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Awakeri School

Room 10

Who are we

We have some 8 and 9 yr olds, we have an awesome teacher called Mrs Edgecombe.

Class News

17th November

We have been making bird scenes of native birds, also drawing bird sketches. We are now doing P.E doing padder tennis, gutter board and skipping. We have been put into little book club groups in reading. Every magic treasure one of us gets, they get a little garden (YAY FREE VEGES). We are writing our self assessments for the end of the year (THE end of the year is 4 weeks to go). We are now doing speech semi-finals, we've been through normal speeches now for the semi's, YAY!

29th Sep

We are making maps that show where and who we get to sit by. Production was last week and we had a good time. Next term we get to read chapter books instead of journals.

1st August

We are making posters, and learning about Kia Kaha. We have made taniwha pictures and it was so fun. We are making wordles. Coming up is hockey and soccer day. We can't wait, we've already been put in our teams. We are now doing wicked weekend. It's term 3 ALREADY wow it will be Christmas in no time! We are reading about famous sports people (Richie McCaw). We are making our own matariki kites. We are making our own acrostic poems. We are learning about bullying and how to stop it (Kia Kaha). Some of our class is learning to write in pen. We have been making smoothies from the gift card we got from New World. We've read a story named beans. We are just starting Smartwords and got into our groups. We are starting to do conclusions, and also making our own word wall. We are learning new maths games to play and have fun with. we are reading a book named island of the blue dolphins. We are now able to buy our school pictures and pin it to our walls. for maths we are playing around the world. Constable Maree has come in to teach us Kia Kaha.

21st June

We are using comprehension cards. We are making persuasive writing about natural disasters. We are making another natural disaster poster. We have recently done the school disco and it was so fun with games and food. In Maori we have been learning about body parts and fruit. We have been learning about netball and soon basketball. We are learning about how volcanoes,earthquakes,tsunamis, and hurricanes work and form. We are learning about what to take and leave during a flood. In the computer suite we normally do study ladder and it is fun. We have also found an old but but new for our class app on the computer wordle. Some of us go to Mr. Sheathers for maths in the computer suite time. We are learning about sentence display and also character reports. We have had a wow wall since the start of the year and use it son that's also cool. In reading we are learning how to make book reviews and writing them. In maths we are learning measurement which used to be my favourite. Every week someone reads to the class and it's fun because everyone gets a turn. We've been watching natural disaster videos and how earth quakes form and been watching how an earth quakes form like crackers and cheese one plate goes on top of the plate just like cheese on a cracker. It's nearly the end of the term only 3 weeks to go.

8th June

We have just finished all our,1-5 spelling, division and times, addition and subtraction tests, same with our self assements. We are doing our natural disaster art and it is fun because it is art. We have a new website called Whats the plan Stan. We have a new student in our class named Mikayla. Welcome!

29 May

We have just had a trip to New World and we looked at the food labels. We are now working on natural disasters pics. The stories of these disasters or any disasters are sad. We just finished cross country, YES! We are all proud of what we came. We are drawing about our weekends and how fun it was. We are doing venn diagrams for math. In writing we are doing Y charts and the three senses.

10 May We are now starting to learn wordle. We are now learning what a natural disaster is and writing about it. Mrs E is teaching us study ladder it is fun. We are writing about the flood disaster in Edgecumbe, that was a bit sad :(. We are testing out the new Mathletics YAY!!!!! It will take a bit of time to get used to it. We are practising for cross country.

10 April

We have finally finished Gangster Granny and are now watching the movie. At camp we did the flying fox, giant swing, burma trail, archery and moutain biking. We are now writing thankyou letters to our parents who helped out with camp and went on camp.

24th March

We are making powerpoints and it's very fun. We have been making our plays/skits for camp A.K.A tui ridge:)..we are so happy for sunday the 26 march because it's TOP SCHOOL yay. We have been writing about camp and also doing our camp booklets and writing the expectations and our time table. For fitness we have been playing ultiment frisbee and also smacking some sixes in cricket with Mr Kirby. WE CAN"T WAIT UNTIL CAMP.

16 March

For art we are making inside out characters. Also we are writing about inside out characters too and there is a copy of one on students work. we have just started handwriting :). In maths we are doing our three times tables we can not wait. We are writing stories about show not tell. We have a camp meeting coming up, so exciting. We have just finished our 365 tests. We have done an estimate test with Mr Sheather. Mrs Edgecombe gave us a number of the day test. We are doing word problems on the window. We are getting an audio book read to us. We are writing stories with adjectives.

2 March '' ROOM TEN'S AN AWESOME CLASS'. Soon we will be going to camp at Tui Ridge. EXCITED. We've just finished swimming sports and are having a good week. Scroll down to Students' Work to read a cool poem.

24 Feb We are writing fairy tales and friend poems. We are learning how to say our pepeha in te reo time. We have been making waterpaint pictures of fruit and waterpainted the backdrop of our pepehas. We love our drawing and now we are making art pattens. We're doing buddy reading and reading to rm 7. For math we're doing mathletics and prime math :). We're doing topic about the native bush. It's FUN.

15 Feb Coming up we have swimming sports, writing stories about Gangster Granny which will be fun. For art we colouring in with pastel and making story posters. For PE we have been playing capture the flag as well as master tag it is FUN!!!!!! We have also been writing That was summer poems. It is great. Over the weeks we have been doing tests: multiplication and division and spelling.

Students' Work

I’m on the school playground swinging on the swing then I accidently flick my shoes off. I jump off the swing to go get them. When I turn around I see someone on my swing. I say get off that’s my swing he says no it’s not. I say I was on there first. He says but you hopped off. I grind my teeth and start sweating. I say I will push you off. He said no you won’t because if you do I will tell on you. I stomp my feet and my face scrunches up. Then I get really mad. I grab onto the swing then someone stops me I wonder who it is oh it’s a teacher. I’m in big trouble. by rhiane

That was summer
Have you ever smelled summer?
Sure you have.
Remember that time when you woke up happily on Christmas morning to find two lovely gold fish swimming in your tank, remember hearing the tanks filter as it buzzed away on that fresh morning.
That was summer.
Remember that time when we went to the river at Te Kaha and the current was so strong that it was pulling us along, so we went and got our boogie boards and went down the river on them. Remember the cold air as it blew on our faces. That was summer.
Remember that time when we went fishing and you got a few bites and started winding up the line and it got harder and harder and your dad helped you, when you finally got the fish onto the boat and your dad said it was a King fish and you named him Scary Jerry! Remember the fresh smell of fish on the way back.
That was summer.
By Isla Ferguson 

The ocean is a treasure chest full of precious sea creatures. It is as calm as a tree swaying in the moonlight. It crawles towards the shore like a baby crawling forward for the first time. The ocean smashes against the rocks as hard as a hammer. It is a rough as a snakes scaley skin. The sea tosses and turns if it is trying to turn itself inside out. BY KYAN

The dolphin is as cute as a new born puppy and as gray as a rock. The seaweed is waving hello to me. The ocean is a tiger roaring at me. It is as calm as a baby sleeping.the ocean is an olympic swimmer racing really fast. On a sunny day it is as clear as glass, when it gets rough like shattered glass. BY RHIANE

Teacher's Message

What a fantastic bunch room 10 has this year.we are all working collabratively on our group projects about the native bush and are really excited about camp coming up in week 10.