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Awakeri School

Room 15

Who are we?

We are an amazing class full of year 7 and 8s. We are the best class ever with 28 kids. Our teacher is the best teacher (drum roll please) Mrs Derbyshire. We are full of energy and love to learn. The website monitor for this year is (drum roll please) Josh Broadmore.

Class News

14th May 2018 We have been working on speeches. We have to say a 30 second speech about a subject that Mrs Derbyshire picks. We are only allowed to have 1 awkard silence, 5 ums and 3 ands. We went to Waitawheta Camp. We did lots of walks. We swam at Dickies Flat and Anzac Bay. We went kayaking, we played The Chase, hockey and we played a scavenger hunt. We have been writing Anzac poems.

5th March 2018 We have been creating a science art project. We could make a pamphlet and some of us made posters. Trillian Trek is coming to Awakeri School this afternoon. Some of us made kiwi posters and they might be going up on Lathams Track if they got selected. We have been doing face art and we had to draw a animal and our name and come up with a quote.

13th Febuary 2018 We have been learning about diferent types of rocks and resources and Mrs Derbyshire brought some rocks into class to share. Mrs Derbyshire has made up a banqer store for room 15 to spend our money on banqer. A couple of things that we can buy is a half an hour game for 1000 dollars, Music for the classroom for 500 dollars and we dont have to do homework for a week for 1000 dollars.

8th February 2018 We have set up banqer and it is like real life banking. We get paid wages and get tax taken away from us. Some people have thourght about starting up a lottery. We have Mrs West for half a day today. In the computer suite we are doing our Kahoot. Kahoot is a quiz that other people can answer. We have been doing science and talking about different resources from New Zealand and talking about the periodic table.

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