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Awakeri School

Room 2

Who are we?

We are a clever and sensible class of 17. We learn quickly and listen to our lovely teacher Mrs Munn. We are the best class in the school and we play nicely and love playing sport. Our Website monitors are Ayla Rowe and Teigan Nolan.

Class news

September 25 2017
We have just managed to spend more time on our awesome pet rocks, most of the class has done ladybugs. but we have done bees, snakes and owls. We also have been writing about our weekends. Some of us had a amazing weekends or some of us haven't because we got stung by a bee and wasps. We then have been practising sprints, high jump, skipping, long jump and a couple more things. We have been practising all this because of athletics, which is coming up next term, we all think that it is going to be great! Then to top it off we went to go and see the middle and senior's production. We also saw our website monitors. Production was awesome. We loved all the singing and dancing. We also loved the entertainment and found it extremely funny, especially tape face. Our star pupils this week were for writing -Storm and mathlete of the week-Malikai and for handwriting it was- Brooklyn! Well done to those people!!! We also have been acting the 3 little pigs. We all thought that it could be shown too, just like production. Then Mrs. Munn drew a picture on the board and we had to draw it just like it.

September 21st 2017
Today we made these awesome shields. We made them so we could put our hands on the back of it so we could hold it without it falling out of our hands. To make them we had to cut them at least 7 inches bigger than our hands and then we would paint it. We could paint it in any colours but most of us did it brown and girls did it pink or purple. We also had to do a lot of handwriting so we could be as neat as Mrs. Munn, so we had to do it over 15 minutes. Also we are doing our shields because of fairy tales we read this book where there is a knight and he uses his shield to block him from an evil monster so then we all asked Mrs. Munn if we could and she was so kind and she said yes! Also Mrs. Munn read us parts of awesome books then she told us that we had to write the rest of the book, it was really fun and she read us a variety of books. We have been practising sports for athletics we did vortex, discus, sprints. etc. For some free time we get to play with these horses, just so you know these horses are fake they are made of wool but they are awesome to play with. Mrs. Munn has also made a game up so if we are really good and I mean really good we get given a stamp and then if we get 25 stamps we get either lollies or little toys. Just a couple of days ago we got a bunch of kids in our awesome class room 2 that got some lollies and toys.

28 July
Welcome back from the holidays! We all had an awesome holiday filled with lots of adventures but we have to admit, we did miss school and our friends a bit! We have had an awesome start to the term with our new class members that arrived last Friday of term 2! Harry Davidson, Storm Le Prou, Malakai Ogle, Braxton Semmens, Cohen Smith and last but not least Paityn Tetze. We love playing with our new friends. For maths we are learning doubles. We have had heaps of fun with Mrs. Munn as our teacher. She is so kind! For fitness we run in a big circle and finished really quickly cause we are really speedy! For Art we mixed colours to see what colours it will make. This week our Captains are Peyton and Arlyn. They have done such a great job! We have written about Goldilocks for writing and have still yet to finish our creative stories.

Wednesday 5th July
No touchy! Yes touchy! This week we have had Constable Maree who has been talking to us about where people are allowed to touch us and where people are not allowed to touch us. We have learnt lots of things. Constable Maree is very smart and nice.
We have been extremely lucky and we have got to play rob the nest because she said we were really good. To play you have to have 3 balls in a hula hoop and people then try to steal them. Also at the end of the day we get to go on the space net. We play tag or sometimes even master tag. The mathlete of the week this week is Addison who has had this over 3 times in a row so well done to you. We have been doing some research and art about the seasons but mostly about autumn and winter. We have done some leaves that we cut out, and then coloured them in with crayons. The teacher has read us a story. It was scary but room 2 was very brave. Once the teacher read that, we made new versions of that story. They were all extremely good, the teacher even said we should be authors. This week we have had Mrs. Moore who has been helping with our left and rights. We are really close to nailing it. Whaea Andrea has been teaching us about the body. We have learnt the head and we nearly can pronounce some other body parts too.

June 21
Guess what? This week we have been studying butterflies. We have learnt all about the names of them and what colours they are. Because we have been learning about them, we drew pictures of them and wrote a couple of facts. We then stuck the facts down the bottom of the butterfly then we cut it out very neatly. They are as beautiful as a butterfly normally is! We know that a butterfly lays eggs that turn into a teeny tiny caterpillar. Next the caterpillar eats and grows into a big fat caterpillar. Then it will make an chrysalis around itself for a while. Finally, it turns into a beautiful butterfly that can flutter around the place! For writing our topic was about the space net. We all agreed that the space net was cooler than the wooden tower that use to be there. Once we wrote the story and edited it with our teacher we were allowed to play a couple of games on it. It was awesome! This week when we were doing maths we got to do loads of activities with addition and subtraction. We also used our prime maths book and did a little bit of division. Later this week we went to room nine's where we did buddy reading with them. For maths we also have been doing number sentences with missing numbers up to 100! We did so well that most of us got 100%! This weeks mathlete of the week was Bailey who got 3017 points. That has been the highest anyone has got this year in our class! Congratulations Bailey we are all proud of you!

June 13th
This past couple of days has been the best, our new teacher is so kind. We all love her. We have been doing some sketching in our class. We sketched the inside of a feijoa by shading the inside lightly and the outside darkly. Congratulations to the four time champion, Addison for winning the mathlete of the week with 1661 points! We are learning about spring. We have made gorgeous flowers to show that they grow in Spring. We are soon to learn about Summer. Unfortunately it's the time for tests and we have been doing spelling tests but we are all doing so well and we know we need to keep up the good work! Constable Marie has been coming to our class and teaching us about our body. It is so much fun!

May 17th
Congratulations to Georgia who is our Hand-Writer Of The Week and Arlyn who is our writer of the week. We made letter boxes out of cardboard and paint. We have also been working on smallest to biggest for our maths. First we colored them in then we cut them out and stuck them in our books in order from smallest to largest. We have been practising for cross country and can't wait to show it on the field next Wednesday! Speaking about fitness, we are enjoying the daily jump jam we have in the morning too.

9th May
We have been painting and drawing pictures to go to the flood victims. We hope that they will help ease the grief that they have gone through. Miss Hardy taught us that she is a captain of a ship and we have to obey her orders so we don't get thrown over board! None of us have been thrown over board though. We have lost some members and have gained one member from our class. His name is Ashton and he is from Australia. He is a delight to have around! We have been doing cross country training and we are excited for the day. We run around the whole field to keep our fitness up. We have been making chalk. First we put oil and if we wanted glitter in a bowl with some powder. Then we put paint and water and stirred it. Now it is a waiting game to see when they are ready. We have done some writing about our weekend. Check some stories out below.

3rd April
Today we wrote about the weekend and what we did, check out some of our awesome recounts down below! For maths we have been working in our prime maths book. We are focusing on subtraction at the moment. Yay! We finally spelt the word going. G-O-I-N-G. We are still trying to spell WAS. Excellent work Charlie! She has managed to stay the mathlete of the week with 1070 points. Our teacher set the task, where we have to read to the teacher most of us have managed but their is only a couple more to do this task. We have been learning about what we can find in the sand, rocks and ocean. We managed to find that dolphins whales and octopus. We have been keeping up with our jump jam it is so F-U-N. In our little assembly Brya gets to do her pepeha,this is her first time ever to do it. So good luck Brya!!!

March 23rd

We buddied up with room 3 and made Greedy Cat masks. We cut them out and painted them like greedy cat. We also made an octopus which has 8 wriggly arms! We made leaves to go on the tree we made by cutting out. That was fun! We read a book called Dad's Takeaways and learnt that we have to take care of the ocean. Congratulations to Charlie who is our mathlete of the week with 1320 points! Well done Charlie.

March 16th

We have made beautiful crabs to go on our beach on the wall. We also have all finished our fish and are making our paua shells! For handwriting we have been practising our letters and numbers. We are getting good at them. we have also written some great stories! Scroll down to check them out!


March 3rd

We have been learning about the sea land. And we have been decorating rainbow fish and seaweed, they look gorgeous. We have been reading a book about rainbow fish. So we decided to make rainbow fish. We had to cut them out and then paint them all sorts of colours. We wrote some stories if you want to see them scroll down and check them out.

February 17

For Valentines Day we have been weaving hearts. They look fantastic! For maths Miss Hardy is teaching us how to use tally marks. We are already getting the hang of it! We have started swimming and it's COLD but that doesn't stop us. We hang onto the side of the pool and shuffle around like little monkeys. Speaking about cold water we are learning about the rock pool creatures. Our favorite animal is the sea anenome. For writing we write about what we do in the weekend. They are great stories to read! During fitness we do a circuit which includes doing star jumps, gutter board and we practise bouncing tennis balls.

Students' Work

I went to the hospital they cut my hand.
By Aani

I went to the fishing cluband i saw Mrs Munn.

When i got my house i played on my dragon game. I went on my couch.

I went to the hot pools. We went on the playground.
By Addison

I saw the shadow and it was going in the house.
By Dylan

I went to the hot pools. Then i went to see the motorbikes. It was a wet and cold night.
By Max

Dad went to town and i got a book.
By Charlie

I went to a show,with my nana and popa. It was fun i sat on a chair, with my nana and popa.
By Brya

I had tea and after I went to a very fun play ground but I fell off the slide. But i got an ice-cream.
By Bonnie

I went to my dads and I went to the bakery.
By Daisy

Crabs have two big pincher claws. If you stand on one it might nip your toes!
By Innes

I can hear the rain dribbling on the roof. The wind is blowing the branches. I can see puddles!
By Jack

Jellyfish live in the ocean. They have venomous tentacles. They can sting you.
By Georgia

Fish live in the water. Fish use gills to breath. They have a back bone, fin and scales.
By Jack

The shell is like an egg. I think the shell is colourful.

Teacher's Message