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Awakeri School

Room 11

Who are we?

We are room 11 obviously the best class with about 29 students and with most breathtaking teacher.... MR J!!!!

Class News

22nd June Room 11 have been doing stuff about money. We have credit cards that we made and printed and then we have to buy desks, pay loans, rent chairs and desks and the best thing is that if you buy a house you get picked out from the draw and you get to choose if you want to sit at the teachers desk for a week, you don't have to pay bills and you can do anything when it comes to super silent reading time. We don't call our money dollars in fact we call them J bucks. Our class or should I say town/class is called J Ville.
Scroll down to Students Work to read a two cool stories by Cole and Baille. There are other ones down there as well.

20th June We have started building our own amazing rockets.

19th May 2017 we started to build our rocket. Once we have finished we will pick 3 finalists and they will be in to win money. We used a plastic bottles the second main thing is the nose cone and finally the fins. We are also working on our rain art. We used dye, paint and our amazing tracing skills.


Student's Work

Have you ever been in trouble by your Mum or Dad? Do you wish you could find a way out of it? Well now you can. This invention took me a long time to think of [5 minutes] !It is mind blowing! It is amazing! It is the best! I can call it the M.A.D.A.R. It looks exactly like you and it stand for Mum and Dad avoider robot. When you don't use it, you just put it in your room and say "Invisiblo" and it will turn invisible until you say "REVERSE" and it will come back from thin air. To make it look like you, you must put your hand on its head and in about 10 seconds it will look exactly like you. It can talk exactly like you and it can handle a smacked bottom. It is a rather good price for $57.50.

Cole Broadmore

Now its my turn I have to be brave


Now I wish that I was at a different age

I want to just be little me

Come on come on

Just let me be

I hope my speech doesn't take to long

why can't I stop and hurt my knee

Imagine if I had to write a song

It would have a weird beat

Like ting tong ting tong

I just want to have a seat

I really hope i don't get this wrong

What if i caught someone being a cheat

What if in the middle of my speech Mr J calls out to long.

Baille Lawrence

I feel my heart pounding in my chest like a continuous bomb exploding.I smell freshly cut grass ready to run on. I see the the sky blotchy with grey clouds, just right for cross country. I hear the scratching of pencils while I write this down I sense my saliva building up with nervousness.

By Ella Murphey

I sat silently thinking about all the possable things that could happen, like black berry stuck in my socks or me triping over an over grown root, I sighed why do I have to worry about everything. I felt a nudge on my arm and quickly snaped back into reality. '' Radha Radha'' ''huh'' I said clueless. Ella sighed and said '' stop day dreaming its like you are frozen''. I got up put my lunch box away and layed on the grass thinking about cross country again. I felt a sharp pain in my tummy which triggerd my thoughts. what if I came last?

By Radha Carrington

Here is an example of the rhyming poems.

The misty blue ship

sails over the sea

the black cannons fire

aim straight at me.

By Celeste Grimes.

As I got ready to do my speech.

My heart raced and missed a beat.

My stomach filled with butterflys6+

but I could really feel the heat

All eyes were on me.

finally it was over.

Mr J has said the scores.

Then I found a four leaf clover

I didnt want to go into the finals.

I was nervous hearing who was in.

Lots of people had a trial.

though lots of people through theirs in a bin.

then we watched everyone else do theirs

Lots of peoples speech was good so far

Then we scored each other.

We found the results in a jar.

By Jade Moloney

I know a guy his name is Jeff and he likes to do carrot thief. He steals those carrots cause they're food but from Tess she is so rude. But a man Jeff is after all he just likes his carrot ball.

Shaun Miller

Teacher's Message

I am glad that I have 2 new website monitors which are that I can trust and I am also impressed with the art thats been happening around our class. The P.A.T test results are also fantastic. Well done room 11.