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Awakeri School

Room 1

Who Are We

We are room one, our teacher is Mrs Laurent we are all enjoying Awakeri School so far. Our website monitors are Bonnie-Marie and Olivia from room 15.

Class News


Room 1 have been making pizza art which they showed at assembly.

This is Jude, he has just started. Rm 1 have made pizzas which they showed at assembly.
Rm 1 wanted to make stories so Mrs Laurent made all the books ready for rm 1 to make theirs. Rm 1 made awesome volcanoes which you should go have a look at.


Mieka is an excited new kid who is excited to start school. Te Maihoa is a new 5 year old happy to be in room 1.
Piper is a new kid who has a sister at this school.
Oliver is another new kid and has started in term 2. Isabella M is excited and new for an incredible time in room 1!
Amia has made excellent picture of her dream shoe. The junior syndicate are practising for cross country.
Courtney is a student at Whakatane High School and is thinking about being a teacher. She is visiting our school. Isabella is room 1 captain for the day she is also a new kid.
Delphi has earned the most points so far in room 1. Logan is a excited new kid who has just started Awakeri School.
Toby is also a new kid following his 3 brothers foot steps at Awakeri Primary school!


2nd of May

Room 1 have been practising cross country. They have been joining classes and the rest of the junior classes. They are fast!
Room 1 have been designing shoes - high heels, vans, trainers and cow boy shoes.

6th March

Rm1 have been learning about sea creatures that live under the sea, such as crabs, jellyfish mussels and even starfish! This is a red jellyfish that a creative rm1 student (Siana) has created and they also made a blue, yellow and green one plus they made starfish if you look on the net.
Rm1 have been practising kicking with the flutter boards in the pool. Rm1 had free time playing in the pool, Delphi was showing us cool tricks.And children behind Delphi were playing with noodles.

26th Feb Last week room one and the rest of the junior syndicate had swimming sports. They played some fun games and had races.
Room one have been practising with flutterboards. Lots of kids can do such cool tricks for their age. Rm 1 has been learning for maths about shapes, they have even made awesome monsters out of them (shapes). Room one have also been working on incredible artwork of painted starfish. Another great week for room one!!!

13 Feb Room one have made boat boxes and have been doing races in free time. They have been practising mathletics with the class and Mrs Laurent. In free time they play with lego and use their imagination. Room 1 have an art table where they keep all their art supplies, like glitter, glue, paper. Room 1 have a reading corner and a black board to practise writing on wet days. Room one have written their own special story about what they did in the weekend. Room 1 also have captains who get to stand in the front of the line.

Students' Work

In the weekend I was riding on my bike on the concrete.
By Mylee Mathews

In the weekend I went to my nanny and grandies.
By Leo

In the weekend I went to the park on my bike.
Kaylee Hawson

In the weekend I went to church.
Siana Seales

Teacher's Message