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Awakeri School
Room 3

Who are we?

We are a class of 20 with 13 boys and 7 girls.We are being taught by Mrs Andrews. We're energetic,we love to swim, we are kind and caring. The website monitor is Teigan from Room 15.

Class News

June 6th 2018
SHAKE!!!QUICK!!!STOP DROP AND HOLD! This week we have been doing a lot on earthquakes, and how to deal with one if you're actually in this situation, It really helped us practise when there was an earthquake last night, all of us said that we did it. But the people who tried really hard and was extremely fast was: Mckenzie Nurkka, Marley Ahau, Cohen Duffey and Reece Brown. Then we did some singing and dancing to the song called Matariki Makarenga. When were not practising what to do in a earthquake, or singing and dancing were colouring hands in then using them to do addition, we're all finding it a bit easier. Did you know that we have been doing reading and in our groups. Last but not least is our pictures, we have been colouring some awesome pictures of animals and people!

May 14th 2018
Happy Mothers day!!! In our class we made some awesome Mothers Day cards. We wrote poems and drew loads of pictures, we even cut some flowers and stuck them on. Our mums were all really happy.
Some of our best behaved students got loads of lollies. These are some of the students that got some lollies: Olivia Hathaway, Jasmine Schlepers, Anthony Bowel, Miller Spence and Nixon Gilles! All of these kids got some lollies for being well behaved, they got at least 15 stickers each.
Once we did that we wrote recounts, all of us had an exciting weekend. We did some spelling and all of us have improved on at least 2 words. And some more exciting news is that we did another session with rm2, we read a book to our buddy it was very fun! And last but not least was we learnt loads of times tables. We have nearly finished the 2 times tables.

May 4th 2018
GUESS WHAT!!! Mrs Andrews is in South Africa, while Mrs Munn has been in our class for 1 week, we all think she is an awesome teacher and she has always got a positive attitude. Mrs Munn got us to colour in some elephants, at the end they looked extremely cool! Then Mrs Munn read us a book called ''The little Mice''. It was an extremely good book, with loads of good drawings. Then on Monday we did a lot of handwriting Mrs Munn said that it was going to help you when you get older. Did you know that we did a task to do with the alphabet?
We had to fill in the missing gaps with the letters of the alphabet. Then after that we did a real fun challenge we had to roll the dice then plus whatever number is shown. LOLLIES!AND MORE LOLLIES!!! We have got a sticker chart and when you get 24 stickers you get a lolly, but to earn a sticker you have to be very good! But room 3 can easily get a lolly because were the best class in the whole school! And the lucky last thing is cross country practice, where you run relays it is really good practice.

29th March 2018
This was an awesome week, we were finding the Easter bunny. Did you know that we found the Easter bunnies droppings and foot steps, we didn't get to see the Easter bunny, but we all know that he was walking on the field. To go with that, we learnt an awesome Easter song with a couple of dance moves! To top off all of that we made Easter baskets with 3 Easter eggs, we put them in the front so it looks like it's the whole thing.

12th March 2018
Today we did some hand writing, we had to write the alphabet and some numbers 123.... Also we read some fiction books, with the teacher and our buddys. For our home learning we had to write poems. For P.E we jumped in and out of hula hoops, ran through the ladder and some more awesome activities.
We did some posters about ourselves we got to use paint and colouring pens. Last week we had Trillian Trek come in. They gave us drink bottles, frisbees, a kitten photo frame, video games, books, cd's and lots more. We all had an awesome time! There were even fire trucks, police cars and Where's Wally.

18th Febuary 2018
We have been doing lots of swimming and had lots of fun for these past couple of days. We also have been getting some new books from the library, Mrs White has been extremely helpful. She helped us find books and issued and returned them and for the last thing she told us some really good authors and books that we need to read.

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