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Awakeri School

Room 15

Who are we?

We are an amazing class filled with a mix of year 7 & 8s. We have 31 students in our class (5 Year 7s and 28 year 8s) which is a large number and it gets really hot. We have 2 remarkable teachers who are Mrs Derbyshire and Mrs Edgecombe.

Class News


We have been doing dissections, for exmaple a lamb's heart and lungs, liver, kidney, muscle. It was very interesting to see what's inside and it was very fun to cut stuff. We have been juggling with mandarins and its very interesting and has a lot of relateable stuff in it.


Lately we have been studying the technolgy process and and science process for our science fair coming up in Term 3, week 2. We have made fire bricks. We have also been working with ozobots with their coding using the colours.


On Thursday we had Badminton in the hall. We learnt how to serve, how to stand on the court then we had a little game against 3 other teams which was really fun. We have been making poppies for ANZAC day so we had to draw a hand and we weren't allowed to trace our own hands. Then we made a template out of white paper then we traced our template on red paper. We did this a couple of times then we put the poppies in a circle on the hand we drew, then we were done. We have been doing maths swap with room 13 in the mornings so half of room 15 goes to room 13 and half of room 13 go to room 15. On Wednesdays we are doing an art swap with room 15, 14, 13, 12, 11 some of the activities are drama, drawing and music.

7th March 2019

We are studying rocks in class as we are going to Waitawheta for school camp. We have learnt about the different types of rock which are Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic. We are now each choosing a Rock, Mineral or Metal and doing a study on it to present to the class.

We have also been talking about leadership as we have lots of year 8s in our class. Some leadership stories are:



Students' Work

What I Did

I encouraged people to do better in their races and enter more of them.

I packed up my brother's bag when all his stuff was falling under the seats.

I showed 7 and 8s year olds where their race was

I helped other house captains to get their houses chanting

I entered myself in as many events as I could to show others they could do it too

I stopped heads with the flutter boards

What Others Did

They were chanting and encouraging others

Helping others to their races

Asking if people are OK

Stopping heads with flutter boards

Earning points for their house

Getting people to wear their hats

Entering races

Lending jumpers to people

By Kaleb Grindrod

What I Did

I went under the seats to get stuff

I brought back 4 towels that got left behind

Telling people not to sit on the top seat

What Others Did

Kayen helping the little kids from the biggest splash

Jade going to get the rubbish out of the pool

Billy went under the seats to get my watch

Seniors telling people to find a seat on the bus

I entered 1 length of back stroke

I entered 1 length of breast stroke

By Mikayla Bailey- Reece

Teacher's Message