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Awakeri School

Room 11

Who are we?

Well we're the best class in the school. We have a awsome teacher, her name is Miss Ulrich. My name is Ella and I have a buddy called Rhiane, we will be room 11 website monitors.

Class News


It has been the holidays and our school's jump jam team are getting ready for the competition on the 27th of October in Tauranga. We have two people in our class in the Jump Jam team and they are Rhiane & Milan. They are really good.
The Kapa Haka team had there last performance on onday for ERO. ERO have come to make sure the school is in good shape and that all the students are learning.


We have finished our Biographies and we have almost finished our country projects. We have been doing a lot of production practices. Next week we have our show so make sure you buy some tickets to see your kids, the tickets are running out.


Lately we have been writing Biographies on a famous person of our choice. We have also been doing country or culture projects.


We have been doing a lot on Banqer lately. We have bought houses but we're actually using them as desks! We had school photos today and then we are going to the computer suite later on. We are headed into lots of P.E this term.


This will be the start of term 3 and we have got a lot on. Our topic for this half of the term is cultures. I have chosen to do India and how they celebrate.

4.7.18 Today we had a morning tea, because we did a food topic. We visited New World and looked at how healthy the foods were. So today we had a healthy option. We spent $60 on healthy food, like... rock melon, honey juice melon, onion, sausage and bread.


So lately we have been designing Nutrition labels so that kids can understand them better. We have also finished reading our chapter book called Chapter Chap known as the Explorer. This afternoon we are having Sustainability with Rachel and making a worm farm.


So we have came back from camp. We made camp comics that was fun. We are half way thourgh term 2 we have been doing tests.


So its really close to Mothers Day and we are making stress balls. And also we went on camp last week at Tui Ridge and did lots of exciting things. Milan and Rhiane are off to jump jam today to perform at the hospital, so good luck.


Well its nearly the end of the term. We have started writing Duncan letter, from a story we read called The Day the Crayons Quit. We got to choose the character we want to write about for Example.(Okay its rugby ball here we need to talk).We will share some with you anyway have a great week. Have a look on Seesaw.


Well since start of this term we have been reading a story called Soon. It's about war and shooting guns. In term two we will be learning about war and making old letters. We have also been learning about EXTENDED metaphors. We have finaly finshed our Tom Fedro paintings and they look great on our class wall. In our class 5 people are trying out for jump jam: Paige, Rhiane, Milan, Rhianna and Ella. We are really looking forward to be showing the school.


Room11 has been super busy the last two weeks. We have nearly finished our Tom Fedro self portraits and we can't wait to show every one them. We are beginning to get organised for camp! It sounds like fun. We have learning sign language and can now say I am (name). The sign for I love you is also really cool. Here is some cool writing from last 2 weeks.


This week we have filled up a whole plane sheet. Today we did a PAT test and it was reading in the computer suite. So thats how we started Thursday in the morning. After morning tea we went for a run around. It was tiring and hard we went for laps around the field.. then the bell run for lunch time so that was my time to have a break. After lunch we have another PAT test of spelling.


Well week 3 has started in good ship shape. This week we are doing lot of PAT tests pretty boring. But this is the chance to get new goal for your score. We have been doing statistics and they include fun activities around the place. We went swimming in the pool today it was all slimmy and green- gross.We are writing all about me so more people can see what we like and what we are good at. work and sport. in room 11 it has been really fun.

2018 room 11s start of year school

At the first time back at school was so exciting because we had a new teacher and she had no clue where everything is! We have swimming three times a week. Its been boiling hot outside all week. All week my teacher has been busy doing testing the levels so its been pretty cool all week. Remember to bring your togs.

Students' Work


Breaking News! Yesterday at 12:54 pm a 17 year old girl went missing. Her name was Francis and she had black hair with brown eyes. We have found her diary and it looks like she went out in the lake of Quetico National Park. She wanted to go to the deepest part of the lake to relax.But what she didn't know was that there was some kind of creature in that very lake. By Rhiane

I am a water fountain, bursting with excitment. I am a giraffe, streching to the soccer goal. I am a telephone, chatting to my family. I am a book, filled with great ideas. By Milan

I am an elephant, always making noise. I am a clown, always making funny faces at my friends. I am a hurricane, pulling apart my room to look for my hat. I am a parrot, chatting to my friends in class.

Dear Duncan

I need to talk to you now!!!do you know what its like to be left in the fridge for months and months I get cold you know.And would you like squished in between other things in na small container?NO I thought notAlso whats that dussting smell stuck in side of me. No matter what it is move it IMMEDLATELY!!! And I am so sick of seeing carrots being eatin everyday.It like to be tourched in a packed.by Ben

Yo Duncan!

we gotta talk.I hate it and I mean hate it when you sit on me you give me such a sore cramp.....Arggg!! Oh yeah and throw out Mr monday Undies case you obveisly like him better!And guess what all the other pairs keep teasing me and I dont know why....Mabye its beacuse Ive got a massve hole in the side,I fell like Im gonna cry!! Mabye just consider washing me once and a while cause I absololty skink!

From your angry in every your pair of undies



I felt an adrenaline rush as I blazed through the trees. 70k per hour WOW!and six ziplines later what an amazing feel. I was turning onto my back ziplining up side down,seeing the amazing views of Queenstown right before my eyes. We had already done two,they were pretty cool with a slight breeze smashing into my face.Gliding down seeing all the fake cauters on the trees I started going faster,faster on each one. We had two lovely tourists taking us, carrying everything we brought. It must have been heavy alright.


Brussel sprouts noo."Eat em up"mum say joy fully I wait till she gets up from the table. Sneakily the dog finally find the Brussel sprouts dog gobbles them up like dog treats. I sat there in shock. How could a animal possibly like that. Mum came back to see if I'm full. she dishes me up more Brussel sprout. I sit there and scrape it onto the floor this time the dog barks at me and the Brussel sprouts.


Here's a little story from Terina. RING RING RING What's that I think to myself. My alarm I shouted, it woke me up. She looks at the alarm ITS ONLY 7:00 she said sleepily. I said "SANTA CAME" she rapidly raced into the lounge. I followed "you forgot your stocking" she raced back to to grab it. Mum and dad woke up" whats all the noise for"Its Christmas I shouted.


Teacher's Message

Hey! We're room 11 with Miss Ulrich and it started off with a beautiful year in 2018!!!We have so many awesome activities coming up this year. Were off to camp in term two we have three new students in my class this year Ella Mckay, Gabby Lawn and Max liu welcomethis term is going to be very busy. We have planned lots of sport and cool games.