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Awakeri School

Room 1

Who Are We

We are Room 1 a class of 12 people, we are 5 year olds. We are new at Awakeri school. We have a cool teacher named Mrs. Morris. We looving learning how to write and add and subtract.

Class Newes

18/12/19 Its almost Christmas and we are so excited. Today we are doing a bubble experiment. We made our own bubble wands. Some people made their bubble wands with PLASTIC straws, wooden popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners. We made 2 mixtures. The first one included half a cup of corn starch,1.5 litres of water, 2 cups of dish soap, 1 tablespoon of glycerin, 1 tablespoon of baking soda and we put plastic wrap on top. For the second one we put half a cup of warm water, 1 tablespoon of glycerin, 2 tablespoon of dish soap and a plastic wrap on top. We did it with room 3. We tested it out and had fun looks like the first mixture worked out good. We will leave the mixture for longer and see tomorrow if it is as good as today.

14/11/19 Last week we went to the marae and had lots of fun. We did 3 activities all together some of our favorite things were, playing rugby, string games, hearing a funny story about KFC, learning the rakau, learning the poi's and playing volley ball. This morning we did our number counting and saying the alphabet. We also have 2 new students in our class. We have also been heading to the library regularly. Next week we have 15 children visiting next week, that will return next year. we are now getting ready for the end of the year, not to far away.

5/11/19 To day we learnt how to make slime. We added red and gold glitter, it made a orange sort of colour. We also added clear glue and a magic liquid that made the slime come together. Some us thought it looked like, slurp, gulp. We thought we could be spider man with the sticky slime. Last week we had athletics. We all did vortex, shot put, high jump, long jump, discus and sprints. Two people from our class did the 1500m run, that was Corbin and Kobi. These are some of the classes favorite activities: Corbin, Kobi, Aiden and Isla, like running/sprints. Tegan, Liam,Tino,Rylee and Tayla all like high jump.

11/9/19 We are ready to kick off this week. In class we have been working on the junior production and we are almost done. Tomorrow we also have a few visitors. Their names are Aiden, Liam, Tegan and Tilo. We can't wait.

4/9/19 We made cards for our dads for Fathers Day, they were sooooooooo amazing and our Dads loved it. We have just started doing buddy reading with Room 8 and it is fun. We have learnt to use dice for our maths with addition and subtraction. Mrs. Morris has started teaching us about fire fighters and what they do. We hope we have a great week.

28/8/19 Sorry for the lack of website updating. Anyways in class we have been having heaps of fun with Room 3. We have been doing Jump Jam with them mostly every day. We are also so happy to have 6 new kids in our class. We first had 9 and now we had 22! We are also excited for the Junior Production. We have been learning the Jump Jam Happy, The Pukeko Dance and also we are learning to sing Aotearoa. We are also painting pet rocks for ag day. We have a busy week this week.

8/8/19 We are back. Today we have been doing science. We tested if a polystyrene ball could float and it did. After that we tested if it could sink. We tried to put paper clips, screws, pins and more things on it top make it sink. We had heaps of fun and here are some photos.

Mrs Morris telling Room 1 what they need to do We are now seeing if it will sink

24/7/19 To kick off the term we have made jelly fish number lines and some bird nests and we are writing stories about Dexter the Cat. We have also made gumboot art and mixed the colours to make other colours. We are looking forward to this term and we are really excited about the cool things we are going to do.

28/6/19 In room 1, 4 people are moving to room 3 next term. The people are Paige Cashell, Emily Woods, Arlo Williams and Jasper Wilson. They said that "We will miss this class. We love doing art, we love the teacher beacuse she is funny and kind, we liked going on the school trips, making friends and doing Golden Time every Friday".

17/6/19 Sorry for the lack of website updating but we are back. In Rm 1 we have been practising the Matariki Dance and also learning about it. We know that early in the morning the Matariki starts will come out on Matariki. After we have learnt about Matariki, we are going to be learning about fish. We already know that there are different fish and that fish live in water.

17/5/19 We had a really great walk at the Kiwi Trackers walk Ohope. When we came back we wrote a sentence about what we did. To see those Scroll down to Students' Work.

13/5/19 This week we have been learning about birds and kiwis. We are also going on a walk tommorow on the Kiwi Trackers one at Ohope. We are really excited. For art we drew kiwis. What we first did is we drew the kiwis, we did dot art and then cut them out to our kiwi pictures. We are making birds nests too. We made some awesome Mothers Day cards.

03/05/19 We are back and ready to kick down this term. This term we have Cross Country and we are really excited. We have been doing some training for the past few days. Today we are having some fun outside. We basically have freetime. Some people are dressing up, some are playing with blocks and some are are doing more fun things. We have had a great week this week and we can't wait for next week.

16/04/19 Today we are going to room 14 and 13's funraiser. We can not wait for the holidays, some kids have even made plans of what to do in the holidays. Today after lunch we are doing a huge Easter egg hunt. We hope to eat chocolate today YUM!!!!!

11/04/19 In room 1 we have got 2 new people now. So now we have 12 people. The new 2 boys are Jax and Tyler. Here are some things that they are enjoying so far. Tyler likes finding acorns, doing Art and P.E. Jax likes finding acorns, doing art and he loves Insects and Bugs.

01/04/19In class we have been writing about Top School which just went on Sunday. It was really fun and we had heaps of fun. We loved the bouncy castle. We are also really happy that Awakeri won! We will have our writing up on students work tomorrow when we finish.

26/03/19 Room 1 ate lemons and then decribed how they tasted. If you would like to know how it tasted look in the students work below.

23/03/19 This week in class we have been doing lots of reading this week with our teacher. We have been reading amazing picture books. We also do a fitness routine every day to keep us strong. In art we have been making a caterpillar. We all painted a circle green and then we added legs and then joined all of them to make a big caterpillar.

17/03/19 In class we have been doing art. We made portraits of ourselves. We first painted our portraits and then we wrote our names in English and Maori.


Students' Work

We found a fantail following us on our trip and I liked walking.

I liked the birds. I saw a fantail on the tree.

I saw heaps of kiwi burrows. I saw a kiwi.


It was yucky. By:Anaiah

It was yummy. By:Madelyn Thompson

It was sour. By: Paige Cashell

It was disgusting. By:Arlo

It was super sour. By:Jasper

It was so sour. By:Maddison

It is sour. By:Skylar Dods

It was so sour and yummy. By:Saorise Kerrigan

It was spicy. By:Emily Woods

It was sour. By:Wairua


I went down the slide. By: Paige Cashell

I want Salmon. By: Jasper

We played with rubber ducklings. By: Anaiah

My caterpillar is small. By: Emily Woods.

Greedy Cat is fat. Madison.M

My caterpillar is small. By: Mrs Morris

My caterpillar is fat. By:Saoirse Kerrigan

I went kayaking with Fluffy. By: Arlo

Teacher's Message