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Awakeri School

Room 1

Who Are We

We are the best class in the whole school! We are lucky to have Mrs Laurent as our first teacher!! I'm Ethan Forbes and I am the website monitor for Room 1!!

Class News

13 December Fancy Dress is TONIGHT!!! Everyone is looking forward to dressing up and having a good time!! Lately we have been swimming and we have a good time in the pool! Our swimming days were Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. We are all looking forward to the Summer Holdiays to get a break and have some fun with our families. We have made Christmas decorations for our family and we also made them some cards. We got our reports yesterday and we are very happy. We loved our wonderful teacher this year and we will miss her much over the holidays. Tomorrow for our last day we are having a massive shared lunch. We all had a great year and are looking forward to coming to school next year!!

16 November Recently we have been learning about Africa and all the Animals in Africa. We have learnt that Africa is a continent. We have learnt about Lions and Elephants and all other life living in Africa. It's really hot in Africa and we like living in New Zealand where it is not that hot. We have made hieroglyphics of the Pyramids in North Egypt. We know they are really big and we have learnt alot about them and their shapes. Mr Sheather has been taking some of our students to learn advanced stuff about Africa. For Physical Education we have been doing our own circuits outside. It is great fun and we are improving our fitness massively. We have also been doing stitchery. That is really fun. Some of our kids did really well in the recent school athletics and track events, they all did really well. The end of the year prizegiving (Fancy Dress) is coming up on 13 December which is one day before the end of they Year! Room 1 finish on 14 December!! This year has gone sooo fast and we have had many great times during the year!

29 September The last day of term3! Lately we have made pet rocks and made teenie little houses for them. We got to decorate the and paint them what ever colour we want. We made little yacks and were amazing to make. We have been learning about our favourite tales like Goldilocks and The Three Bears. We have made eggs for our dinosuar which look pretty cool!. We made our names out of nature stuff like leaves and sticks which look great and were really fun to make. They are a great addition to our amzing and colourful walls. We have now got Golden Times which is an area of they day which we are able to play games with the older kids likes room7 and room6. It's been a great time this year and we are looking forward to having a break and getting started with the last term of the year!!

21 June The term is almost over and it's gone so fast!! We have been learning about T-Rex's and we wrote some of a T-Rex's attributes like Large Brain, Flexible Neck, Sharp Teeth, Powerful Jaw etc. We have made our own eggs and we got to paint them and put spots on them. We have a net hanging from our roof like a nest, and we are sticking our eggs in the nest. We have made a little hut in the corner of our room. We are going to stick a volcano in the corner of the room. We have been learning about the basics of the water cycle. Today we also had a small task on numbers. We have 16 Kids and 5 Newbies!!

12 May It has been a great start to term 2!! Some of our students have moved into Rm 2 and we have 3 new students. We have drawn self-portraits and they look amazing. We have been doing a lot of Mathletics, Reading Eggs and other stuff like that. We are about to start a unit called 'keeping ourselves safe'. We have been writing a lot and drawing. We made fish, dogs and an octopus to help us with our learning. We have been counting as well. School has been great so far and it's only the start!!.

17 March We have been doing alot of great things lately!! We have been learning about the Sea so we made some artwork to relate to what we are learning. We made paper fish and they look great!! It was great fun making them and we are happy about how they turned out. We having been building things objects up to our bellybuttons, only a few could manage but we had fun making them!! We have been making colour patterns out of blocks like blue, red, blue, red etc. We have a tree of virtues in our classroom which is great. We have been doing reading eggs on the computer which is good for our reading. We have been learning about basic shapes like Squares, Circles and Triangles. We have had a great fun at the start of term and it's only 4 weeks to the holidays!!

10 Feb After a long holiday school has started again!! It's the first year for all the students in room 1, and they're already loving it!! We have been colouring and drawing trees, and they're looking amazing.

Students' Work

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