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Awakeri School News 2007

21 December 2007 A few photos from the senior social are here. A big earthquake and camera troubles didn't help! And a few photos from the last day water fight are here too. Happy holidays everyone!!

20 December 2007
Today is the junior school's last day. Every class should have one final message for the great year of 2007. Tonight is the senior social! There will be some great photos taken tonight and hopefully put on tomorrow.
17 December 2007

Last night was Fancy Dress. It was really cool! One of the many awards given out was 'the principles award'. This award was given to the people who practiced virtues such as kindness and honesty as well as many other things. The people getting this award were Aimee Jones, Meron McCardle, Zara Fowell, Alex Christensen and Jayden Haddock. Click here to see some cool photos of the night.

18 December 2007
Tonight is our annual Fancy Dress. It is really worth coming to! All classes do a dance or some sort of act. Also the teachers will be saying good-bye to all the wonderful year eight's. Won't they be just so sad! It starts at 7:00pm but if you want a good seat I suggest you come at about 6:45.
Some senior students have been painting the outside tables and the checkered concrete squares behind the library. Though yesterday the rain didn't allow us to do much!
As you all probably know it is the last week of school for this year. The little kids finish on Thursday and on Friday there will be a water fight at the school!

Today the seniors had a technology challenge. We had to make a traditional looking Christmas tree out of various kinds of paper.

Meron and Zoe's groups Christmas tree. Mr. Hawkes, I don't think Zoe really wanted this picture taken!Here is Leonie, by the looks of things, directing her group!

17 December 2007
Next year all our rooms are being renumbered. Here's the table:

2007 Room turns in to in 2008
Seniors Room 12Room 14 Seniors
Room 11Room 13
Room 10Room 12
Middle Sch Room 8Room 11 Middle Sch
Room 7Room 10
Room 6Room 9
Upper Jnrs Room 5Room 8
Room 13Room 7 Upper Jnrs
Room 9Room 6
Juniors Room 4Room 5
Room 3Room 4 Juniors
Room 2Room 3
Room 1Room 2
new roomRoom 1

13 December 2007

Today at lunch time the field was quite populated... well more than usual anyway! It was the middle school picnic. There were parents and children and loads of food! We have the middle school picnic every year and if I remember correctly one of the main focuses for the picnic was healthy eating so there was plenty of delicious looking fruit and berries!!
This morning we had our first quick run through of fancy dress but tomorrow morning we will be doing everything that is in the 'program' for it. Also tomorrow at the practice for fancy dress two totally awesome girls are going to be doing a dance to ' Jingle Bell Rock' so on the night of fancy dress you will be able to see it as well!

11 December 2007
Tonight is the world premiere of Aimee Jones's movie Love Potion #12. We are expecting people from all around Whakatane to turn up at this great night. There will be some movies from last year as well! Come along and have a great time! Everyone is welcome!

7 December 2007
Rooms 13 and 5 had their camp and it rained! They ended up camping in the Events Centre and having a great time!!
Check out all the cool cool photos of the Year 7 & 8 intensive last week.

4 December 2007
On Thursday and Friday the year 7's and 8's had their intensive. It was sooooooo fun and even it was a bit wet sometimes and some people got some cuts and bruises **cough, ME, cough** everyone had a great time. On Thursday the year 8's had an awesome day at Tauranga and Mount Maunganui. We first went to the indoor sports action centre in Mount Maunganui. We played netball, soccer and dodgeball they were all so fun and even though our team won the whole time everyone still had a great time. We then headed to 10 pin bowling in Tauranga. Even though some haven't got the technique quite right we all had a few laughs and maybe even some strikes! The year 7's went to read to the juniors with the year 6's to get them ready for being in senior school and being responsible. After they had a cooked lunch, chicken and chips especially prepared by Mr Fitz. They then made new flags for the houses and the chosen bus monitors started.
On Friday the year 8's got to chose between either going to golf in Te Teko or going to the skate park in town and the pa site in Ohope. The year 7's went to the Bar's farm and they had a great walk to 'The Island' and did some team building and fun activities, some got a bit wet but it wouldn't really matter because after they went to the hot pools to meet up with the year 8's and have a relaxing swim to soothe the war wounds that they had gained , especially the year 8's.
We have some great photos coming soon!!!!

Today room 7 and 8 have gone to the Ohope beach! The lucky sods!!!! We will have an update when they come back to school, but that's if they come back, they might have been eaten by jellyfish!!!! (Nah, just kidding!!)

28 November 2007
Write this on your calendars!! Awakeri's movie night, the World Premiere of Aimee Jones's Love Potion #12 is likely to be on Tuesday 11th December, the night we get our reports. Leave your report worries behind and come and enjoy a night of fantastic movies, powerpoints, ads, fairy tales etc. Popcorn! Its free! Famous director and actors available for autographs... Come and join us at 7pm. Today has been really windy, all day. Becky's hat blew off her head, over the drain and had to be rescued.
Room 6 were doing painting habitat murals on the deck outside their room.
Mr Hawkes walked past in time to hear Vicky Rogers say, "My mum's gonna kill me!" The wind had just blown their painting up and yellow paint was on Vicky's clothes.

"So, we won't see you at school tomorrow!" said the kind and caring Mr Hawkes.
"She was speaking figuratively!" said Luisa Williams.

26 November 2007
This Thursday and Friday is the year 7 and 8's intensive. Don't forget to pay your money before otherwise you won't be able to go! The inter house softball is starting on the 4th of December for the seniors. The first game being played is Rimu vs Rata (GO RIMU!! Win like last year!). The middle school long ball is on up to the play off's for first and second on Wednesday, Rata vs Tawa.

21 November 2007
Or should I say Movember!
This week is the start of our swimming. The pool according to Mr Fitz is at a great 25 degrees but yesterday when I went in it was like 15 degrees! For the times that your class is swimming look on last week's newsletter.

17 November 2007

Click here to have a look at some cool gymnastic photos. Congratulations to Emma Magee and ex-pupils Kirsty Wakelin and Logan Munro who are on stage in the Whakatane musical Bugsy Malone, being performed all this week at the Little Theatre! Go see it!

13 November 2007
This week is gym week and all of the classes have gymnastics at least twice a week. We have two sessions today, it will be so fun!!!!!
Next week we hopefully start swimming at school but the seniors won't be as lucky because we have it first thing in the morning and it's sooo cold!!!!

7 November 2007
Today our year 4, 5 and 6 athletes went to the inter school athletics in Edgecumbe (that is probably why middle school seems so quiet today). Tomorrow our year 7 and 8 athletes will be going to the inter school athletics. On Friday I will probably have all the results by then so I will put them on the website.
Well the sun is well and truly shinning through now so hats are a necessity if you want to go and play in the breaks.

2 November 2007
Click here to check out some cool athletic photos. The athletics records in the field events have been updated, we'll do the track ones on Monday.
Today, at assembly, Cross Fate performed for the first time ever! Cross Fate are a band formed by Ben Fretwell (lead guitar) , Pete Dowden (drums), Liam Richards (bass), Matthew Orr-McKeown (backup guitar), Joel Ingle (rhythm guitar), with Leonie Hall on vocals. They sang their original song Days Of Our Lives and everyone thought they were great. Check Room 12's page for a photo. Ben put together the chords, and he booked the band into a talent quest before the lyrics, bass and drums etc were even created! Cross Fate are performing at the Liberty Centre tomorrow night 7pm. It costs $5 to get in. GO CROSS FATE!

31 October 2007
Happy HALLOWEEN everyone! Don't get too scared tonight! (Or in the day says Mr Hawkes!)
This afternoon is the high jump finals for the middle and senior school. We hope that some records will be broken today, it's about time. Good luck!!!

If you want to keep up with how much our astroturf is sinking, click on the link in the menu bar (to the left) There are up to date measurements, that are done on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Breaking news: Emma Magee has just broken the 12 year girls' high jump record with 1.36m! We have more high jump finals tomorrow afternoon, after the running. Check out our school athletics records, before we break them some more!

29 October 2007
Well we have just come back in from athletics. Im pretty sure most people had a good time. Some of us have just been talking about some of the highlights of the day, well Liam won all of his events for the 12 year old boys, congratulations to him! Also Jayden broke three records!
Over the next few days some photos of athletics will be on the site. (hopefully not me!)

29 October 2007
The field is ready and the long jump pit is raked for the... You guessed it, atheletics!!! YAY!!! I hope that the kids brought suitable clothing to run jump and throw in! There will be photos coming on later this week of all of the kids doing their best.
Today as you hopefully know is a half day so I hope that the kids all have arrangements to get home.

26 October 2007
Recently all the students have been practising for athletics. On Monday the year 4,5,6,7 and 8's will be doing their field events and high jump will be on Wednesday.
As you may have noticed there is a huge mound of dirt on the field, if you don't know what this is just read the sign! If you haven't read that,... then it's our new astro turf.

There is a half day on Monday the 29th October for the staff to attend the funeral of Mrs West's husband Peter. The buses are going to be leaving at 1pm. Read the newsletter for Mr Fitz's message.

15 October 2007
Everyone seems to be well rested after a hectic Ag Day on Friday. There were heaps of greatly trained and looked after animals on Friday. Even though there were a few crazy animals like goats trying to jump out of the pen and dogs attacking other dogs the day ran very smoothly. Good luck to those children with their calves, lambs or kids going to group day tomorrow at Otakiri school.

12th October 2007
It was Ag Day today. The rain stayed away so the kids and their kids, lambs, calves, dogs and pets enjoyed it all. Well, maybe Carrie's cat didn't enjoy it. She won first prize and then took off! We hope she heads for home.
Sam won the $100 raffle. His dad reckons he should get at least half of it because he gave him the $2!! Check out some cool pictures of the seniors making their indoor show stuff yesterday.

8th October 2007
Welcome back to what should be a busy and always interesting term 4. We have athletics this term and we should be starting practices soon. Most people would have got quite a surprise when they got to school this morning considering the field looked half dug up. This is because the astro turf is getting put in. Mr. Fitz thinks that it will be done by early next year.
It is Ag Day this Friday the school field will most likely be crowded with cars, parents and obviously animals! I also recommend that you come and check out the displays in the complex, there are usually quite a few displays worth viewing.

7th October 2007
. Term four starts tomorrow. The first big event is Ag Day on Friday. Quite a few Awakeri students had their animals at the A & P Show yesterday, so they've had some practice.

21st September 2007
An excellent final show last night. Here's some feedback (hope you don't mind, Tom and Viv!):

Thank you for inviting me to your production of Windust. I was impressed with the great number of pupils on stage and all the effort you must have put into getting it up to standard. The Kapa Haka group were very powerful for their age especially those in the boys ' haka. Windust is a challenging show for younger people. We did another Shade Smith, John Reynolds show at the High School and a lot of work must have gone into getting the songs and dialogue learnt. It was great to see a live band out the front of the stage, which was very effective, and they all played very well. I was especially pleased to see flute players, a violinist and a guitarist from the Music School helping the show out. I think you are very lucky to have a Principal who can and will take time out fronm his busy schedule to direct a musical and having two able music teachers like Mr Hawkes and Mrs. Parker to make the music sound right. Well done Awakeri School.
Tom Bayliss

tht was amazing!! i loved it! and shannon mower was a brill miss scow, she really gave gena and i a run for our money hahaha..

Viv Askey

Congratulations Tiaan Roia on getting through to the Whakatane final of Kid Star talent quest. It's on Friday 28 Sept. Good luck Tiaan!

20th September 2007
Tonight is our last performance of Windust *sighs* but here are some of the things that we thought were really funny or good about the shows we have already done...
For Windust we have a very... well lets say interesting lighting crew that is made up of Mr. Fitz, Thomas and Renko who are very entertaining for us. Yesterday when we were singing our last two songs, Thomas was dancing and putting glow sticks up his nose (nothing out of the normal, for him anyway) and he was making quite a few of us start cracking up laughing while trying to sing.
Well... what can we say about the Can Can Boys, they are very entertaining to say the least. Everyone thought it was hilarious when Sam flashed the audience, you should have heard the laughter going on in the green room! Yesterday Zara and I (a.k.a. Aimee) were ushering and I had my make up already on and I had a moustache painted on and the little kids were laughing and started saying "You look like a man" etc
Tonight it is our last show and it will be a full house. Check out these cool pics from Tuesday night's show.
Other highlights included:
Guy shooting the light out at the end of the show
The men fighting over Madam Brown
Madam Brown blowing a kiss to Shannon
The little kids going "woooooaaaahhh!!!" at the ultra violet poi item
Shannon's singing
When Ned got smashed in the chase scene
Trying to run in the strobe lights in the chase scene
Playing coin rugby backstage
Joel taking an hour to get his "stubble" off
Liam saying, "Hey Chief, sniff, sniff, I smell a rat"

18th September 2007
On Saturday our kapa haka were really great at the Rangitaiki Festival. The level of competition was very tough, so we were pleased to get a placing, boy leader Liam Richards was 2nd over-all for his whaikorero. Girl leader Leonie Hall was also highly rated and the poi and waiata-a-ringa went really well. Check out these awesome photos. You can also see the kapa haka do a few of their items at the Windust production, which opens tonight!! Break a leg everyone!

14th September 2007
Tomorrow it is the Rangatiaki Kapa Haka Festival. Good luck to them! Only four more days until we do our first performance of our production, Windust. On Monday we will be having a practice at the Little Theatre in town. This morning two wonderful kids (Rachael and I) sold $446 worth of tickets and there are barely any tickets left for Thursday night so if you want one you had better be very, very quick!

13th September 2007
Our dress rehearsal got a 4 out of 10 for our great performance in the hall yesterday. It was exciting seeing everything being put together and it all worked well. Mr Fitz is hoping to get a 6 out of 10 in the next practice which so happens to be today! So when we go to the Little Theatre on Monday we will be aiming to get an 8 or higher.
Here are some great photos of everyone all dressed up in their costumes!

11th September 2007
Everyone is so excited about the production since it is only 1 week until the first show! Tomorrow we are having a dress rehearsal and a full run through so there will, with no doubt, be some photos on the website in a few days with everyone in their great costumes. Next week is also the last week of school in term 3!! YAY the holidays!!! Remember that all of the students that are in the production will have the day off on Friday the 21st!
This Saturday the kapa haka are in the Rangitaiki Festival. They are performing at the Edgecumbe College hall at 9.30am. This is boy leader Liam Richard's 6th year in kapa haka, and his 5th year as leader! He's finally off to high school next year! Come and support the kapa haka, it only costs 3 dollars to get in, or $2 if you're still at school.
Here are a few photos of the kapa haka last week at a dress rehearsal.

7th September 2007
Click here to see some photos of our first run through of Windust.

6th September 2007
Yay it's spring!! Only 11 more days until our school operetta is on! Today we have a practice starting at 11:00 and I have no idea when it will be
ending! We will be doing all the songs and dances and will be using some props. Tickets are now on sale from the school office each weekday morning. If you want a ticket for Thursday night you better be quick because Thursday night usually sells out pretty quickly.

31st August 2007
A pinch and a punch for the last of the month! YAY tomorrow it's SPRING!!!
Today is Daffodil day for our school. All the children and teachers were encouraged to wear yellow clothing and bring gold coins to donate to the cancer society. We raised over $200 dollars. Mr Fitz even, bravely, wore his Taranaki rugby jersey. Well at least it's yellow, pity about the rugby!
Yesterday we had another very funny moment during production practise. The Mayor who is played by Ben Fretwell was saying his line which went like this, "Oh come now, I'm sure it will be quite simple for a woman of your obvious attributes. Gaze into your crystal ball. Surely it will tell us all." Just then Mr. Fitz walked over with a plotting look on his face
"Does any one know wh
at he means by obvious attributes?" asked Mr. Fitz with huge grin on his face, most of us answered no...

30th August 2007
Even though I didn't go to the Trident High open day or the talk, I went to the Whakatane High open day. I saw people munching up purple lettuce leaves, dissecting rats, cooking yummy pizza, making posters and drawing lovely art pictures. After the open day there were speeches by the principal and some students. Half of them just happened to come from the greatest school in the world... AWAKERI. The two speakers that were from Awakeri were Harry Cotter (one of the form 3s that spoke) and Max Butler (one of the form 7s that spoke). They were really funny and very interesting. WOW just think... all of the great year 8s are leaving in a term!! What will everyone else do!!

28th August 2007
Last week we had the hackie comp, who could juggle a soccer ball the longest? Sam won with 142, Zoe won the girls with 87. Other places included: Guy 126, Pete 73; Leah 74 and Kelli 37. Click here to see a few photos.
Today the year 8s went to look at Trident High School. What did they think??

21st August 2007
Yesterday we had a talent quest to see who would be chosen as entertainers for that section of the production. The people who got in were....
Shane Gow (whip cracking), Stephen Cosgrove (guitar), Gemma McKeown (violin) and Lily Vincent (jokes). Thanks and well done to everyone else who tried out. Awakeri has talent!
Check out some cool photos from the Rangitaiki Schools' soccer day last week.

17th August 2007
Today we were in the complex doing a read through of the operetta and something very amusing happened. It went like this... Mr Hawkes and Mr Fitz were demonstrating something in one of the scenes, they were being barkers
"Come to me, I have yummy red apples!"
"No come to me I have delicious oranges-"
"I have walnuts, my nuts are the best!" said Mr Fitz. Everyone in senior school (the only kids that got it) burst into hysterical laughter!
And I bet there will be more memorable moments like this one in the practices and shows we will be doing!

13th August 2007
As you might know there was the prize giving for the EBOP science fair on Saturday. There were lots of people there getting awards for their projects from other schools but even though we only had 8 people that were getting prizes we seemed to sweep the best ones up. The results are...

There is an overall winner of the science fair and that person and their project gets to go to Wellington for a week and talks about what their science project is about and all of that stuff. The best ever school AWAKERI has had someone win that prize 2 years in a row because last year if you remember Kate McConway won it and now the person this year is...

BEN FRETWELL with his great science fair on 'ELECTRO MAGNETS'


Zara Fowell with 'Survivor of the soaps'


Joel Ingle with 'H2O to grow'
Zoe Johnston & Meron McCardle with 'No plants = no dunes'
Kelli Patterson & Christine Tipper with 'Fizzy wizzy teeth'


Alex Christensen with 'Double standards'

Kelsi Parker with 'It's just a sauce of course'
Clive McIndoe with 'Life expectancy of batteries'

Best scientific endeavor - Ben Fretwell with 'Magnet mayhem'

10th August 2007
On Thursday 16th there is going to be a hackey competition held during lunch time. There will be some tough competition for those entering with some people's records getting up to 50+. I don't think I would stand a chance in the competition as my record is 4!
Today rooms 7 and 8 are coming back from their camp I'm sure they will have some very interesting stories to tell!

Good news that eight of our science fair entries are going to be winning prizes at the EBOP Fair tomorrow.

8th August 2007

Today rooms 7 and 8 went to camp at Lake Taupo. They were all looking forward to their camp. No doubt they will have a great time there. When they come back I will put some photos on here of their adventures at camp!

6th August 2007
Well this week is going to be very busy with rooms 6,7 and 8 going to their camp at Lake Taupo! Room 6 left this morning and room 7 and 8 will be going on the 8th.
This Thursday our students that got placing in the science and technology fair will be going to the EBOP science and technology fair where students from other schools will be competing for the top prizes along with us! Good luck to all of the kids who are going there!

For house competitions at the moment we have been playing Rules at lunch times.

2nd August 2007
Yesterday the judging was hard and the competition was tough but we all made it through in the end, with some great judges from Norske Skog Tasman & Fonterra Milk. Even though some were a bit hard to understand with their scientific talk, we all got through it and next is the Eastern Bay fair. It always surprises me that all of the topics are always very different and interesting each year. The technology ranged from 'double standards', light bulb changers' and 'car cushions'. The science ranged from a great 'electro magnet car', to 'lung capacity'. These topics are very interesting and if you want to come and have a look at the great projects you could come and view them in the War Memorial Hall next week. Check out some cool photos, don't know about Emma's one though!
Remember all of those who got commended or above have to get their science fair into the War Memorial Hall in town between 2 pm and 4 pm on Wednesday the 8th August.
Most of the main parts have their costumes for operetta in the last week of the term. Some kids will be coming home with a form for what they need to bring from home for their costumes. I think that the lawyers will look the greatest! Followed by the bandits!

1st August 2007
Here are the results of the Science fair Good luck for the Eastern Bay fair guys.

1st Alex Christensen
2nd Sam Schuler
3rd Taylah Bateson and Josh McIntyre
Highly Commended Reme Barkema

1st = Zoe Johnston and Meron McCardle; 1st = Ben Fretwell
2nd = Zara Fowell; 2nd = Clive McIndoe
3rd Kelli Patterson and Christine Tipper
Highly Commended Emma Magee, Jemma Shaw, Aimee Jones
Commended Kelsi Parker, Caleb Sheather, Shaun Musgrave, Karina Inwood, Joel Ingle

Some of the year 7s and C Block's year 6s entered the Project section. These people did really well: Rachael Griffen (Recycled Clothing); Kurt Turpie, Samuel Burgess, Jarrod Butler, Jasmine Hope (all Land Yachts); Carrie Fynn, Chris Walker, Jamaine Palmer (Science topics)

30th July 2007
This morning or if you were really fast, last night was the time to hand in the year 7 and 8's science fair.
*"Aimee what is your board still doing here in the class!" says an angry teacher.
"It's NOT," Aimee
says confused.*

Any way the judging has begun and they are all looking good in the lounge of the complex. The judges are from Norske Skog Tasman & Fonterra Milk. They will have to judge pretty hard to find a winner this year. Just by having a quick glance around, the competition is tight and the standard is very high.
Those entrants who receive Commended, Highly Commended or a place will be going to the EBOP fair at Whakatane on 8th - 11th August. They will receive a separate notice about that.

23rd July 2007
This morning someone was very keen to know when we were starting to practise for our operetta. *Cough, Aimee, Cough* This is how it went:
Aimee: When are the leads starting to go out with the teachers to practise?
Everyone else: (Laughing hysterically)
Aimee: (Blushing and just realising what she had said) NO, I didn't mean it that way!!!!

Hopefully everyone knows their lines for operetta practice otherwise someone will be angry!

Something else that wasn't on a funny note, this morning we had to chose if we wanted to play either soccer or hockey in the annual inter school soccer and hockey day. Hopefully there aren't as many casualties as last year, like when Anita got hit on purpose with a hockey ball and had to go to hospital to get stitches in her eyebrow.

19th July 2007
Some of the intelligent and good looking kids have been doing 'hackies' during the lunch time. Some of them are pretty good on average scoring between 20 and 40 but then there are the not-so-good... like me, who's record is 4. A few years ago there was a competition to see who could do the most. The highest score was over 300 hackies!!!
Wanted: people keen to be in our small orchestra for Windust. We have music available for flute, clarinet and trumpet for any competent musicians - ex-pupils, parents or relatives welcome. Contact Barrie Hawkes

17th July 2007
Welcome back to a busy term 3. Surprisingly, nobody came back to school with casts on! We have operetta this term and soon some of the people with main parts will be going off with a teacher who will do some acting work with them.
We just had a fire drill. We have one each term.
This term Room 12's and half of Room 11's (the best group of all) kids to go to manual. So surely there will most likely be some interesting stories on the news page about what happened!
This week Harold the Giraffe and Mrs. Dowden, or better known to us as Pete's Mum, from Life Ed. will come and talk to us about heaps of things like peer pressure and things like that.

Congratulations to ex-pupil Mark Petersen and partner, who came fifth in the world beach volleyball champs in Poland this week. Mrs Petersen should be proud!

11th July 2007
It's holidays! Here are a few photos from the reward afternoon last term. Maybe these guys should have been practising soccer. Ryan Nelsen has just signed a new contract at Blackburn Rovers, where he'll be earning $8 million per year, more than the whole All Black squad!!

29th June 2007
Today is the last day of term 2. YAY!! We have a reward afternoon for all of the hard work that we had to do during the school term. We get to bring all sorts of toys and things that we aren't usually allowed to bring. The boys are really excited because they get to bring their skate boards, obviously they have to wear protection like knee pads and helmets, much to their dispair. As in Guy's speech they should wear them, otherwise they might get hurt.
Today is also the last day to hand in your yummy stickers. Our class thinks that we should surprise everyone and hand in all of ours on the last day. Even though we might not win we will get lots of sports gear. We got most of our yummy stickers from our old students that have collected them, thanks Kirsty!
Not that you're old Kirsty...

28th June 2007
This very, very cold morning room 12 and a science extension group from B block set their hot air balloons alight. We made them out of 5 or 9 pieces of tissue paper, some cardboard, glue, copper wire and some cotton wool soaked in methylated spirits. Some went far over the field and some burst into flames very quickly (eh Nimai) and some both like Zoe's! Click here to go to room 12 page to see some cool photos!
Parent teacher interviews have been going since yesterday. Mine is today so I better be really nice to the coolest, best, nicest teacher in the school Mr Hawkes.

27th June 2007
Yesterday our very fit runners went to the interschool cross country at Manawahe and got 10 places under 5th. In the midgets Alyssa Le Lievre got 5th.
In the junior boys Toby Kirkpatrick got 5th Caleb Carter got 3rd and the amazing Sam Mcpherson got 1st!!!
In the junior girls Holly Davis got 4th and Nicky Turpie got 3rd. In the intermediate section in the boys Samuel Burgess got 5th and Kurt Turpie got a great 3rd. In the seniors Pete Dowden (that's me) got an amazing 5th then in the girls Kelli Patterson got 3rd. These people did great because it was freezing and quite draughty
25th June 2007
Yesterday was the last Sunday of rep netball. We had our last round robin game against Rotorua. We won of course, then the semis were after. The 1st placed team played the 4th placed (Harbourside played Te Puke, Harbourside won) and the 2nd placed played the 3rd placed (Whakatane played Rotorua, Whakatane won) then the winner of these two games played off for first and second. What I'm trying to say is that Harbourside won and Whakatane came second for the year 8 bay centre classic challenge. Overall Whakatane came third. We also have four Awakeri School teams that are all different age groups. They're doing so well in the Saturday sports days. The year 8 team is in the reserve A group, the year 7 and 8 team is in the C grade, the year 5 and 6 team is in the B grade and the year 3 and 4 team is in the B grade also. We will hopefully come back with a trophy or two like last year. But we don't want to get our hopes up too high.

22nd June 2007
Today at assembly we found out who had the main parts for this year's operetta, The Wild West. Here are the main parts and the people playing them. Professor Pecksniff played by Emma Magee and Leonie Hall, Sheriff played by Matthew Orr McKeown, Mayor played by Ben Fretwell and the Mayor's wife will be played by Meron McCardle (what a coincidence!!!) Lead Bandit played by Aimee Jones aka Me, Lead Stinker played by Joel Ingle, the two Lawyers Pete Dowden and Kelsi Parker, Ned played by Liam Richards, Drongo Kid played by Guy Kamphorst, Miss Scow played by Shannon Mower and Alice played by Jennifer Cram!!!
P.S. if you say Miss Scow fast it sounds like Miss Cow!
Today we had a special day for parents and family members to come to assembly and have lunch with their children. Leonie, Kere, Kate and Manpreet did their very creative random dance for everyone at assembly!

20th June 2007
A great night at the speech contest final, lots of people and, finally, the winner was Kate McConway! To see the photos and results, click here!

19th June 2007
Well a little while ago we just came back inside out of the freezing cold. We were out there because the speech finalists were drawing out their order for the finals tonight. The order is... 1st Kate McConway 2nd Cameron Rio-Kumeroa 3rd Zoe Johnston 4th Meron McCardle 5th Guy Kamphorst and last but not least Jemma Shaw. Good luck to all of these people for tonight! Remember anyone is welcome to come and watch, 7pm start.
Talking about freezing, some extremely brave (or silly call it what you like) people were playing with the ice on the seats and tables outside.
P.S. Did you know this morning on the way to school it was 0 degrees!!!!!!!!

18th June 2007
This morning all of 'C' block did the 12 minute run for the third time this year. We did two in the first term and one this term. We do one each term to see how much fitter we have got from last time.
14th June 2007
As you know the semifinals for speeches have been held this week and everyone did very well but the six people going in the finals are Jemma Shaw, Meron McCardle, Guy Kamphorst, Cameron Rio, Zoe Johnston and Kate McConway. Congratulations to all these people! The finals are on Tuesday night at 7pm in the staff room, you are welcome to come.
Have a look at room 10's page to see some of the semi finalists doing their speeches.

11th June 2007 Here are some great photos of the cross country, taken by Mrs Gordon and Kelsi Parker. Check out the results there too.

8th June 2007
"And the new record for the 12 and 13 year old boys is..." Taylah Bateson has won and broken the 12 and 13 year old boys record, set by David Ernest in 2006.
Yes there it was, another year of successful cross country (well as Mr Hawkes would say 'happy country' yes he is such a great comedian). There were some great and exciting race with a few ties, falls and some broken records by great and enthusiastic runners. Even if they didn't get a placing all of the kids that ran and walked the long and prickly course did so well. The worst thing that happened was that Meron McCardle tripped over a log (which wouldn't have happened if she was wearing shoes. She was the only one who didn't wear shoes in the 12 and 13 year old girls race.) and fractured her toe so she had to go to hospital to get it put back into place. (I got this lovely information from the two people that were at the scene, yes obviously Meron who is at school today but on crutches and Aimee Jones who came to comfort her, but she didn't miss out on running in her race.)

Also for exciting news there was a 'Yo Ho Ho assembly' where the juniors dressed up, sung some songs and paraded around in their lovely costumes. In the morning they had another performance to the adults and others who came to watch their cute show, and after had a treasure hunt,. Only to find a trrrreasure chest (which was actually a bucket, but we can imagine, can't we.) filled with goodies, well lolly pops to be exact. The best thing was that the great photographers got one too!!! Oh yeah, the parents got one as well.
If you want to see the awesome photos click here. Be ware that you might get scared of a few mean and nasty pirates.

If you're wondering what I'm yumming about, it is because the Enviro Group, or should I say The Lean Green Enviro Team was having a sausage sizzle to raise funds for a great cause, to paint a target on the big wall beside the balancing beams. The line to get a sausage or a drink was almost up to the playground and it stayed like that until about 20 to 1. The line stayed at atleast 10 people all lunch time. Luckily I didn't have to wait in line. I didn't have to even leave the class room because I had a special person that kindly went to go and get me one because I was slaving by the computer all lunch time, nah just jokes. I know that I'm just kidding because in our class we are starting to study slavery for topics. Some children were so cheap because they were waiting around for the price to get lowered. I won't go naming names though.

7th June 2007

"Thank you for listening to my speech." Sorry you just missed the last of the class speeches but there are still two more chances in the semi finals also if you want to see the best of the school come to the finals, in the staff room on Tuesday the 19th June. So you're probably wondering who the semi finalists are. Well to my pleasure the semifinalists are; Ari Willson-Porter, Caleb Sheather, Lily Vincent, Kymberly Le Lievre, Meron McCardle, Kate McConway, Emma Magee, Fiona Coulter, Cameron Rio-Kumeroa, Aimee Jones, Pete Dowden, Jemma Shaw, Zoe Johnston and Guy Kamphorst!!!!!!!! Congratulations to all these people!
It's cross country this afternoon.
7th June 2007
Yesterday we went to Trident High School's "Man Of Steel" play. We saw many of Awakeri's ex-students which was cool. Many of us thought it was so good, we tried to get a ticket to go see it again! But sorry folks, they're completely sold out for every show!
5th June 2007

Tomorrow all of 'c' block (senior school) will be going to watch the Trident High School show 'The Man of Steel'. Hopefully we will be seeing some of our ex students in it. Eh Kirsty, you didn't even tell us!
On Thursday this week the school cross country will be held YAY!!! (NOT!!!) Parents are welcome to come and watch. Two very talented*cough*, good looking*cough*, intelligent*cough* room 12 students went out this morning to go and help the greatest*cough* principal and teacher set up some of the brilliant*cough*, fun*cough* cross country course.
In senior school the speech competition is being held. It is not the semifinals yet the students are just performing their speeches to their class.
P.S. did anyone notice how special the date is today 5/6/07!! and the very talented Zoe Johnston figured out that at 1:23.04 on the 5/6/07 it will be 1234567!!. Doesn't that show just how very talented Awakeri School students are!!
30th May 2007
Yesterday the very funny author Brian Falkner come to Awakeri School. The books he has written are 'Henry and the Flea', 'The Real Thing' and 'Super Freak'. Henry and the Flea is about a 12 year old boy who can make the world around him go in slow motion. He uses this ability to get him into the Warriors Rugby league team. The Real Thing is about a boy called Fizzer and he also has a special ability. He can tell fizzy drinks from each other.
He held a competition with 6 Awakeri children and they had to tell other fizzy drinks from each other. The drinks were diet coke, vanilla coke, pepsi, coke from a can and coke from a bottle. The winner was Jemma Shaw!!!! She got all 5 right which means that her name will be the name of one of the characters in one of Brian's new books. Click here to see some photos!
Have a look at Brian Falkner's website, it's awesome, truly, and Don't Click on the button thats says Do Not Click!!

28 May 2007
On Saturday some great kids *Cough, me, cough* Played AND umpired netball. The news that I'm trying to tell you is that I made it into the Whakatane Representative year 8 team. For 3 Sundays in June we go to Te Puke, Tauranga and Whakatane to play in the centre classic round. Last year I got into the year 7 team and it was really fun and a great learning curve. We came 4th last year! (That was pretty good.)
The great School team is what persuaded me to play netball.
Some news about soccer will come back to me about the representative selections.

In other news the school cross country is coming up next Thursday. I hope that the kids are all fit and if they are up to it they can particepate in the inter school cross country in Manawahe. That's if they come 1st to 10th.
Senior student are tremblinjg oin their shoes becauseit's that time again... SPEECHES some kids are doing theirs today but they are all spread out during this and next week.

25th May 2007
Yesterday was the inter rugby netball day but these kids didn't have to do a sport. 'Hear me AIMEE' Some kids even girls were brave enough to take part in the rugby. There were three senior teams and about three intermediate teams. I think that they did pretty well but came home bruised and battered, like Leah how she hurt her wrist and how Aimee came back complaining about her soar everything. (Just think about of those all blacks that have to play.)
The netball girls on the other hand had had a slip and slide around the courts because the courts were wet and mossy. (Atleast one court was). There were 4 teams that took part in the competition. Two year 4,5 and 6 teams and two year 7 and 8 teams. The closest that one of our teams got to the top was winning 4 games and loosing 5 games.
21st May 2007

Click here to see some cool pictures of room 10 and 11's camp at Tui Ridge!
18th May 2007
Mr. and Mrs. Fitz went to Ireland and London for a lovely holiday. I went and talked to Mr. Fitz about their holiday and he showed me some awesome pictures, these are some of the things he told me... Mr and Mrs. Fitz were at the Hong Kong airport and the walkway was miles long! When the went to London they saw many famous palaces, statues and mansions. They got to see Princess Dianna's beautiful palace and the amazing Buckingham Palace also the saw Big Ben. And Henry the 8th, you know the guy who killed al his wives, well they went there too. In quite a few of the old mansions they had beautiful stained glass windows. For those who don't know there is a spectacular castle in London called Saint Michael's and at high tide you have to take a boat over but at low tide a path is revealed and you can walk or take your car across! Did you know it is true that King Arthur had a huge table that him self and his knights sat around. Mr Fitz saw it. He said that it would have been about 6m long and about 15cm thick. Mr and Mrs Fitz went when the ANZAC parade was on. Over there ANZAC day is a huge thing. Heaps of royal people turn up and there are also heaps of armed offend squads watching out for terrorists! some body was pushed up against a wall and strip searched because they thought he was a terrorist. This was in the middle of the street!Ok well now we are in Ireland, the oldest pub in the world is called 'Brazen Head' also this is something that Mr Fitz found very amusing, there were two pubs there called the Fitzgerald pub! Scattered all through Ireland are heaps of religious statues everywhere. There were even Leprechaun crossing! Between 1845 and 1850 there was a huge famine in Ireland and they had basically no food. During that period 9000 people died they didn't have enough coffin's so they sadly had to just bury those people in pits in the ground. And last but not least there is a castle in Ireland called the Balani Castle and it has the sacred 'Balani Stone' and what you do you go near the top of the castle and lean back over a wall kind of then and kiss the rock.
16th May 2007
Well Mr. Fitz ,came back to good old Awakeri on Monday. So Mr. Hawkes is back teaching room 12. Next week on Thursday it is the inter school netball and rugby day. The kids gave been practising through out the week. Soon I should have some news on here about Mr. Fitz's trip!

11th May 2007
Recently, at lunch times, some kids have been using the back courts for skipping. Also some awesome, beautiful, talented, charming and good looking senior students have been playing King Dodgeball, thanks to Mrs Laurent for teaching us this cool game! We are starting to play it as one of our lunch time house competitions.
Mr. Fitz thankfully *cough cough* will be coming back next week. We know he has especially been missing Aimee and Jemma terribly.
We have just interviewed acting principal Mr Hawkes. He said he preferred teaching room 12. He said this because principals have to sort out 'messy' problems. For example the water wasn't working this morning so Mr Hawkes spent 1 hour trying to sort out the problem!
It is Mr Hawkes's second time at being acting principal.
Another part of being principal is having to go to courses. He went to a Civil Defence course to teach the children how to act in an emergency. Did you know that the Bay of Plenty is prone to all 6 natural and non-natural disasters. They are floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, volcanic eruptions and medical disasters such as any epidemics and other things like oil spills.

3rd May 2007
Well the room 10 and 11 kids should be preparing themselves for their camp next week. They will be going to Tui Ridge camp just out of Tauranga. There are going to be a lot of things happening this term such as the rugby/netball day, the speech contest and cross country and most likely a lot more.

26th April 2007
Well all of the winter sports are underway like the best sport NETBALL and all of the other sports like soccer, hockey and badminton. So I hope that everyone will be a good sport and play their hardest and if they're really lucky they might even win a game or two! Also yesterday was ANZAC day so there would have been some people with rings around their eyes from waking up for the dawn parades held. If they were smart they would have gone to bed earlier than usual but anyway most of the people were glad that there was a day off.

23rd April 2007
Welcome back everyone! Good news nobody came back to school with broken bones (well I think so anyway)

22nd April 07
Tomorrow is the start of term two. We will have a new class, with the jun
ior rooms being split up. Mrs Parker moves to Room 2, with Mrs Purches in Room 3. Mr Sheather is going to be taking his groups in the computer suite.

5th April 2007
Yesterday I had an i
nterview with Mr. Fitz. I was talking to him about how he is going to Ireland on Saturday, to go and see where his Great Grandparents grew up. This is how the children had to live years ago. Mr. Fitz's Great Grandfather died when they had 11 children living at home. When he had died the mother could no longer look after the children, simply because she was the only parent of this family and she no longer had a husband to support her. It then came too much, so she sadly had to give her children, aged from 8 to 12 years old, away as servants in different countries. One of those countries was New Zealand.
Mr. Fitz will also be going to an Anzac service while he is there.
Mr. Hawkes will be acting principal until Mr. Fitz gets back. Room 12 will be taught by Mrs Laurent.

3rd April 2007
These lucky children
got to skip school today for one of the best things in the world (and NO Mr.Hawkes I'm not talking about soccer!!!) I'm talking about HORSE RIDING. These special kids went to a Gamblers Stakes which is an event where you ride a horse around a cross country course (normally in the morning) and there is a range of amount of jumps depending on the place. There are different heights too but at each jump you can only jump one height. The higher the jump the more the points you get. Normally after lunch you choose a course of 6 out of 12 jumps in a showjumping arena and, like the Gamblers Stakes, the higher the jump the more points you get. These lucky kids even got to represent AWAKERI School (the best school ever). By now you must be wondering who are these cool kids? Well they are; ME Kelsi Parker, Hannah Van Der Horst, Molly Bradley and Alesha Gisler (from Ohope school because we didn't have enough people to make a team of 4). We didn't get any places but it was a first for everyone to compete in a Gamblers Stakes on the horses that they were on.

29th March 2007
Yesterday we had the touch tournament. It went really well. Luckily the rain held back for the day which was really good (except it had rained a bit that morning so the fields were quite slippery!). There were heaps of kids and parents that turned up. Today most peoples mu
scle are quite sore (mine are anyway!) and I'm guessing that Josh's finger is still a bit sore (eh Josh, Joel and Sam really need to learn to keep their mouths shut!!!). But over all it was a really neat day! Click here to see a few pictures.

26th March 2007
In two days we have the interschool touch tournament. There will be 450 kids competing in the event. Awakeri students have been practicing every week although we actually have only had 3 practices so far... But hey! Awakeri has teams from middle school and 10 teams from senior school. We have this tournament every year. The highlights of our last practice was Manpreet scoring a run-away try and Pete scoring a great intercept. Well done!

22nd March 2007
Some Top School photos are here.

20th March 2007
Remember, parent-teacher interviews Wed and Thurs. School ends at 12.25 pm on both days. Some children will be living in fear of what might be discussed, eh Kelsi!

19th March 2007
We had Top School yesterday and everything went great! There were heaps of schools that entered the competition. All together
25 schools turned up. Each had a team and cheerleaders. Mr Fitz did something that made everybody laugh, instead of saying everyone get your teams ready he said get your toilets ready!!! Although lucky for him not everybody heard but really most people did!!!! All did very well! The Awakeri team came third and so did our cheerleaders! Congratulations!!!! But the overall winners were Rangitaiki Independent, Well done! Over the whole day we raised about $29000!! Thanks to all the parents and teachers who helped with judging, the food tent, the activities and stalls. It was a really enjoyable day!

16th March 2007
We have Top Sch
ool this Sunday Yay!!!!!! We have been getting things set up on the field during the week and tomorrow some parents, teachers and kids will be coming to help set up the rest of equipment. At Top School, schools from around the area come and compete against each other in heaps of activities like... Up up and away!, Stitch in time and heaps more. The team that will be representing Awakeri are Zara Fowell, Meron McCardle, Kelli Patterson, Jemma Shaw, Zoe Johnston, Pete Dowden, Taylah Bateson, Jayden Haddock, Guy Kamphorst, Alex Christensen and the reserves are Emma Magee and Matthew Orr-Mckeown so congratulations to all those people. They are doing very well with all the training. Also each school has a cheerleading team. Today the Awakeri cheerleaders showed us what they have been practicing so hard at. It was really neat! They looked great. Top school has heaps of things like a garage sale and loads of fun games! Well hope to see you all there.

13th March 2007

Lots happening. Top School this Sunday. Everything is getting ready. Room 12 are back from their cool camp. Check out the photos.
Interschool swim sports were cancelled today, then it turned out sunny, until lunch time. Oh well!
Mr H is here doing lessons on recycling with all the classes.
Room 7 went to the museum yesterday.

1st March 2007
Today we had the swimming sports at Edgecumbe College. Yr 4s to yr 8s participated in the event. In the house relay Rimu house won (of course). In the adults and teachers vs the winning house, sadly Mr. Hawkes's team won but I think that Mrs Coulter made that happen :) Overall we had a really good day, there were quite a few tired looking faces. A highlight was the new boogie board relay.
Yesterday we had the senior school fun(d) raiser. There were 7 food groups and heaps of activity stalls. The activity stall which raised the most money was 'Glow Worm Tours' they made about $90. In total we raised $1530 which we help pay for the camps we have this year. Thanks to all of our customers who supported us throughout the lunch hour. We beat the old record by $55.
Yesterday the top school team was named...... Jemma, Zoe, Meron, Zara, Emma, Kelli
Jayden, Taylah, Guy, Mathew O, Pete and Alex. Lets hope they do us well!!!!!
Also yesterday we had a cool mime artist Svargo do a performance. We loved the robot moves, the Rapunzel play and the way he got kids up to participate. Meron rode a mean motorbike!

27 February 2007
Room 10 had their turn on the Friday Freedom today. They had a nice flat day, only three kids were sick. Mr Fitz cheated by taking sea sickness tablets! On Saturday the year 7s had a windy day with a good swell, so they had lots of fun! They also saw two pods of dolphins! Some kids are only just recovering from that trip now!! Click here to see some cool photos.

23 February 2007
Well this morning at 8:15 room 12 arrived at the boat ramp at the Whakatane Heads (well most of us arrived at 8:15 anyway) We then put our bags in Mrs Jones's car (coolest mum ever), got our life jackets fitted and then we were off. We went over the bar in 'Sea Three' which is one of P.Js White Island boat. We met 'Friday Freedom' out at sea which is the sailing boat we were going to go on. Carefully with great skill we swapped boats and once we were seated the crew went over the safety rules. We were sorted into two groups. The first group went to the front of the boat and put the sails up and took turns at steering the boat while the other group sat and w
as told sailing stories by one of the crew members. We also went into the crews' cabin. It was a really neat morning with only a few white faces. Some great photos are coming.

22nd February 2007
Today we had more P.A.Ts sooo much fun *cough cough* and we all go off to different classes in our age groups. Anyway us yr8 girls went to room 12. After we had finished we played a game called 'head bands.' Meron was Barney, Jemma was Renee, and last but definitely not least Renee was Michael Jackson. After about 3 or 4 rounds Meron and Jemma guessed who they were but Renee started having to be given clues. This is what happened....

Renee: Am I a girl?
Class: No
Renee: Am I an animal?
Class: No
Renee: Clue
Class: You're a famous singer
Renee: Where do I perform?
Class: We can only answer yes or no
Renee: Say yes or no then
Class: Umm... Yes
Renee: Oh what?!?!
Renee: What colour is my hair?
Class: Yes
Renee: What? clue
Class: You like noses
Renee: I know... PINOCCHIO!!!!!!
*Class fills with laughter*
Class: You were brown but now you are really really white
Renee: These clues are getting me no where!!!!!!

And that's how she humiliated herself in front of all the yr 8 girls!

21st February 2007
Top school time! Some brave kids are trying out for the top school team. They first had to do a 700m run and now they have to do a shuttle run carrying objects from either side of the line varying in size and weight from a tennis ball to a chair all did this in under 45 seconds. Wow that's why there aren't many people trying out for the team. People have to be strong, light, and able to work in a team well. Only five boys and five boys are to be in the team. The team will be named in a few days, be there or be square!!
Today Mrs Prodger saw a very funny sight, a kid came to school HANDCUFFED! no Cody Baker-Bragg hadn't been arrested he was playing with some toy handcuffs and some how he lost the key, so he arrived with a handcuff around one of his wrists and it was rather tight. He couldn't get it off so Mr Fitz came to the rescue (like he always does) some how Mr Fitz dismantled the handcuffs and Cody was set free (lucky for him).
Well its the time for P.A.Ts... AGAIN! Us kids favourite part of the year *cough cough* It's rather boring when you've finished and other people are still going. I probably would have resorted to counting the dots on the tiles of the ceiling but I have already done that. Did you know that there are 450 dots on one tile on the ceiling. On Friday this week and Tuesday next week the year eights are going on a sailing boat called Friday Freedom for a few hours.

16th February 2007
So I thought I might tell you how us great news page monitors got to be the news page monitors (well actually Mr Hawkes suggested that I should) Well we had to write a fake news story about house captain elections. Here are the great stories that got I (Aimee Jones), Pete Dowden and Kelsi Parker selected...

"Hi my name is Pete and I think you should vote..." Yip it's that time again the votes for the house captains but not any house only the best house... KOWHAI! Yes kowhai named after a tree but that's enough of that. The votes were tallied and in came Mr Fitz in his most booming voice "and the Kowhai house captains are Guy Kamporst, Peter Dowden, Emma Magee and Lisa Geary."
Pete Dowden

Yesterday was an afternoon where the children of Awakeri School had the hardest decision of all... choosing house leaders. The house leaders need to be strong, wise, fast thinking and most importantly good looking and the children have to decide on that in only 5-10 minutes. They can only choose two yr 8 boys and two yr 8 girls which makes it even harder. Only the best of the best get chosen and the others get picked off one by one. The houses range from Rata, Kowhai, Tawa, and most importantly Rimu! (I wonder what house she's from)
Kelsi Parker

Yesterday a great, excellent, beautiful group of children from Rimu (of course) voted for new house captains. The people who they could vote for were *drum roll please*
Ben Fretwell, Cam Rio, Sydney Jones, Steven Cosgrove and from the girls side Leah Sheather, Meron McCardle, Kelsi Parker and the coolest person around Aimee Jones. Yay Me! Sadly Aimee Jones, coolest person around, did not make it but these cool people did... Leah Sheather, Meron McCardle, Ben Fretwell and Cam Rio. YAY!!!!!!
Aimee Jones

15th February 2007
Well today is the first time us great website monitors are having a go at writing on the website. The awesome people that are going to be looking after this page are Aimee Jones(me) Kelsi Parker and Pete Dowden. Well today we had the first fire drill of the year. We have one fire drill every term. Lucky for Josh*cough cough* he was bleeding and Joel's head was aching caused by a slight collision.

14th February 2007
Today it was confirmed who the website monitors are for 2007!
They are Matthew O-M, Brittany Harder, Kere Matthews, Lucy Rannali, Shannon Mower, Caleb Sheather, Pete Dowden, Zara Fowell, Leonie Hall, Aimee Jones, Guy Kamphorst, Kelsi Parker and Zoe Johnston! Congratulations! Let's hope they can do as good a job as last year's monitors!
Tomorrow there is the first trial to see who gets into the Top School team. There are 41 people trying out for the 12 person team.
Next Friday the Yr 8's from Rm 12 will make their way into Whakatane to ride on a big yacht called Friday Freedom. They will spend 2 hours on the boat, 1 hour under the deck the other on the deck. The Yr 8's from Rm 10 will do the same on the following Tuesday. The Yr7's could choose if they wanted to go on Saturday or not. Click here if you want to see more about the Friday Freedom.

Still want to see what our last year's year eights look like? Well here they are before they got put into uniforms!

7th February 2007
Today the students have started school after a long break.
A lot of kids were feeling a bit nervous with a new teacher, confused because of the changes or happy because they're back at school.
Coming up in week 3, we have the fundraiser when the senior school raise money for school and camps.
We'll start getting each class's pages up to date on the website next week, when we sort out our new website monitors. Until then.... it's just me, Zara!

2nd February 2007
Due to large numbers of enrolments in the junior school, students' placements in rooms throughout the school for this year are being reorganized. Some students will be placed in rooms different to what was stated in their school reports last year. Students will know their placement on the 7th February, the first day of school.
Welcome back to Mrs Plews, who used to teach at Awakeri three years ago, and to Mrs Wardell, who used to be Miss Young, and Mrs Purches, who used to be Miss Clancy! Mrs West is away on leave at the moment.

25th January 2007
Not much of the holidays left everyone! Enjoy your last days of freedom. Lots of last year's year eights have their uniforms all ready for high school. Kia toa, kia manawanui!

Old News Do you want to look at the news from last year and before that? It is reeeeaaallllly cool. Click here to find that interesting old news from 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 or even 2002 and before.