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Awakeri School

Room 5

Who are we? We are a smart group of people doing extension with Mr Sheather. He is a good teacher.

Class News

1 Dec Last Wednesday some people went to Rex Morpeth park and won the whole cricket tournament. In the finals the score was 87-82 to us. Mr Sheather has been teaching in rm1. We have been sharing the genius hour projects.

27 Oct Cricket has started, it is on Thursday after school 3:05 to 4:15. There was 33 all together. Some of Rm 1,2 and 3 children are coming for extension maths.They are learning about doubles and near doubles. Genius hour has started for some the senior classes and their are lots of interesting topics.

29 Sep Rooms 1, 2 and 3 have been writing. There is Astrid's work down below (scroll down). Middle school have been using technic lego and they are progamming a robot using a computer. Mr Sheather is looking foward to starting up cricket in term 4. We have just done production.

4 Aug Rm 6 and 7 have been writing made up stories. Rm 13 have been learning about NZ history time line and geography and what the world used to look like. Rm 10 have been using technology to make machines and program robots.

28 July Today a group of 20 kids made math games for the senior syndicate to do. We were all put into groups of 6 and 7 people. Rms 11 to 15 did the math games. We trialed the games and made changes to the games to make them better, after working on them for a long time last term. It took a long time to get to play the games due to sickness and rainy days. CLICK HERE TO SEE PHOTOS

30 June This week in the juniors for science Mr.Sheather used ice to crush cans. He heated them up then put them into ice cold water then they crushed.

16 June Over the last couple of weeks Mr Sheather has been doing coding with some of his classes, they used websites like scratch to program things. the maths celebration day is coming up soon as the senior children finish their games.

8 June We had a nice long weekend. Room 13's year 7s have been choosing their topics for the science fair. We have been doing science with the juniors. We have been doing fractions with room 10 and maths extension with room 13. We have also been reading with room 8.

24 March Mr Sheather has been helping setting up top school for this weekend. they have been setting up obstacles for teams to do. At top school there is food games and a magic carpet ride. Some of the foods are candy floss, ice blocks and lollies.

15 March Room 13 has been doing research for their camp at Waitomo. Some of us have published our work on Posters, or a PowerPoint or we have used SWAY. Room 3 and 4 have being going to Mr Sheather's room for extension in Maths and they have been learning about place value. Today they played a game called Trash Can. the Middle Syndicate are doing reading extension and some of them are working on a Book Review. When they are done, we will print some on this page. The other Middle Syndicate extension children are learning to read for inference. They are getting good at reading between the lines.

17 Feb Middle extension is tech angels and the children have been learning how to take photos and download the images. We are also working with room 14 doing research about plants/trees.

Students' Work

We learnt about a multimeter. I tried it on my skin but it didn't work. But when I put water on my skin, it did work. I thought it wouldn't work but it worked really well. I was happy that it worked. I tried it on the window but it didn't work. I tried it on paper but it didn't work either. I wonder if it would work on my tongue.
By Astrid Smith

Teacher's Message