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Awakeri School
Room 3

Who are we?

We are a class of 20, we love art, pe, writing and maths. We think our teacher Mrs Andrews is the best teacher ever. Our class is the best because we do fun things like art and jump jam. We are sensible and everyone gets along. Our website monitors are Ayla Rowe and Teigan Nolan.

Class News

6th December 2017
These last couple of weeks have been very full on. We have been practising our dance every single day and not to mention all the songs we are practising. Its a lot of practice but we think all our relatives will think it is really COOL! Also we have been making Christmas decorations. We used card board to make a ball to hang on our Christmas tree. We have actually got a real life Christmas tree in our class, it looks awesome. Also we made butter out of goat's milk. I have asked 5 kids (!!) who have told me their opinions on it...
SHAE thought it was nice
BEN thought it was nice
JACK thought it was nice
JOE thought it wasn't nice
KIMBERLY thought it was nice
For mathletics our goal is as many as you can! I have got some results on a couple of kids - Jack got 2 mathletic certificates. Kimberly got 3 mathletic certificates. Ben got 4 mathletic trophies. For maths we have been doing a lot in our prime math books, we all think that these really help. We all wrote about our weekends.
Some big news: it's that we are getting a picnic but we are only allowed fruit at the picnic. We have also planted all our little gardens, there was a couple of them left so we kept them for ourselves.

November 27th 2017
Wow does time fly! It feels like just yesterday we were painting pictures of Whale Island and White Island. Oh wait we were just doing that yesterday. It was so fun we first had to draw an outline go the islands, once we did that we had to dye the background black. Once that had dried we used the white dye to stain the inside, so then we could really see the outline.
For maths we did some activities which were really fun. One of these activities were about division we had to use the whole class as a group and we had to make the class go into even groups.
For reading we also did activities. We had to read a book aloud in groups. We did some awesome play,everyone enjoyed the plays. We also have our swimming this week we are all excited about getting in the water. Our swim days are: Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday
For writing this week we have been writing about our awesome weekends. Some of us got to go fishing or even got to go to Tauranga. All of us are extremely lucky!!! For spelling we have been using these books called little books. In the books it says all the words we need to work on, some of us are up to list 5 which is really good. For the last thing of this exciting couple of days. We have been learning our dance for the end of school this year, the song that we are doing it to is called'' Best Day Of My Life''.

October 27th 2017
Holey look at my New World garden, it has grown so big! We have been growing vege gardens we all got one each and most of them were different veges of flowers, Kimberly has grown a sunflower and it has beaten all of room 3's. We also have been doing the gardens for maths, we used them for maths because we measured how much water to give them a and how much they have grown since the start of the term. We all think that the vege gardens were extremely fun and that we absolutely love having to take care of them. We also are learning about pacifica like Tonga and Vanuatu. These couple of days have been really fun because we have been practising for athletics. We have been taking turns at each event. We also have been having golden times which mean every Friday if we have been good we get to doing some outside games. We do it with a lot of the younger syndicate. Also we have been reading the Enormous Crocodile which we think was really funny! If you want to read some of our awesome recounts scroll down to the bottom you will find Ben's work Arian's work Corey's work and Blake's work.

September 25th 2017
Oops! Sorry Mrs.. Andrews I did not mean to spill paint on the desk. That is okay good manners Corey. Today we have been painting our cans. We are doing our cans because we want to put some flowers in them. We all have agreed that we will make sure we put water in them and make sure they live for at least 3 weeks. We have also been writing about the jump jam squad. They were absolutely awesome we all think that they will win in nationals especially if they do that on stage, and that we think Rhianne did absolutely amazing she was the best one there. We also have been practising athletics again we did a lot of high jump it was cool. Also we have been learning a lot about crocodiles when we went into the computer suite we wrote all the crocodile facts that we learnt. And we even got to find a picture of a crocodile too. We also had some really exciting news we got a NEW STUDENT! Her name is Leighon and she is 6 years old she is really nice and she has made some cool new friends.

15th September 2017
This week has been the best. We got to watch a couple of movies where the movies were based on a story. Once we watched all those awesome movies we did our calendar art which is a butterfly with a blue border and we have to color in the butterflies with a wet sponge. Once we had finished a part of our calendar art we started to paint out tins. We are painting tins because after we finish them we get to put flowers of our choice in the jar. We got to also do more painting but this was a painting of ducks. We painted ducks because we read The Ugly Duckling. We also wrote stories of books that Mrs. Andrews read.

30th August 2017
This week we have been doing some really cool stuff like making some awesome poems for fathers day, we can either make funny ones or really kind ones. We are all excited about fathers day because some of us are going to the snow or because us room 3 kids are so lucky we get to even go to a different country. We also have been writing some recounts about our awesome weekends. We are all kind of sad though because all the sports have stopped like hockey soccer etc. We also got to go to room 12 and make these awesome clocks which everyone was excited to make, room 12 was really nice and helpful. Then also we got to make butterflies. We made one type by painting half of it then squashing the other side if it on to it so we didn't have to paint the other side and then thy also looked identical. But we also got to make one with tea bags we dipped them in paint and covered them on paper. We have had a full on week!

28th July 2017
These past few days we have been learning how to make these things called spinners. You can make them by cutting a circle out of cardboard then you make a whole in the centre of the circle. Once that is done you slide some string in the hole. Then you decorate the circle you want then it is done. They remind us of fidget spinners, but they are not the same. Even though they work similar to the fidget spinners. We also got Constable Maree again she is so nice. She has been talking to us about if your mum and dad don't tell you to go home with someone else you don't and if someone tells you that, you tell your parent when you get home. Then she talked to us about where we feel comfortable being touched. And if you don't then you say "Stop it. I don't like it."
We have been doing a lot of art work this week. One or these things was when we were doing tiki art. What we did was cut out a real cool pattern then we coloured them in and Mrs Andrew hung them up.

6th July 2017
Thank you Constable Maree you are the best. This week we have been talking to constable Maree about whether you should go with someone when they say to, but the answer is NO!!! She told us to never go in another persons car if your parents have not said you should. We got a couple of pictures to colour in for that and loads of safety tips about strangers. It was really fun! Today we get to make butterflies the reason behind this is because we have been learning about colors, talking about colors. Our awesome teacher said that we are going to use the seamonkey's tank to put dyes in it to make it colorful. But just to let you know there are no sea monkeys in the tank, because sadly the seamonkeys have died. In math we have been having to color in halves and quarters this is because our new topic is fractions so we will be doing loads of fraction things. Yesterday we did a spelling test, the brainy class dont need to worry because we are so smart. Did you know that some of us in the weekend played Opotiki for hockey and we won but the best news we were in the newspaper. After the holidays we are going to go for a school trip to fly the kites. We are making this is to celebrate matariki.

30th June
We have a new boy in our class named Mason. He is a cool person to have in our room. Next week we are saying goodbye to Georgia because she is moving away from Awakeri to the Hawkes Bay. We will all miss her but we hope she will have fun at her new school and make heaps of new friends! In class we read a book called Nanny And The Rainbow which taught us all about the colours. Next we did an overnight test by putting primary paint colours in cups. Then we put a special type of paper with each end in the cup full of paint, and an empty cup. When we came back the next morning all the paint had walked from one cup to the other! How cool is that? We have changed our fitness to ball skills with a little bit of hoola-hooping. It's so much fun! Another thing for reading is we read a book at school then we each get a copy to take home and read to our caregivers! We keep working in our smartwords book. We will soon finish it and move onto the next level. Yay!!

13 June In the past few days we have been making peace flags, the reason we have been making flags is because we were learning about how peace means kindness and sharing. We watched a video with funny creatures in that all made friends in the end, Mrs. Andrews told us that if we do a great job of the flags they will be going in the Whakatane library. We also have been making cows the reason for this is because we read the story ' The Cow That Jumped Over The Moon.' We then made a circle than with that we painted it a blue and white colour than we got the cows and stuck them on the very top of the moon. On Tuesdays we got to go on the space net it was the funniest in our opinion we thought it was better than the wooden tower.We managed to climb all the way up to the top which was soo exciting! We have been buddy reading with room 12 it has been so FUN! Our first time we did it we got a partner since then we have had the same partner unless they were sick, we have been doing it with them for at least 5 days a week. We are all friends with our new parnters now! Whaea Andrea has been teaching us all these types of fruits we now know apple banana and pear. Also we have been doing our pepeha we can nearly remember it of by heart.

17th May 2017
These past few days we have been writing stories and we have been trying to use where, what, when, how and it has been so fun! When we used the how, what etc we based it on the weekends. most of us went to the hot pools so we all wrote about that. We have had constable Maree who talked all about the human body. It was really interesting, we learnt way more body parts and then we got a couple of sheets to colour in. We also got to watch a really cool video about bullies. We all have agreed that we will never bully each other and we will never break the promise. On our sticker chart we have a couple of people that has managed to get there. They were so excited they actually screamed. The bad thing was that we had to wait to get to eat it.

9th May 2017
Today we have been making bunnies. It was the funniest things to make, we made cute bunny ears to go on the front and a big bushy tail to go on the other side of the basket. Our teacher said we were allowed to put whatever we want to in it. Then we wrote some stories on how to make them. Check them out below! We also made some monsters but we haven't finished them yet so we are going to keep them as a surprise next week. We have had 4 kids from room 2 move into room 3. Our new friends are happy and we are all getting along. Their names are.. Innes, Jack, Georgia, Nihal.
We are all bringing home books to read to our parents. Now we are working hard on making Pig The Pug poems. It is based on a story we read about Pig who is a dog. All the sea monkeys have died, R.I.P little buddies! Next week we will be getting more so now we will have to look after them as much as we did with the older ones.
We have been EXTRA GOOD!!!!!! this week the reason behind this is because our teacher has set this chart up so whenever you are being good she gets a sticker and puts it on your chart and when you fill the chart which is 25 boxes we get a lolly. The teacher has bought another packet because we are being extra good!!!

2nd May 2017
Yay! We are back at school for a jam packed term of learning! So far we have been learning about safety one of the type of safeties was about safety on the farm like dogs. Another safety project we are learning about is learning our home address and phone numbers off by heart. We are finishing our Easter baskets by making them out of paper and colouring them beautiful. We have also been to see Harold and he taught us about our body parts. We have stories about our holidays, check them out below!

10th April 2017
We have been learning all about cows, it was very interesting. All of room three was allowed to make 3D cows, we used paper to make them. Once we have finished that task we are going to make a moon, the reason for this is because we also read the book.. The Cow jumped over the moon.
We all have been writing about the terrible flood. If you want to know all about the flood scroll down to Students Work and take a look. We are very thankful because pretty much none of our houses flooded. Last week some people from room 2 moved into room 3 and they are doing awesome! R.I.P little sea monkeys. Some our sea monkeys have died of old age. At least they lived a happy life! Some of them are still alive but are getting old.

March 23rd
We wrote about the safety gear you need on a boat and we found out you need to take a lot of things! Don't forget your life jackets! We made sunflowers with our faces in the middle. We used crayons and paint to make our flowers are beautiful. one of our sea monkeys is fully grown and is the biggest one, our teacher has been cleaning their tank weekly and it has no a single spec of dirt. We also have made some monsters they have got fangs and some are purple and some are red.
We also got a visit from Room 2 they came and we all did some masks together. We cut them out we didn't have to make designs because they were already printed for us. Then we all got a piece of paper were we used that for the back to keep it on. We then stapled it on with the help of Mrs Andrews, and then we made the eye holes. IT WAS THE BEST!!!

March 16th

Mrs Andrew has bought us some sea monkeys for us to learn about. We have to use a magnifying glass so we can see them, we have discovered that they have less than half a centimeter of tail. We all get a turn of looking at them. They are adorable. We have these seamonkeys because of the book we read and because of that we have studied them. Happy birthday to Cory who turned six at school yesterday! We all got lollies to celebrate his birthday. We all had so much fun!!! We got to do P.E today and we did skipping, going under a net,doing some hopscotch and gutterboarding.


March 3rd
We have been making fish and jelly fish. We had to colour them and cut them out. We went to the pool and have been using flutterboards to get across to the other end. It was fun and cold. Mrs Andrews has been throwing toys in for us to get as a game. We also have been writting about jelly fish and a fireman saving a cat stuck in a fire. Down below in Students' Work are some of the stories.

Febuary 17th 2017

We have been making tikis. We have done this by colouring this tiki art from Mrs Andrew. She gave also all the things to do in little groups then we dyed them green and blue. We also got these pictures of a goose and had to colour them in it took a long time as we were working very hard to colour in the lines and make it tidy. We got our prime math books today. We all sat patiently on the mat while our teacher named all of them very tidily. They were all clean and brand new. I could smell the brand new books! We also did a spelling test. It was a very long one we all had been practising for a couple of days now.

Students' Work

On the holidays my cousins came over we had a water and bubble bath all over the tramp and Nevaeh had a sleepover.
By Ben Grimes

On Saturday my mum told me we were going to Auckland, first we were going to hire a van which has 12 seats. We were going to first find a hotel then we were going to go to rainbows end, and we were going to go on the roller coaster.
By Arian Phillis

On Friday me and nana and grandad went to the Coramandel. It was as hot as lava. We went to New World and I got some chewing gum, the flavour was strawberry.
By Blake Heath

In the holidays me my mum and my cousins went to jump. We played air hockey and I won. Then we went to the ball pit, I got covered really well. Then we played a game and I caught the ball and last of all we played basketball and I got it in the big hoop.
By Corey Munn

Bunny baskets
First we got a paper plate and we folded it. Then we got a piece of card and we drew a shape of a bunny and cut it out and coloured it in.
By Corey

Bunny Baskets
First we got a paper plate then we put the ears on the bunny. Next we had to get an eigth piece of pink paper to scrunch up for the nose.
By Blake

Bunny Baskets
First we got a paper plate then we halved it. Next we cut out ears for our bunny basket. After that,we stapled the handle on it then we scrunched up a piece of pink paper for the nose.
By Ben

On the Weekend we went to Nan's. We went to the gardens.
By Wilson Carter

There was a flood in my house. But it was not that big, the rain was raining for days. The rain flooded my paddock I am happy because the plants can grow and I can splash in the puddles.
By Shae

On Wednesday Inne's home had water around his whole house because of the rain. So Inne's family came to my family's house. Until Sunday when they went to Gisborne. They got out in a digger bucket. If they didn't get out that way they would have got wet. My daddy was at the flood yesterday. Daddy came home at half past four in the morning. Dad had flood videos on his phone. They were cool videos. Inne's dog was called Balae. Balae has three legs. Balae is a good girl.
By Kimberly

Jellyfish in the ocean eat other jellyfish. Some jellyfish are skinny amd some are enormous and some even light up.
By Kimberly

Some Jelly fish are big and some are not. Jellyfish have tentacles so they can swim. Jellyfish float. Some Jellyfish eat other jellyfish.
By Tahlia

Teacher's Message