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Awakeri School News 2001 - 02

20 December 2002 Today is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL ! Yeppy ! So to celebrate the occasion we are going to have a Teachers VS Kids water-fight, so it should be really fun !!!!!!!!

19 December 2002 Fancy dress was heaps of fun click here for some photos. We are also going to have a mass water fight so that should be fun !

18 December 2002 Sadly Mel Lynskey from Rm.9 is leaving our school and going to Auckland. She has been a really fun addition to the Awakeri School staff. We hope that you enjoy your stay in the great smoke. Dont get sick from the water!

17 December 2002 Recently Rm, 5 and 6 have come back from a camp at the lions hut. Also tonight at 7 o'clock we have the Awakeri School Fancy Dress 2002 with the Yr. 8 presentations. It should be heaps of fun !

13 December 2002 Click here to view the website team for 2002. Today Rm. 5 and 6 arrived home very tired and wet. Apparently the camp was still fun but it was cold and super windy. They woke up at 4:00 because the wind lifted up the tents and Jade Cossey and Nic Schuler were inside the tent when it did a back flip over another tent! So they had to go sleep in the lions hut. They were supposed to get out of bed at 7:00am but they got up at 4:00am also the teachers were running round in the dark very stressed out !!!!! Also today is black Friday SPOOKY ! The day is the day we get our reports, they also tell us what class we are going in for the year 2003!

12 December 2002 Today we finished making a Padder Tennis 2002 page click here to view it The winners were . . . .

Yr. 7 and 8 Boys Dylan Walker and Iharaira Hakiaha
Yr. 7 and 8 Girls Amy Wright and Ellice Shaw
Yr. 4 Boys Chris Stanton and (name withheld)
Yr. 4 Girls Terri-Anne and Anita Hope

10 December 2002 Today we have started swimming in the school pool. Some of the mornings at Awakeri school are still cold and windy so it should be Refreshingly chilly. Also we have been looking after the neighbours sheep they are keeping the field well trimmed ! (they have escaped and they don't want to go back to their paddock)

9 December 2002 We have just finished making an Intensive 2002 page full of great photos of the Year 7s and their young pupils to view it click here. Also we have the school fancy dress coming up so we have been practising hard out for it. Keep your eyes peeled to the news page for some photos. Also we have started a Awakeri School padder tennis competition also watch the news page for some photos of that too! Our cool school magazine is about to be printed. Click here to see the people who sponsored it - a big thank you to them.

6 December 2002 Yesterday we had the second Awakeri School Biathlon. We are planning to make it an annual event Click here for some photos the winning results:

Yr. 7/8 Dylan Walker, Darren Groom & Richmond Brown
Yr. 5/6 Max Farmer, Joe Burke & Russell Sisam
Yr. 3/4 Steven Glassbrook & Guy Kamphorst
Yr. 8 boy Iharaira Hakiaha
Yr 8 girl Rink Tacoma
Yr. 7 Syste Tacoma
Yr. 6 James Wilson
Yr. 5 Vincent Sheather
Yr. 3/4 Keanu Carter

3 December 2002 Lately the yr. 7 & 8 students have been doing an intensive. On Thursday the 28th of November, 18 year 8 students from Awakeri School went to Trident High School and Tauwhare pa. At Trident they had a go on the rock climbing wall. They traveled to Tauwhare pa at Ohope. At Tauwhare Pa, they learned the history of the pa and then they had a mock battle. The battle was played with two teams - one team defending a hill and the other attacking. The defenders had to tag the attackers three times to 'kill' them. Sadly the boys won by one point. Also, the junior school went to a presentation on Disability Awareness.

26 November 2002 Tomorrow the year 8s are off to Rotorua for the day. They are going on the Hydro Slides and visiting Rainbow Springs, to see the trout and a farm show. The next day they get to choose from golf, silk painting, rockwall climbing and a visit to a pa site. Sounds like fun! Meanwhile the year 7s are working on being next year's leaders, and also having some fun.

21 November 2002 Yesterday room 12 had their last day of tech and there has been some awesome results click here to see some photos. Tonight there is going to be Rm 9 and 3 staying over on the school grounds they play heaps of games and no doubt have heaps of fun !

15 November 2002 The talent quest finals... after excellent performances, the results are: 1st Katie Collins, Amy Law and (name withheld) [song and dance]; 2nd Rink and Brechtsje Tacoma [fife & piano]; 3rd Casey McKay [guitar]. In the popular vote section, 1st Jade Barton-Strang, Jasmine Akurangi and Blair Roia [song & dance]; 2nd Casey McKay, 3rd Haylie Griffen, Chesie Pettinger & Vikki Lowndes [song & dance]. Click here to see Troy's cool photos ! Also doing well to make the finals were Gena Law and Jordan Anderson. Also great news that ex-pupil Craig Petersen was named dux of Trident High School.

13 November 2002 Today we are going to have the first round of the talent quest this lunch time. The second round will be held on Thursday the 14th and the finals on Friday the 15th. It should be very interesting. The school has put up some padder tennis nets on the court and we are thinking of holding an school padder tennis competition !

8 November 2002 Today was interschool athletics at Otakiri School. It was heaps of fun and Awakeri took home most of the ribbons like usual! Everyone wore hats and put on sunscreen. Kakara won the discus competition by miles! The year 7 boys won their relay. It was a very hot day so after our races and events we sat under the big,shady tree and we felt refreshed for our next race! Everyone loved it and I would like to go next year but I'll be at secondary school.

5 November 2002 Today is Guy Fawkes ! It was today 1605 when Guy was BUSTED trying to blow up the England Parliament buildings with 20 barrels of gun powder!(he got the death sentence!). Today we celebrate by lighting fire works(which are very expensive!) and making a guy. Sadly the 'penny for the guy' tradition is no longer, so we make our own guys and burn them on the bonfire while lighting the crackers! Also the School has been busy after hours with family soccer on Monday nights and also the Awakeri Scouts are doing an athletics badge so it's all go at Awakeri School!

1 November 2002 Yesterday we had the running and sprinting events for athletics and also the high jump finals. 13 year old Iharaira jumped 1.45 m, also 12year old Richmond jumped 1.42 m. It was very exciting to watch. Kowhai house won the day. WELL DONE KOWHAI! Some other houses came up with some interesting chants. "Rata Rata from every room makes the opposition meet their DOOM!" Heaps of the kids went out last night to go trick-or-treating, so that means heaps of sleepy faces ! ( A teacher's dream (NOT))

29 October 2002 Today the junor syndicate is doing athletics. Click here for some fantastic photos! Tomorrow, the seniors will be doing their field events. On Thursday everybody will be doing the running, sprints and the 1500 m. The school Talent Quest is also coming up.

24 October 2002 Lately we have been hit by a new craze BAY BLADES. They resemble something like a spinning top. You may be thinking 'Hey we have those at our school', but for all you people who have not seen them.... The object is to get your opponents BAY BLADE to stop before your one stops. Some people have made some very vicious ones ...They are very simple to make all you need is a bottle cap, some string and a pencil. You may be thinking where did this originate? Well it comes from the TV program on channel 2 at 7.25 a.m. weekdays. Be ready for some fun ! Click here to view photos of BAY BLADES and how to make them.

23 October 2002 The junior syndicate children all invited their Grandparents to school for Grandparents day!! Some of them even brought their vintage cars. This day is for the children to show their Grandparents what they are doing at school and in their classrooms.The children had fun sharing their work and showing them our school. Most of the Grandparents are telling stories about when they were kids. It is a very fun day for all. Here are some great pictures

22 October 2002 Everyone is busy practising for the school athletic sports, which are on next week. Mrs Merry has put up the school athletics records to give people something to aim at. Click here if you want to see them. On 18 November we are starting our school talent quest. There are lots of entries. Some more Ag Day photos are here.

14 October 2002 On Friday we had ag-day. We all had heaps of fun ! Some of us are going to Group day; there are 45 from our school. Room 11 has 9 people going. There were 5 sections Calves, Lambs, Goats, Pets & Dogs. The dogs had to go around an obstacle course and they were timed. It was fun to watch. Rhys Cram with Daisy won best overall calf. Jasmine Hope with Crystal won the lambs. Stacey Rust with Blaze won the goats. Kelly Whitham with Honey won the best dog and their time was 47sec.Click here to see our fantastic ag day photos!

.9 October 2002 Today we have a half day. We are going home at 12:30 like most of the schools in the B.O.P. The teachers are going to have a meeting. (note: this is not a strike)

7 October 2002 Today is the first day of the term and the holidays went way too fast. We are going to have Awakeri Ag-day on the 11th of October. This is when some children bring pets or animals such as lambs, kids and calves to be judged on different categories. There are other activities like making a miniature theme creating flax flowers and stuff like that. Any one who gets a ribbon goes 2 group day which is being held at Otakiri on Tuesday the 15th of October there will be about 7 other schools there and I'm sure they will have heaps of fun !

20 September2002 Today I (Liz Moore) am going to be writing my diary on here because it is the last day of the term. Today is the last day of term. I am very happy about this because it is going to be the holidays and I am going to Auckland and Waiheke Island to see my Aunty and my Mum's old friends. Today Mr Hawkes is making us do a gymnastics display. We have to do a display with 5 gymnastic items, I am going to do a forward roll, backward roll, starjump, backward roll, forward roll. I hope that Rata house will win for the term so that I dont have to do gymnastics! Yesterday I got my ears pierced. It didn't hurt at all. I have green studs.

18 September 2002 Today Destination Education are here doing a presentation on extinction of animals. This week, there are some NEMP testers at Awakeri, testing 12 year 8 students on their English, Health and PE skills. There will be two one-on-one sessions each, as well as a few group activities. The testers come from Otago University and they are monitering the progress of Year 8 students in New Zealand. Group C have completed their PE activities, which included target throws, ball bouncing, ladder activities, forward rolls, and more. Group C's group activities so far have included things like writing instructions, debate activities, description writing and computer challenges. There are still two more days of testing left, when there will be more group activities and one-on-one sessions.

"I think that the NEMP testing has been a fun change of pace. I have enjoyed it, especially the one-on-one activites. I wasn't too good at the PE activities," says Amy, one of the students being tested.

16 September 2002 Here are some cool pictures of what went on back stage in the Heroes production. Mrs Watson went snooping with her camera! The kapa haka did very well in the Rangitaiki Festival. 3rd place for their haka, Jade came 3rd as girl leader and Iharaira came 3rd for his whaikorero. Tino pai koutou!

Friday 13 2002 Today is black Friday. Spooooooky!!! And Mr Hawkes had lots of bad luck this morning. Only one more week of school left for this term yea! Then its only 1 term left until its a new year, new term, new teacher and for some of us new schools. On the first week back we have Calf club, so everybody is gearing up with pets , kids, goats, calfs, and lambs. We will also have flower arrangements and miniature gardens, baking and lots more.

12 September Yesterday Jennie and Michelle ran a hockey juggling contest at lunchtime. Lots of people entered. Results will be announced at tomorrow's assembly. Jennie says "It was really cool 'cause all the people that entered had a go and it didn't matter if they didn't get much." Click here for some photos.

11 September It is great to hear from ex-Awakeri people. Hayley Whitlow sent an email from Aussie to say she visits the site every week to see what's happening! Everyone says hi Hayley. Kia ora!!!

10 September Our last show for our heroes production was Thursday 5th. It went great and all the children had fun!!! This week all the classes have been going out and playing Kiwi Golf. People have been talking about the earthquake that happened on Monday the 9th at 3:00 in the morning. It was 5 on the Richter scale. Some of the classes were practising drills and jumping under their desks to be prepared if a earthquake ever happens in the classroom. Some teachers were remembering back to the big quake of 1987. Most of us weren't born then!

5 September Great news! Rink won the BOP Science Fair intermediate section. She is now $500 richer! Congratulations Rink!

3 September Yesterday the middle and senior pupils went to the Little Theatre to have a dress rehearsal for our Heroes production. The first performance is tonight at 7pm. We also have two matinees on Wednesday, and a performance on Thursday at 7pm. Thursday's show has already sold out, so we will be expecting a full house!!! Friday was the Eastern Bay Of Plenty Science Fair. Nine out of the nineteen entered got prizes, five of them gold, as well as three special awards! The gold-getters were Liz Moore, Christine Scott, Katie Collins, Rink Tacoma, and Simon Barr. Yesterday was also the BOP science fair, which Awakeri had nine entries entered in. Seven out of the nine received prizes, and we will find out what they were after the prize-giving, which is taking place at the moment. Some of the students may even go to the National Science Fair! Well done to all of them!

29 August What fantastic ball juggling we had! Darren Groom did 130 to win the senior boys section. Other winners were Kelly Stanton, Chris Johnston, Matthew Bateson and Brechtsje Tacoma.

28 August There are some great photos from yesterdays dress rehearsal for our Heroes Production (NEXT WEEK!)Tickets are selling fast, so get yours soon to make sure you don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity! Also, today at Lunchtime, there is going to be a soccer ball juggling competition. At the moment Dylan, Darren and Richmond are the favourite because they can do over 200 easily!

25 August Here are some more great photos of our recent marae stay.

23 August EXTRA EXTRA tickets on sale for the famous Awakeri operetta. Adults $8 Children $4. Availiable before school 8.30 - 9.00 am, at office. It's about a lonesome sandal salesman Jason who desperately wants to be a hero. He boards the ship Argo to find new and wondrous quests. On the way he makes friends with lots of new people. A very fun show with lots of laughs and jokes. Our fantastic Kapa haka are also performing.

20 August Click here for photos of our winning Science Fair entries and the results. Well done Liz Moore and Michelle Power who won the first prizes.

13 August Yesterday the year 7 and 8's had to bring the Science Fair project to school, and today is when we get interviewed by the judges! Aaaaaahhh!

4 August Our marae visit photos are now on line. Have a look they are cool, ataahua!

1 August EXTRA! EXTRA! Room 11's newspaper team just won $5000 for first prize! They had composed a newspaper for the New Zealand herald school newspaper competition and they won!!! Their newspaper was called "Get with the gossip".

26 July It's our last day for our preparation for the Marae, and have been busy practising our 4 songs. Also, the senior kids who are doing the Karangas and Whaikoreros are now confident enough to do it in front of and help B Block. Tomorrow, on Election Day, the school will be holding a polling booth in the staff room for New Zealand's general election. Room 12 have been doing a small study on the Elections and have made their own parties and have even had their own speeches. Our new teacher, Mrs Gordon, has successfully reached the end of her first week of teaching Room 13.

19 July Today was so frosty that us kids were scraping ice off the tables with our rulers and making snowballs.

17 July With only six run-throughs left for our production, the pressure is on to perform well...and for those who don't know their lines, there going to be real pressure next week.......when we do it without scripts. Also, It's only a week and a half until all the school go to the Whare o Toroa (a.k.a. Wairaka) Marae. Each class will spend a day there, but for the senior school (Room's 10, 11, and 12) not only do they go for a day; they stay for a night too! Some senior school students were given a Karanga and Whaikorero today, to learn for the welcoming at the Marae.

Mrs Swart and her family (Keri and Devon attend our school) are leaving for the Phillippines on Friday, and will be missed greatly. However, starting Monday there will be a new teacher taking over: Mrs Gordon, and she will be teaching Room 13.

28 June Yesterday, the teachers who wanted Brazil and Germany to win the Soccer World Cup (Mrs Fitzgerald and Miss Stuckey) challenged each other to a soccer match to determine which team will win the cup. It was a fun event for all the students to watch, and surprisingly, Germany won!

25 June Today it was so cold that there was frost on the seats outside.

17 June Today Fraser Bruce and Jenny Laing came down from Auckland to give Rooms 11 & 12 drumming lessons. They brought lots of different drums. We made up our own rhythms and listened to and imitated some of the rhythms that Fraser Bruce made up. Overall it was a great experience and both rooms had heaps of fun. Click here to visit Fraser Bruce's website.Click here to see some great photos of our drumming sessions.

13 June Yesterday Rms 10, 11, 12 went to see Whakatane High School's production, 'How the West was Warped'. We really enjoyed watching. The play was a western spoof, and was really funny. It was about a cowardly Sheriff who had to challenge Bad Bart, the meanest man in the West, to a showdown to rescue Miss Kitty, with help from Miss Lamb, a school-teacher, Miss Frost, a strict member of the Women's Temperance League, Stumpy, a very smelly 102-year-old gold digger, his daughter, Annabel, a lovely young lady who's very handy with a gun, and a very handsome real Hero.

10 June Here are some great photos from our speech contest finals. Click here!

5 June Last night were the finals of the speeches. The results are...1st Karlene Roberts, 2nd Christine Scott, & 3rd Alice Brogden. Our first prize winner, Karlene, will receive the PTA Oratory Shield engraved with her name. Congratulations to all who made it to the finals. They all did a terrific job. The finalists were Renee, Kelly, & Vivienne from Rm 10, Max from Rm 11, & Michelle, Alice, Karlene & Christine from Rm 12.

29 May Yesterday and the day before, Rooms 10 & 12 held their speech competitions. Today we held the semi-finals of the speeches. Congratulations to Michelle, Alice, Rink, Christine, Karlene, and Jo from Room 12 and Renee, Vivienne, Kelly, Gena, and Keri from Room 10 for making it into the semi-finals! On Friday, Room 11 will be holding their semi-finals, and Rooms 10, 11 & 12 will find out who have made it into the finals, which will be held on Tuesday evening. A few of the participants of the semi-finals used different props and costumes, including Christine's amusing "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin costume (and accent) and Kelly's display of unsafe bungy jumping involving raw eggs. Our next major project will be the science fair.

24 May Three new cross country records were set today, by Vincent Sheather, Ben McPherson and Dylan Walker. Click here to see our school records.

21 May. The annual operetta is coming up and the auditions for a part are coming up. This year the production is called "Heroes". It is a Greek story of a wannabe hero Jason who is a sandal seller.

21 May. Only 2 days until the cross country. The senior school is busy composing their speeches for the speech competitions next week. They have to write a speech on a set health topic. The choices for topics are couch potatoes, safety in a chosen leisure activity, self confidence, smokefree sport, meningitis (or another contagious disease), B.O. is the pits, safety at play, or coping with disabilities.

16 May. Room 12 has just had their first week of manual. Group one is making pool tables in woodwork and in cooking and sewing Group 2 are making rain jackets.

13 May Room 10 and 11 are safely back from camp last week.Here's what one student had to say: "The food was nice, even though it was vegetarian. The pizza bread was the best. My most challenging activity was the high ropes. They all swayed in the wind. The trickiest thing I did was walking on a single wire, holding onto a wire above. I was chased by a possum on the ramp to the dormitories. It didn't catch me! Some of group 2 witnessed Carmen come down the abseiling wall (18 metres) after she had not been able to do this the previous day. Well done Carmen!"

8 May. Visit room 12 website which has all of our camp photos. They have funny captions and all our class are having fun in them.

7 May. Today room 10 and 11 went on camp for 4 days. They went to Tui Ridge park camp. It is in Nongataha just out of Rotorua. At Tui Ridge they get to do really cool activities like the high ropes, abseiling, mountain biking and other really cool things.

6 May. Only 2 weeks until the school cross country! We ( our class room 12 ) had to do a 12 minute run the other day and boy were some of us puffing after that. Though after some training I'd say we would be a lot fitter.

30 April. It has now started to get really cold at Awakeri School. We had to turn on the heaters to keep warm this morning!

19 April. Today Room 12 came back from their camp at Rocky Valley. They had a lot of fun participating in activities ranging from visiting Martha Open Pit Gold Mine to kayaking at Waimarino. Visit Room 12's web page to see camp photos and read more about the camp.

28 March.Last day of the first term.Term 2 starts on the 15 April. Yesterday the senior school went to Otarawairere Bay for a science trip they had a lot of fun looking at the rock pools and enjoyed going for a swim. We also found some very interesting creatures like an Octopus and a sea horse. We enjoyed watching them. Stand by for pictures of our trip next term.

26 March.Today the year 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, & 8s played touch rugby against 8 different schools and 51 teams. It was non-competitive day and we all had a lot of fun playing touch rugby. The P.T.A sold ice-blocks, donuts, sausages, drinks, chips and chocolate bars.

25 March. Click here for photos of the wonderful Top School day.

21 March. Rooms 7, 8, and 13 are on camp right now at Lake Okataina. They are staying in the cabins there. They are there from Wednesday 18 - Friday 22 of March.

18 March. On Sunday it was topschool. We had 25 schools competing. Awakeri came second in the events and cheerleading. In our topschool team we had Dylan, Rink, Emma, Daniel, Danniella, Iharaira, Hayden, Dannielle, Vivienne, Karaka, Christine, Ben. Kawerau Intermediate came first at the events. There were gala games such as a horizontal bungee, lucky dips, lucky jars, jelly slurping and more. The day raised a lot of money for the school, and it will be decided later what it will go towards. Well done to Jennie Foote for her accuracy in target throwing - she managed to dunk all the teachers, including Mr Fitzgerald, Mr Sheather, Miss Lynskey and Mrs Campbell!

What did the Top school team like about their day?

Ben's favourite activity was the Magic carpet, which he thought was a lot of fun and used a lot of teamwork. "The horizontal bungy was really sore when you were pulled back by the bungy cord," Ben says.

Rink liked the the Stitch in Time event, because "you get a turn the whole time instead of having to wait" and Watchorns Castle, because "the slide was fun!" "When it was my turn for the horizontal bungy, I got right to the end but got flung back really fast. I wasn't ready for that!" Rink says.

Danniella was glad to be in the Top school team because of the fun events. Her favorite event was the `Up, up and away' because she was the one sitting in the swing, and "sitting in the swing was fun!" Danniella says "the horizontal bungy was really funny because when the person in the harness was pulled back, they looked really stupid!"

Hayden liked being a member of the team because of the free Cokes at the end. His favourite activities were "the Horizontal Bungy because you got really wet and soapy, and Watchorns Castle because the slide was fun."

4 March. Today the middle and senior school held their annual school swimming sports. There were events of freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. Also they held a best dive competition, where Christine Scott (who obviously doesn't know how to do dives), jumped in and made a very big splash. There was the Teachers vs Parents vs Kids relay and (of course) the kids won. The Interschool Swimming Sports are on Thursday.

28 February. Yesterday the senior school gala raised over a thousand dollars. This was raised to help pay for their camps. "The Pub" made $169.00 (this was the most money made from a group) out of selling cups of drinks and slushies for $1.00 each. Click here to see photos of our exotic fundraising ordeal.

22 February. Today it's raining (doesn't anybody know its not supposed to rain in summer). We finished our P.A.T's yesterday so we're back to our normal schedule. Coming up is the senior school gala and their school trip to Otawaiwere Bay over the hill from Ohope, there they will be having a look at the beach and possibly going for a swim.

19 February. The senior school is holding a gala lunchtime on the 27th, where they will be raising money for their school camps. There will be food stalls and games such as horse shoe targets, slip in slides, egg throws, can squashing, indoor hockey and soccer, and other items.

19 February. Room one recently went to Bear Cottage in Whakatane for a class trip.They saw how to make teddies, and learn how to put stuffing in. They went looking around the gardens where they saw bears sitting on bikes, swinging on hammocks and swings. Inside there were lots and lots of bears sitting on shelves and on couches.

15 February No kids at Awakeri School any more? Lost touch? If you would like us to email our weekly school newsletter to you, email us here. It comes out on a Thursday.

13 February An email from an ex-pupil. Worth reading!!! (Hope you don't mind, Kevin!)

Greetings from Lake Macquarie (near Newcastle, Australia). I have a Year 4 class with 29 students (5th year of primary here) and wonder if your equivalent class would like to have email contact with an Australian class? I teach at the Arcadia Vale Public School (near Toronto) near the edge of Lake Macquarie. I attended the Awakeri School from 1957 - 1963. The Headmasters (as they were then called) were a Mr Walker and Ivan Laurence (or Lawrence?) There were three oak trees - are there any left? I remember boys coming to school barefoot on frosty winter mornings and walking across the puddles to break the ice and student Michael Cannon starting the school bus when we were sent to top up the radiator water. I thought he would get killed. He told the teacher when we got back to
class. The teacher said: "Good idea Mike!" It was a different age and time. Confession: I stole teacher Graeme Kerr's "Green Hornet" strap when he left for Australia at the end of 1961. Congratulations on your web site. Kevin Breyley-Smith.

7 February. Room Twelve were the first class to use the new computer suite at Awakeri school. We went with partners and made profiles of ourselves, we put in our likes and dislikes.We learnt how to insert photos(though there were a few muckups here)and borders. We got to use encarta and other resource programs to find information for our twelve study. We have 16 computers to use. Mr Fitzgerald and Mrs Watson watched us to see if all the computers were working properly.

31 January 2002. It's a new year and everyone is getting ready for their new year with a new exciting teacher. The computer suite behind B Block is going to be up and running next week which will be great. At the moment everyone is getting books and is getting work started. Hope everyone has a great week. Each class's page will be updated soon. Everybody is settling in well making sure all of Awakeri's new comers are also settling in well. Playground tiggy, rugby, and kick ball are only some of the games that our Awakeri pupils play. I hope everyone enjoys the year 2002.

18 December 2001 Tonight is the fancy Dress . Because of the awful weather we are having , it will be held in the complex and certain performances will be cut out . Because it is the end of the year the website monitors will be handing over to next years monitors who are Gareth Cossey , Vivienne Askey , Amy Law , Gena Law, Alice Brogden, Carmen Vander-Hull, Liz Moore, Katie Collins, Mel Hancox and Jennie Foote. Click here to see photos of last year's gorgeous website team .

12 December It's all happening today. The juniors are at the hot springs, the middle school are having a fun morning - toasting marshmallows, playing mass soccer, having water slides etc, and the seniors are working!! Still they do have dancing practice to look forward to, and the senior social next Wednesday.

5 December Click here for some cool photos of the Year 7 leadership training.

28 November Tomorrow the Year 8's (Form 2's), are going to Lake Rotoma for their Form 2 intensive. we are going to do Waterskiing, Bisketing, Snorkeling and lots more! But if it is raining then we are going to Leisure World in Rotorua.While the day after that, we are going to our selected activities. You could choose from: Rock Climbing (Pa Site Trip), Silk Painting or Golf. What about the Form 1's you may ask? Well they are doing a mixture of activities with the Junior's, Leadership traing for being the year 8's next year and a mixture of cooperative team games.

19 November The swimming pool is open today. 24 degrees!

14 November On Friday we went to the interschool athletic sports at Otakiri. We had lots of wins and placings.

6 November On Saturday the 3 November a tornado hit Awakeri and basically demolished a house which was in fact one of Awakeri's pupils, (the Goodhews) by ripping off the roof and shattering all the windows. Linda and Carla Goodhew who were in the house at the time dived under their kitchen table just in time and were unharmed but got quite a shock. Also the next door neighbours Chris and Brent Willetts's Eight sheds were in the path of it and it ripped them to shreds damaging their boat and sending iron across many fields and strewn onto powerlines and trees. Not only their shed was ruined, down Luxton road a number of sheds where damaged beyond repair. Not only was there 1 tornado but 4 other ones which thankfully did not quite reach the ground. There is also a warning for Thornton and Awakeri that there could be other ones.

1 November Today was Awakeri Schools sprints and relay day and it went really well. It was a lovely hot day and everyone showed a lot of team spirit. Nicholas Law broke three track records. Click here for our school records.Click here to see photos of our day !!

30 October Loads of athletics records (34 of them!) have been broken in the field events. Some of them are Hayden Te Moana 10 yr high jump (1.17m), Dylan Walker 12 yr long jump (4.50m), Lachie Shaw 12 yr discus (27.3m), Carla Goodhew 13 yr discus (16.75m)... Soon you can see all the records on this site.

26 October Today we had the senior high jump finals and two school records were broken. Simon Barr jumped an excellent 1.35m in the 11 year boys, while Carla Goodhew cleared 1.25 m in the 13 year girls.

24 October Athletic sports next week. Everyone is practising hard. Can anyone beat the school records? We had Ag Day last week. 160 children brought pet calves, lambs, kids, dogs and pets to be judged. Everyone in the school entered in the indoor show, which had flowers and crafts. There was also the cooking section.

19 September Yesterday at the Little Theatre we did our first two matinees which were "Our best yet" said Mr Fitzgerald. Tonight we are starting with our first night show. Tomorrow, Thursday we will have the finishing night of Starblaze. Thursday night is chock'o block full, there will be 270 people in the audience.

15 September Our kapa haka did really well at the Rangitaiki Festival. Raniera came second for boy leader. Iharaira got second for his whaikorero (speech). The group got second for the action song (waiata-a-ringa). We also got two 3rd places.

14 September Everyone in the school is upset about what happened in America.

10 September We farewelled Mrs Falwasser from our school on Friday as she is moving to Australia. Mrs Falwasser has done a lot for our school and the Kapa Haka. We will miss her.

3 September Two weeks to go till the School Operetta. Our school has chosen our entertainers. Our school Kapa Haka is working hard to get their stuff all right, they are performing at the operetta as well as the Rangitaiki festival. They have just had a noho (Marae stay) at Pukeko Marae and have now learnt all their songs. They just have to add their last touches. Our leaders are Wynel Araroa as the girl leader, Raniera Mason and Iharaira Hakiaha are our boy leaders.Our Waiata koroua (Old song) Is Taku rakau is about a lady who put her baby in a tree during the war. Our waiata-a-ringa (action song) is Anei ra matau, It tells about the different cultures at our school.

28 August Today is the Auditions for the entertainers in our Operetta. There will be a music trio, jokes, a dance and a Charlie's Angels take off .

25 August Great news!! Lots of success in the EBOP Science Fair and Bernina Fashion awards. There are 16 entries now going to the Bay of Plenty fair on Friday. This was the most of any school in the Eastern Bay. Liz Moore, Amy Law, Allison Warne and Adele Krantz all won prizes. This may have lauched Vivienne Askey's modelling career!

23 August On the night that the science fair was open to the parents and public, a small earthquake struck our town.

22 August The Awakeri Science fair. Prize winners: Science - 1st Simon Barr (Freezing Changes - about the effects of leaving a freezer door open), 3rd Liz Moore (Does manuka honey kill bacteria?); Technology - 1st Mark Petersen (Slam Dunk That Junk - basketball encouragement for putting rubbish in the bin), 2nd = Adele Krantz (Windscreen Wonder Wiper), 2nd = Aydan McDowell ( a device for automatically lowering a toilet seat after use!).

17 August 400 children were at Awakeri School for the annual Rangitaiki Soccer Day, meanwhile many more were at Edgecumbe for the hockey day.

5 August Talent Quest results: 1st Vivienne Askey, Rebecca McKeown & Jade Barton (piano & violins); 2nd: (names withheld); 3rd: Vincent Sheather (piano). Popular vote (by a large margin): Glenn Collins (Robbie Williams dance).

3 August 2001 Yesterday Awakeri School had their yearly Talent Quest. There were 8 acts and all of them were really great, you could tell a lot of practice had been put into them. The results should be on the website soon.

! August 2001 The senior school have been reciting speeches to their classes about health topics such as Tooth care, Tramping safely, Exercise etc . The finals were held last night at the staffroom at 7 pm the winners were Joshua Pemberton 1st, Rebecca Mckeown 2nd and Mark Petersen 3rd. Thank you to our Judges, Mr Twaddle ( Dentist and Champion speaker ) Mr Macdonald (Winner of the 1969 Awakeri School speech contest) and Mr Fitzgerald ( Principal ). The contest first started in 1949. Congratulations to Josh Pemberton for winning the contest for the second year in a row.

29 June 2001 This is the last day of term 2 . Today is the farewell for Mrs Bennett and afterwards is a reward afternoon .

21 June 2001 Yesterday the people who did well in the Awakeri school cross country, went to the interschool finals at Manawahe. Some of the pupils from that did well were .....

Lindsay Hollis, Danielle, Dylan Walker, Mark Peterson, Daniel Goodhew, Vikki Lowndes, Indiana Brown and Leonard Sonntag .

21 June 2001 Around one year ago our Room 8 Teacher Mrs Bennett left our school to go and teach in a international school in India, called Woodstock. She has been there for a year and has now come back for a short holiday in New Zealand, before she goes back to live in India for another 2 or 3 years. On the last Friday of this school term our school is holding a farewell to Mrs Bennett the teacher we will remember as a musical, loving and kind hearted lady. As a tribute to her, the founder of our annual school operetta we will be singing a song from last years play, Windust .

20 June 2001 The school is really getting into the winter blues, around eighty pupils out of the schools three hundred and forty were absent yesterday. There is another coating of frost outside but the sun is coming up and melting it slowly.

13 June 2001All the auditions are over for the Operetta. The Boys were held first, next the girls and finally the choir. The teachers are deciding the parts and they should be finished by next week.

12 June 2001 This Morning the school had a layer of frost , covering the bench tops and seats.One student emptied their pencil box out and filled it full of frost .

6 June 2001 The school is beginning to prepare for the annual Operetta and this year the production is called Star Blaze. The Senior school and Middle school have had one rehearsal of a few of the songs they will be singing over in the school's new complex. The Operetta will be held on the last week of Term 3.

28 May 2001 The school cross country was held in excellent conditions, around the usual 1.5 km track... the stop banks of the Mangaroa Stream. Four records were broken.Vicky Lowndes set a new 8 & 9 year girls time 8 min 07. Ben McPherson set a new 10 & 11 year boys record 6 min 49 sec. Nicholas Law set 6 min 44 as the 12 & 13 yr boys' old mark, while the girls' record was also broken.

25 May The senior school is walking around the cross country course and one of the Kinvig's sheep escapes and shows everyone how to run fast - across the main road! Luckily the cars stopped!

23 May Sir Richard Hadlee visited our school for 2 hours. He first gave us a speech on how he suceeded in his life to become a professional cricketer for New Zealand. At lunch we played a game with him. Our reporter, Ian Sisam had a chance to face a few balls from Sir Richard."The ball was flying all over the place and when it landed, it bounced in or out and had me completely confused !" Ian exclaimed after facing his bowls. After lunch Sir Richard had half an hour to teach a group of people some techniques. "I had a great day meeting him and it was a fantastic opportunity," Jonathon Dawson said after he went to the game after lunch with Sir Richard. Overall, everyone had a great time meeting and playing cricket with Sir Richard Hadlee.

20 May 2001 The Awakeri School website went on line for the first time!

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