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Awakeri School

Room 14

Who are we?

We are room 14 a awesome class with amazing kids. We have a cool teacher named Barrie Hawkes, but we call him Mr Hawkes. We are a class with Year 7s and Year 8s. Your website monitor is Henali for this year.

Class news

17 December Welcome back. It is all most Christmas. Yay! This week has our very last day for some of us. On Wednesday we have the end of year prize giving at 6:30 in the Events Centre. The year 8s and the year 7s have the social on Thursday night and on Friday it is the epic water fight where you are most likely to get wet. The last of our radio broadcasts are getting finished today. That is the end of this year, it has been a good year. Farewell Mr. Hawkes, have a good retirement.
By the way, if any of you are thinking of sending your kids to the intermediate school, check out our ideas about staying here at Awakeri.

29 November 2019 We have had some amazing radio broadcasts, funny, great voice use, excellent sound effects. Yesterday we got to meet Katelyn's ten pups. You aint nothing but a hound dog! They were so cool:

Rooms 8 and 14 meet the ten puppies. They will be hounds that hunt with the horses when they are old enough. Gillian Peterson brought them to school. Guan Yu meets the pup that Cody is holding Reghan has a handsome looking pup.
Shaun and Dylan have some curious pups. Kennedy, Jamie and Blake enjoy the fact that Dylan changed his mind about liking puppies. "Ohhh puuupppiieess!"

20 November 2019 Its been a fantastic week so far. We are really excited because intensives is coming up and so is socials. We have been enjoying our swims and having heaps of laughter and fun with our broadcasts. Some people are almost done. We have an amazing few weeks ahead of us. Especially the year 8's. We have our lucky last [yasssssss] 12 minute run on Friday this week so remember your clothes and don't forget your togs because after the swim we will have a nice dip in the pool. We are also over and done with our P.A.T tests which is good. We are starting to learn about Wars and some of us are really excited for that. Some of us don't know much and some know heaps. We can't wait for the rest of the term. If you would like to see some scripts I will put some good ones up hopefully next week.

19 November We have lots of things coming up. Our class is writing radio broadcasts, so we will be able to start hearing some of them in the next few days. Next Tuesday Science In A Van is visiting. It sounds like a great science show, costs $4. Please send to school. Five of our class won't be able to go though, because they will be at the EBOP Athletics meet: Jon, Sophie G, Leah, Reghan and Jake.
The year 7s and 8s were also given notices about the Yr 7 & 8 intensives which are on 4 and 6 December. There are some very cool activities, getting the yr 7s ready to be the leaders of our school next year, and recognising the year 8s for their contributions.

14 November Yesterday was interschool athletics at Rex Morpeth Park in town. We had lots of students from our class go. They all did really well and some of them got placings. Sophie Growden got 1st in 400m, 200m and 100m. She also got 2nd in high jump and 3rd in vortex. Jake Laurent got 1st in 200m, 100m, vortex and high jump. He also got 2nd in discus and long jump and 3rd in shot put. Also our 12 year old relay team got 1st which included Phoebe Carter, Jasmine Kerdemilidis, Odin Herrick and Jon Tiwha-Smith Our 13 year old relay also came first which included Leah Rowe, Mikayla Bailey-Reece, Cody Neal and Jake Laurent. All together it was a great day!

12 November With Shaun's epic book, he has completely finished. Here are some of the characters and I will put their real name and their book names and their powers and the specialities.

8 November This week we stayed at the marae. On Wednesday we were welcomed on by room thirteen with Brooke Nolan, Brie Lawn and Karma did the karanga. for us which was pretty good with Kenna Baker replying. We had a pretty cool stay. Lets do an interview and ask 4 people what they learnt.

The question is 1. How did you enjoy the marae on the scale chart 1-10 and why. and 2.Name 2 things you learnt about the marae.

First up we have Sophie Growden. " I rate the marae 7.5 because it was fun, but there wasn't heaps to do. I learnt that when Andrea's mum did one of the carvings inside the wharekai and that the Mataatua Wharenui has travelled all around the world.

Second we have Jake Laurent. " I rate the marae a 8 because I had a lot of fun hanging out with my friends and playing outside. I learnt that you can't stand on the mattress in the Wharenui and that the girls kneel and the boys stand when doing their pepeha.

Thirdly we have Summer Jones the person who always asks to be on. " I rate it 8 because it was a super awesome experience to be part of and learning more about the culture. I learnt what the patterns mean on the marae walls. I also learnt more about the carvings in the Mataatua Marae.

Of course we save the best for last Reghan Harrod. "I rate it a 7.5 because I had fun with my friends. I learnt that the Women Wharenui their ones are curved and the Mens are straight. I also learnt a new karakia song.

25 October Shaun has been making a huge book of heroes. He has created pages for all of our class and given us all super powers!

23 October 2019 Sorry for the huge lack of the website updating. We had lost our website folder. Anyway good morning people we are back. To kick off this term we have Athletics in week 3, Marae Stay, Socials, Intensives and Puberty talk and heaps more. It is also Mr Hawkes last year so we need to make the most of it. We have a busy term so lets gooo.

17 September 2019 We are finished Life Ed., sadly. We had heaps of fun and learnt lots. Wait a minute we don't actually know if people have learnt, but yeah lets ask a few people. We will ask Sophie Growden, Summer Jones, Reghan Harrod & Ollie Fort. The questions we will ask them are

1. What are 2 things you learnt?

2.How much did you enjoy it on the scale chart 1-10

Okay lets start with Summer Jones. "I learnt that you shouldn't put illegal drugs into your body. I also learnt that you will experience different choices in your life. I enjoyed Harold and I would give it a 7/10".

Next we have Sophie Growden. "I learnt not to go along with something that is not right just to look cool. I also learnt that drugs are really bad for you and you should only take them if you get a prescription from a proper doctor. I enjoyed Harold and I would rate it 7/10".

Third up is Reghan Harrod. " I learnt that if you keep repeating something bad, your brain cell will get thicker. I also that they are bad drugs that could ruin you life so kids remember do not take them and there is good drugs that help you". I would rate it SOLID 8/10.

Lucky last we have Oliver Fort. "That it take 7 years to go through puberty. I also learnt that drugs are bad but there are some that are good. I enjoyed it quite a lot and I learnt heaps so a 8/10".

OK thanks everybody, I really appreciated that and can't wait to get back to you next time bye.

06 September In class we have been writing chapter books and the genre is Fantasy and Adventure. We started a wee while ago and some of us have finished. Scroll down to Students Work to read Reghan Harrod's, Celeste Grimes's and Sophie Growden's work.

02 September 2019 This week we have Life Ed. We are going to learn heaps of cool stuff, we will visit Life Ed two times. We are really excited. We have our 4 last days at Technology with Mr. J and Mrs. Wycherley and it is really sad. Especially for the year 8s. We want to make these last days really count. Currently in class for maths we are going to gather information from other classes down to room 7 and up about lots of different topics. We can't wait to see the results.
Sadly, last week we said goodbye to Mrs Petersen. She has taught us a lot this year, she usually taught us once or twice a week when Mr Hawkes was out of class doing deputy principal things. She was great at teaching art and writing. Here are a few paintings we did with her:

Based on Tom Fedro's styles: abstract subject, bright contrasting colours, fading from dark to light...
Katelyn Peterson
Sam Smith
Jessie Jones Summer Jones

28 August 2019 Sorry for the lack of website updating. Any ways in class we have been learning Spanish or as I would like to say Espanol. We actually started learning about it from term 1 but we have now learnt heaps and got better, thanks to our talented teacher Mr. Hawkes. We have started to learn our Spanish Pepeha and we need to memorize it in a week. I am sure we can do that because we have had heaps of practice. Here is an example.

Spanish Pepeha

Soy de Nueva Zelanda
Mi abuelo se llama _______
Mi abuela se llama ________
Mi padre se llama ________
Mi madre se llama________
Mi hermano se llama______
Mi hermana se lama_______
Me llamo____
Me gusta_________

So yeah we have to learn that. It goes like this. So you first say hi, then where you are from, then who your Grandpa is, then your Grandma, then your Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Yourself and what you like and, lucky last, thank you.

5 August 2019 We are back with and ready to start another week. This week we have Soccer and Hockey day and we are really excited to do it because we haven't done it in a few years. Hopefully it doesn't rain and everything goes well. For tech this is also our last week to finish our topic and thing we are making. At the moment the girls are on Metal making cool speakers and the boys are on Cooking. Last week they made some delicious bread and doughnuts experiments with yeast. On Wednesday the aims Sevens team are meeting up with some of our own Bay of Plenty Steamers team to do a bit of training and will be presenting our playing strip at one of the assemblies.

1 August 2019 "Man that was a long and hard month". We are now in August and we are going to kick this term off with Science Fair. As most of you parents know that the year 7 and 8 children had to work on the science fair and had it in. The science fairs have been handed in and they are being judged by the judges. The students will be interviewed today about there Science fair and viewing will be opened today at 5: to 6:00 Everyone has put in a great effort and we can not wait for the results. Science it is the start of the term lets interview people about the science fair. We are going to interview Sophie Growden, Jamie Hawkes, Bailey McDonald ,Leah Rowe, Summer Jones and Joel Jones. And if they have buddies they will bring them along. Here are the questions we are going to ask them.

1. So what is your topic?

2. How well do you think you did?

3. How was the interview [if they went]?

4. Overall how much did you enjoy doing it?

We are scamming our people with free Maccas.

First up we have Sophie Growden." My topic is can coloured candles melt as fast as white candles?. I think I did pretty good for my first year. The interview went well. I enjoyed the Science Fair quite a lot because I got to experiment on something that I like doing". Thank you Sophie.

Next up we have Jamie Hawkes and his partner Jake Laurent." Our topic is automatic water dispenser for small animals. We did all good. The interview went well and it was good. I enjoyed the Science fair because we got to work together and learn new things. Thank you great explanation Jake and Jamie.

Third up we have Bailey McDonald. "My topic is Lactose Free Pikelets. I think I did pretty good. It was really good and the questions were pretty easy. It was really fun beavuse I got to include baking which I love". Thank you Bailey Some nice answers.

Second to last we have Leah Rowe." Does the winter weather affect the performance of an electric car. I think I did very good because I chose a topic that I really like so I was interested the whole way through". Nice Leah.

Lucky last we have Summer Jones."My topic is which material keeps bread the freshest for the longest. I think I did pretty well and I hope to get a highly commended or a placing [hopefully]. The interview was alright but I think it could have gone better. I liked making my Science Fair and I enjoyed the time I spent on it." Thank you Summer Jones.

Wait there is one more that is Joel Jones and his partner Joseph Bateson. "My technology fair was to create a surf board rack. We think we have done well. Our judge seemed very interested. I did most of the talking jo seemed 'cos he was nervous."

24 July 2019 Welcome back to term three, hope you all had a great holiday 'cos I know I did. This term we have technology again yay, science fair on Thursday next week. Most people like me are painting their board and just having to put their information on, or haven't even started 'cos they have been too lazy in the holidays. Third day back from the holidays we have spotted a spider trying to eat a wasp that was in the skirting by the main set of windows behind Ollie and Summer. The final result was spider killed wasp and now is putting poison into him and will be having him for supper YUM!!!

26 June 2019 People are getting into science fair testing and technology fair work. Quite a few room 14 people have been carrying out tests, and building things over the last couple of weeks. Henali and Jade are testing today. They are seeing what is the best way of cooling down your mouth if you are eating hot curry. The results might be very helpful! The science fair is in week two next term.

17 June 2019 We are so excited for the disco this week and there is also no school on Friday [whoop whoop]. The theme of the disco is dressing up with something that starts with a S. Lets ask some people about what they're wearing. We will ask 6 people they are Ollie Fort, Kenna Baker, Jade Rika, Shaun Miller and Kyan Edwards and Jake Laurent.
So first we will ask Ollie Fort. " Um I don't exactly know, but I think I will dress up as a spider". Okay Ollie.
Next we have Kenna Baker. " I don't know yet". Okay Kenna Thank you.
Third is Jade Rika. " I am going but I don't know what I will be dressing up as". Thank you Jade.
Fourth is Kyan Edwards. " I am coming and I will be dressing up as a sumo wrestler". Okay Kyan good luck finding your costume, next.
Fifth is Shaun Miller." I am going to the disco, but I don't know I will wear I will try to think of something and if I can't I will be me. Like why not my name starts with an S". Nice smart decision Shaun.
Lucky Last Jake the person who always asks to be on the interview. " I am coming and I will dress up as a student" Okay nice job, that is also a smart decision.

14 June 2019 Wow, a big congratulations to Leah, Summer and Jade, who got first second and third in the speech finals! Maybe Leah's levitating helped her win! It was cool that people like Dylan and Guan Yu came to the finals to watch their class mates.
Now everyone has the job of deciding on and getting started on their science and technology fair projects.

5 June 2019 Congratulations to our five speech semi finalists: Caleb, Leah, Jade, Sophie G and Summer. They all did a great job this morning (apart from Summer who is on holiday in Fiji!), along with Room 13's and 15's. We will wait to see who gets into the finals, which are on Tuesday next week.

26 May 2019

People are doing all sorts of balances in Room 14 (see the news item below). Leah almost looks like she is levitating!

21 May 2019 Tomorrow we have Cross Country! Some of us are nervous and some are excited. We had a walk through on Monday which was yesterday which went great. So some of us will be wearing covered shoes and some will be running with bare feet.
In class we also have a book of room 14's records. Here is the Balance Board record: Summer Jones is currently holding a record of 20mins and 20 seconds witnessed and timed by Sophie G. Sophie G holds the record for balancing on a soccer ball for 11mins and 17 seconds and that was witnessed and timed by Summer Jones. For the Personal best records Ollie Fort holds the record for doing 41 hackies with one foot and that was witnessed by Tyler Kerdemelidis. Those are the records for now but there are going to be more records maybe and they might also be more records broken. We will give you an update of that when we have more records. Hasta Luego!

17 May 2019 It has been a great week this week. Some of us are looking forward to next week, but some are not. It's because we have Cross Country and speeches. We will be doing a walk through on Monday and on Wednesday we will have Cross Country. On Thursday next week we will start doing the speeches. Some people are excited, but some aren't. Lets do an interview since we haven't done it in a while. Okay so we will interview Summer Jones, Tyler Kerdemelidis, Celeste Grimes and Jake Laurent since they haven't been. The questions I will be asking them are 1. How do you feel about cross country 2. How do you feel about Speeches 3. How do you feel about next week overall. Okay lets get started.
So first up we have Summer Jones." I feel excited, but also nervous for cross country and I am going to try to not stop running. For speeches I will be doing How to keep your Digestive system healthy! I feel excited and I hope that I won't stuff up for speech, but I am pretty confident that I won't stuff up, (hopefully). Overall for next week I feel Pretty good because I might not be doing my speech next week, and for cross country I am just going to give it my all and do the best I can."
Next up we have Tyler Kerdemelidis. "I don't feel that happy for Cross Country and I am just not excited for it. I feel alright for speeches and I hope that I don't stuff up. Overall for next week I think that it will be fine and it won't be too bad."
Now we have Celeste Grimes."Um actually I am kind of excited for Cross Country. For speeches I haven't even started so Yeah I have to make my move. Overall for next week I am just not excited, it is just not me."

Okay now we have Jake Laurent lucky last. "I am not that excited about it beacuse of my knee. For speeches I feel nervous because I haven't even finished. Overall I am not that excited for next week because it's Cross Country and speeches and no one wants to do that!"

13 May 2019 Okay it is time to start this week! Hopefully it is going to be a great week. This week we have Rugby and Netball day on Wednesday so that will be a great day for the people who are going and hopefully we win. On Friday we also have the lunch day for the Singapore people so if you haven't brought your forms in, make sure you bring them in on Wednesday. Hasta Luego (we are learning Spanish this term!).

Friday 3rd May 2019 We are back. Now term 2 has started and we are nervous and excited for this term because we have Cross Country, Speeches and Science Fair. But we are sure that we will have a great year. As you know that we have been working on with the Tom Fedro art. We have now finished it. Also on the fundraiser, we made $1136 just our room but both rooms altogether we made $1656 which is a very good amount just in the one hour period of lunch time. Thank you everyone who spent some money at our Fun Raiser.

11 April 2019 Yay! Today is the Fun Rasier. We are Fun Raising for our camp fees. We will be selling food, lollies and we will also be putting up some games for the people who would like to play. Room 13 will also be helping us with it, but they will be selling food. This term has been really busy with Camp, Touch Fun Raiser and more. We would like to all the Staff for making this Term an awesome term. We hope we will have a great holiday.

5 March 2019 The end of term is getting closer. Next Thursday we have our Fun Raiser in the lunchtime. We have six groups doing activities like Dunk Mr Fitz, Horror House, Jump Out The Window, Lolly Pong and selling sherbet. The money will go towards our class camp funds.
The touch day went really well yesterday. The games were fun, but exhausting (2 hours of running around in the sun). Quite a few people in our class also refereed when their teams weren't playing. Well done to them!

25 March 2019 OMG Top School was amazing. We all had so much fun and we look forward to it again next year. Some of us from our class were also in the team. We will have a little interview with the people later and talk about how it was for them. This years winners were [drum roll] !AWAKERI! For Top School and for cheer leading. There are 5 people from the team, that are in our class. There are Reghan Harrod, Sophie Growden, Cody Neale, Jake Laurent and Jon Tiwha-Smith. The people that we will interview are Reghan, Jake and Cody, Sophie and Jon. Here are the questions that I will ask them.

1.How did you feel when you got into the team?
2.How do you think you and your team went?
3.How did you feel when we won?

So first up we have Reghan Harrod." When I got into the team I felt normal but happy. We did extremely well and I think that I did good too. I felt very happy and we mainly did it for Mr Hawkes and Mr Fitz."

Second up we have Jake Laurent. "I felt good. I think we went really well and worked good as a team. I felt good that we won because we worked hard, we mainly did it for Mr Hawkes and Mr Fitz because it is their last year".

And 3rd we have Cody Neale." I felt good. I think that we put good effort into it. We felt really excited when we won".

Next up we have Jon Tiwha-Smith."I felt good when I got into the team. We did an awesome job. We felt really proud when we won."

And last but not least we have Sophie Growden." I felt really good and I was really happy. I reckon we did really well. I was so happy and I was really proud of the team."

21 March 2019 Yesterday we finished having people recite the poem Te Kaititiro o te Po, by Katarina Mataira. Everyone managed to do at least the first two verses. Cody Neale can recite the whole poem.
We have also been playing this crazy game, three team football. Year 8 boys v year 8 girls v year sevens. Yesterday the year 8 girls won! Nobody got injured (for once) and Bailey saved about three shots at goal.
For maths we have got onto some tricky stuff: solving integer problems, estimating square roots, fraction problems, and trying to get all our algorithms with decimals right.

15 March 2019 This week we had a great week. We have been doing art based on Tom Fedro. We first drew the picture, then practised our shading and then we painted them using our shading techniques. Once we have finished them all we will get some photos on the page of some of them.
In our homework last week we had 2 extra tasks and one of them was to write a song about a incident that happened in camp last week. It had to be based on a song you know. So we have two people that have a song to share the song with you. The songs are written by Jessie Jones and Henali Patel. Henali's song in based on Ten Guitars and Jessie's song is based on We Will Rock You. So remember to scroll down to the Student's Work and read them.

4 March 2019 We are back from camp. We had so much fun. So as you guys know we have been to camp for 3 nights and 1 day last week. It was incredible. We learnt heaps about the native bush because we went on heaps of bush walks. We also went to the Waihi Gold Mine which was amazing. We also got to see the Martha Mine which was huge. Lets not forget to talk about the Aongatete River that was awesome. It was a bit cold but we had heaps of fun there. Here are some cool photos from our camp. Just wanted to give a big thank you to all the parents and Mr Hawkes for a great camp.

22 February We are going to camp in 4 more days at Aongatete Lodge. We go on the 26th February and we will come back on the 30th February. We also have swimming sports on Monday the 25th of February which is exactly a day before camp. We are very excited for camp and we hope it goes well.

Students' Work

The Adventure of the Richardson's.

Chapter 1
The day was December 7, 1941. I was on Nevada, one of the biggest ships around. At that time, I was a chef on the boat. My name was Samuel Richardson and my wife was Ashlee Richardson, she worked in a hotel as a maid. On that very day of December 7. 1941 the Japanese hit Pearl Harbour and the very boat I was on. The attack started when 200 aeroplanes flew by in the sky. We all thought that it was our missionaries flying by because today they were going to test the planes in the island Kilauea. Suddenly “BOOM!” it shook everyone. One boat down. Next was us the Nevada. Bombed from underwater. A water bomber let it off, from their submarine. There I was lying there blood poring out of my legs and arms. My wife fell to her knees. “Noooo! This can’t have happened.”
Chapter 2
My husband always said, “Before I die, I want to take long journey across the islands of Hawaii.” So, I thought since that was his dream, I will take him in my heart on a long journey to each individual island of Hawaii. She booked a submarine from Waikiki to Hilo the day of his birthday (December 13, 1909). She thought it would be a nice birthday present for him. When she left for the dock early that morning, she said “come with me in my heart because that’s where you’ll always go be”. The submarine she is leaving on will go to each island for a day then travel to the next. First, she is going to Hilo. She hopped off and thought what would Samuel do? She saw a book shop; he’s always wanted to learn about a different culture maybe I can do that for him. She went and brought the book of Hawaiian culture from the shop.
Chapter 3
Ashlee had had her day on Hilo, so she returned to the submarine. Now they are off to Maui. On Maui she visits a Hawaiian cultural centre and learns a bit about what is so special in Hawaii and what Hawaii is about. She made a good friend called Tolu and spends the day with him. But after what seems like not long, she has to say goodbye to Tolu. Next, she’s off to Molokai were her stepbrother Joel lives. As soon as she gets on to land, she goes straight to his house to surprise him but… he’s not there.
“What!”  she yells, “How could he not be here?” She rang him but no answer. 15 minutes later she gets a phone call from Joel who said, “Where are you, I'm at your house and no one's home?”
She answers back, “I'm at your house.” Oh No they both thought...
Chapter 4
“If you want, you can stay at my house for now and I'll be home in around 2 days.”
“Ok where's your key?”
“Under the round orange mat around the back of the grey wood house”
“Ok see you in a few days”
“Yup see you then”
Ashlee zoomed back onto the U-boat Worx Super Yacht Submarine 349. They went to the next island Kauai. She was so frustrated and, in a rush, to get home that she stayed on the submarine the whole day. Suddenly an Asian super spy sasquatch appears on the roof and kills the European skipper and jumps on board.
He aims the gun at Ashlee and says swim or die. Ashlee stands her ground and says “I'll stand here, and you can do whatever you like, just remember” Ashlee points to the 10-36 Cannon security camera. “I don't care” BANG!! Ashlee falls to the ground blood squirting out of her big toe, she dies from loss of blood and a migraine headache.

By Sophie G

Bobo The Retarded Cow

Chapter one
Kmart’s glasses
Once there was a cow called Bobo.

He is quite a big cow and he had udders even though he is a boy. His parents think he is pretty messed up and a disappointment, which is a bit sad. Therefore, Bobo decided to go to Kmart. He went straight to the women’s section looking for glasses. What he did not realize was that what he thought was glasses were XXL sized bras. He went to the checkout and went straight up to the checkout that had OUT OF ORDER scribbled all over it. Bobo tried to work the machine, but he could not, so he punched it. The woman that was on security yelled at him.
 “Hey!” she yelled. Bobo turned around looked at her and then gapped it out of there taking the bras with him.

Chapter two
A sad life at home
When Bobo got home, he went straight to the kitchen. Just as he was about to open the fridge his dog Cat came around the corner. Cat had a bit of a messed-up face, but Bobo did not care. Then Bobo heard his mum call him from around the corner. His mum was a pig, but she was not just any pig she was the ultimate, obese, Peppa pig. Bobo's dad was the very, very obese daddy pig. Yes, daddy pig and Peppa got together. Bobo turned around the corner.
“What’s up” Bobo said
  “Don’t talk to me like that” said Peppa
“Don’t talk to you like what?”
“Talk to me like you own the place”
“But I don’t?” Said Bobo
“Exactly! Now go to your room”
“Okay?” Bobo said in confusion and started to walk off.

“Just because you have udders and you’re a boy, doesn’t mean you can give me attitude!”
“I’m going to leave now...”
“Yea go cos you were a mistake”
Bobo went to his room. That night he got no dinner and cried himself to sleep.

Chapter three
The cliff
The next day Bobo went out for a walk. He decided he would get some pizza and go to the top of the cliff to eat it. When he got to the top of the cliff, he opened up the pizza box and looked in it hoping there would be a glorious pizza inside. There wasn't. There was burger king inside and right inside of the burger was a large cow patty. Bobo got very angry and screamed at the world. The Patrick star came out of the woods and was very drunk. Patrick gave Bobo a very strange look and then walked away. Then a seagull came out of the forest and Bobo chucked the seagull over his shoulder and threw him off the cliff. Bobo then jumped after him and realized it was the biggest mistake of his now ending life.

Chapter 4

Peppa pig

As Bobo was falling, he saw the seagull flying and grabbed onto him. At this exact same time Peppa pig was sunbathing at the bottom of the cliff because she had a very bad tan line. So as Bob was falling he looked down and to his horror he saw his mum in a bikini sunbathing. Then some awesome slow-motion music came on and everything went in slow motion. The seagull shook off Bobo and he fell. He landed right on Peppa's stomach.

Chapter 5
Peppas rage quit

Peppa then had a huge rage quit because Bobo ruined her tan. Let’s just say that was the end of Bobo.
The end

By:Celeste Grimes


Chapter 1

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
In a casino resort, lived a fatty Bom Bom!  Ta da aa
(He was a chicken) he was not a slim slick, fit chicken, not a poor, flat chicken, he was the richest person in the world. (Thanks to my imagination)
But his life wasn’t all happy, he used to be a poor cranny man. He lived on a Mac Donald farm, he laid (eggs). He only got paid $2.50 every hour. It all started when…. “I hate my life!” so that day Bom Bom decided to go to the casino. “winner winner chicken dinner” he WON!!! He earned $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. The first thing he did was go to Maccas around the Corner then, he went to the Gucci store he brought Gucci Flip Flops (10 pairs) also he brought a Rolex every week (shoo flexing). He drove his chickinsen (limo)

Chapter 2 Fake Love

Bom Bom past the Auckland tower (sky city) “far, that looks so cool”.
Said Bom Bom he was on his way to the Airport; he couldn’t wait to go to…. SPAIN. Bom Bom brought First Class so he could get anything he wants, also he got a Platinum Card which is amazing. It took ages to get there, he was so happy (I guess) in the world, Bom Bom seen this pretty as girl (well in his eyes) her bum was so fake anyone could pop it with a pin. He took her on a date (SHE HATED IT) she needed to get her nails done so she asked for money, he gave her 1000
(Very dumb) he gave his number. He texted her... But she didn’t text back. He explored so many places, he live streamed a lot of things. He has a lot of follows, he stayed in a Grand Hotel he had a big bed all by his self, he always had fast service he also visited Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Paraguay, Portugal. He really enjoyed his big trip. (Back in Spain) After his live he wanted to go to the casino `called Mediteriáneo Alacanta, so many people go there
 (even famous people) he played Roulette it took 1hr he had 5min left he was losing he was very nervous and scared all though he did have a feeling that the other guy cheated GAME OVER! He knew he cheated so he went to the ref and complained. They checked all the cameras and realised he had cheated.

Chapter 3 Catch The Cheater

Catch the cheater
 They tracked him down and called the police his name was jimbob, he was arrested, they checked his pockets, bags, hat, everything. He had a fine of $10 thousand dollars it was all over TMZ, news hub at 6 (ETC. L.S.P.D were the police that helped Bom Bom. They checked all his pockets, socks, shoes, wallet, bag, car, gumboots, hat, beard. It took 4hrs but It was forth it, and it all went down like…
“hello, there we have been a formed that you cheated in a game at the casino over there.” Said L.S.P.D officer.
“I so never cheated, thank you very much!” said jimbob.
“ okay well sir we have a warrant to check all your belongs please may do that sir?” said L.S.P.D

Chapter 4
Bom Bom was ready to go home, he was so… happy he couldn’t believe that he got all his money back he went to the airport singing (lame) it ages to get back to Auckland he ate a Mountain plate full of food Bom Bom looks like a big peppa pig ballon
“Chur homies how your day hope your good if you’re not your about to be because you’re watching a Bom Bom live, welcome to my mean as live so I just came back from my huge as trip things happed I am rich all over again, I had heaps of fun comment down where you want me to go to next, I can’t wait to go home I’m going to travel for 3hrs guys see you guys then Chur.
Bom Bom went home
The End.      

By Reghan

I Will Sting You
Written: by Jessie Jones
Based on: We Will Rock You

Sophie you're a girl making a big noise
Walking in the bush about to stand on me
You got tears on your face
I'm in disgrace
Kicking and screaming all over the place
I will, I will, sting you
I will, I will, sting you
Summer you're a good girl, loud girl
Walking to the hole you hear me flying near you
You got fear on your face
I'm in disgrace
Looking for your mum all over the place
I will, I will, sting you
I will, I will, sting you

The Aongatete River
Written by: Henali Patel
Based on: Ten Guitars

We are a class of 31 and once we went away.
We went to camp for four days and we had fun all day.
We went to the Aongatete River and it was a bit cold, but it doesn't matter anyways because we can swim in the cold.
Ohhhhh Manu, Bomb and Dive into the river that's cold, and then you will get up and have another go.
Because you see we don't really care if it's cold,
So Manu, bomb and dive in the river that's cold.
Scooby dooby dooby dooby
Manu, bomb and dive into the river that's cold.

Teacher's Message
My last week! A huge thank you to everyone for the amazing farewells, all the work the staff and children went to to make my final days in this job special. It has been a huge privilege being able to work at this school for so long, to be able to teach so many students and to have the freedom to contribute in the areas I am passionate about. It is always so rewarding to see students blossoming and getting ready to move on equipped for the next stages of their lives. Unity, inclusiveness, loyalty, excellence, creativity are all virtues I think shine through in Awakeri School.
A massive thank you to all the parents, fellow staff members, students, ex-students and the BOT for all your support over the years. I am sure Awakeri will continue to thrive in the future.

Kia ora tatou
Barrie Hawkes

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