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Awakeri School

Room 11

Who are we?

We are an amazing room we have a brilliant teacher. It is a fun class room. We have 14 spectacular boys and 12 cool girls.

Class News

31/10/19 Thursday

In room 11 we have banqer and on banqer we do different activities to do with money. Talia and Trista have done a lotto and Finn Smith won it. perspective drawing and we drew a town. We have been researching different countries that went to the R.W.C (rugby world cup) and we made a power point about the countries. Room 11 has been studying natural disaster such as the boxing day tsunami and the Haiti earthquake. we made posters about the natural disasters and had to talk about them in front of the class.

20/08/19 Tuesday

In room 11 we have been doing twisted fairy tales. There are different way to tell a fairy tale #1. You tell it like all the books. #2. You put different bits of fairy tales in to a main fairy tales. #3. you do a completly different fairy tale and put characters of different fairy tales. It is really fun to make cool and different fairy tales that are your own. We have been doing some coding on www.studio.code.org/s/exspress-2019 and HOUR OF CODE. we have been learning about how computers work and how we can make different codes that make the computer program. On HOUR OF CODE we do different programs like angry birds and making your own dance. We have done coding posters.
We do a basic fact test every week that can go up to 42 levels. The highest person on level 37 is Jayden Grindrod.

26-7-19 Friday

We have been doing New Zealand puzzles. Miss Ulrich put different pictures and infomation around the class and then we had a New Zealand puzzle. We had to go to the clues to write it down on the puzzle pieces and put them together. We also have started to have free time around the class for achieving different activities. We have been learning about Matariki stars. Rebecca made us cardboard stars that we got to colour and draw on according to the different blessings that each star gave, for example Waiti and Waita and put different bugs on. We have been learning about the New Zealand map and where all the different places are.

Thursday 9-5-2019


Our names are Aramia and Emma

We have been at camp for 3days and 2 nights at Waiteti Trout Stream Holiday Park.

On the 1st day we walk-ran up Rainbow Mt then we had nachos for dinner. On the 2nd day we went to the pools,and played for 2 hours on a inflatable obstacle. We had the yummiest lunch ever!!! Mmmmm the food was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo delicious.

Students' Work

26 july

Alyvia - twisted fiary tales

once in a little cotagge there was a little cat named FAT cat. She had kittens. One was black, black and white mostashe one and a black and white chilled (it was very chilled) one. The owner cod'ent handle it! so the owner took them all but the cat to the SPCA. One day a little girl came the SPCA she wanted a kitten she first looked at the girl kittens she found one she in the girls but then she looked at the boys she found one she wanted in the boys. Then she had to think what one to get between the boy and the girl. She picked the pich black boy kitten. The little girl took the kitten home with her then she took good care of him. But he snuk outside when he was not supposed to, but he diddent like it so he ran back inside. The end.

7 March

Things I love

My name is Esther Ferguson and I absolutely 100% love two things, reading and art. I like books that are about adventure and weird and whacky things. I find it hard to read books that have lots of things going at once. When I say art, I actually mean making a big mess. I am a pro mess maker, when I was little my nick name was messy Essie and where ever I went I made a mess.

Some facts about me

In my family I have six people. My little brothers Joe and Harvey and my big sister Isla, Mum, Dad, and I. We also have a Jack Russel foxy called Hazel, and a lazy black cat called Mazie. Mazie is is 13 and Hazel is 11. Every year me and my family go on exciting adventures to cool and interesting places and do fun new things. Last year we went to my aunts bach on Stewart Island (we also went to Alver Island while we're there) Queenstown, Invercargill, Deep Cove and Te Kaha. Te Kaha is a place on the East Cape where me and my family go every year.


Teacher's Message

Room11 have been learning about the new digital technologies curriculum.We have been coding online and also 'unplugged'. We are getting really good at coding our own dance parties. we have also had a chat today about sportsmanship and what that will look like in room 11. We will soon be learning about natural disasters and how they have affected the local community. I cant wait to submit our calendar art. They look fantastic and Room11 have worked so hard on them..