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Awakeri School News

17 December 2003 Today is the last day of school for this year. The morning was normal, but after play lunch........... We had our traditional water fight. It went well, as usual. Kids wet the teachers and the teachers wet the kids. Note that, nothing went out of hand. This is the final day for the year 8's. Next year they will be trotting off to high school. And we have a sad farewell to Mrs Foote and her family and the Sheathers. This year has gone fast and has been great!!! Be prepared for another excellent web team next year!!!

16 December Today is the last full day for the juniors and the last full day for Mrs Foote and the Sheathers. Last's nights fancy dress was a blast!!! Congratulations to Melanie Roberts, Jasmine Akurangi and Paula Roberts who received the principals award. And a big thanks to all of the bus monitors who have worked very hard this year, quote, "to get the kids home in one piece", as our principal, Mr Fitzgerald, stated last night. This has been another fantastic year and we will give you updates tomorrow on the end of year, traditional, water fight.

15 December Tonight is fancy dress!!! This morning we have a fancy dress run through. All of the classes will be doing all of their performances to the school. All parents, grand parents, friends and family are invited to this event. Tomorrow night is the Yr 7 and 8 social. And on Wednesday it is the last day of school, and we will end the year with our traditional water fight.

14 December Reports and school magazines went home on Thursday. Well done to the magazine committee and all classes. The magazine looks excellent as usual. Click here to see the Magazine Sponsors. Only three days to go for Mr and Mrs Sheather and Mrs Foote, who are leaving us. We are sorry to see them go. Also our Yr 8s leave for their high schools. Hopefully they can do as well as last year's leavers, who got lots of prizes from their various high schools this year. At Trident High School, 14 of our ex-pupils got awards in the Year 9s alone! At our local high schools, 46 of our ex-pupils got on the prize lists. There will be others at boarding schools, etc.

8 December This week will be the last full week of the year. Next week we have 3 days. Coming up in a week we have the annual, Fancy dress. The school kids, family and friends enjoy coming to this yearly event. The classes are practicing their folk dancing for the night. There are a range of dances such as The gay grodon, pata-cake polka,. The year 7 and 8's have the social on the Tuesday night. And on the Wednesday we have the traditional water fight. Then it is a long, hot holiday for everyone.

4 December This morning the entire school had a run through the fancy dress program. It is going really well so far. After morning tea Philippa, Ben, Mathew, Paul and Finn from our school went to the complex to give us a karate demonstration. Phili is the youngest person in New Zealand to pass her black belt under the top karate master in the World!! Mrs Stanton did a good job telling us what was going on. The best bit was when Mr Sheather was flipped onto the ground by Matthew! Click here to see some photos.

2 December Last Thursday and Friday Year 7& 8 had intensive. Click here for some cool photos. On Thursday the years 7's stayed at school but went to the complex. To start the morning off the year 7's played a few games of mass soccer, then we went back inside to do play another game which we had two sheets of plastic cardboard and 1 stanley knife we had to make a the tallest tower we could. There was a difference of 5cm between the tallest tower and the second tallest tower. All the junior teachers came in and talked to us how to act around the little kids. WE played another game which you had to make noises and find our group the we got given another card which we had to make our sound. For our lunch we got chicken and chips- YUMMY!!! Then in the afternoon we went to room ten and made a flag, chant and also a sign. The year 8's went to Tauraunga to Tenpin Bolling. On Friday the year 8's went to a activity that they wanted to go to, the choices were Rock Climbing at Trident High school (Click here for some great photos) or Golf at Te Teko golf course or Art with Mrs Sheather at our school. The year 7's went to the Barrs farm and played 3 activities, Shark, Spilly Billy and obstacle, as the year 7's were finishing it started to rain so we were all soaking wet Oh well! After that all the year 7's and 8's went to the hot pools and had a sausage and bread for lunch. Click here for pics from the pool.

26 November Senior school looks foward to the intensive tomorrow!!! The yr 7's will be doing leadership skills and team building activities. The Yr 8's will be going to Tauranga and doing indoor sports and ten pin bowling. On the Friday the yr 7's will continue doing team building activities and the yr 8's have the option of doing art intensive, rock climbing wall/ pa-siteand golf. It will be a great two days!!! Also, Mrs Foote has brought her puppies to school. They are cute...........Until they go number 1 on you. Just ask Pera or Hannah!!!

21 November Rooms 3 and 9 had a great camp in the school grounds. They all slept in tents. They went eeling, and didn't catch any fish, but they found a rabbit!

20 November Last night at the Awakeri hot springs, the awesome Kapa Haka group had their break up. From 3:30 till 5:00 the group and the parents had a swim. At about 5 o'clock there was Kai (food time) and then prize giving. This years kapa haka went very well. It was one of the smallest groups ever, and they pulled it off!!! The leaders Ihipera, Rorey and Liam were acknowledged for their excellent work. Well done!!!

18 November Today we had a wonderful opportunity to go view the Te Awamutu College orchestra. They are staying at the Events Centre, and performed a whole range of music from jazz, to guitar and Christmas songs. The Lion King song was impressive, as were the trumpet solo, the whip cracking, the V8 trombone impression and the drums. Please click here to see some photos of the orchestra group.
For the last year, our most popular page has been a Bay Blades page created by Troy Jansen. Every day it gets about 20 hits. Troy lives on!

17 November This week coming up we have the Rm 9 and 3 camp. The camp is held on Thursday. The classes stay over night and the camp closes on the Friday. The end of the year is coming very soon. The School is looking forward to events coming up in the future. In two weeks we have the school biathlon. This is open to any of our school pupils ages 7 upward. The fancy dress is coming up in the last week of this term. And the senior intensive is coming up next Thursday and Friday.

14 November The padder tennis nets are up, and lots of people are enjoying playing. Mr Sheather is arranging a duathlon in a couple of week's time. It involves running and biking. Room 10 are at Manual at Edgecumbe today. They are making things out of glass. Today at assembly Room 9 were saying goodbye to Ratchadaporn, who is flying back to Thailand soon. They will miss her.

10 November Highlights from the inter-school athletics at Otakiri on Friday. The year 8 girls winning the relay race (Gina, Jasmine, Amy & Kelly). Getting a place in every relay. Paula winning the 1500m and 800m, Kelly 1st 200m. A Yr 7 boy from Te Teko throwing the 1 kg discus 32 metres.

7 November This morning most of the senior students trotted off to the inter school athletics day. Yesterday the middle school students went to their inter school athletics.
The senior school fund raising went well. Even Mr. Fitzgerald said that he was impressed with how smoothly things went on the day. The total amount of money made on the day was just over 800 dollars. Remember, this time we had no food stalls, so we all started with an even chance of bringing in the cash. The funds will go to the yr. 7 & 8 intensive, coming up soon!!! Click here for a few pics of the Fun Raiser, even Mr Fitz having a pillow fight!.

5 November Today is sunny, bright and the most wonderful weather senior school could have hoped for. Today is the senior school fun raising day. As in the news below, senior school have loads of activities going. The money been raised will help fund the form 1 & 2 intensive coming up. This is the second fun raising day we have had this year, and hope this one to improve, well, the weather certainly has!!!

3 NovemberToday senior school and the year 6 girls have their first maturation lesson. The lesson will be again taken by public heath nurse, Mrs Wallbrink. This week on Wednesday Senior school will be holding a fun raising day. All pupils are welcome to bring money to participate. Some stalls on the day will include the following:
Mr & Mrs Awakeri, Fight for life (Wrestling), Haunted house, Dress up Models, Fear factor, Slip 'n' slide, Target shooting, gumboot obstacle course, Apple bobbing, water battle arena, mural painting. For students participating in the Slip 'n' slide and water battle arena will of course have to bring their swimming togs. Senior school promise the day to be enjoyable and a lot of fun!!!

31 October The juniors had hot weather for their field events. Meanwhile Room 12's trip to the Tasman paper mill was exciting! The bus driver tried to squeeze his bus through a narrow gap in the car park. Whoops! Room 12 students looked very handsome wearing their hard hats, ear plugs, safety glasses and fluoro jackets. Here are photos of yesterday's races.

30 October Two great days of athletics. The open 1500m started, with 55 boys running and lots of girls too. Ben McPherson set new records in the 200m, 800m and 1500m. Lots of other records were broken too. Record breakers include: Stephen Glassbrook, Jemma Shaw, Matthew Reeves, Zara Fowell, Joshua Mower, Shauni Muggeridge, Hannah Searle, Whitney Haddock, Blair Roia and Amy Wright (some others have names withheld). Go to our sports records page to view all our records. The day finished with Kowhai House breaking the 4x100m record. The students then beat the teachers and the parents in the relay. Click here for some photos of the athletics.

28 October We students, and teachers are back from a long extended weekend, Labour weekend. But now it's back to work. We were meant to have our athletics days today, Wednesday and Thursday. But that might just not happen, weather permitting. Senior school are putting together another fun raising day next Wednesday. Hopefully it will not rain like last time! We are all looking forward, I hope, to another week of school, even if the weather is lousy.

23 October Today is the last day of this four day week. The pupils of Awakeri School get a four day weekend and the teachers get a three day weekend, hard luck on the teachers. We here have a page with some more Ag-day plus group day photos. We are sorry they are so late. Next week we have our Athletics days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

20 October Summer is coming!!! Mr. Fitzgerald has made it clear we must start wearing hats. Athletics day is coming up soon. It's good to se all of the classes trying hard to practice. Our school students are looking forward to a nice LONG weekend. There is no school on Friday because it is teachers only day, hard luck for the teachers!!! Then on Monday it is Labour day. So the grand total number of days in this coming weekend ......

17 October Some cool photos of the Voodons production are on display in the school foyer. Order your copies now! Have a look at some samples here.

15 October Today we have a sunny day!!! Our school is looking forward to hosting the Group day today. There will be 160 children here with their lambs, goats and calves from most of the Rangitaiki rural schools. Parents are invited to come and view the competition.

13 October Pictures of the Voodons production are here.

10 October The heavy rain stopped long enough for Ag Day to happen. Here are a few pictures of the indoor show, with more to come of the animals

9 October To day all of the Awakeri school students have a full on day, making exhibits for tomorrow's Ag Day.

8 October 2 days to go until Ag Day!!!!!! Tomorrow we have our Ag Day preparation day. All of the school students will be making exhibits for the parents and visitors to look at. Some items being made are: Miniature garden, floral arrangement in novelty container, aqua jar, art, vegetable novelty, dough models, Vaseline saucer, etc. The exhibits will not be judged but receive house points according to their standard. The only exhibits to be judged will be the cooking, which will be displayed in rooms 12 and 9. Some cooking items include decorated cake, decorated biscuits, pizza, sponge cake, pikelets, etc. We are looking forward to an enjoyable and exciting day on Friday!

6 October Term 4 is already here. It is the final term ever for the yr 8's at Awakeri school. This Friday we have our school Ag day. We will have loads of Animals and also displays in the class rooms. There will be delicious food items also made by students in room 9 & 13. The Group Ag day is on Monday next week.

18 September Today is the last day of this term, well, for the middle and senior school it is. The middle and senior school get a day off tomorrow because they have been working hard this week. Tonight we have the final performance for the operetta for this year. Our school promise's this years operetta to be "one of the best". We have a limited amount's of tickets for tonight, we almost have a full house.

17 September This week is a hard working week. Yesterday, we had a matinee performance. This was our first show this week. It went well for the first performance. My thoughts about being in the show (by Melanie) My favourite character in the play is the queen (Sarah Moore). She is a very good actor and uses lots of expression and speaks well. It's great fun doing the performance in front of a crowd and acting as someone your not. The funniest muck-up that we have done so far is missing out most of a page of the script. It probably made it hard for the audience to understand. But it doesn't matter, it was our first performance and we had lots of fun doing it. We hope our next show will be better.

15 September Congratulations to the kapa haka, who gave a great performance at the Rangitaiki Festival. They were awarded the Anahera Savage trophy for their attitude. The judges were impressed by leaders Liam Richards, Ihipera Hakiaha and Rorey Barton-Strang. Today we have been doing a dress rehearsal in the Little Theatre for our show, which opens tomorrow. Awesome singing from the leads!

4 September The operetta count down is on!!! In about a week we will be having our first visit to the little theatre in Whakatane our local town. We have been practising hard, and next week we have a dress rehearsal. This morning we started to sell the operetta tickets. The prices are:
ADULT : $8.00
CHILD: $4.00
The performing nights are Wednesday and Thursday. And the day matinee is on Tuesday. We hope this operetta will impress you all. The tickets are sold at the office at the prices you see above.

3 September Well done to these people they also got prizes in the EBOP science fair:
Highly Commended:
Brodi Muschamp (Hooked Again)
Sarah Macdonald and Ellice Shaw (Super Seeder)
Philippa Haslam (Safe As Horses)

Highly commended:

Hayden Temoana and Emma Searle
Haylie Musgrave
Shawnee Manson
Cody Fowell
Bradley Turner
Kelly Stanton
Melanie Roberts and Paula Roberts
Whitney Haddock
Sarah Moore

Special Awards:
Best Road Safety-Philippa Haslam
Best Forestry Entry-Neil Sax
Best From each Section- Whitney Haddock (Science Section)
Overall Winner- Whitney Haddock
Trip to Wellington- Whitney Haddock

30 August Great news!!! Today Whitney Haddock won the EBOP Science Fair, with the best over-all exhibit. She also won a trip to Wellington. Congratulations Whitney!

29 August Our school would like to wish all the best to the people that are going to the science fair today. Tomorrow is the prize giving for the EBOP science fair. Today is also daffodil day. We could bring a toy, but we had to bring a gold coin donation for daffodil day.

28 August Today we start off with thick, pale white fog!!! Our school production is coming together very nicely. I'm sure we are all looking forward to the big week (operetta week), we have been practicing hard. Operetta tickets will be on sale soon!!!

26 August Today the soccer and league coaches are here to teach us some soccer and league skills. We start to count down the days till Production. There are two weeks to go. This week the science fair finalists are off to the E.B.O.P science fair. We would like to wish them all the best for this week. And once again we would like to thank all the other contestants that did not make it.

25 August Room 5, 6 and 8 recovered from their windy day at the snow. Today we counting down the till operetta " Valley of the Voodons" We start to practice hard to get our lines right and we are singing loud to get our songs better. We also are getting our costumes sorted out. Not next week but the week after that we will be rehearsing at the memorial hall. And then the curtains will open!

22 August The Room 5, 6 & 8 campers are back , Matthew and Madison tell us about it! "Skiing was pretty hard at the start. We learned how to brake on skis. Parents were falling over too. Mr Mower had the most wipe outs. It was real windy at the snow. We were nearly falling off the cliff. We had to save people. The back wheel of one car was 2 cm away from falling off the cliff. Camp was cool. We slid down the half pipe on the real estate signs. The man, Mike, taught us three different graces before dinner. There were heaps of games like slug guns, archery, BMX, initiatives, low ropes the works."

21 August We hear the campers had a good time skiing yesterday. Lucky them! Congratulations to Sarah Moore and Philippa Haslam for winning the Science and Technology Fairs. Click here for all the results and also photos.

20 August Rain, rain, rain, today we have rain. But rain isn't the only thing we have. Today is the final day for the science fair, but it is not the end of the science fair. For next week is the EPOB ( Eastern Bay of Plenty science fair) for all those who got a placing (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in science or technology. Others who got a highly commended are also off to the EBOP science fair. This afternoon from 12:30-1:30, the complex is again open to the public to see the projects. Then, after this, from 1:30-2:00, we have the prize giving for the science/ technology. All those who did not get in, we would like to thank them for their entries and know that they can improve in the years to come. All are welcome to this afternoon's prize giving, even the president of America, George Bush. See you there!

19 August We start off today with a sunny and cold morning. Room 5, 6 and 8 departed to Lake Taupo for their school camp. They will be arriving back at school on Friday. The judges for the science fair arrived at school today as they are judging all the science and technology projects. There are 49 of them. All the seniors wait in their classrooms till we get called to go and talk to the judges about our topic.

18 August Good luck to room 5, 6 and 8 as they will be travelling to Lake Taupo Christian Camp for they will be gone for four days, leaving tomorrow at 9:00. They will be doing all sorts of activities all around Taupo. They will be returning on Friday this week. Another great event happening this week is the science and technology fair. The judges will be starting to judge tomorrow and all are welcome to come to see the entry exhibits tomorrow night. Senior school have worked hard with their science/technology fair this year, as they work hard every year.

15 August Here are some cool photos from the soccer day yesterday. Photographer Mrs Foote.

14 August Today is a very exciting day at Awakeri school. Our school is proud to hold the inter-school soccer day for the Rangitaiki schools area. We are proud to hold this event every year with good sportsman ship from most of the teams. It is very tempting to buy the DELICIOUS food at the canteen, but it gives you a wicked stitch when you are playing! We wish the best of luck to all the teams involved.

10 August Here are some pics from our games last Thursday.

7 August Today is another exciting day at Awakeri School. At lunch time today we have a visit from Rangitaiki Independent School. Both schools have 1 Rugby team and 1 Hockey team. The schools will be competing against each other during lunch time. There will be some photos on this afternoon.

4 August It's a new month but no time to waste! Talking about wastes . . . Baron Wastes is doing really well in our production so is everyone else, like The Princess, Prince, Queen, Stark, backstage people and many, many more! The News Paper for the NZ Herald News Paper Competition is going great. The team have done a great job. Here are the awesome people's names that have made such a nice job of it . . . There are Sarah Moore, Whitney Haddock, Emma McLean, Jessie Gillies, Max Farmer, Kate Munro, Leonard Sonntag and last but not least, the teacher directing the whole thing, Mrs Foote. We all hope you win and we have got our fingers crossed, good luck!

31 July Well it's Thursday again, everyone did really well at our production practice without the scripts and most of us knew what we were doing. Our practices are on Tuesdays for the hockey/soccer day. We did aerobics once again yesterday and everyone put their best effort in once again, it was great!

30 July Today is Wednesday, we are well into the production now and we are starting to practice without scripts so we are expected to know them scary! We have learnt nearly all the songs for the production and the mains with solos are getting special practices to learn them very well . They sound fantastic! The aerobics for the senior school is well under way and we're all doing well, very well in fact! Some news on the hockey/soccer day well we have started practices all ready but that was just to get to know our team.

24 July Today is Thursday, DAH!!! Senior school has taken the next step for their science fair, the presentation boards have arrived, yesterday. The Valley Of The Voodons is underway, we had a practice yesterday. It only took us 1 hour, on the dot, to get through the production. Well done to all the people who went to the maths competition, yesterday. We have a school Hockey/ Soccer day coming up in week four of this term. The soccer will be held here at Awakeri, like usual, and the Hockey will be held at Edgecumbe. The sun is out today to tan our skin, so we can play outside.

23 July Today is the third day of term two we are starting to practice the operetta "Valley of the Voodons" We have started to learn a few songs and the kids are getting to say their lines. The school is also starting to do a daily fix of aerobics.Today is the Australasian maths test and well done to all these kids that got chosen. This term we are hoping to have a hockey juggling competition.

21 July We start term three with a very cold morning. All the kids have come to school with their nice warm clothes on and they are all hoping that the school heaters are on in their classrooms. We have also got Mrs Campbell back teaching in room 8.
At 11:30 the game started. Room 12 got revved up and the Aussies got a couple of goals. A few of us are going "yes" but of course most of the kids in the class were going for New Zealand. Well a few minutes went past. New Zealand's in the lead, everyone is jumping out of their seats. Aussies get another goal and both teams get a few more goals during that quarter. The next quarter finishes well. New Zealand in the lead. Lunch starts. All the teachers crowd into the computer room. All the teachers are screaming. 4 of us kids sit in the chairs watching the game. After a few more minutes the quarter finishes. New Zealand still keeping the lead in their hands. The last quarter starts and it went in turns, 1 goal for New Zealand and then 1 goal for the Aussies. It kept going in turns like that until just about the end New Zealand got a few more goals and the the last quarter ended the hooter went. All the Silver ferns were jumping up and down. They had won the finals. They had won 49-47. Yah Hooooo. World netball champions!

4 June Already it is the end of another exciting term at Awakeri school. Our school has had a great term, with the beginning of this years operetta, camps, special events etc. This year's operetta is "The Valley of the Voodons." Our school had the last of parent interviews yesterday. The first day back next term is on the 21st of July. Our school is looking forward to a long new term, and a wonderful production at the end of next term. Our school wishes you a safe and happy term break holiday.

1 June We only have three days to the end of the term. Some people are saying booo but some people are saying yes. This week we also have parent interviews on Wednesday and Thursday.

30 June Here are photos of the very successful crosscountry teams.

27 June Great Running!!! At the interschool cross country at Manawahe yesterday,
1st senior boys: Ben McPherson 1st Intermediate boys: Leonard Sonntag
2nd intermediate girls: Vikki Lowndes
3rd intermediate boys: Vincent Sheather 3rd junior girls: Jemma Shaw
Team placings..... Fantastic results....
1st: Intermediate Boys A team, 1st: Intermediate Girls B team (!!!!)
1st: Junior Boys A team
2nd: Senior Boys A team, 2nd: Senior Girls B team (!!!!)
2nd: Intermediate Girls A team, 2nd: Junior Girls A team
3rd: Senior Girls A team
Well done to all our runners and coaches Mrs Merry and Mr Sheather. Special mentions to B team members Paula and Melanie Roberts, who came 8th= and beat all their senior A team in; Ashleigh Parkinson, who came 4th, and she was in the intermediate B team; Selena Shaw 4th and Meron McCardle 5th in the junior girls; Jayden Haddock, of the junior B team, who came 6th and beat all his A team in!
Congratulations to these people for getting lead roles in the Valley of the Voodons production:

The Princess: Emma McLean & Sarah Richmond Stark: Nathan Griffen & (name withheld)
Baron Wastes: Max Farmer & Sam Hall Prince Dronos: Miles McConway & Bradley Turner
Stella: Paula Roberts Astrid: Philippa Haslam
Queen Fara: Sarah Moore  

The Orchestra has been picked too, there are 11 up-beat people in it.
The photos from Room 10 and 11's cool camp at Tui Ridge are here. Watch out for some interesting captions coming soon.

24 June Today the weather is horrible, nasty, and horrible. We have had 1 day of bad weather this week and today is no different. The clouds are hanging down like bedroom drapes. They are spitting our water like a water fountain gone bung, and all the Awakeri school students are inside doing work. LONG____________normal work. The cross-country group are getting annoyed, as they have gone behind in their practice's due to bad weather. The inter school cross-country is on Thursday and the team from our school that are going a hoping for fine weather. We wait for the clouds to depart and the sun to stroll back into action and tan our skin.

23 June Last Friday the school had a soccer juggling competition and it went really well. This year Hawea Mansell got the highest score with 73 he did really well. There were a lot of other kids that got high scores as well.

15 June A new page is on the web site. It's called Helping your child. Good ideas for helping children to get on well with their school work.

13 June We had our first singing session for this year's production Valley of the Voodons yesterday. Mr Fitz handed out scripts for people to audtion next week. He handed out over 100! Want to see who won the Speech Contest back over the last 54 years? Click here.

11 June Last night were the speech finals. The room was full of supporters, family and ex-pupils. Kelly Stanton won, getting her name on the Oratory Shield. Chief judge John Twaddle said he very impressed with the standard. Jordan Macdonald came 2nd and Brodi Muschamp 3rd. Click here for some cool photos of the finals.

7 June Today was the "Pinocchio" puppet play. The whole of the school went to see this excellent puppet play. BUT, hard luck to room 11 who had to go to manual, and missed out on this puppet play. Remember tomorrow night is speech night, all are welcome, even the president of the United States of America! We have some puppet play photos. Click here and be amazed.

6 June Congratulations to Philippa Haslam, Kelly Stanton, Jordan Macdonald, Neil Sax, Paula Roberts and Brodi Muschamp for getting into the speech contest finals on Tuesday evening. All welcome at school at 7 p.m.

3 June Last week was the speech competition and a lot of people did very well and well done to the kids that got into the semi finals. Cross country went really well. Ben McPherson, Selena Shaw and Stefan Etter all broke records. Ben broke the 12 & 13 year boys record by a massive 36 seconds! Click here to see our school records.

26 May This week on Thursday there is X-Country it starts at 1:30 and finishes at 3:00 and we hope it doesn't rain. We will Run Run Run as fast as we can and we will say "You can't catch me I'm running as fast as I can" He He He do you know that rhyme?

21 May Yesterday the Kahurangi dance group came to Awakeri School .Go to Rm 5 page to see photos of Mr Sheather dancing!!!!

19 May Rm 10 and 11 have just arrived back from there camp Tui Ridge. There were heaps of different activities (e.g.) High ropes, absailing, mountain biking, B.M.X, flying fox and Indoor Hockey.There should be some photos on soon.

14 May Today we had the first frost for the year. It was zero degrees. Everyone was huddled up against the heaters before school.

12 May Some cool photos and their captions from Room 12's camp are on-line. Have a look, and be jealous! Good luck to Room 10 and 11.

5 May Rooms 10 & 11 are getting ready to go on camp.We are really looking forward to it. Room 12 has just got back from their camp (Rocky Valley Camp) in KatiKati. They had Go-Carts, Water slide and a whole lot of other activities. We also studied gold mining at Waihi. There should be some photos from camp on the page in awhile. Cross Country is coming to our school soon and we are training. We have visitor from Japan who has come to our school to teach Japanese culture his name is Hidemasa Yoshioka.

28 April Today is the start of term 2, and we have a lot of new student teachers in our school. In room 10 there is Miss Bloor, room 9 Mr Sharp, room 7 Miss Mcdonald, room 6 Mr Zonneveld, room 5 Miss Strang. They hope to be here through most of term. Room 12 was looking forward to term 2 starting up again because of their camp to Waimarimo. They will be leaving on the Tuesday 29 of April, and will be returning on Friday 2 of May. On week 3 room 10 and 11 will also be going on camp to Tui Ridge.

11 April Today Rooms 9 & 3 had a boat race. Over the last couple of weeks Rooms 9 & 3 had been making boats. Today they were battling it out to find out who had the fastest boats. All the boats were really great but the winner of them all was Sean Mellar. Click on Room 9 to have a look at some photos of the boat race.

9 April Today rooms 5,6 & 8 went on a car rally. For the rally they got a clue sheet and had to figure out the clue which would be a place in Whakatane. Then they would go to the place and get the next clue. All the clues are to do with history. We hope they all get safely back to school before 3pm. We just put more pics on our swimming sports page.Click here for a look. Also here are some great pics from the senior Science field trip to look at the mangroves.

8 April Lots of winter sports teams are starting to practise now. There are 13 soccer teams based at Awakeri School, plus 3 hockey teams and 2 netball teams. The soccer teams have their own website. Click here for a look.

7 April It is only 4 more days till the end of the term. All the teachers are probably thinking school should go longer but all the kids are thinking school should go faster and the days should be shorter. Some don't think like that though, some kids want to stay at school.

3 April Yesterday the seniors and middle syndicate had touch day, It was a success. All the Awakeri teams tried hard and got through the day very well, we are all really proud of you. Thank you to all the schools who came to our school and the refs who reffed the teams.

28 March On the second of April Awakeri School will be holding a touch (rugby) day. These are some schools that are coming: Te Mahoe, Otakiri, Te Teko, Matata, Thornton, Edgecumbe and Rangitaiki Independent. There are 67 teams coming, so Mr Fitz has to mow 17 fields!!

26th March We now have some cool photos of Top School online. Click here. There are more in the school office. Have a look and order copies.

26th March On the 19th of March the senior school went on a trip to Ohope to study the estuary. They had a great time it was really fun. They learnt lots of things about mangroves and crabs. They even found baby crayfish.Today rooms 7 & 13 left for Okataina camp. We hope they have a good time and the weather is good for them.

18 March Yahoo Top School has come our Awakeri team did really well we got 2nd in the intermediate section and our cheer leaders came 3rd. All of top school went really well there were lots of people there and Awakeri School made lots of money. The winning school was in the primary section which was Waimana. We will have some great photos coming soon.

14 MarchWe have a group of great kids for our Top School team. They have been training so hard to get us to the top of the list on Sunday this weekend. We are hoping that it will be a fine day and the cheer leaders know there cheers. On Sunday instead of watching T.V come to Awakeri School Top School. We will be looking forward to seing you it is on this Sunday at Awakeri School. 2 DAYS TO GO TILL TOP SCHOOL.

13 March A couple of the classes have just had Mrs da Silva come to their class and show them some of her Teddy Bears that she made.Click here to se some photos. Only three days to go till Top School YAA HOOO!

12 March Top school ! Its coming soon, only 4 days to go. We have a whole lot of schools coming and hopefully it will be a great day and it won't rain. There are a lot of activities such as Horizontal Bungy, Dunk the Teachers, Lolly Trailer, Watchorns Castle and much more. Come along and have some fun on Sunday the 16 March. Some schools that are coming are from around the District. We are positive it will be a great day for you. There should be some photos on Monday.Our Awakeri Top School team has 6 boys and 6 girls which 2 of them are reserves. The girls are Whitney Haddock, Amy Wright, Kelly Stanton, Gina Greenwood, Emma Searle with Paula Roberts as the reserve. The boys are Karaka Ratema, Jordan McDonald, Sytse Tacoma, Hayden Te Moana, Ben McPherson with Jonothan Whitaker as the reserve.

6 March A lot of kids did very well in the swimming sports.Well done to all the kids that went to the interschool swimming sports. Well done to Ben Mc Pherson who won all his races.

5 March 2003 Click here for our swimming sports photos. Watch out for the splash! Quite a few kids are off to the interschool swimming sports tomorrow. The Top School team is training hard out too.

4 March 2003 Today was the day of our swimming sports. Luckily the weather was perfect. It's good to have some sunshine for a change. The swimming sports went well and we had a great turnout of entries. It was the first time in a long time we had breaststroke. The kids really did well, even though it one of the hardest strokes to master. Lots of house points were given out for taking part and getting places. The house that won the relays was RIMU. The house places at the end were Kowhai, leading by one point, Rata, Tawa then Rimu in 4th place.

28 February Yesterday All the senior children went to the Awakeri hall to see the African drummers. They taught us all how to play the drums and they also taught us how to do the monkey, elephant and the lion dance. Most people liked the lion dance best. Check some photos out here.

26 February Today was the day, finally! All the hard work and effort, the senior school put in for the camp fundraiser paid off. Because of our efforts we managed to make $1100.00! It was a bit less than last year, but it was pretty good considering that it was raining through the lunch hour. We couldn't have done it without the support of the kids (and their money) of A and B blocks of our school. Some really successful groups were The haunted house, Whats your fortune and all the food groups. Click here to see a few photos.

25 February 2003 Tomorrow is our senior school fundraiser for the senior school to raise money to put towards our camp. There are lots of different stalls such as food, haunted house, tunnel of terror, smash it (t-ball hitting one), fortune telling, drink stall and even bobbing for apples. We hope we have a great day!!!!.

19 February 2003 A new page has just been added, with all that information about our school that you might just need, e.g. buses, enrollment, BOT goals, plus some excellent educational links. Check it out here.

14 February 2003 The juniors had a dress up day.They dressed up like clowns to go with the study they are doing about the circus. There were some really neat costumes even some kids dressed up as ring masters and there even was a trapeze artist!
We have all started our Life Education classes in the bus. The sessions are very interesting. Did you know, the heart is more over to one side? Harold told us a joke, but we can't tell you!

5 February 2003 The seniors have started planning their Fun Raiser stalls and activities. The Fun Raiser will be in the lunch time of 26th February. It should be fun!
Our new web site monitors have their first training session on Friday, and should be getting underway with new pages for each room. There are eleven volunteers.

3 February 2003 The junior school had lots of fun doing a circus workshop with instructor Marion Kenny. Click here to see some cool photos.

31 January 2003 The end of the first week, and of course the weather has been hot. Our playground looks very dry and brown. At assembly today, all the new five year olds in Room 4 were very brave and introduced themselves to the whole school.

29 January 2003 Today the whole school starts OHHH! All our new kids started in their classrooms.We have 28 new kids at our school. Our school is now looking as good as new because our school has just been painted YAY!

22 January 2003 A week till school starts. The teachers are busy getting ready for the new year. Welcome to Christina Pinny and Sarah Gibson, and all new students.

7 January 2003 The calendar for the new year is online. Do all schools has a massive water fight on the last day? I don't think so! Click here for an exclusive photo.

Old News Do you want to look at the news from last year and before that? It is reeeeaaallllly cool and there is school records. Click here to find that interesting old news.