie. Some say that it was really interesting and others say that a movie is a movie. At the end of last term Room 9 made some bird feeders to feed birds with and to hang in a tree or in the garden. Miss Dowzall gave Room 9 a story starter about winter and how cold it is during the winter season.

24 July Today is the first day back at school for term three. Everyone is really excited to see their friends. Early this morning Room 9 have been writing about what they did in the holidays with their friends and or their family. They have also been writing about what their fears are eg.heights. Room 9 have also moved desks so they are in a different part the room than last term. Miss Dowzall has finished reading the James And The Giant Peach book. She has currently started a different book called The Mouses Fears. Each student was put into a group of five people to share a few things about their holiday and what they have done in the last two weeks. Room 9 have started doing some peach art from James And The Giant Peach book by Roal Dahl. Last term Room 9 finished their Matariki stars artwork. Room 9 have been making shape monsters and they have the same amount of shapes as the amount of family they have in their family. Room 9 started their clay characters last term and are starting to finish them off and they look pretty cool. In four weeks Room 9 are so lucky because they get to go to the snow for school camp. At the snow they will be skiing and learning new things. They are also going to have a snowman competition and they are going to be judged by the parents. For maths they have been split into four groups and are learning different things. One group is learning division and understanding that it is the opposite of multiplication. Roo om 9 have also been practising for hockey and soccer day. This afternoon Room 9 are finishing their clay art which is clay characters of the James And The Giant Peach. Room 9 have also got current jobs for their class room. For homework Room 9 have been working with recycling and old rubbish that can be turned into things. One week they made bird houses and they were really cool and creative. Room 9 are really excited that it is the beginning of term 3 and are looking forward to the rest of the term.

6 July This week is our last week of term 2. So next week is the holidays so please don't send your kids to school! Today when I walked into their class they were all building clay characters from James And The Giant Peach. Every class in the school has been learning a song that Mr. Hawkes made about Mrs. Prodger. Tomorrow is Mrs. Prodgers last day as most of you would have read in the newspaper. So a couple of students have been busy making cards for her. For maths Room 9 have been learning about clocks and the hour and minutes hands on the analog clocks. Today is the last day of parent teacher interviews. Some students have their interviews today while the rest of them had theirs yesterday. For writing Room 9 have been playing a game where they have to pick a character and the setting where the story takes place. Then they also had come up with a problem. Room 9 have been making Matariki pictures and learning about Matariki. This morning while we were waiting to start jump jam the school found out that our school team has made it to the nationals in Auckland. There are two representatives from Room 9 and they are Zoe and Tylah.Later tis year Room 9 are going on school camp to the snow and going skiing. It is a three hour drive from school to the snow where they are going to be skiing. For Te Reo Room 9 have been learning fruits and body parts in Te Reo. If you scroll down to the Bottom at students work you will see Ty's invention to do with basket ball shoes and how if you cant shoot the hoop you can get these shoes and be great at basket ball.

21 June This week Room 9 have been working on and practising their algorithms. Between Monday and today Room 9 have doing their P.A.T tests for maths and reading. Today Teejay brought his puppy to school to share with Room 9 and Miss Dowzall. His puppies name is Sasha she is a beautiful little puppy. For reading they have been doing tasks that Miss Dowzall has given them. Room 9 have also been learning about time and what it is. Now they know how to use it and what it does. Room 9 have been playing tee ball with Mrs. West and is continue to play with Miss Dowzall. They have also been skipping with Room 8. Last week Room 9 started to do some fruit art and it looks pretty amazing you might want to go and have a look for your self. The fruit art is a basic drawing of fruit and vegetables like carrot and oranges. For writing Room 9 have been inventing things and objects. For their rubbish creations Ella created a fish and Teejay made a giraffe. But sadly the giraffes head came of so they have to tape it back on. Last week at assembly Room 9 shared their Moa discoveries and sadly I wasn't there to here them. For writing they also wrote about a little boy on a boat sailing across the ocean. Last week Room 9 came 1st for a class effort in mathletics so they are the best in the world for now. Today they are currently coming 4th. All the students in Room 9 have been learning their pepeha and the Maori names their body. Like ringaringa means hands and arms.MIss Dowzall is currently in the process of writing reports for all her student in her class. As a class Room 9 have been reading James And The Giant Peach and they are really enjoying listening to it. Room 9 have been doing buddy reading with Room 2 so they can help to read and they can be the teacher for a bit. If you scroll down to students work you will see the story of Kalanis invention.


13 June This week Room 9 have been writing cards to TY as he is really sick right now. Their cards are cards about caring for him. Room 9 have also been gigving their books to Miss Dowzall so she can check to see if their books are upto date. Also they have been drawing pictures of healthy fruit and vegetables they are really cool to see they are very colourful. Room 9 have been writing their reports and self assessments about their learning and what they do. For exercise Room 9 have been doing some skipping with Miss Dowzall. This term Room 9 are doing some art called Junk art and with this art they have to use things from either the recyling bin or things they have found on the beach and sand dunes. This term they are also learning and discovering more about the native Moa bird. For maths Room 9 have been learning about area and perimeter and measuring the area and perimeter. Room 9 and Miss Dowzall have been reading the James and The Giant Peach book by Roald Dahl. Lastly for writing Room 9 have been writing about their weekends and what they have done and if they have won any sports games like soccer.

6 June At the end of last week Room 9 went on a field trip to New World Whakatane to learn about the different food there is. But they weren't allowed to buy food. They have also been learning about food with thought, which is the food pyramid and what food to eat the most and food to eat sometimes.Room 9 also did an adventure race that had tips and they had to run to where the clue led them to and take a selfie {which is a photo of them self with something] with that thing and run back to class. Room 9 also met Naomi and she was talking to them about healthy and non-healthy foods. For maths they have been learning about area and perimeter. So this morning they had to measure four books and write down the measurements. Room 9 have also been updated and been told that they are allowed to play on the space net every Thursday morning tea and lunch.The new space net landed near the big kids playground and is really big. Room 9 have done their writing samples for Miss Dowzall. They are about squirrels and eagles. They have also been doing a report on rainforest animals. They did one as a class and then they got to choose their own animal and study about it. When they were in Whakatane they got a booklet about Whakatane and when they got back Room 9 had to draw pictures about the booklet. They have been learning about peace and confident from when the bomb went off years ago and how one lady that was born when the bomb went off and lived to the age of 12 and then started to get really sick from the chemicals in the bomb. Miss Dowzall is currently reading her class James And The Giant Peach. Room 9 has to guess the next part and what is happening next in the story and some of them are really cool.

2 May This week is the first week back at school and everyone is excited about being with their friends. Room 9 have reading and drawing pictures about a book called super mums. Lately they have been practising cross country with Miss Dowzall. This week they have been painting poppies to remember all the soldiers that went and fought for our country. Room 9 have also been writing stories about Anzac day and War. While they have been writing about war they have also been reading lots about the war. On the last week of school last term each class had been asked to make a poster to make the hall bright and colourful for the victims of the Edgecumbe flood. So they made quite a few nice colourful posters those posters have now been pinned up on the wall at the Awakeri Events Centre Hall. For art and drawing they have been drawing Anzac pictures of people and things that were in the war. This term Room 9 is learning about cooking and having a trip to Whakatane New World to talk about what foods are healthy and what aren't. Later this term Room 9 will be going to see the people in the Life Education van outside Room 15. Room 9 has also been playing cricket with Mr. Kirby the cricket guy. Later this year Room 9 are going to the snow for there school camp.

9 April Scroll down to Students' Work to read some flood experiences that we wrote about last week. Our teacher was even flooded in , so Mrs Petersen was teaching us.

3 April This week and last week Room 9 has been creating and sending post cards to people over seas like Australia and China and other places in the world. Room 9 has been doing reading and art to do with the Wizard Of Oz room 9 has also been drawing about the Wizard Of Oz after Miss Dowzall read the book. Room 9 has also watched the movie so they could see the setting to draw for their art. Lately Room 9 have been doing marae drawings and working on writing their mihis for everyone. They have also been drawing graphs for the Wizard Of Oz book and movie.When Room 9 went to Thornton beach, they were catching crabs and putting them back. Room 9 have been playing cricket and learning the rules with Miss Dowzall. For math they have been working on their must do's and can do's. Room 9 have also been making balloons for their Wizard Of Oz work.

17 March This week room 9 is hosting assembly. Room 9 have been doing some art and writing on books to do with the Three Little Pigs during their learning. Room 9 have also been practising their times tables using scarecrow times tables work sheets. Earlier this week room 9 went their school trip to Thornton beach. At the beach they were finding fish and building sandcastles for a competition that Miss Dowzall was judging. While they were at the beach they were playing touch on the beach with Miss Dowzall while the time was going on. They left to go to the on Tuesday morning after the bell went. In room 9 they have three representatives that are going to Eastern Bay swimming. The last couple of days room 9 has been practising touch with Miss Dowzall. For art room 9 is doing pictures of fireworks that are going off. They are huge and really cool.

March 3 Room 9 has been watching videos on water safety around the water. As well as videos they have also been
making posters on water safety. For art they have been colouring in Lego people. The 3 lego people are going to go on the wall. In the last couple of days Room 9 have been going into the computer suite to do their PAT tests. For reading they have been working on activities on their favourite book characters. In prime maths they have been starting on what level they are going to do their maths on. So currently the highest maths group is working on 2A-3B. On Monday we had school swimming sports and all students participated in swimming sports. During class time they have been doing number of the day. Room 9 either does one or two numbers a day. In the last few days they have been playing touch with Miss Dowzall.

February 17 Room 9 has been working on their self portraits. They have just started some fun doing science tests to do with water and paper clips. Room 9 have been learning their new mihi's. Room 9 has also been writing about pictures that Miss Dowzall has put up on the big projector. This year for camp Room 9 is going to the snow. Room 9 students say that their teacher is awesome because she is sporty and active.


Students' Work

Good drawings guys.  
Great drawing.  


A Moment In Time
I heard the wheels scooting across the bumpy ground. I heard Holly calling me and saying we're going to be late. I saw birds gliding behind us. I saw scooters going into the boot. I felt a bee stinging my foot twice Ouch. I felt my foot aching in pain when i walked on it. I whoned when it is going to get better. I wondered if I could still go to Holly's for the night.

A Moment In Time
I heard th loud sound of hockey sticks banging together. I heard hockey balls getting hit across the field. Isaw goals being scored on field. I saw fantastic hockey players fighting for the ball.I felt hockey balls hittting my hockey stick. I felt hockey balls hitting my feet. I wondered if we would win. I wondered if I would fall asleep in the car.

A Moment In Time
I heard the lovely chicken being cooked.I heard the dog barking as I came in. I saw Bella Ella's dog that I've been waiting to see. I saw Ella's lovely messy bedroom that I have been waiting for. I felt the bed That was comfortable but not as comfy as my bed.I felt Bella licking me like I was an ice-cream. I wondered if I could eat five pancakes. I wondered if I could do a walkover.

A Moment Of Time
I heard the mini putt ball drop into the hole. I heard the golf club whack the ball with a thud. I saw my ball miss by a millimetre. I saw my sisters ball drop into the hole with a thud. I wondered I would get a hole in one. I wondered if we would get an icecream after. I felt the icecream drip on my hand. I felt the hot salty chips drop in my mouth.

A Moment In Time
I heard the springs on my trampoline go up and down. I heard kids yelling to their mum because they were hurt. I saw people running around outside like a lion chasing after its prey. I saw delicious food being dished out on the plates. I felt the warm sun beaming down on me like a big pool of fire in the sky. I felt the long cold grass swishing on my bare legs. I wondered if I would slip down the giant hill. I wondered if we would watch a long fantastic show.

A Moment In Time
I heard footsteps hurrying across the tiled floor. I heard that were working calling out the orders. I saw the signs leading to the toilets. I saw the yummy sushi right infront of me. I felt the bits of flake from my flake shake. I wondered if my Aunty would be the only one on the plane. I wondered if we had missed the flight.

A Moment In Time
I heard people screaming with excitement. I heard doors creaking. I see crafts all around me. I see heaps of people in lines. I felt glue stuck to my hand. I felt food on my tongue. I wondered if i could make a paper mache hunchback. I wondered if I could make a dinosaur.

I would invent spring basket ball shoes. Also you can get what ever shoes you want. These shoes can be for everyone. I am also going to have rocket boosters and magnetic springs. They will be bullet proof shoes and lazer laces. These shoes can help adults to jump really high. To make these shoes you need a drill and screws and then drill them on. These shoes can help the NBA stars slam dunk all sorts of ways. The NBA people can jump over the other people in the game. These shoes are for anyone and everyone in the world. I also have a button to release my magnetic springs. I would like to keep the price of the shoes down so everyone can buy them.

I would invent a pen with a beeper on it so I am able to press a button that will make it beep. This will help adults and parents find their pens that they have lost. The pen will look like a normal pen except it has a speaker to make a sound when it is lost. It will come with a small key ring with a button on it to detect the pen. There will be a deluxe model that also has a light for people who lose their pens in the dark.

I was kind of scared at lunch time yesterday because the buses weren't running and crowds of children were going round the school saying, "School is Closed". I saw my Dad's truck so it meant that he was here to pick us up.
My paddocks were flooded and we got to swim in them and my brother went down the stream in a kayak. We lost our bridge because it washed away, but we found it.
I heard thunder and I heard the stream running very fast. After school my Dad had to go to his friend's house to pump some water out of his garage. To do that he had to drill a hole in the ground.

I had a really bad feeling about today. By the way, after school yesterday there were only six people in the class, including the teacher. I was the only boy. But my Dad suddenly arrived to fetch me. I felt relieved when my Dad came because I had started to feel scared.
It started to rain so hard, it sounded like rocks on the roof. I could see mini rain drops. I could hear the booming noise that the rain made. I did not like it at all.
The rest of the day was okay. On the way home, I saw flocks of seagulls in some flooded fields, playing around.

I saw the Edgecumbe Fire Brigade. The water was at high tide and the whole of Edgecumbe was flooded. I also saw a helicopter flying in the air. It was going backwards and forwards to keep flying over Edgecumbe.
My cousin, Uncle, Auntie and my other cousins had to come to my house for eight weeks because their house is flooded.
I saw some of the paddocks and they were flooded with water. I also saw people evacuate from their houses. People were crying, panicking and scared. Boats from all of Edgecumbe, Whakatane, Awakeri and Te Teko had to come to help people survive.
My Auntie and Uncle's house was wrecked. Now all the Edgecumbe children don't need to go to school because the school is wrecked and under water.

Teacher's Message