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Awakeri School

Room 10

Who are we

Room 10 is an awesome class again for 2019. They are a class room at Awakeri School with an amazing teacher, Mrs Elliot. They are a class of 28 kids and 1 teacher. Room 10 is filled with a bunch of cool year 5 students ages 9 and 10.

Class News

17/12/19 This week we have been learning some Christmas carols to sing to classes. We sang to room 8 and 11. We are also having a class party and we get to dress up in our PJs or we can go Christmas themed. We will be bringing in some food to share and we are going to watch Paddington 1 and 2. Now we are going to interview Coral and Aaron about this year and what the year has been like. First up we have Aaron.
"So what has it been like in room 10 this year?"
"Well I think it has been a new and fun experience."
Okay thanks Aaron. Next up we have Coral.
"What would be your highlight of the year?"
" Definitely camp!"
Thanks Coral.

20/11/19 Today we have been learning Roman Numerals. We have learnt that...

1=1, 2-ll, 3=lll, 4=lV, 5=V, 6=Vl, 7=Vll, 8=Vlll, 9=lX, 10=X and so on...

We have also been practising our softball skills as we are soon going to start playing real games and have heaps of fun.

11/11/19 On Wednesday we went to the marae. Natalie and Maddie have about to tell us about it. When we got there we did the Powhiri and the Hongi. We finished it by having some cookies and some water. Then we had a little play. After that we went on a walk where Mr Hawkes told us some history about Whakatane (act like a man). Then we went and saw the two Wakas down by the Heads. Mr Hawkes told us some more. We did a few activities they were so fun. The wharenui looked so cool, Mr Hawkes and Whaea Andrea talked about the wharenui, the wharekai and the photos that were on the wall of the passed people from that marae. On our way there it was so hot and stuffy there were heaps of classes because we only had two busses that could take us. Overall it was really fun. Thank you Mr. Hawkes and whaea Andrea.

What did u learn?

"I learnt that a women's wharenui is curved and the men's wharenui is straight".

"I learnt that there is no food in the wharenui at all times".

"I learnt that back in the days, there was a fire they had dirt instead of carpet and this big hole that they cooked their food in there so that must have been the cause of the fire".

"I learnt that you Hongi for respect".

"I learnt that you have to take your hats and shoes off, and line them up before you go into the marae".

"I learnt that you have to take your hats off when you go into the wharekai".

5/11/19 On Thursday we are going to be making 3D maraes out of cardboard and ice block sticks. We are making them because tomorrow we are going to be at the marae for the day. When we get there room thirteen will be welcoming us on. We are also making kiwi books for room one and two. To make them we all get into groups of four and we each make a page but if we still need to add more we can make extra pages. When they are done we are going to be going over to room one and two and reading our books to them. When we are finished reading we are going to be giving them to the classrooms and they get to keep them.

25/10/19 We're back from the holidays, wow that went fast! This week we made sherbet! It was really yummy. The ingredients are..... tsp of citric acid, icing sugar, flavour strawberry and orange, baking soda. It fizzed in our mouths which was a weird feeling. We made it in a little zip lock bag so it wouldn't go everywhere. We worked in groups of 3. Also there were high jump finals so many people entered in the competitions, it was really cool to watch. Today Mrs. Elliot taught us about pH level and PH paper. It's really crazy how it can change colour so we decided to experiment on it. It was so awesome to watch the colour change colour every time. Overall we really enjoyed this week.

28/8/19 Sorry for the lack of website updating anyway... Last week we went to camp at Tui Ridge it was awesome!!! If we could, we would go back and do it again. We went with Mr. Mac our principal. We did heaps and heaps of activities such as the giant swing and the high ropes. One word to describe camp is AWESOME!

Addi on the giant swing Nevaeh on the high ropes
A cool group photo. Left across is Alex, Nate, Lucy, Tara, Liv. One of the boys in the back are Bryan but I cant tell who the other two are. Fun time playing bubble soccer
Zara, Alecia and Isla sitting together. I cant tell who is hiding though. Nate pulls a face at the camera

12/8/19 We have sad news today. Miss Grundy has left school. We will miss her very much. But now that Miss Grundy is gone we have Mrs. Elliot as our teacher now and she is really cool.

26/7/19 It is already term 3 wow!!! We are already past halfway into the school year!!! With Miss Grundy leaving we have decided to do some cool things for her. For example a group of us will be doing an awesome dance for her and we have to make up all the dance moves on our own! We will be doing the dance to a song called Happier. We are also decorating some white baby clothes and making them look really cute for her babies. Sadly Miss Grundy is leaving very, very soon and we will miss her VERY much. Mr Fitz is now gone and we have a new principal Mr McDonald Brown. He is very funny and he came from Opotiki School to come and be the principal here for us. Alecia said that he came into our class and was very funny and he is really nice. We are going to miss Mr Fitz and Miss Grundy. Did you know that Mr Fitz worked here at Awakeri for many, many years. He was even the principal before the year 8s started!!! In August we also have hockey and soccer day coming up on Friday the 9th, we are very excited.

28/6/19 We have have some exciting and sad news today. Our teacher Miss Grundy is pregnant and she recently told told us she will be having twins who are both girls!! But she will be leaving soon because she will be having the baby and we will have Mrs Elliot instead. We have also been singing some farewell songs and doing some very cool pictures for Mr Fitz because he will be leaving in a week. There will also be a very big farewell assembly for him on Friday which will also be his very last assembly here at Awakeri School. We will miss him a lot.
Next term we will have a new principal and his name is Mr McDonald Brown. This term we have also started on making our rockets. We have made them by cutting out fins and sticking them on and painting them but we've decided not to paint them now because last time we flew our rockets the paint held them down. We are also making thank you letters for Joe who helped us with building the rockets and flying them. We have also started on huge dinosaur posters. Some of the dinosaurs we have put on our posters are the Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl and the T-rex. To colour the dinosaurs we used pastles.

21/5/19 Recently we had a new student join our class, yay. Now we have 28 students in our class room. Her name is Arahia Ruru and she is very cool. We have just finished the book Wonder, it is a very cool book. Wonder is about a little boy named August and he has just started at his new school. August has a bit of a messed up face so he gets bullied a lot. We also watched the movie to it and it is very good.
Also tomorrow is cross country so lets interview two children. First up we have Nevaeh. "So how do you feel about cross country and that it is tomorrow?"
"I feel okay about it, in between feeling nervous and excited but really I'm more excited and I will try my best. I'm also kind of happy that it is tomorrow because then it is over and I don't have to worry about it."
Okay now lets interview Kyle. "So Kyle how do you feel about cross country?"
"I feel fine about it. I have already done it heaps of times so it is kind a, meh to me."
"Kyle do you have a goal that you want to beat?"
"No I don't have a goal, but I will try very hard."
Now moving on. We have also been learning about Anzac day and World War 1. We made some Anzac pictures about the men that were in the war. To make it we got a silhouette of an army guy and cut it out. Next we wrote a poem and added it to it then we coloured it in, cut it out and stuck it on to a coloured piece of paper. Also Mr Fitz will be leaving this year and we will have a new principle.

14/3/19 We have been making swirly patterns for art. It is when you do heaps of the same shape inside of the shape. We also learnt some more about Kia Kaha and what to do to stop/prevent it. For homework we get a BUNCH of things to choose from, for what we want to do. E.g We can try to make a working toy car, We could make a scavenger hunt for our family or make a poster for our virtues this week, Responsibility and Enthusiasm. Last week we also went on a really fun beach trip. When we were there, we did some swimming and we got to splash the parents. We learnt about big waves and rips and what to to when you are stuck in a rip.

8/3/19 A few days ago we had Constable Marie come and teach us about bullying, Kia Kaha. She also told us to not bully others as it is very mean and it hurts people's feelings. She also made us act out a play about bullying and what to do if you see someone get bullied. This year we have also been doing fun Friday. Fun Friday is if you get three GOOD ticks you get to have free time. We have also done some acrostic poems with our names that describe ourselves. We have also done a tally graph about a horse, cow, pig, sheep and chicken. We also made a picture graph of how the kids in Room 10 get to school.

22/02/2019 For art so far we have made a huge flower. We traced our hands, designing it in our own way by cutting them out and making it into a huge flower. Next to the finished flower we have put up on the wall, we write " We are all unique but together we are a masterpiece!" We have also made our names out of cut up coloured paper and stuck it on to a black strip of paper and put it up on the wall.

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