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Awakeri School News 2004

brought to you by (Click here)

16 December 2004
The last day of school. The very last for 39 of us. We're off to high school next year. Last night's senior social was cool. Today's water fight was full on. Brodi has a bump on her head. There are bruises & pinches everywhere! But it was sad when the year eights left for the last time. Tears and hugs. You can watch the girls hip hop group at Christmas in the Park on Saturday night. Go girls!
Click here to see the wonderful website team, who've brought you all the news and goss this year. Many thanks to Ngahuia and Sarah for this news page. Aren't they creative (and witty, and intelligent, and ...)!
Today was also the last day for Mrs Reid and Mrs Plews. Mrs Reid has retired after many years excellent service and Mrs Plews is off overseas. We wish them well and thank them, very much for all their wonderful work at our school.

15 December 2004
Last night the Awakeri events centre was filled with pandemonium - about 30 monsters, 50 killer fairies and some people who just looked plain weird. Yes that's right last night was Awakeri school's fancy dress night. Everyone was dressed and ready for a fantastic night. The classes showed off their grooving skills to our parents who were dressed as olden day people. Oh, sorry that's just what they wear. Someone who was really old fashioned was Mr Hawkes who was modelling very old clothes. There was also a very dark and scary looking cat woman (Mrs Merry) and a very realistic (yeah, right!) Lady Bug (Mrs Bateson).
The teachers were also nice enough to make us a video pesentation in other words a low budget slide show made on the computer about our year 8s' lives spent at this great school (YEAH RIGHT!) It was the most memorable thing of primary school and hey we got copies!!! It put Sarah R., Ngahuia, Hannah and Julia into tears.
On other news (sad news in fact) we have the rest of this day and then 1/2 a day tomorrow and then Ngahuia and I will be forced to leave this school. We know you'll miss us but contributions to our greatness can be sent to us c/- Mr Hawkes at school. Money will do!!! We would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all our readers and Good Bye! (apart from tomorow where there is a possibility of a website update)

14 December 2004
2 days of school left, well technically it's only and 1/2. We seniors finish on Thursday 12:30 after the annual water fight. The juniors finish on Wednesday at the normal time of 3pm.
Today Tessa and I ( Ngahuia) decided that we would set up a volleyball net. As we have all been playing with a piece of string tied between two buildings. We ventured through the PE shed and managed to find what resembled a volleyball net. So we replaced the piece of string in between the two buildings. Tonight is the Fancy dress. It is a fun night to for the classes to show off their cool dances and also a night to say good bye to the year 8's who are leaving to go to high school. It starts sharply at 7pm in the Awakeri Events centre so don't be late!

9 December 2004 Today is a very busy day in our school. We have reports to give out (very exciting!!!!) and the junior picnic to look forward to. Even though the seniors and middle school aren't invited!!!! About the reports for a minute, it stops being fun when you get to year 8 because you are moving on to high school. We don't get to find out what class were in till later which is pretty sad but we can always look forward to the over-all end comment on our reports!!!

3 December 2004 It was Room 12's assembly today. Zane and Ngahuia were the MCs for the last time. Room 1 told us what they plan to do when they grow up. Later, after Rooms 5, 7 and 13 had shared their work, Sharni, Tyler, Matthew R and Finn did bits of their cool radio broadcasts for everyone. There were lots of laughs.

1 December 2004 Yesterday the seniors started learning the hip hop dance to I Believe. The dance experts Sarah R, Rorey, Ngahuia, Hannah, Julia, Ashleigh, Sarah M, Tyler & Tessa were excellent teachers.
Amy and Ngahuia have been working on a page on how to make poi. Click here for a look.

30 November 2004
On Thursday and Friday the Year 7's and 8's had their intensive. Check out the pics.
The year 8's....
the year 8's took a trip to Mt Maunganui. We spent the morning at a indoor sports centre. WE played loads of games like Netball, cricket and soccer. Then we went to a huge playground for lunch. After our stomachs were full, we got back on our big bus and went to ten pin bowling. Brodi got the highest score of 112. Then we made the trip back to school.

We split up and went to different places. Half the year 8's went to play Golf and the other half went to the skate park and Tauwhare Pa. At golf Michael was very proud of his golf skills getting a hole in 5. At the skate park( where only 3 people brought skates.) we had loads of fun. We played dodge ball in the bowl. Slid down the ramps.Then the battle begun at the Tauwhare Pa. We separated into two groups, an attacking side and a defending side. It was awesome pushing people down the into the trenches and getting pushed. After that we met the year 7's at the hot pools for a swim and a nice hot sausage.

Meanwhile...The yr 7's...


The year 7's did their intensive and went to the complex and we played mass soccer and also did some technology with paper etc. After we had a yum lunch of chicken and chips. Then we painted our house flags and signs. Each house (Rata, Kowhai, Rimu and Tawa) of year 7's organised the groups of who's doing what.

On FRIDAY.....
Had fun at the Barr's Farm playing: Spilly Billy, Electric Fence, Ice Bergs, Radioactive.
After a cold rainy day we walked to the Awakeri Pools and had a BBQ.
For the electric fence you have plank of wood and you have to get all six people across the other side of the fence. Spilly billy you have to get water from the stream and fill a bucket of water and run with the bucket tied to a rope and fill a bin with water. Ice bergs you have to make sure that every one is on a mat all ways you will lose your mat which be harder for you to get to the last mat. Radio active you have to pick up objects and place them using a bambo stick into a barrel and you are not allowed to touch the blue mat.

Click here to see all the photos from the two days

24 November 2004
Tomorrow the year 7 and 8's will be doing their intensive. It is going to be awesome. The year 8's will be going to MT Maunganui and the year 7's will be spending a day teaching juniors games and doing other fun activities. All the seniors are really excited about intensive that starts tomorrow.

19 November 2004
So now that summer is here, so are summer sports. Now, instead of playing soccer in the morning, kids are setting up volley ball nets ( rope tied to between B and C block) It's been an exciting game for the sunny morning. People have also been bringing tennis rackets to school and playing tennis on the tennis court. Some of the more stranger children like Sarah my website partner here. She got dressed in the dark, but claims she is just having an opposite day. Next week the seniors have their intensive. The year 7's spend a day at school with the juniors reading them books and teaching them games. Then they take a trip up in to the bush for team building activities. Meanwhile the year 8's are in Mt Maunganui at an indoor sports center. On the second day of intensive the year 8's have a choice for the morning. The skate park and Maori Pa site, Golf or flax weaving. Next the year 7 and 8's all meet up at the Awakeri Hot Springs for a swim and sausage sizzle.

17 November 2004
Today all the classrooms are here and they are doing all sorts of things. In room 12 they are doing radio broadcasts, or room 8 who are doing quizzes and stuff. Also in room 6 they have plants growing out side their class and they are also busy with poems! Well we have a very busy school and tomorrow will be just as bad!!!!!!!!!!!

15 November 2004
Interschool Athletics went very well. We did great, especially in the sprints. It seemed Awakeri got a placing in most of them.
Room 11 is at manual today. They are doing electronics and sewing.
Unfortunately the weather isn't too good. It is cloudy and it keeps spitting on and off.

10 November 2004 Lots of our seniors are at the interschool athletic sports at Otakiri today. We know they'll do well. They looked very fashionable heading off in the school tee-shirts.

9 November 2004 There were quite a few records broken last week. Click here to view all our athletics records.Congratulations to the girls who performed their dance on Saturday night at the Mataatua Awards. It was fantastic. The girls were on TV again!!

5 November 2004 What a day! Athletics running events, kapa haka break up, Guy Fawkes Day, Family touch starts... The running went really well, some great performances. Leonard and Steffi repeated their wins in the 800m open races. Tawa House cleaned up the relay, but you had to feel sorry for Rimu with their two runners colliding at the final change, costing them second place. Chelsie still screamed in for 3rd. More results on the Athletic Page.

3 November 2004
Yesterday we hardly spent two minutes in the class room. But no we weren't at home watching t.v. we were at school doing athletics! First we had the open 1500M. It was looked very tiring from where I was standing(the side line). But (lucky for you) I decided to pass up that great race and take loads of photos just for you. Aren't I kind. Coming first in the girls was Steffi Rogers and second Tessa Rogers. Yes, they are sisters. First in Boys was Leonard Sonntag.
Next we separated into our age groups and did the field events. There were a number of events such as... Vortex, Standing Jump, Shotput, Long jump and Discus. Ihipera Hakiaha yr8, did very well in discus. She smashed the girls record. The old record, 19.5m was beaten by Ihipera who threw a masssive 28.9m. That nearly beat the boys record. Later that day we had the High Jump finals. I came second! Click Here to see pics and results from the great day.
Today someone very special also paid us a visit. Ihipera's sister's baby, Manaaki turned 1 yesterday and came to see her fav aunty. Happy Birthday Manaaki.

29 October 2004 Well Ngahuia is back so the news should get better (NOT)! Speeches have started this week in the middle school and we can't wait to give you the scoop! We are now gearing up for the athletics next week.
We now have a bright red pole in the middle of a favourite walkway area, the word around school is that the teachers put it there to win a bet ( they all picked dates and have agree if a kid runs/walks into the BRIGHT RED POLE whoever's date is closes they win the kitty - 50 big ones). Na now for some truth, it is actually a netball goal. Lots of kids are practising their shooting. It's painted red so kids WON'T run into it!

26 October 2004 Check out the cool noho marae photos.
Hi guys! Just had a narrow escape in having to do silent reading, like the rest of the poor souls in my class. Not that silent reading is bad or anything but, you have to say that you can get sick of it sometimes. We are still stuck into athletics and having fun doing lots of things outside. We came back from the Marae last week. We stayed the night and did lots of activities including: Flax weaving, Rakau, Story telling, drawing the Wharenui and we also visited an art gallery down the road at the Whare Wananga. There was a lot of beautiful artwork inside the gallery and we stood there admiring the art. We also visited Muriwai's cave and learnt about the history of the Mataatua Waka, Wairaka Marae and the beautiful Tukutuku Designs in the dining area and where you eat. We had very hyper helpers that were deprived of sleep, or something (but I just reckon they had too much coffee or something like that) their names are Ihipera and Amy, thanks for your help guys!!!
Chaye Roia
Wow! What a blast.... Just last week we had the marae stay. It was great! Well on the first day room 12 came, which is the class I'm in.... anyway.... Well the second day arrived and it was goodbye room 12 and hello room 11. It was time to go... RATS! It was a relief for me because I was going to stay for the 4 days. The next day we did the same............. Anyway on Thursday (the last day) the little kids arrived. It was going well until we got broken into groups. Pera and I got these cool little kids that obeyed everything. It turned out some of us did like having the juniors around because it gave us the opportunity of being like a teacher in some way.
I would like to make some thank you's to all the parents and whanau who came to help: Sharon Devlin, Mrs Blaney, Verna Falwasser, Mrs Coppell, Mr and Mrs Hakiaha, Emerald, Helena Jarrett, Bronwyn Kamphorst, Andrea Maru, Christine Jones, AJ Barr ....
and SPECIAL thanks to Siri Riini and Barrie Hawkes for putting a lot of effort into this marae stay. If it wasn't for them there wouldn't have been a marae stay. You all did well and on behalf of all classes I would like to say THANKS!!!!!
Amy Falwasser hee

21 October 2004 We have all been to Wairaka Marae this week. The senior rooms were lucky enough to stay over. They also got to see the Art School at the Whare Wananga, they were also teachers to the little kids. More info and photos next week. Have a good long weekend.

15 October 2004 Some cool new photos of Ag Day are online with more to come. Family soccer starts on November 1st. Entries are filling up fast. Marae stay next week.

13 October 2004 An error in the Maturation Talks notice. The first talk is on Tuesday 26 October (not November). The Yr 6 girls talk is on this day.

12 October 2004 Ag day was great there were no problems (hopefully). This year we even had a demonstration from the police department about how dogs can attack fast and hard. There was a police man there telling a trained dog to sit, jump, turn around, bark etc. It was great because there was this one guy who had pads on his arms, came running out and started yelling his head off. As soon as the dog heard it, he started barking and trying to drag the police man towards the person, so then the police man let him go. So that was the big domestic for the day. Not long after Mr. Fitz came running out and did the same thing but he went right down to the back and nearly got bowled over.
Besides that last night they had the whanau hui. If you're wondering what a whanau hui is it is when parents come and discuss about what their children can do. About how children can get educated if they join Kapahaka groups, Maori extension, taking Maori lessons in class, sports and many things that have nothing to do with Maori. They were talking about the school getting a wharenui and better uniforms for the Kapahaka group.
This is Belinda's opinion about Kapahaka. I think it's a great opportunity to learn about our Maori culture. You get to learn about the history beyond the Kapahaka group and the arts which are basically the poi and waiata. They also get the opportunity to learn how to speak Maori. Luckily Belinda went to the meeting and put in her opinion because it could have changed people's minds about Maori education.

7 October 2004 Today the school is full of the lovely smells of spring. Flowers!!!. Everyone is making their indoor show entries for tomorrow. The seniors are weaving flax flowers, making flower jewellery, making miniature scenes etc. It is all on display in the Events Centre tomorrow. Click here for a few photos.

5 October 2004 The term is off to a great start except for this rainy weather of course! I've just looked out the window and there it goes again but there are many more exciting things coming up, like... The day where we make things for Ag Day, Ag Day of course and there's even Athletics this term. Today is the start of preparations for Ag Day and throughout this week we will see many more with pens going up for the animals and flax being cut for the flax flower making. On Thursday the whole school will be doing a range of activities from Vaseline saucers to flowers in novelty containers. Coming up this term is also our Marae visit in week 3, the seniors even get to stay the night!

24 September 2004 Mr Fitz and Mr Sheather have been hard at work getting the school connected to broadband internet through School Zone. Something to look forward to in term four! Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.

17 September 2004 Today is the last day of the term, CELEBRATION TIMES COME ON OOPS sorry had to do it, I know the computer made me! Na it's the last day of term and you can say that there are quite a few people that tell me that they are glad! It is also the last school day of GOOD MORNING MISS STUCKEY next term it will be GOOD MORNING MRS BATESON! There are a lot of things happening today, all that stuff I just told you about and these two below will be gone, like moved away gone. Most people are pretty sad but some people are kind of glad to get rid of Hayden and his LAUGH! You may not believe it, because he doesn't look too happy in this photo, but it's bad!!!!
We finished the day off by getting Miss Stuckey to walk up the aisle at assembly, watching the video of our production and having a game of Awakeri Rulz. Click here to see a few pics of last day fun!

16 September We say goodbye to Hayden and Awhina tomorrow. They are off to Martinborough. Awhina has been a great website monitor for Room 6. Miss Stuckey is getting married in the holidays. Good luck Miss Stuckey! Also today is my birthday, yes this little Sarah Richmond once 12 now the big 13 teenage years here I come!

Ka kite ano Hayden & Awhina

13 September 2004
It was nerve wrecking but I think we pulled it off. The Awakeri school Kapa Haka arrived on Saturday morning to perform in the Rangitaiki Festival. First we got changed in our changing rooms A.K.A standing mattresses. Then we waited for our name to be called. Then we come up on stage and gave it heaps. The crowd of 700 people cheered and loved us(of course). We came 3rd in the poi and the waiata koroua. Our boy leader also was the top ranked whaikorero (speech) maker in the novice section. Tino pai! Paroa School won both the novice and competitive sections. Click Here for some PIX!!
Unfortunately (very sad) I won't be here for the next 6 weeks. I'm going to Europe!! So I guess you'll just have to put up with Sarah for a while. I feel very sorry for you. ( Some people actually will be glad to get rid of you for SIX weeks!!!!!) And really I'm not as bad as all Ngahuia's mental comments!

10 September 2004 More Last Kiwi pictures are online. Good luck to our kapa haka who perform in the Rangitaiki Festival tomorrow morning.

9 September 2004 Tonight we are going to be doing our final Last Kiwi show in the Little Theatre. Click here to see fantastic pictures. Some of things people should look out for are:

The slow motion pulling Winnie the Pooh out.
Watching Chaye being a very realistic Grand High Witch.
The Kapa Haka.
Tweedledee & Tweedledum's funny dance.
The way Rowan mocks her sister Meron in the school children, " It's not acting thats why!" says Rowan.

Glen's stupid Dopey character.
Stacey's witchypoo dance.
Will Peter Pan break his sword again!?

6 September 2004 Today we were in the Little Theatre rehearsing for our show that opens tomorrow night. Tickets have been selling fast. Click here to see all the shows we've done over the years. We're up to number 18 !!

3 September 2004
Yesterday our school was lucky to have a special visitor. No, it wasn't me, even though I am very special. The real visitor was Gavin Larsen, a famous cricket player for New Zealand. The 40 people who went to talk to him got given the chance to play cricket with a famous Black Cap. He told people about how to become a cricket player. Gavin told us embarrassing moments and answered questions. Some lucky kids won signed posters, hats and a video. Gavin, who now works for the National Bank also presented Awakeri School with $2000.00 to help compensate for flood damage.. Lucky us.
Okay, I know you want to know. Gavin's most embarrassing moment was when he was a fielder. He bent over to pick up the ball and his pants split. Unfortunately the Herald was there to catch this terrible moment on camera. Sure enough the next morning in the Herald there was a fabulous picture of his backside. Click here to see some awesome pictures, and no we don't have one of his split pants.

1 September 2004
Tickets have gone on sale for our production next week, The Last Kiwi. Adults $6, Children $3. Available from the school office and door sales. We're on next week!! Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7 pm at the Little Theatre in Whakatane. Will the missing male kiwi be found? Who is the meanest character? Who are the crazy transition children? Come and see the show to find out!

27 August 2004
"Saturday night at the movies, who cares what picture we se-" Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I just love that song. We did have a movie night though......(dramatically dream music like in the movies)......T'was the night before Friday and all kids awake
..................Getting ready to go, finding parents to take
..................All were excited, bout movie night
..................So go grab some popcorn and dim the light
180 children and their families from the small village of Awakeri gathered at the Awakeri school library for a fantastic movie right. When the last had been seated by the usher and the popcorn vendor had popped his last piece, the projector started up.
We begun with the old classics. The Mothers all loved the romance "Charlie and Sindy". Well up until Sindy realized she could not go on without her sweet Charlie. She then took an unbearable poison (diahorrea tablets) and ended her life.
Then like any movie we had ADS! The most dreaded of television items. However the ads that popped up in-between each show seemed highly entertaining. Well you would expect that when the ads are made by Awakeri Students.
We had the occasional INSIDE AWAKERI documentary. We learnt a lot about Top school, Ag-day, school camps and bullying.
Then there were the BLOOPERS! Hilarious, I must say.
All of the movies shown were written, story boarded and acted out by Awakeri students.

Thursday 26 August
The kapa haka have been practising hard out recently. Here are some cool pics from their dress rehearsal last night. Sixty people showed up, even Wayne Falwasser from Melbourne! It was great to see lots of past members of the group there.

Tuesday 24 August
With the Operetta not too far away. We've been very busy. Lot's of practice and work has gone into our operetta and we know it'll be great. The Kapa Haka have also been practicing hard for their part in the show and the Rangitaiki festival. They've had one intensive day where they practice all day and are due for another this week
The year 8's have been a little depressed lately, and being a Year 8 myself I know why. We've received a prospectus from from both Trident and Edgecumbe high school. It's going to be a sad day when our year 8's leave.
We have a visitor today. Jenny She is looking at becoming a teacher and has come to our fantastic school to find out what it's like.
Where are you from?
I'm from Hong Kong which is a small island south of China. I grew up in Christchurch.

Why have you come to our school?
I'm thinking about becoming a primary school teacher. I had no idea what it's like so I've come to find out. It brings back good memories.

Why did you choose our school?
It was the second one out of the Phone book, when I told my friends they said Awakeri was a really good school.

Thursday 19 August
Oh Thank goodness we're back. It's been horrible. Not being able to put all the exciting new on the news page. I was close to a break down but now the computers are back with a new and faster program. There has been so much happening. Like School Olympics. We had an exciting opening ceremony with our 10 countries, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Jamaica, Kenya, Korea, Greece and Spain. All the countries marched past a audience full of parents and children while listening to famous Greek Music. The Decorations were awesome (thanks to RM12) with coloured flags, pillars, signs, and balloons. Let's not forget our two M.C's Amy Falwasser and Mathew Reeves. They guided us through the opening ceremony very well, and to top it all off we had entertainment. We had the SNR dance group (most fantastic, I must say) and Kimberly and Charlotte playing their lovely flutes (Pied Piper, watch out). The Games, well they were almost as exciting as the fabulous ceremony. Our school, being original and fun decided that we wouldn't go with the traditional Olympic games.
We had fun and wacky events like:
Egg and Spoon Races, Javelin, Standing Jump, Knuckle Bones, Obstacle Course, Shooting Goals, Targets, Tongue Twisters,Wrestling, Synchronized Dancing, Block Tower Building, Fencing (can you pop you opponents balloon) Balancing, skipping, Coconut Shy and many more.
It was loads of fun and today at the closing ceremony everyone's hoping for Medals (even though they don't have a chance against me).

Friday 13 August 2004
Well as you all may know it's BLACK Friday and nothing bad has happened. Well, that's if you don't count me spilling black paint all over myself, not a good look! The School Olympics starts on Monday and Room 12 is hard at work trying to get everything ready for this big event. THIS JUST IN the athlete who is to say the oath has just been named! The fastest wittiest person is... Ihipera Hakiaha!!! There will be many groups performing at the opening ceremony including Charlotte and Kimberly on Flute and the famous dance group that we have been hearing about, will do a dance especially for this occasion. Parents are welcome to come on Monday the 16th of August at 12:00pm for the opening ceremony!

9 August 2004
Congratulations to all the people that went to the EBOP prize giving. It was an awesome effort that everyone gave. All that prize money was well spent.To see some pics CLICK HERE.

Gold Awards
Siver Awards
Special Awards

Kimberley Byres & Charlotte Little

Whitney Haddock

Emma Barr

Chelsie Pettinger

Vinnie Sheather

Sarah Moore

Matthew Reeves

Hayden Reeves

Ngahuia Leighton

Emma Barr- Best Energy

Ngahuia Leighton- Best Bakers Award

Vinnie Sheather-Best Sport


Highly Commended

Kate Munro
Ihipera Hakiaha

6 August 2004
Today 25 students took their Science exhibits to the EBOP Fair in Whakatane. They got interviewed by the judges, specially Whitney who got called back nine times! How will they get on?? The prize giving is tomorrow Saturday at 1pm.
Stop Press! Awakeri School are getting eleven prizes, the most of any school by quite a distance! Well done to: Kimberley Byres & Charlotte Little, Whitney Haddock, Emma Barr, Kate Munro, Sarah Moore, Matthew Reeves, Hayden Reeves, Chelsie Pettinger, Ngahuia Leighton, Vinnie Sheather & Ihipera Hakiaha!!!

5 August 2004
Been there done that. Now, what are you gonna give us Mr Fitz? We are obviously 1st class students and need to be treated like royalty. Especially us two. We do come from a long line of Kings and Queens. Umm, yeah king and queens yes (man we're good liars).
Scene suggestions: Dramatical laugh and two peasants (dressed in rags) trying to get into the royal family.
Well I suppose we are treated like royalty, I mean yesterday the whole school took a trip to the hot pools. It was a good trip after all the floods.

A flash of RED a flash of BLUE!!!! Yes our school sports arestarting back up again, kicking off with RATA vs. TAWA in a grueling basketball game. Who will come on top? Only time will tell. We'll be back after lunch with the results. The best part is that my house is going to kick Sarah's houses butt. Yeah right have you seen your so-called wining team Ngahuia? I might want to cross my fingers all of them cause youre gonna need it!!!!As you may already have seen Ngahuia and I are in the houses that are facing each other. I'm in TAWA(sarah) And I'm in RATA(ngahuia).

Annnnnd the results are in. It was fearsome battle with the teams fighting as hard as they could. The outcome was a huge surprise. The WINNNER is: a TIE!

4 August 2004
Splish! Splash! Today the entire school is taking a trip to the Awakeri Hot Springs. Aren't we lucky? We are going to relax forever and never have to go back to school. I wish. This is just a 1 day thing that we are going to do. Just to teach us that not all water is muddy and violent. We are going to have an awesome time and will definitely be telling you all about it.

28 July 04
Well all the judging has finished, well for now anyway. We have our winners! First of all I will tell you about the Technology... 1st was Stacey Rust, 2nd was Max Farmer, 3rd was Ryan Johnston. Then for the Science... 1st was Emma Barr. Second equal were Sarah Moore and Matthew Reeves. So there they are and trust me they are all very proud!! I have to mention that we have someone here that is very sad and she can't make it to the computer. Yes Ngahuia, the girl who was boasting yeasterday, sadly didn't win. She's off to the next round but she was hoping for better. Check out the Science Fair pics!

27 July 04
The Science fair judges are right now interviewing students about their science fair. It's very nerve wracking for the students, sure. But has anyone thought about the judges. They are stuck in a room with KIDS, of all people, all day. It's been hard work doing the science fair (trust me I know) but I think they have turned out great. The judges will find it hard to declare a winner, although it's obvious who that is (ME!). Tonight (Tuesday) the science fair is open to the public from 5:00pm-6:30.pm. Tomorrow there will be a prize giving and you are welcome to come. It's at the Awakeri Events Centre at 11am.

21 July 04
As we gaze out the window we see the beautiful Rangatiki river. Full of ducks and lilies and fancy cars, oh look there's my house and- ! Wait a minute! I'm in the street! The river shouldn't be here.
It's devastated people but Madison seems to be taking it rather well. This is an interview we had with this little guy.
All the way from Taneatua, Madison's story:
On this cold and stormy night it happened. One of the students here at Awakeri had a terrible experience. His house was one of the many that got hit by the powerful Rangitaiki River that destroyed so many peoples lives, but hey he gets to go shopping!!! Madison is a 10 year old boy that has lost many things in his home due to the flood. There are some things that just can't replaced, like all those precious memories on the PS2 (playstation) or Computer. These are the things that Madison misses the most. The things that Madison is kind of glad that are gone are his sisters noisy toys! Big bros can be soo cruel! But at least the pets were looked after. The family budgie was put in the roof. The axolotl was found under the bed. The fish, though it could have swum away, stayed inside the fish tank. Resisting freedom, how loyal!

20 July 04
During the last couple of days the Bay of Plenty have had constant rain. This has brought devastation to hundreds or even thousands of residents. Most of Awakeri, Edgecumbe, Whakatane, Opotiki and Te Teko were and are under water. From all this rain the Matahina Dam had to be let out. All of that water has gone into the Rangitaiki river and now it has overflowed the stop banks, gone into other peoples homes and put them under water. The evacuees from our school that we know so far are: Kane Wakefield, Rhys and Jennifer Cram, Alex and Nikoli Christensen, Joshua and Shannon Mower, Hayden, Matthew and Daniel Reeves. There are probably lots of others that we don't know about at the moment. Over a hundred kids haven't turned up at school today. The Civil Defence have been working trying to save our community from flooding. In the afternoon on Sunday, earthquakes began to strike too but what really injured people were those slips. (Mud slides) An old woman died because a slip came down on her house, luckily her husband managed to just get out of the way. Awakeri Events Centre is looking after the many people that have lost their homes and belongings. Aren't they just so kind.
More rain is coming up towards us but hopefully it turns around the other way and doesn't cause more damage.
Amy's story: For the first day of rain everything was alright but then it kept coming. Down one end of our road (McCrackens Rd) had been flooded by all of the rain and water from the Matahina Dam. It was disastrous to a family named the McCrackens. Their house had been swamped by dirty water and they had just got new floorboards and wallpaper. The house was a mess but they had to get out as soon as possible. Well they managed to get out on time but since the house was a mess all of their stuff was floating down the river. So now we have 2 rivers, well.... sort of. Anyway.. the Reeves cow shed is under water. Barrels are floating by down the river. 2 days ago you could only see the tip of the McCrackens shed and even that was in a mess. So they had even MORE..... stuff floating down. A lot of people were Rubber Necking. Having a nosey around. We didn't though..........I promise...NOT!!! Nahh Just kidding.

Tessa's story: We live in Wainui which is past Ohope. On Saturday we left to go into town. On the main road to Whakatane we had to drive through knee high water. On the way back home we passed lots and lots of slips.There was one slip that was covering the road, we waited for about 20 minutes before it was cleared. Our road was covered in slips. That afternoon a big slip came down on a house in Brians Beach. It killed a lady! The flooding didn't affect us but we had major slips on our road and property. On Monday we couldn't get out at all until 1 o'clock when the slips got cleared. We went out rubber necking as soon as we could get out and man was there some damage. Houses were flooded, slips covered roads, hundreds of cattle were lost and everything was a mess.

2 July 04
Today was as exciting as it could get. Rm.12 has already had an accident! One of their test run hot air balloons caught fire. At assembly Room 12 showed off their 30 sec TV ads. There were lots of laughs. In the afternoon we had the traditional game of Awakeri Rulz, where the Year 8s show how big and strong they are(!) It also is the last day of school and isn't it a fun way to end the day! No-one was hurt during the making of this! Hopefully everyone will have a cool holiday. Most of our senior students will be just doing our science fairs. Remember to have a fun but safe holiday. C-Ya from us!
Oh yeh, some of us are going to some cool dance classes at the moment. Click here to see our moves.

1 July 04
Have a look here at some cool pics of the interschool cross country at Manawahe.

29 June 04
Today was a freezing, icy day. Of course, I didn't have to put up with any of that because I was inside doing normal school work. However, some very lucky chilren have been out in these wintery conditions. These children have just come back from Manawahe. They have finished competing in the interschool cross country. Awakeri did very well. Our 12-13yr old boys A team came 1st. Our 12-13yr old girls A team came 2nd. Sharni Mckay, an 11yr old girl, thought that "it was exciting but kind of nerve wrecking." A highlight was Leonard Sonntag, Hayden Soeters & Hayden Reeves coming 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the senior boys race. Click here to see our results.

24 June 04
Last night was very normal you know that boring stuff, that's if you didn't go to the speech finals! Yes it was all on, people were put to the test competing for the title of speech champion 2004! The finalists were... Brodi Muschamp, Hayden and Matthew Reeves, Stacey Law, Chelsie Pettinger and our winner Chris Stanton! Click here to go to the photo page to see what really happened.

23 June 04
This morning the entire school had to do a Star Reading Test. I know it's so exciting we are all going to become super stars. I think I'LL be most famous, but some little 6yr old thinks that she's the new face of Maybeline. Maybe shes born with it, Maybe she's not! Oh, wait, I just found out that it was a reading test. I mean, a real reading test with words and stuff,where you actually read. NOOOOOOO! My career is over. Gone. Down the drain. I can't go on! Not having the entire world watching me will destroy my life. How dare they take my precious. Well, I guess there's still the operetta.
Speaking of fame. We had our own little ICY-HANDS comp. It was great. I won't spoil the news by telling you the winner but if you really want to find out and see some cool (get it? double meaning. I'm so clever.) ice-pix click HERE.

18 June 04 Later That Day
LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! The operetta parts have been announced! There has been about 80 parts handed out. This years operetta, The Last Kiwi is going to be exciting. It follows a group of children who search for the last male kiwi. But it's not just any search. They go looking through story books.

18 June 04 Thank goodness it's over. You have no idea how boring the speech Semi-Finals were. Just kidding. They were awesome. From the people who suddenly put on pillows of weight, to the people who had a disease that caused sneezing confetti. All the speakers did really well and the judges have decided who will be in the finals. SPEECH FINALISTS: Stacey Law, Hayden Reeves, Matthew Reeves, Chelsie Pettinger, Brodi Muschamp & Chris Stanton.

16 June 04 Some cool camp pics of Rooms 6, 7 & 8 are here!

14 June 04 It was a hard task, but the classes have decided who they will send to the speech semi-finals. The semi-finalists will have to do do their speech in front of the C Block. Scary. Then they will be judged and some will be sent on to the finals. It's so exciting. Well have a good day. Bye!
NAH! Just kidding. I better tell you who the semi-finalists are before you really do leave. SEMI-FINALISTS James Holani, Mathew Reeves, Robert Sonntag, Ngahuia Leighton, Hayden Reeves, Chelsie Pettinger, Brodi Muschamp, Sarah Richmond, Miles McConway, Sarah Moore, Chris Stanton, Glen Askey, Stacey Law & Haylie Musgrave.

10 June 04 Yesterday Rooms 6, 7, and 8 went on camp and the weather has agreed with them. They are coming back tomorrow and we can't wait to see if they have any photos.
The Manawahe cross country training is off to a great start. They will be very fit by the time Mrs Merry is finished with them. I'm not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing. I'm sure we will all find out when our people bring home the gold.
The senior school are half way through doing their speeches in class. Next Wednesday are the semifinals, then the finals are Wednesday 23rd at 7.30pm.

8 June 04 Today there was a good frost. It was cold! Tomorrow Rooms 6, 7, & 8 are off to camp at Rotorua. It looks like they will have sunny weather. They are studying tourism in Rotorua. Today the senior school started their 3 minute speeches, on a number of health topics. The most popular topic is "Second Hand Smoke." Click here for some cool as photos of the cross country last week and the list of place getters.
Haylie Griffen and her brother Nathan featured on TV One on Sunday night. They played the piano in excellent style.

3 June 2004 Well this has got to be the fastest news I have ever written. While I'm writing this they are doing the last cross country race. Here are some of the first places from today...
12 & 13 Girl- Ashleigh Parkinson from Tawa

12 & 13 Boy- Leonard Sonntag from Tawa
10 & 11 Girl- Steffi Rogers from Kowhai
10 & 11 Boy- Vincent Sheather from Rimu
8 & 9 Girl Jemma Shaw of Rata, who set a new record!
8 & 9 Boy Jayden Haddock of Kowhai, who set a new record too!

2 June 2004 The seniors have a lot on at the moment: the first round of speeches are next week, Science Fair topics are being decided, parts are being given out for the Last Kiwi production, manual ...

1 June 04 A pinch and a punch for the first of the month. A school kid tradition, I had to do it. Now back to real News.
We interrupt this website for a special news bulletin. Good day to you. I'm Ngahuia Leighton and will be giving you the goss on Awakeri school. Children are looking forward to cross country on Thursday. It'll be a great day and I'm sure there will be records broken. WAIT this just in. There has just been a outbreak of wild, untamed PIRATES. A.K.A. The juniors in very believable costumes. Over to our field reporter broadcasting live from Awakeri School.. Sarah are you there?
This is Sarah Richmond field reporter, reporting for Awakeri News. Hello and welcome to the great day we are having here! It has been fabulous we have had all sorts of different kinds of pirates. I have been talking to these fiendish youngsters and this is their story,no, I mean, Um..... this is their time table. CUT! CUT! Oh bother, Louie can we edit that out!
Sorry Sarah we're live.
OK we are back after that little incident. We started off the day with a boom that's everyone singing of course! Then it was all on they showed the caring parents all of their very lovely work and everything pirate in the classroom. Now for the funniest part of the day the actual treasure hunt and all of us even found the treasure A.K.A. 1 lollipop each. Then all the parents who put up with this day had a well deserved cup of tea. Back to you in the studio Ngahuia.

Thank you Sarah. We have just been faxed through some information on what the children thought about the day. We will leave you with this information. This is Ngahuia Leighton and Sarah Richmond signing off.

This is what these charming kids had to say when we asked them what was their fav part of the day was...
Karaitiana- My name is pirate Pete, and I steal the treasure chests.
Tiaan- I liked my sword and the treasure hunt. We never got lost or went to the wrong
way. My mum came also and it was better than doing school work. The second most fun part of the day was having a sword fight in the end.
Ethan-I liked getting the lollipop And my mum lets me get KFC some nights!


31 May 2004 This afternoon all the senior school walked around the cross country course, so we know it for Thursday. It was muddy, covered in thistles, with lots of horse and cow manure to avoid. All in all, a great cross country course!
Our netballers did really well on the slippery courts at Te Teko last Thursday. The senior team had four wins and a draw.
The new deck outside B Block is finished. Everyone is using it for eating their lunch, doing school work, playing and just sitting in the sun.

26 May 2004 The vicious boots are coming out as the houses (Rata, Rimu, Tawa, Kowhai) fight for the one soccer ball to rule them all. The house matches have begun and the winner will be decided soon. Who will win? Who will triumph over evil and become Awakeri Schoo- Okay that's a bit over the top, I admit.
Room 11 Has gone to manual and are having a lot of fun. This Thursday is the interschool Netball and Rugby day. They will also have an awesome day at this annual sport day.
The Operetta has risen again and this year we are doing "The Last Kiwi" We have started learning songs and have also given out audition sheets. Auditions will be held this week. Good Luck!

19 May 2004 The newspaper group are well into their work. Today Russell and Ryan did Watties Food in a Minute for their food page. There were lots of volunteers to try the food out!

17 May 2004 Well Rm 10 & 11 are back from camp and they are very tired, I should know I went! So now I will give you the low down on what happened!
The first day was the best, we were warm, dry, and our hopes and dreams soared high, well that soon changed!
We got to Tui Ridge and we were as happy as can be. We were shown around the camp. Then it was out to the huge field to do team building, some of the activities were... Spider Web, Down The Dunny, Frizbee Freenzy, Bobsled and lots more. Then came the rain....Click here to go to the camp photo page

13 May 2004 We hear from camp that the heavy rain yesterday meant that they went to the Aquatic Centre instead of the high ropes and other camp activities. We hope they get a good chance at them today. It's a lot sunnier!
Today Hilton and Kent are putting the roof on the new B Block deck. Today Room 12 are at manual at Edgecumbe, tomorrow they are off to see the Whakatane High School show Back To The Eighties. School's tough isn't it!

11 May 2004 Bye bye rooms 10 &11. We will miss you a lot! Don't worry we're not chucking them out of the school. They're actually going on camp to Tui Ridge. They'll have lots to do like high ropes, abseiling, mountain biking, BMX and heaps more. They'll be back on Friday, what a shame they're back so soon. I mean, ummm, I'm sure they wouldn't want to leave the fun of Tui Ridge.

5 May 2004 Today students have had a taste ( or possibly a whole serving, it's hard to tell.) of what hockey is like. Brad Jenson from Sport BOP is giving our school an introduction to hockey. We learn how to hold a hockey stick how to dribble, push and hit.
Today the creative crew has their first meeting with Mr Sheather about the paper. The school forum also got all the class representatives together for their first meeting.

4 May 2004 The final selection has been made. The newspaper team has been chosen. They had better not put this website out of business. No, really they are making a newspaper for the " New Zealand Herald Newspaper Competition" I've been holding off on who is actually in the team. Well here we are.

This Years *CREATIVE CREW* are........(drum roll)....

~Sarah Moore ---Ngahuia Leighton---Sarah Richmond---Kate Munro---Daniel Glassbrook---Ryan Johnston~

~Sean McLean---Russell Sisam--- Haylie Musgrave ~

Our first Newspaper group, 2 years ago won first place. We know there will be a repeat of that this year. Good luck guys, We know you'll do well.

29 April 2004 We have just found out that Mrs Oliver is LEAVING us tomorrow and we are all very sad!
Mrs Oliver is a trainee teacher that has been in Rm. 6 for the whole first term. She is from Bozeman, Montana in the USA. Check out Room 6's page for an interview with the kids about her.

This is a PERSONAL interview done with her this morning.

What do you like most about Awakeri School?
I like the kids, the teachers and the really great environment.

Why did you come to Awakeri School?
To do the last step of my University Training.

What will you miss most at Awakeri?
The kids definitely!

What do you miss most from back home Montana?
My husband!

What is you favourite place in the school?
The classroom.

I'm going back to the states after this but I love this place so much that I will probably apply to teach in N.Z.

27 April Beckham sends Abby Stuckey ( teacher of Awakeri School) raunchy text message reading: Will you Marry Me. Abby shocked by this offer quickly declines. Why? Sources say she was seen at the top of Kohi Point, Whakatane. Apparently she was with a buff young man who was down on one knee. Neighbours say all they heard was "YES, I DO"" In other news the men at Awakeri school have become very depressed, it seems like the green eyed monster of jealousy has reared its ugly head once again! Who was this young man, known as Grant Bateson? What were they doing on Kohi Point and what is his next move find out soon!
Some of this story has been exaggerated a little.

26 April 2004 Hi! We are so excited. We come back to school to find a half built deck hanging off B block. Lots of smiling faces and of course the dreadful force that children fear...TEACHERS! This term is packed full, Especially for the seniors. They have science fair, speech competitions and manual! We are thrilled to be back and are looking forward to a fantastic term!

22 April 2004 The builders have been working hard over the holidays to get a new deck in front of B Block finished. Three of our ex-pupils are on the job - Hilton Power, Kent James and Jason Shaw.

18 April 2004 The Top School team won a free session at Adventure Solutionz opening day. They enjoyed the challenges of two low ropes and two high ropes activities. Check out some pics.

8 April 2004 "Celebration time! Come on!" OOPS, sorry I'm just going into holiday mode because tomorrow is the one and only school holidays! I know all of us talented kids at Awakeri would love to stay at school, but we must rest our young minds for a period of time, so we can be ready for Term 2. Sorry again I must have been experiencing Mr. Hawkes' thoughts. I don't know what came over me, snap out of it. Yeah, as I was saying Awakeri school can't wait to get out of school and sorry, not to rest, to have fun! We are having an end of term Awakeri Rulz game today. Oh yeah this is the last we will be writing to you this term, so Happy Easter from all of us at Awakeri School!

5 April 2004 Room 12 just returned from their Rocky Valley camp on Friday. They had an excellent time. If you would like to read about it go to room 12's page! If you would like to see some photos click HERE
On Saturday our top school team got to have a go on the high ropes in Whakatane. They had a great day. Nobody fell or hurt themselves. Tomorrow is TOUCH DAY!! We will have some photos in the next couple of days.
Congratulations to Whitney Haddock and Max Farmer. They were elected to be our student representatives to the government's Ministry of Youth Affairs. We hope they'll be as good as Jasmine and Ben were last year.

2 April 2004 Today we heard a lot of music in the school. Yes, the middle school have been let loose with recorders but they are slowly getting the hang of it!!!! Today we have had to get 10 relievers because most of our teachers and Mr. Fitz have gone to a course in Auckland. Today Rm 12 is coming back. A shame, it was just starting to get really peaceful but we can't keep them from their education ( for too long a least!).

1 April 2004 Well it's April Fools Day and wooooo quite a few jokes today! We had all sorts from whoopee cushions to even putting string from a bookcase to a desk just so that the teacher could not get to her desk!

30 March 2004 Today we said our good-byes to room 12. Don't worry they're only going on camp! Yes they're are all off to Rocky Valley near Katikati!

26 March 2004 We had the Cancer society coin trail today and we are very proud to say that we made $ 223.35 WOW isn't our school just FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!All this was made just this morning, even cooler huh!We also had the decider for the long ball today and well KOWHAI WON!!!!!!! The score was 19-15 to Kowhai. Isn't that awesome! 2nd was Rata, 3rd was Rimu and in last place Tawa. I know it's the best house (cause I'm in it of course) but someone had to finish last.
The seniors have been practising touch for a tournament in the last week of the term. Here are a couple of pics

25 March 2004 We have been given a wonderful gift of $1000 from De Laval. We are very grateful to Maria and Steve King for choosing our school. Mrs Cronin had a great time spending it! She purchased big books, a lot of junior non-fiction, and a selection of New Zealand books. We have also had fun changing the physical appearance of the library! There is now a special area for junior non-fiction and much more room. Mrs Cronin is thrilled!

24 March 2004 This week we have some very important visitors in our school. The E.R.O (Education Review Office). They have had meetings with some of the teachers and yesterday they had a meeting with some kids. I was one of those kids. We were asked lots of different questions like, "Why do you like this school?" We were told our school is pretty cool. ~ ~ ~
Room 12 is about to set off on their safari. They'll be battling lions and wild snakes... YEAH RIGHT!! Room 12 is actually taking the more safer approach and going to Katikati. We know they will have tonnes of fun.

18 March 2004*~*~*What a Wicked Week! Life education is here and everyone is learning AND having fun. It was so cool. Specially in that wicked starry roofed classroom. It came, towed by a big truck. It is normally put on the back courts. It (as you know) has just been Top School. We have filed up two entire skips of rubbish. These skips however were put on the back courts as well. They were metres away from the fence and basketball hoop. The truck driver then had a difficult decision to make. To ball over the skip or the fence. Eeny meeny miny mo. The fence was chosen. It was quite a bit of art. All crooked and bent. Well I suppose he had no choice. It has been taken away now. I'm sure it will be replaced!

16 March 2004Bum Dum Blum Dum De Drum. Well, my drumming sounds might not be as good compared to Eddie Quansah. He was a guest at our school today, and what a guest he was. Eddie Quansah is from Africa and from what we heard it was the best African drumming we've heard. He brought the most interesting instruments ever. They were all made of more natural things compared to New Zealand's. There were these awesome xylophone type thing, lots of drums and an awesome flute type thing. They had African names but they were very difficult to remember.

We also had interschool swimming sports yesterday. A lot of people went from our school with Miss Stuckey. Some people worked very hard and got awesome results. Here are some placings.

2 length Freestyle    
9 year old girls Kelsi Parker 1st
9 Year old boys Guy Kamphorst 1st
1 length backstroke    
9 Year old boys Guy Kamphorst 1st
1 length Freestyle    
9 year old girls Kelsi Parker 1st
9 Year old boys Guy Kamphorst 1st
11 year old girls Michelle Blayney 1st

Michelle Blayney was first overall for 1 length freestyle.

15 March 2004 What an awesome day we had yesterday. If you haven't guessed already it was Top School. It was so cool. There was a MONSTER garage sale. A games GALA. FOOD galore. A quick fire raffle and of course the Top School competition. What a day! Now I bet you're dying to hear who the winners of Top School were. Well I won't torture you any longer, here are the answers.

The Winners Of Top School 2004.............are.........(drum roll).........

Primary Section

1st=+=+ Thornton School

2nd +=+=Nukuhou North School

3rd+=+= Rangitaiki Independent

Intermediate Section

1st+=+= Awakeri School (=

2nd+=+= Paroa School

3rd+=+=+Kawerau Intermediate

Overall winner


Wow Great work guys! We won. Congratulations to our team who has worked very hard and scored us the trophy and prize money. The Top School team has won the chance to be the FIRST community group on the big high rope complex in town. Well Done ( = Click HERE for some photos!! (=

12 March 2004 Today most of the actual topschool gaming equipment went up, like the Castle, Thread the Needle, Magic Carpet, and Up Up and Away!!!!!!!!!! It all looks GREAT! The countdown is still going, now it is....... 2 DAYS TILL TOPSCHOOL. Click here for some photos of the Top School setup.

11 March 2004 The interschool swimming sports is now on Monday 15 March. Some lucky students have been helping Mr Fitz get ready for Top School, setting out events, getting the gear out of the sheds etc. Today the Beacon came to take a photo of the cheer leaders.

9 March 2004 The countdown begins. Five more days till Top School and we are so excited. The preparation has begun and everybody is working hard to make this Top School, (like all of the others) a great one. Mrs Merry has been pushing the Top school team very hard so that this year we will take home 1st place. We mustn't forget our cheery Cheer Leaders. They are sure to have fun. Their moves look great and their cheers are loud. Top School is on at our very own school. There will be a gala and food and lots of fun stuff to do including watching the top school competition. Hope to see you there, this Sunday 14th March.

4 March 2004 We have started our new virtue.....TOLERANCE!! We will be practising tolerance over the next few weeks. Will you be?
Yesterday the senior school went on a science trip to Otarawairere bay. They studied rock pools and went for a fun swim. We won't mention the long, tiring, grueling HIKE there! We want to thank all the fantastic help we got from the parents. We hope you had as much fun as we did. CLICK HERE to see some pictures from Otarawairere. We also have pictures from last week's FUN-RAISER, have a look!
Ex-pupil Phili Haslam is shown here in glorious karate action!

2 March 2004 We went to swimming sports on Thursday last week. It was really cool. We had lots of different races including the popular house relay and then a championship including winning children relay team, a parent relay team and a teachers relay team. Tomorrow we have got a trip to Otarawairere Bay we all hope it is a nice sunny day! We are going to also go for a swim if this stupid weather would GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On better news our house sports will be starting up soon and it will be great!

26 February 2004 What a day we had yesterday. First was the senior school, who hosted a wicked-cool Fun-raiser at lunch time. It was so much fun and all the yummy food....... There were some great activities. Some totals were:

Chum Bucket___$136.90----------------Mr & Miss Awakeri___$127.65

Fat Chicken___$184.25-------------------Fortune Telling__$67.10

Over all the senior school raised over $1250 in one hour! Look out for some photos of the Fun Raiser next week.

Room 9 also had an eventful night. They overcame their fears and camped where nobody had camped before......the school. This strange campsite has been known to house the most deadly creature of all. What the native children like to call THE PRINCIPAL! Go to Room 9's page for more information on their camp.

21 February 2004 We've got a busy week ahead of us. With the senior school lunch time Fun-Raiser on Wednesday and Swimming Sports on Thursday. Lets not forget the teachers only day on Friday! The Fun- Raiser is lots of fun. There is a large range of stalls including Mr and Miss Awakeri, food stalls and slippery slide.

20 February 2004 This is the moment you've all been waiting for. YES, the results are in!! This year's top school team have definitely proven themselves through the grueling hours of trials and a lot of support from each other. This year's topschool team has been decided. Now, if I was mean, I could write out the entire Oxford dictionary before I told you who this year's Justice League (Awakeri School styles of course) team would be, but I'm not. I'm a kind, loving and totally fair person. So I think I'll stop my blabbering (as you probably don't really care) and just tell you.

This year's Awakeri Top School Team are...... (drum roll please).........

Ashleigh Parkinson, Leonard Sonntag, Tessa Rogers, Paul Haslam,
Whitney Haddock, Hayden Soeters,
Brodi Muschamp, Hawea Mansell
, Evan Hunt,
Vikki Lowndes, Max Farmer


18 February 2004 Girls always kick butt. Wouldn't you say? Well guess what? The top school trials for the top school team has proved this point right. In the accuracy trial the GIRLS' highest was 21 and the BOYS: 11. And in the strength test (pulling a heavy weight hand over hand for ten metres), the BOYS' quickest time was 11 seconds and the GIRLS' was 8 seconds. But who would question who was the best out of GIRLS and BOYS!
However, Russell Sisam, one of the boy trialists says, "That is not true. The boys have still got sixteen more competitors to do the accuracy trial!"
The rain has finally left. Oh what a beautiful, sunny day it has been. Nobody would want to be inside today.

16 February 2004 Today it was cold and damp so things were rained off, like the training for top school. Isn't that always the way, rain when you want to do something important and fine when you feel like being inside!
Lunch time proved to be quite a lot of fun, as all the warrior children went to war. Thats right, complete with face paint and weapons, or should I say.........GRASS! Grass towers and and grass wars. What is this world coming to?
It's here. The dreaded P.A. Tests. We all did two tests today and we still have five more to go.

10 February 2004 Today we started the grueling task we set every year to find our amazing TOP SCHOOL TEAM, that is going to win us a first at the annual Top School Day that we host every year! Today they have got it easy with just a run, but man are they going to have to push as hard as they can if they make it. So who do you thnk will make into 2004 top school team?

5 Febuary 2004 Today our new website monitors had their first taste of reality, their tough and extremely hard jobs (Mr Hawkes' words exactly). I mean can you imagine how hard and boring it would be going round to the classrooms and taking photos, socialising with kids and experiencing what it's like to be that age again. I mean you try being in our position. It's quite tough. (Yeah right)

4 February 2004Today all of the houses (Rata, Rimu, Kowhai and Tawa) grouped together for a tribal meeting deciding the fate of their future. What on earth are you talking about? You think. Well I'm talking about house leaders. Yes, the bosses some might call them. But every year the rest of the house votes on two older boys and two older girls to help look after the younger children at events such as cross country and athletics. Okay, okay I'll tell you. Even though it's top secret.

And this year's house leaders are.....(drum roll).....

RATA ~~~~ Russell Sisam, James Wilson, Sarah Moore and Ngahuia Leighton

RIMU~~~~~ Evan Hunt, Joe Burke , Chelsie Pettinger and Ihipera Hakiaha

TAWA~~~~ Mathew Bateson, Nicholas Schuler, Sarah Richmond and Hannah Searle

KOWHAI~~~~ Max Farmer, Finn Kamphorst, Tessa Rogers and Whitney Haddock

3 February 2004 HOORRAAY!! Our new websites monitors have been found which means the classroom pages should be all ready in a few days.

2 February 2004 The rain has poured down all day. Room 10 are rostered on to look after the little kids in their rooms during the break. Family soccer is cancelled tonight.

27 January 2004 WOW! 2004 already and we are back in action and ready to roll. Our virtue for the first couple of weeks is courtesy. We will practice courtesy by being polite and using manners. We also have two new teachers at our school. First is Miss Wilson, Miss Wilson will hopefully be with us till the end of the year. She helps by taking reading and maths groups into room three. Miss Wilson used to teach at an international school in Macau, China. Second is Mrs Oliver who helps out in Room six. Mrs Oliver is from America and will be with us for about three months. Every body is really excited to be back at school and are ready to get back into the normal school routine (yes that means No sleeping till noon). But we all must remember to be sun smart as the holidays might be over but the summer sure isn't. So always wear hats and sunblock and remember to slip, slop, slap and wrap!
Our classes pages will be updated when our new website monitors are sorted out.

5 January 2004 The calendar of events for this year is now online. Plan your year! Many thanks to last year's website team, they were great! Click here to see who they were.

Old News Do you want to look at the news from last year and before that? It is reeeeaaallllly cool. Click here to find that interesting old news from 2003 or even 2002 and before.

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