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Awakeri School

Room 14

Who are we?

We are room 14, we have 31 students and we are a variety of year 7 and 8's. We have the best class in the world, full of wonderful kids. The website monitors for R14 this year are Kalib Schuler and Kieran Butler.

Class news

July 20 Scroll down to Students' Work to read all our memories of Mrs Prodger. We hope you're enjoying retirement so far Melva!

July 6 Today we have a special visitor from Ireland her name is Saorise and she is Cate and Oscar's cousin. She come from Cork in Ireland. Today some of the people in our class were picked to be the main parts in our annual school production. This year it is 'The Valley of The Voodons'. Samantha Yuill is the queen, Isaac Clements is Prince Dronos, Kalib is Viscount Pansy, Ayla Rowe is Astrid and Kieran Butler is Stark.

June 29 This coming Friday (7th) we have some very sad news, Mrs Prodger is leaving our school. We are going to miss you very much. We will remember how much work you put into everything and how you helped us when we were hurt or not feeling well. Thank You Mrs Prodger XoXoXo.

June 28 Our web site monitors have been slack! Recently we have finished speeches (well done Bonnie-Marie!), started science fair work (it's due in week two next term), finished geometry, started measurement. Our book at the moment is The Hobbit. We have been copying the features of the great writing of Tolkien, with our own stories. Scroll down to Students' Work to read some of them.

May 24 On Friday we had a huge fund-raiser. Room 14 did very well because we raised $1132 . 90. We had fun and made a lot of money. Heaps of people went to the food groups and also the other games as well. The groups were the Haunted house, Kai kings, Sweet As, Junk food pit stop, Mission Impossible and Animal Barnyard. Room 14 had lots of fun. I hope the other kids had fun too.

May 11 Scroll down for a new Teacher's Message.

May 9 We have been learning some more ways to respond to how are you in Spanish, like feliz gracias which means happy thanks and another one is aburrido/aburrida which means bored thanks. We are probably going to finish our book called the Fat Man which has been very interesting. We have just started learning geometry. We are learning about angles and how to draw a triangle with a compass and a ruler. We are also starting to train for cross country.

1 May Welcome back to school. We are straight into it: starting Spanish and our social studies topic about Parihaka. Today for current events there was lots of news about Cyclone Cook like chicken coops flying away, 55 trees falling down and mail boxes being blown away.

7 April Since we have finished learning our own pepeha (our family background and family tree in Maori), we have had some fun writing fantasy pepeha for ourselves. People have had all sorts of interesting grandparents, parents, wives, husbands, brothers and sisters!
Here is the start of Leanna's one:
Tena koutou katoa
No Vanuatu ahau
Ko Mt Fuji toku maunga
Ko Amazon toku awa
Ko Titanic toku waka
Ko Donald Trump toku koroua

3 April We had a talk about internet and social media safety this morning, to follow on from a duscussion last week. We learned how to screenshot phones if you need to, to get evidence. We also looked at statistics from the port of Tauranga for our maths. Did you know there were 26 thousand tonnes of onions exported from Tauranga last year and nearly a million tonnes of kiwifruit? A cruise ship visiting there is about 3.5 football fields long!

March 29 This morning before school we were looking at Kiwi Kids News, which has all sorts of cool, random and fun news. We saw this cool chair trick and decided to give it a go. After a few fails, we did it!

Kalib Schuler, Cole Hendl, Shaun Snow and Josh Brown support each other. The chairs have been taken away! Rheet, Sasha, Skylar and Coral assisted. Look, no hands!


March 23 Room fourteen has been reading an interesting book called the Fat Man written by Maurice Gee. The book is about a little boy called Colin. Colin was in a forest and he got caught by a fat man who is a robber. The only way Colin can get free is by helping the fat man rob some rich people. Colin is so afraid of him, every time he talks he mumbles.

15 March We have just started reading fiction books by New Zealand authors. Margo has selected a great box of books that we can choose from. Most people have rated their books highly in the first few days. We are also planning our Fun Raiser, which is happening in the lunchtime on the last day of term. We have three food groups and a haunted house, a challenge games and an animal farm group. Room 13 are also doing fun(d) raising at the same time. In class we have just finished reading the House a Pooh Corner by AA Milne.

9 March Scroll down to Students' Work to see two amazing songs written by the Nolan sisters about camp.

8 March Yesterday we worked out how many seconds we have been alive for. Isaac is over 378 432 000 seconds old, Kieran is over 408 844 800 seconds old and Mr Hawkes is more than 1 955 232 000 seconds old! Impressive eh!

3 March Today we have been making some sports men and women with some uniforms relating to our school. People have been trying really hard with topschool trials. Everyone is waiting nervously to find out who's going to get in on Wednesday. We have also just finished writing our camp letters to the parents who came on camp. I can't wait to see the parents' faces when they get the letters.

2 March 30 years since the Edgecumbe Earthquake. Lots of talk about it this morning, looking at photos, discussing where parents and grandparents were. Mr Hawkes was teaching in Room 8 (it was called room 5 back them). Josh's Mum was at Awakeri School. We learned the Earthquake Rock song that they used to sing back then:

Earthquake Rock – 1987 (Apologies to Elvis!)

1. Going to a quake at Awakeri School
Room 5 were there looking pretty cool
Kids were jumping and the joint began to swing
Should have heard the knocked out children sing

Chorus: Let's rock, everybody let's rock
Everybody in old B Block
Dance to the Earthquake Rock!

2. Anthony was jumping up and down on the plank
His reading group thought it was just a prank
Then he fell from the plank to the ground
And all you could hear was a rumbling sound


3. Sixty people slept here on the Monday night
The Bells' gas cooker it stayed alight
Library books were scattered all over the floor
Better stack em up so there's room for more


28 Feb Camp was great. Check out some cool photos here. Room 14 had a blast at camp with all the fun activities like orienteering around Kati Kati. The best parts of camp were Mock court and the very best - Waimarino. Waimarino had everything like a tramp, U.F.O [unidentified floating object], the blob, gladiator pole, tarzan swing and also the best of all the hydroslide. Camp was so fun.

17 Feb We have mainly finished our profile art and also our koru art. Yay we can finally have a weekend and then we go straight to camp. We are starting to practice our singing and also practicing the guitar. We know quite a lot of songs and heaps of chords. We are starting to create our camp booklets.

14 Feb Only a week to go till our camp at Aongatete Lodge. We are getting organised! We have also been learning how to swim side stroke, how to play three chords on the guitar, how to do fractions, all about trees, how to recite the poem Te Kaititiro O Te Po (by Katarina Mataira).


Students' Work

Memories of Mrs Prodger....
I remember in Room 12 Ms Sisam said to not run down the ramp. Of course, being the 11 year old kid I was, I ran down the ramp. I tripped up and I got cuts all over my arms and legs. I went to the office where Mrs Prodger cleaned up my legs and arms and she got an ice pack to numb it. Then she put plasters on my cuts and a few weeks later they were gone. But I still have a mark on my elbow.
Joel Carter.
When we walk into the office we always see you working hard on whatever thing you are doing. But you are always there to help in whichever way we need help. Such as when I tripped over. You gave me an ice-pack. Then after a bit, I felt better! Thanks!
Isabel Lambert
I remember when I was in room 13, I accidentally swallowed a spring. Miss Reeve took me to the office and you helped me get the spring out of my throat, by making me vomit it up! You are the nicest, kindest person I know.
Amie Phillips.
I remember when I slipped in a big muddy puddle, you gave me some clothes to wear, you dried my hair, and bandaged up my sores. Do you remember when I forgot my lunch? I was very upset, you gave me some of your lunch. I hope you don't forget me cos I'll always remember you for ever. You are my favourite office lady and the best. I wish you will come to visit lots.
Lots and lots of love from Bonnie-Marie.
To Mrs Prodger,
Whenever I walk into the office you smile at me and you are always doing something.
You are always so organised and very quick at doing your job.
From Oscar.
I remember when you cleaned up my blood after I fell off the tower on the playground.
By Dan.
I remember when I was little I used to get my shorts dirty and you used to give me spare pairs.
By Oscar Murray.
Mrs Prodger,
You're so nice and kind and I've only been here for two years. I'm not going to name all of them or we'll be here for days. So I'll tell one I saw. A little boy fell and had a bloody knee so I took him to the office and you were on the phone but you looked after him just as well.
By Olivia N.
She's very nice. She always has a smile on her face. She is caring and she is lovely too.
I remember when I was running and I hit my head on the edge of the table. There was a lot of blood and you cleaned it all up and stopped the bleeding and put bandages on it.
By Josh Broadmore.
One time I forgot my purple lunchbox. I went to the office because I was hungry. I then told Mrs Prodger that I forgot my lunch. She then went away and got me some jam toast. It was lovely.
Cate R.
Mrs Prodger.
I remember one day our class was playing dodge-ball and while I was running towards toe ball I scrapped my toe-nail on the ground. Miss Reeve told me to go to you so I did. Then when I turned up to the office, you dunked it in some Dettol stuff then you taped it down and it didn't bother me again.
From Sammy Neale.
I can remember when my earring got caught into my ears and I couldn't get it out and it was sore and you helped me and then I got it out in the end and I was happy when it came out. Thank you Mrs Prodger
By Taya.
Every time I walk into the office you ask how I am and say Hi. I really enjoy talking to you about what is happening after school.
One time I went to the sickbay and I felt really sick so you called my mum to pick me up.
I always remember the times when I got a migraine and every time I came to the office and straight away you knew what was wrong.
I remember when I broke my thumb. You thought it wasn't serious. But then it puffed up like a balloon. You came and saw it, you then made a horrid face. Then you made me a splint and called my mum. Thank you for everything.
Kieran Butler.
One day I had a sore swollen eye. I went to the office and you were there. I told you I had a puffy eye. You gave me a flannel and I felt better. Thank you Mrs Prodger.
By Joshua Brown.
I remember when you helped Ollie F. when he had tried to do parkour up the target wall and stepped on a nail. I helped him get to the office and you helped.
By Tawha.
I can remember once we were out on the turf when I got a bee sting so I ran to the office and you gave me my medication and let me sit in the sickbay. Thank you so much, Mrs Prodger.
When you helped me when I got a bee sting. You gave me cream to put on it and an ice pack. You were extremely nice!
I remember when you helped me when I got an earring stuck in my foot and I could not get it out.
I remember when you gave me a sling when I broke my arm. You also gave me an icepack to help get the pain to go away.
I remember when the printer and computer was playing up. It kept printing the wrong thing over and over and we had to walk back and forth to check if it printed right. We must have walked a marathon that day.
By Isaac.
Do you remember when I had the most sorest leg? You had helped me so much, you got my book for me, you also got my bag for (well, you called Mr Hawkes and he brought but anyway) I really appreciate it, thank you so much! PS And thank you for not doing an operation on my leg!
Rheet Farrar.
I remember when you helped me when my eye was bleeding when Gabriel poked his nail into my eye.
By Kalib Schuler.
When I fell into a puddle she gave me some clothes to wear.
By Jake.
I remember when on my first day of school coming into a big friendly smile. I remember when I got sand in my eye you gave me a smile and said, "I'll see what I can do." You gave me a wet paper towel and said, 'try this.
Dear Mrs Prodger, You helped me when I broke my foot on the playground and none of the teachers believed me. You gave me an icepack which helped relieve the pain I gained after limping to the office. Then you rang my parents so that I could go to the hospital.
From Shaun.
I can remember when I got a tiny prickle in my foot and I went to the office and Mrs Prodger took it out just like that. I am going to miss you a lot when you leave us. You make me smile and happy. You are a funny person. I remember I fell off the flying fox and got dirty and you lent me some clothes. You are my favourite office lady ever.
Lots of love. Sasha Burr.

Based on The Hobbit, first paragraph...

In a garden in a hutch there lived a rabbit. Not a nasty, muddy, small hutch covered in hairy spiders and a rotten smell, nor yet a wet, plastic, cracked hutch, with nothing to lie on or drink: it was a rabbit hutch and that means fresh grass.

In a room in a house there lived a Charlie. Not a dirty, dark, smelly room with holes in the walls and last nights dishes, nor yet a perfectly tidy room with stained glass windows and pictures perfectly aligned: it was Charlie's room and that means colourful and bright.
Oscar Murray

Camp Songs 2017

Based on Ten Guitars, by Olivia Nolan

I have a class of 30 and all they do is play with me,
They come from Awakeri, to get to Aongatete
Beneath the trees my wooden stilts will play soccer with me.
And if you get the togs you love, this is what you do,
Oh swim, swim, swim to the water hole
And very soon you'll know how cold it is.
Through the dark of the night you see a thousand stars
When you shine, shine, shine your spotlight torch.

Camps are made for fun
Room 14 will always say
Give us each a big kayak and we will start to play
At Sapphire Springs my rescue skills will save your life for you
And if you're at Waimarino, this is what you'll do.
Oh, blob, blob, blob until my time's up
Through the eyes of Judge Shane we are all guilty,
When you swear, swear, swear to the Beacon Bible.

Based on Delta Dawn by Teigan Nolan

Mr Hawkes, what's that guitar you have on?
Could it be an alarm clock from days gone by?
And did I hear you say we were going to Waihi today?
To take us to the gold mine in the town.

She is eleven years old and the judge still calls her guilty
All the folks at mock court says she's crazy
Cause she walks in the bush with her togs in her hand
Looking for a killer winking man
In their younger days they went to Waimarino
- Prettiest blob- you ever laid eyes on
Then a man of certain weight stood by her side
And promised her she'd fly into the sky.


Teacher's Message
Back to term two and it's all change! For weeks 3, 4, 5 & 6 (15 May to 11 June) I will be acting principal (while Mr Fitz is away on sabbatical), so room 14 is lucky to have two good teachers teaching them. On Mondays, Thursday and Fridays, Sarah Plews will be the teacher, and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays Helen Harvey will be it. Speeches are a main topic over these weeks. Students need to be ready to give their speech in class from the start of week four.
We have had two good weeks of learning some basic Spanish and we can now hold a brief conversation along the lines of hello... how are you .... how are you.... goodbye.
In Maths we are working on geometry. Students have been using their compasses and protractors a lot. We can construct shapes accurately, using the appropriate instruments (e.g. using a compass to get the lengths of a triangle's sides right). Mrs P and Mrs H will be continuing with geometry.

Muchas gracias
Barrie Hawkes

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