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Awakeri School

Room 9

Who are we?

We are the fantasic Room 9. We have a great teacher Miss Dowzall. We have great friends too. Kenna and Isabel are the Website monitors this year.

Class News

18 September: For Ag-Day we have been doing paper mache. We are doing paper mache piggy banks. They look cool! For maths we have been finding outcomes using tree diagrams. We have been doing quick warm-ups. They are 10 questions. They help us get ready for maths. We have been doing calendar art. They look awesome! We have been busy doing production. Most of the class is either outlaws, citizens, or heavies. The songs are cool and production is a week away.

9th August: We are going to Mt. Ruapehu for our camp. We will be going to the snow. We will be having a snowball fight, along with a snowman making competition. We are going to go prawn fishing, and we will be having a talent show too. We have been reading a book called, 'Mrs Frizzbee And The Rats Of Nimb'. We also did a worksheet to do with it too. For our reading rotations we do reading cards, work with the teacher, and buddy reading. We have been busy writing stories about a dragon. Miss Dowzall put up a picture of a dragon, and we had to write a story about it. In maths we have been learning about money and the time. We do prime maths and mathletics too. We do maths rotations. They are, working with the teacher, number of the day, along with problem of the day too. For our art we have been making Kaimanawa Horse Posters. We are putting pictures and lots of facts onto them too. We are also colouring in winged unicorn pictures. After camp we will be going on a field trip. We will be going to Matata. We will be doing dune planting. Our topic is about camp. But we are also learning about energy. We have the Energy Man every Thursday, for 4 weeks. Next week will be our last week with him. We are learning how to make electric circuits. We have made little racing cars. We also learned about flywheels. It is fun!

Skeleton Man  


30 July: In class we have been learning about the Kaimanawa horses. For reading we have been busy doing reading cards and reading books about horses. Our teacher is doing a reading challenge with us, this is where you have to read a amount of books over a few weeks. In writing we have been writing about our weekends and what we did. Last week we were learning about stem and leaf graphs, but this week we are learning about dot plot graphs. In P.E. we have been having fun doing circuits and playing soccer.

27 July: We have had a great start to term 3. We have been busy learning about the Tangiwai disaster (train crash). We have our class camp coming up, so for home learning we are doing chores to help our parents out. Last term we took a visit to the Buried Village in Rotorua. While we were there we had fun at a 3D maze. In writing we have been writing stories about our holidays. In math we have been learning stem and leaf graphs. We have had a great first week of this term.

18th June:For our writing we are busy doing our self assessments. In our reading we have been reading about monsters and drawing them too. We have been doing our math rotations, mathletics and math games also. For our topic we have been learning about volcanoes. In our homework we have been studying earthquakes. We had to choose from the Christchurch earthquake, the Napier earthquake, along with the Edgecumbe earthquake too. We had to chose one of them. we could either put our research into a speech, power point or even a poster. In our art we have been busy doing spanich flamingo dancers. For our P.E we do hockey practice/skills. Along with playing master tag and over the wall sometimes too. We have been reading a book called 'Letters From An Alien School Boy.' It is good book.

6 June: In maths we have been doing Prime Maths rotations, maths games, mathletics. Along with the Number and Problem of the day. We have been busy doing self assessments and persuasive writing. You can see Alyvia's persuasive below in Students' Work. We've been doing hockey practice for our P.E. We have also been doing our handwriting too. For our topic we have been doing the world records. We have been creating 3D Hands and 3D Aliens for our 3D art. Soon we will be going on a trip. We will be going to Rotorua. We will be going to the 3D maze. Along with going to see The Buried Village. It is going to be fun!

14 May: For Mothers Day we made cookies and put sprinkles, M&Ms and icing on them. We also made cards to go with the cookies. For reading we have been buddy reading with room 1 and 2. In maths we have been doing bar graphs and frequency table. We have been practising for cross country. We have also been doing ball skills too. In writing we have been practising complex sentences. In topic we have been doing studies about the Rena and Peter The Great. The Sky Tower Challenge is coming up, and we are designing a helmet for it. We have also been drawing fire trucks too. We have a new teacher in our class for 7 weeks. Her name is Mrs King. She is awesome! She reads cool books to us, and we love listening to them.

3 May: In writing we have been doing leaf poems.We wrote about the leaves. You can see 2 of our poems in the Students' Work below. Just like in writing, we did art about leaves too. So far we have traced the outline of a leaf we have chosen. Next we will colour them in. In reading we have been practising our handwriting. We read school journals with the teacher. We also buddy up with classmates and read to each other. For maths we play maths games like snakes and ladders. We practise our mathletics. We also have been doing our number of the day too. For our P.E we have been doing laps to practise for cross-country. In our topic we have been researching world records. We have also been learning about volcanoes. Later on in the year we will be going on camp. We are very excited. We will be going to Mt Ruapehu. We are going to the snow. We are doing rock climbing and doing snow fights. It is going to be awesome!

21 March: In maths we have been busy doing our times table and division. In writing we have been doing some wonderful metaphors you can see Callum's and Chloee's below in Students' Work. We are also sending a letter to a South Island class room. We have just finished reading Ratburger in class. We have been doing hand writing, and also doing our reading cards. In topic we have been learning about dolphins. We are also learning about fire safety. For our P.E we have been doing touch practise. It is fun! For art we have been also doing dolphins, we are colouring our dolphins in.

26 Feb: Swimming sports was great! The biggest splash was one of the best parts of the day. It was really fun, but we also felt nervous too. We had a fun day. In reading we have been practicing our hand writing. We have also been doing our reading cards. For maths each day we have been doing our problem of the day. It is fun. In topic we have been researching our birth dates. We are researching how popular our birth dates actually are. For writing we have have been doing fantastic Mr Fox descriptions. We also have been doing friend wanted writing descriptions too. For P.E we have been doing T-ball practice. It is fun! For our art we have been drawing pictures of the Winter Olympics. We have been drawing the mascot, and the sports people in action. We have been drawing some awesome pictures!

13 Feb: We have had a good start to the week. We really like our new teacher. She is great! We also really like our new classroom too. In writing we did a news paper article about how the 3 little pigs killed Mr Wolf, (The Big Bad Wolf). We watched a short video, and then wrote the news paper article. You can read a piece of writing done by Esther Ferguson below in students' work. In maths be have been doing graphs and playing a game called greedy pig. For our art we are making paper crafted cloaks. We have glued our school photos of ourself at the top. Inside we are going to write our mihis. We have decorated the outside with designs. We have been reading Fantastic Mr Fox as our class book. But we have just finished it. Our new book is the 13 Storey-Treehouse. We are learning about friendship in topic.

8 Feb We have had a fantastic start to the year in Rm 9. We have been doing a lot of art to start of the year like, hot air balloons, self portraits and pepeha art. In math we have been doing graphs and we have just started doing prime math.


Students' Work

Room 9 Persuasive Writing

Slippers! Buy a pair get one free. Saves you from smashing into the door and tripping up in the night. They have blue lights on the toes and they have a massager inside of it. If you get them on Monday they would be $9.10. And if you get them another day they would be $99.99. Call now on 996 3414.

By Alyvia

Room 9 Leaf Poems

Crackle, shattering, crunch

The leaves crackle like shattered glass

Hazle, amber, violet

The leaves are like shells getting crunched on the shore

Sharp, dirty, itchy

The leaves are sharp like knives


By Emma Newport

Crunch, crackle, swosh

The leaves crunch like a chip

Golden, ruby, amber

The leaves are like a leprocorns hat

Sharp, pointy unique


By Jayden Grindrod

Room 9 is a book giving us all the information we need. Room 9 is a bunch of monkeys jumping around. By Chloee Munn.

Room 9 is a school of fish swimming to school. Room 9 is a rainbow bird flying in the sun. By Callum Hathaway.

Esther Ferguson

Last night at 6:00 pm the police found a big pot 6 metres away from the little pigs house. There was rope all around it and it was upside down. The police flipped it over and the remains of Mr Wolf lay in it. What happened and why. The pigs claim that Mr Wolf blew down their house. Mr Wolf''s doctor said he had a bad cold and so he couldn't even talk. It turns out the pigs destroyed their house and blamed Mr Wolf. They then killed him so he couldn't tell.


Teacher's Message

Dear Parents and Caregivers and anyone else who stumbles upon our page,

Room 9 is made up of 28 wonderful, determined children who all have different interests and hobbies. We are really excited about our camp in Term 3 and you will hear lots about this as we get closer to the date. I'm sure we are in for an excited year and please check back regularly to see what we have been up to.

Kate Dowzall