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Awakeri School

Room 11

Who are we?

We are room 11 the coolest and smart class in Awakeri School with 29 children and a smart and amazing teacher...Ms Sisam!. Also with the most amazing website moniters who are Henali Patel and Tayah Prince.

Class News

12 December 2017 !HOORAY! The holidays are almost there, everyone is waiting because Friday this week is the last day of school. People are so Excited for summer and especially Christmas.,its going to be a hot summer this year according to the weather so make sure to slip slop and slap and try to keep it cool. Oh yes I forget to tell you guys that this is the last website article that we are writing so sorry if you wanted to hear more. Oh my what are we doing We forget again to tell you um.. What was it Tayah, Henali it was Oh yes now I remember have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

27 November 2017 So this week we are back to normal. Now according to summer the pool has gotten warm and Awakeri School can now swim in it. Our swimming days in room 11 are Monday from 9.20am to 10.15, and we also have Wednesday and Thursday from 11.10am to 11.40am. So if you are a parent that has a kid or kids in room 11 could you please remind them to bring their togs. Last week, since Miss Sisam was busy, room 11 had Miss Denis and she was great like Miss Sisam. With her her we wrote about this creepy house in Greece. So we had to pick what place in the house we wanted to talk about. Some people wrote about the kitchen, hallway, bathroom, etc. To read Students Works remember to scroll down, this time the students works are going to be written by Zoe Barlass and Tayah Prince! BE AWARE THESE STORIES ARE SCARY!

21 November 2017 This week is really busy for room 11 because we are getting tested with our P. A. T. tests and our self assesments. First we had to write up our self assessments and now we are typing them up. In this week Mr Fitzgerald will also be doing P.A.T tests with us. Anyways lets talk about the news, which is going to be about art. Mrs Petersen came in last week and did Kowhaiwhai patterns with us. Then This week on Monday with Miss Sisam we had to write the Instructions as a class for how to do a Kowhaiwhai pattern. If you would like to read the instructions about the Kowhaiwhai patterns by Paige Toone and some other writing by Marqus Leitch and Brook Leitch scroll down to the Students Work.

2 November 2017 OMG!!! We have had such a busy day with athletics on Monday with the track events and Wednesday with the field events. First I am going to tell you about the field events. So from room 11 in the Standing Jump Max Thompson came 1st in the 10 year old boys and Michael Grffiths came 1st in the 9 year old boys. So congraulations to them. Next Sophie Growden came 1st and she got 1.21m, and she also broke the record which was 1.20m so she jumped 1cm high. Now we are going to tell you about the track events. So Michael Griffiths came 1st in the 200m race. Next Sophie Growden came 1st in the 100m and 200m race. Finally Tayah Prince came 1st in the 100m and 400m race. So basiclly there were 4 groups of 10 year old girls that were running. So Sophie Growden came 1st in the first Group of people and Tayah Prince came 1st in the second group of people. We had a fantastic day with the students and teachers. Now if you want to hear some awesome athletics poems scroll down to the students work, they will be done by Kobi Wetting Davidson.

26 October 2017 Yay we are back from the school holidays. It is now Term 4 and Ms Sisam is now here in class. She is going to teach us for the rest of the year. In term 4 we are really busy. We have athletics going on and we are going to the marae in week 4. But we will get through there. Ag day as also just been on Friday the 20 of October. Lots of people made cool creations. Also a tonne of people bought animals like cat, chicken, sheep, lamb, calf and dogs. It was amazing. Then on Tuesday the 24 October we had group day were only the winners of ag day had to go. Just don't forget to scroll down and read the students work by Max Thompson and Joseph Bateson.

29 September 2017 Today is the day that Mr Johnstone is leaving. That is so sad. He will be working at the Whakatane Intermediate. As I said before in an article, Ms Sisam is coming and we hope she will be as just as good as Mr Johnstone. Room 11 has been cleaning up and been some people have been helping Mr J. Yesterday he got a lot of chocolates and good stuff from kids and parents and we have been watching movies as well. But I hope Mr J has a good time and Room 11 just wants to say bye, have a great time and Good Luck!

25th August 2017 Mr J has found a website called Banqer. On Banqer we can donate fake money on to the SPCA, The cancer society and The Red Cross. We can also buy house pay people and get jobs. It is so fun and amazing. Room 11 have also started their reflection writing about how and what we did with our money. Some people have finished and some people haven't. So if you want to read 2 scroll down to the new and fantastic students work.

18th August 2017. Room 11 have been doing Greek mythologies. We made our own story and now we are making characters and back grounds for the play, because soon Mr Johnstone is going to take pictures and put them together so it will look like a play. We are also studying about Greek history and Roman history. Mr Johnstone is now leaving this school in term 4 and he is going to work at the Whakatane Intermediate. That is so sad!!!! But we are hoping he can come and visit us again someday. Also our new teacher is going to be Ms Sisam. But remember to scroll down and read the new Students Work by Ella Murphy and Jade Moloney and check out the teacher's message.

9th August 2017 Yeah. People were so excited to go to tech. Well it was basically just the year 6s but it was amazing. We learnt things and looked at technology and cooking and at last we also got..... FREE SAUSAGES! How cool is that. Just remember to scroll down and read the new and fantastic students work.

25th July 2017 Room 11 have been really creative about gathering ideas with a buddy and making our own picture books. Also we are now going to start our own Monopoly games. Room 11 is really looking forward to be creating our own Monopoly game. Just remember that there are new Students' Works down below (scroll down) and there is also a new Teacher's message to read.

3rd July 2017 Room 11 have been doing amazing reading. They have been doing novel studies and author studies Some people now come in, in the mornings and they catch up on their reading. We have also finished our pie charts that we had been working on. Remember to scroll down to check Students Work.

30th June 2017 Room 11 have been creative this week and we have been working on our pie charts. Mr J told us to go on excel and create three charts and then paste them on word and write a short description about the chart. After that we printed them off. Some people did 1 pie chart, 1 bar graph and 1 line chart. But remember to scroll down to read the latest teacher's message and the latest students works by Joseph Bateson and Tayah Prince. There are also the old ones there as well as the new ones.

26th June Room 11 have been doing and working on our 3d art which is going to come out fabulous just like room 11. We have also still been doing our rockets. We have finished our line art which is cool and now it is on the wall of fame. Mr J has came up with another great art idea you call it the paper mache art. We might be starting it after our other art is finished because some people may have been left behind doing the 3d art. Dont forget to scroll down to students work and check Max Thompsons, Zoe Barlass and Henali Patels work.

22nd June Room 11 have been doing stuff about money. We have credit cards that we made and printed and then we have to buy desks, pay loans, rent chairs and desks and the best thing is that if you buy a house you get picked out from the draw and you get to choose if you want to sit at the teachers desk for a week, you don't have to pay bills and you can do anything when it comes to super silent reading time. We don't call our money dollars in fact we call them J bucks. Our class or should I say town/class is called J Ville. Scroll down to Students Work to read a two cool stories by Cole and Baille. There are other ones down there as well.

19thMay 2017 we started to build our rocket. Once we have finished we will pick 3 finalists and they will be in to win money. We used a plastic bottles the second main thing is the nose cone and finally the fins. We are also working on our rain art. We used dye, paint and our amazing tracing skills.


Students' Work

In the bathroom

I saw something move in the mirror. I'm so scared I don't want to look behind me. "Hello" I said who's there. But nobody heard me. Then I turned on the light to see what it was, but all I could see was just a cobweb. So then I stepped onto the mat, I thought I would fall straight through. Then I stood on a bumpy surface. What is this thing that I am standing on I thought. It is really wow not cool. Something then tapped me on the back. After the door slammed shut. The lights switched off. " Help", I screamed someone" help" me. My big brother Christian kicked the door open. "Hiyah". Finally someone got me out of here. But then I slipped on a really wet surface. Ouch get of me, Christian something is on me and its pulling my leg. Oh the bathroom looked like a old house. The mirrors have scratches all over and the bath was mouldy, ewww that's "gross". Lets get out of here. Look there's the exit then the man revealed his face. "Harry Potter".

Tayah Prince

In the closet

The closet door creaked open. I rushed in and I slammed it shut. Suddenly I pushed open a hidden door. Then I fell back like Alice in Wonderland. I landed on a rock hard pile of brooms. I see cauldrons and pots over flowing. I see cups with pink, blue, green and purple bubbling fluid. Suddenly I heard the witch and the cat. I hid. I said ''Hopefully I am safe in here."

Zoe Barlass

On Sunday we got ready to go to the pools. When I got my clothes, all of us hopped in the truck but my uncle and my Dad went on ther car. We got there and my Dad paid us in. 30 minutes later my old friends came and we hopped on this thing. After that we played rugby in the pools. After that we went outside and bombed in the outside pool.

Brook Leitch

Things my Mum always says.

*Do your dishes.

*Have you had a shower.

*Clean your room.

*Vacuum the floor

*Clean your mess.

*How was your day?

*Get up

*Go to bed at 10.00 at night

*Get ready for school


*Have you got homework.

*Less playing more cleaning.

*Stop being lazy.

*Feed the dog

*Brush your teeth.

Marqus Leitch


Procedural Writing

Kowhaiwhai Patterns

*Get scrap paper to practice.

*Gather your equipment.

* Draw a stencil/Template on card.

* Draw around stencil on coloured paper

*Cut out.

* Fold black paper into even sections

*Glue shapes on black paper

Paige Toone

Once there was a lady called papatuanuku she had the power to create stuff on earth. One day she made Kings and Queens then everyone got very angry. They thought they could control them selfs. Papatuanuku felt so bad she killed herself she couldn't change it back that is why we still have Kings and Queens.

Kobi Wetting Davidson

The impotaneed to do exercise to lose weight and so you can feel better every day. With all of that you need good sleep and rest so your body is good and healthy in the morning. Next you would need good mental health so you could stay on track with all your work and so your body is working well. you would also need a good mind set so you can achvive anything that comes your way.

Joesph Bateson

The Impotance Of a Healthy Lifestyle.What you need for healthy life is to have enough sleep, exercise, food and a drink. You will also need a good well paid jod and a nice home when you are an adult. When your a kid you need to consintrate on your work and have good friends to play with at school. You will need early night sleeps, lots of exercise to get fit and not fat.

Max Thompson

My Reflection. This year we have been doing financial literacy. I did have a lot of but I did not think of saving it. But instead I bought a small simggle light from Jessie and wasted my money. But in a way, I got some of my money back because I it to Celeste for another less amount. I bought a notebook and a few other things that I use but se I don’t use. Then Mr Johnstone told us to make a business to gain some money. I paired up with page and we made a business called H and Ps art gallery. It went very well we sold a poke ball and paints. But then I started my own business because Paige quitted the other one. My business went well as well as the other one and I sold one poke ball for 200 J bucks. I am still think of other ideas. But then Mr Johnstone came up with another idea about using Banquer. Which is a money website. It’s like managing a bank account and buying house in real life. But it’s fake. I just now hope everything goes fine.

Henali Patel

This year we have been studing about financial literacy. I am coming 8th or 9th in the class. I think I could of done better by keeping track of my money by not spending it on heaps of stuff in the auction that aren't use usefull to me. For example the trashie truck it costed 600 J bucks. My brother plays with it but not that much. The little koalo teddy. It was 550 J bucks that just sits on my bed and does nothing at all day long. I bought so many paintings 6 altogether 300 J bucks altogether. I also bought a bath bomb which were cool but did not last that long. But i did earn heaps of money with my business that I wish I kept going but I did not. I have bought 2 houses this year and very stupidly sold one to Sophie for 4,000 dollars. I am proud of myself but I could have done better.

Celeste Grimes

As I strolled down the street, I passed this guy I think his name is Jeff. Jeff had a heart milk which I thought was kind of strange. He wore skinny turquoise jeans. The dude wore large and cool black shoes. He had a very colourful afro like clowns. Jeff had a fat round body and tan skin. He had eyes as blue as the sea which dazzled in the sun.+

Jade moloney

Clack! Went the clapper. I dived into the pool my lips quivered slightly as i broke through the surface to take a breath. I started ate the black line at the bottom of the pool and, with cupped hands, I pulled myself to the end of the pool. Since it was my first time I was overjoyed by third place.

Ella Murphy

Clack! The signal to start, My heart was beating hard. Go! Go! The crowd was cheering. I could see the sun shining down. Swimming across the pool hoping I wasn't coming last. Touching the side. First place! Looking back and seeing the others still swimming.

Amy Jamieson

Tui Ridge Activities Postponed.

Rooms 10 and 11 from Awakeri Primary School are disappointed as the last day of their camp was cancelled due to heavy falls and had to leave early. We interviewed Sophie Growden and asked her if she was disappointed on missing out on some of the activities.
She said " Yes I am disappointed but I am glad we can go back in summer when there is no rain and enjoy the activities we missed."

Sam Smith

Standing there in front of the class
nervous nervous nervous
people watching from through the glass
I think I'm gonna be sick.
Deep breaths in and out
I'll just look at the wall
People getting ready to judge
I think I'm gonna fall
When I start talking
I think I'm gonna faint I don't want to do it
no I do not no I ain't
When it is over
I am really glad its done
I sit outside the door
and look at the sun.

Sophie Growden

When I looked around
My heart sank into the ground
all I could see was the big hairy faces
no sound at all silent.
Half way through my speech
almost done
feeling the pressure big time
then it is done definitely not fun.
It is finished now yay
I will never see my speech anyway
This is a pretty good day
Hip hip hooray.

Joseph Bateson


Kids are aching with pain because they have child cancer and not much people are donating. How would you like to have cancer and nobody donated to you. Donate to child cancer! Please!

Kobi Wetting-Davidson

Have you ever struggled to wake up? make breakfast? get your clothes ready? brush your hair? have lunch or dinner or put you bag and other things away when come home from school? Well then that won't happen any more because M.E.H. has been oh hand on now i forget to tell you what it stands for. M.E.H. st6andds for My everday helper invented by the most awesomest genius Henali Patel. M.E.H. helps to [Cough cough] Sorry. M.E.H. helps to wake up, make breakfast, get your clothes ready, brush your hair, have lunch or dinner or put you bag and other things away when come home from school. My everyday helper is $450. It can roll on carpet and concrete because it has 4 wheels. It can also make its way up hills and stairs. Also at the back it as a control system so to control it you need to tell it when to give it your breakfast, when to wake you up and all that. Then click the save button so it can do its job everyday. It also includes 5 double A battries. That is My everyday Help. Remember the short word is M.E.H. [Cough cough] sorry again.

By Henali Patel

Have you ever wasted time picking out your clothes in the morning? Well not anymore introducing the S.C.P bot. The S.C.P bot picks your clothes in 3 seconds. If you don't like the clothes it gives you, the you put it back in and type what you want. It will adjust it to the temperature of the day. It won't just pick a random outfit it will pick at the next big thing! The S.C.P bot has a special offer for you..... Don't wait just go and buy it for $60!!!

By Jessie Jones

Have you ever been in trouble by your Mum or Dad? Do you wish you could find a way out of it? Well now you can. This invention took me a long time to think of [5 minutes] !It is mind blowing! It is amazing! It is the best! I can call it the M.A.D.A.R. It looks exactly like you and it stand for Mum and Dad avoider robot. When you don't use it, you just put it in your room and say "Invisiblo" and it will turn invisible until you say "REVERSE" and it will come back from thin air. To make it look like you, you must put your hand on its head and in about 10 seconds it will look exactly like you. It can talk exactly like you and it can handle a smacked bottom. It is a rather good price for $57.50.

Cole Broadmore

Now its my turn I have to be brave


Now I wish that I was at a different age

I want to just be little me

Come on come on

Just let me be

I hope my speech doesn't take to long

why can't I stop and hurt my knee

Imagine if I had to write a song

It would have a weird beat

Like ting tong ting tong

I just want to have a seat

I really hope I don't get this wrong

What if i caught someone being a cheat

What if in the middle of my speech Mr J calls out to long.

Baille Lawrence

I feel my heart pounding in my chest like a continuous bomb exploding.I smell freshly cut grass ready to run on. I see the the sky blotchy with grey clouds, just right for cross country. I hear the scratching of pencils while I write this down I sense my saliva building up with nervousness.

By Ella Murphey

I sat silently thinking about all the possable things that could happen, like black berry stuck in my socks or me triping over an over grown root, I sighed why do I have to worry about everything. I felt a nudge on my arm and quickly snaped back into reality. '' Radha Radha'' ''huh'' I said clueless. Ella sighed and said '' stop day dreaming its like you are frozen''. I got up put my lunch box away and layed on the grass thinking about cross country again. I felt a sharp pain in my tummy which triggerd my thoughts. what if I came last?

By Radha Carrington

Here is an example of the rhyming poems.

The misty blue ship

sails over the sea

the black cannons fire

aim straight at me.

By Celeste Grimes.

As I got ready to do my speech.

My heart raced and missed a beat.

My stomach filled with butterflys

but I could really feel the heat

All eyes were on me.

finally it was over.

Mr J has said the scores.

Then I found a four leaf clover

I didnt want to go into the finals.

I was nervous hearing who was in.

Lots of people had a trial.

though lots of people through theirs in a bin.

then we watched everyone else do theirs

Lots of peoples speech was good so far

Then we scored each other.

We found the results in a jar.

By Jade Moloney

I know a guy his name is Jeff and he likes to do carrot thief. He steals those carrots cause they're food but from Tess she is so rude. But a man Jeff is after all he just likes his carrot ball.

Shaun Miller

Teacher's Message