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Awakeri School
Room 3

Who are we?

We are Room 3, the best class in the school. We are always welcoming and friendly to everyone who comes in our class. Our teacher is Mrs Munn she is so kind and caring. We so have fun with our learning, We are the best class in the school. Our class is full of year 1's.

Class News

17 December: This week is the last week of the term. We are very excited. Yesterday Mrs Munn gave us all a present, and today we are Writing a Christmas acrostic poem and watching a movie with pop corn and marshmallows. We have also been doing some Christmas math. A lot of us have been having fun playing marbles this term. We have had a great year with Mrs Munn and think she is the best teacher in the world.

29 November: we are getting ready for the end of the year we have no fancy dress this year. we have been learning about bucket filling. This is when you can fill a bucket up with kindness, which can make the person happy or fill is with unkindness and make the person fell upset or hurt. Our aim is to full every bucket with kindness. So we are creating a big bucket for everyone fill. we have a part to colour each. We have been writing sentences about our weekend and working on putting full stops in. In Te reo we have been learning to count in Maori, while playing buzz and bingo. We have also been singing the colour song. We have also been working on our handwriting. We did some writing on Davy D Dog.

11 November: We have been busy these past few weeks with athletics, we all enjoyed so much. We have also had a marae trip, we went to the marae in Whakatane. We did a whole lot of activities like poi and saying our mihi's. For art we have been doing a lot about the rugby world cup. We drew our own rugby ball and decorated it. We did at bit of work on firework safety, our favourite type of fire work is the sparklers, because we could write our names with the light. We have had a fun few weeks, over all very busy.

31 October: This week has been a short week. We have had only four days, two of them being athletics. We had field events on Wednesday and track this Friday. We have also been writing some awesome ginger bread man stories, you can see them down below.

23 October: We have a had a great start to this term. We have been a reading a whole bunch of different books and then writing a little bit about them. In math we have been doing some math games. In art we have been drawing some pictures. In writing we have been doing a whole lot on our weekends and the holidays. We are now getting ready for athletics and sprints.

28 August: We have been have a lot of fun learning. This week we had a visit from some firefighters. They were teaching us to be fire wise. We learnt about smoke alarms. We have been working hard on our pet rocks and making them look fabulous. Some of us are doing rabbits, bees, and ladybugs. Some of us are also going to take a animal to ag day.

23 August: Today has been such a fun day, today is book character day! This is where we dress up as our favourite book character. In math we are learning about subtraction. For reading we are reading a book and afterwards we get free time. In art we are creating our pet rocks and making ginger bread men. Lately we have been learning about our weekend.

8 August: Lately we have started some awesome writing about the Three Little Pigs. We have also been learning our A, B, C's and having fun while doing it. We are learning how to add up three numbers at a time. For reading we have been learning to find a certain word and colouring that word in. In writing we have been doing some amazing ginger man writing and made a ginger man picture to go with it. In math we are also learning how to skip count in tens. We have also so started our pet rocks for AG day. We have to paint a lot of layers of paint on the rocks to have a good finish. Our teacher is really organized so we are making an early start.

29 July: Today we have been busy writing about our weekend and what we have been doing. Some of us just stayed home and some of us had sports. We have been doing hand writing. In our class we have been collecting yummy stickers, every time we bring in a sticker we get a house point. In math we have been learning Addition. Some days we play soccer with Room 1. In the computer suite we have been doing reading eggs and mathletics.

26 July 2019 In Writing we have been writing about when we grow up and also the holidays. In Maths we have been learning pluses like 3+5=8.

5 July 2019 In Writing we have been publishing and highlighting punctuation. In reading we have been doing spelling and reading in our fluency box.

6 June For art we have learnt how to colour and make beautiful rockets. In Jump jam we were dancing and laughing. Maicey and Harper are both in TAWA. GO GO TAWA GO GO.

21 May In writing Room 3 has been drawing men and writing "the man". They have also been doing 7 colour by numbers throughout this year.

5 Mar For maths we learn numbers in rainbow colour, it is so much fun. In maths we also do mathletics and number frames. We put plastic blocks in the frames. For writing we do stories that have pictures to go with them. In reading we do Reading Eggs (if you don't know what Reading Eggs is, it is an app that helps Kiwi kids learn reading, writing and spelling out words).

26 Feb Dylan and Harper have been talking to Trista and I about what they do in class. They said we can count to 30 and 40. WOW they're just in Room 3. They did heaps of art like drawing and painting. "We are doing fitness circuits and we do hop - scotch, ladder, and hula. It is so much fun. We make shapes out of foam shapes to make them bigger in size. We also have the song of the week. Here are the songs we've been learning :
1. Ed Sheeran -Sesame Street
2. Hip hop ABC
3. Will. I. am.- What I am
4.Get back up again- Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake"

22 Feb. For maths we have been learning to form numbers and we also started Prime maths. For art we made hands with our buddy class room 9. In reading we buddy read with room 9 twice every week. For handwriting we have been learning how to write in magical books.

Students' Work

\My Gingerbread man is funny and he is happy.

By Harlo

My Gingerbread Man is green. I like my Gingerbread Man because he is colourful.

By Braden

My Gingerbread Man is friendly. He makes me laugh.

By Paige C

My Gingerbread Man had blue legs. I like my Gingerbread Man because he is rainbow.

By William

My Gingerbread Man had two eyes. And he has two arms. He likes to play tag.

By Dylan

My Gingerbread Man plays with people.

By Tobias

My Gingerbread Man is funny. My Gingerbread Man is lovely.

By Cherie

My Gingerbread Man is happy. My Gingerbread Man is pink and she is red too.

By Maicey

My Gingerbread Man is colourful. It is a boy.

By Harvey

My Gingerbread Man is fast. My Gingerbread Man is funny.

By Paige B

My Gingerbread Man likes apples. He likes to play. 

By Emily

I made a Gingerbread Man. He is orange. I made a name. His name is Rainbow.

By Aurora

My Gingerbread Man is funny. He runs to a magic show.

By Jasper

My Gingerbread Man has sharp teeth. He is funny.

By Kyan

My Gingerbread Man is cheeky.

By Lacey

My Gingerbread Man is hungry. My Gingerbread Man is rainbow.

By Arlo

My Gingerbread Man is funny. He makes jokes.

By Evy

My Gingerbread Man is orange. The dog will eat him.

By Lincoln

My Gingerbread Man is fast. He is cool. I like my Gingerbread Man because he is colourful.

By Aria


I went to space. I flew into the sky.



I think gready cat is very hungry. I think gready cat went through his cat door.



On the weekend I went to the supermarket. It was very fun.



when i grow up i want to be a singer.



When i grow up i want to be a famer.


Teacher's Message

Welcome to Room 3! Room 3 has 15 students. We have been focusing on learning routines and classroom expectations and how to use our equipment in class. The children are really enjoying swimming and learning our song of the week which changes each week. We work with our Buddy Class Room 9 twice a week where they are helping us to practise our high frequency words. The children enjoy doing art so feel free to pop in and see what we have on display in class.