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Awakeri School

Room 5

Who are we?

We are a fantastic, enthusiastic, amazing class. We also help others in room 5 because that's who we are. We have done some great stuff. We are trying to be the best class in the school (which we probably are already). We think our class is: AMAZING (INNES), GOOD (COBY), COOL (WILSON), REALLY GOOD (ARLYN). We have also been doing table points, so Mr Sheather and Miss Wood have been giving out points. On Friday the table with the most points gets a chocolate bar each.

Class News

28 Mar: We are learning about the oceans and we are learning specifically about Crabs, Jellyfish and Turtles. (Report on Crabs below). We have also been making Jellyfish, Turtles and Fish for art. Also for art we have done more hot and cold colours. We made a sheet of cold colours and made handprints in hot colours.

7 Mar: We are all very happy with parent teacher interviews. Mr Sheather has said some terrific things about us. Our parents are very impressed!

9 Feb: We did our daily P.E. Circuit with Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4 today and us, 5.

8 Feb: The newest member of our class is Miss Wood. She is training to be a teacher. She is kind, thoughtful and caring.She reads books to us and helps us whith our math and writing. We have been doing shared writing. When we do writing we do pitcures above our writing. For maths we have been doing addition and subtraction. During class we have been doing cold and hot colours as art. For hot colours we used Yellow, Red and Orange and for cold colours we used Purple, Blue and Green. It was a lot of fun. When we go swimming we have a lot of free time. Yay!

Students' Work

A Crab

Some crabs are so tiny that they are so hard to see. Crabs are animals that live on the land and in the water. Crabs have 10 legs and there are lots of different types of crabs. some crabs live in the sea some crabs live in rockpools and on the land and some crabs live in freshwater. Crabs eat many kinds of food. Some are hard to see. I like to learn about crabs.


The Whalers and Sealers came down to make money. They had spears to kill the Whales and Seals.


This is some of the stuff we have been learning about the treaty. The treaty is about how we behave in room 5. It's like telling us to make good decisions, make sure our work is finished and be kind to others we know it has definitely had an effect on every body in room 5. We also have Jobs like shutting the windows at the end of the day and delivering all the letters, it is really really fun.

Teacher's Message

I have a lovely class of 20 (Yr 2) children. Our first unit is "About Myself" and we are learning about NZ history, up to when the Treaty was signed.