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Awakeri School

Room 2

Who are we?

We are a new class of pupils who have only been at Awakeri for a few months. We came from Room One. Our teacher is Mrs Munn.

Class news

13th of September 2018
This week we have been doing subtracting in maths, and we did a bit of addition. Then we learnt loads about ladybirds, and we might share our facts at assembly, so everyone can learn loads. And when we did te reo we were learning how to count to ten, and mostly all of us know how to. Then the teacher read to us. Here you will see our class doing some P.E.

Ben scores a goal Ben tries to shoot a goal
Levi is on the space net  


This week we have been doing some maths: we used division and subtracting, we all are getting really good at it. Then we got to create and draw our own art art work of a car. Once we did that we did some writing about our weekends, some of us have been extremely busy. Then we did some spelling and then Mrs Munn read us a story and we read our own books. After all of that we did some handwriting, so our writing is neat. Then the last thing is we have been on the turf playing some games like tag, and we did some awesome exercises.

31 of May 2018
OH!!! NO!!! 6 PEOPLE HAVE BEEN AWAY WITH CHICKEN POX! But putting that aside we have had a very fun week, we got to have some free time in the sandpit. And we made castles and mountains, one group even made Mt Everest! Then once we did that we wrote all about it. All of us had some awesome things to say. And we wrote more but we wrote about the St John visit, when the St John people talked to us they told us all about emergencies, like what a face mask is, and to not get freaked out when you have got one on or a family member has one on. Also for maths we did a lot of addition and most of us learnt loads of new stuff. Then we did some spelling and handwriting which was very neat. Also some exciting news is that the girls did jump jam TODAY and they were excellent. And the last thing is that we went to room 1 and did some buddy reading which was really good, and we all read some interesting books.

16th of May 2018
''Our first week was absolutely awesome! Mrs Munn is the best teacher in the whole entire world''! said Jackson and Kaylee. Jackson and Kaylee are very good students who are always on the best behaviour. Also this week we coloured in rockets which were nearly up to everyone's hips. Then we did some writing about a book called ''Greedy Cat''. Everyone in the class did some exceptional writing. We have got very neat writing because we have been doing handwriting a lot! When we're not doing handwriting we like to buddy read with Room 1. Room 1 and us get on very well. What we have been doing is doing some work sheets about colours. One of the tasks we do is working out the colours of the rainbow, it is tricky but our class is very brainy.

Students' Work

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