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Awakeri School

Room 6

Who are we?

Room 6 is an awesome class this year. There are 25 students in our class, we are all year 2 and 3s. W e have Mrs Davidson in the mornings, and Miss Maunder for the rest of the day. Mrs Davidson teaches us reading and writing with us, and Miss Maunder teaches everything else.

Class News

17 December: This week is the last week of the term for us at Awakeri school. We have been busy writing Christmas recipes with Mrs Davidson. These past weeks we have also been decorating our class room and decorating our tree in our class. We are also making decorations for in town, for late night shopping on Wednesday the 18th of December. They also mentioned what their favourite part of this year was. Most of the the kids said sports or camp. We have also been doing some Christmas math. Over all this year has been pretty great. Thank you to Mrs Davidson and Miss Maunder, we have had a great year.

3 December: We are getting excited in room 6. Why? Because Christmas is almost here. In class we have been making Christmas decorations to put up around the class room. Next week we put up our Christmas tree. Today we have been creating our own gross food inspired by the book Green Eggs and Ham. On Friday we took a visit to the Mary Shapley Retirement home.

15 November: We have been doing a lot of learning this week. In maths we have been doing a daily 5/6 questions. This is where we get 5 or 6 maths questions to answer before doing other maths. It is sort of like a warm up. For reading we have been reading our learn to read book with our groups. A few days ago we got a visit by Mason Little's puppies, there was one girl and two boys. After that visit, we wrote a story about seeing them. For fitness we have been doing an activity circle. We rotate from skipping, hurdles,...

8 November: We have been very busy these past few weeks. We have had athletics last week, field events on Wednesday and track on Friday. We all had a lot of fun. This week we took a trip to the Marae in Whakatane. While we were there we went on a walk and saw some of the wakas and a cave where one of the ladies lived in. No one could go near her. So she had her own cave to live in, when people came to give her food they would give it to her on a stick. We also did three activities, learning poi, saying our mihi and answering some question and drawing some pictures of the carvings. For P.E we have been doing rotations of different activities like, skipping, guider board, etc. We have been revising on our Math work like, addition subtraction. We have been reading books and doing listening posts. For writing we have been doing our normal weekend recap. We have been doing a lot of hand writing too. The end of the year is coming up. So we have been learning a dance to perform at our fancy dress, prize giving.

28 August: Lately we have been working on this for fathers day. We have been doing our reading rotations. We are also doing reading comprehension. This is where you read a story and then answer questions to the story. We have now finished our calendar art. We have been busy doing math activities like mathletics. Have have been doing building challenges, this week we are make a monster.

23 August: Last Friday we went on a trip to Mary Shapely rest home in town. We were talking to them about the past. We got chocolate, afterwards we went to the park and played on the playground. Now we are writing to the people that live there. They are our pen pals. Today was book character day and poem in your pocket. This is where we dress up as a book character. Poem in your pocket is where you have a poem with you and then two times in the day a bell will ring and you go and share your poem with people. Some of us had the poem Twinkle twinkle chocolate bar. In art we are now work on our calendar art. For our calendar art it is super hero themes. In P.E. we are doing soccer. For math we are learning about all the different shapes.

7 August: We are still learning about the past, the present and the future. Next Friday we are going to the retirement home in town to meet some of the people and ask about their past. In class we are also doing a reading challenge. This is where we are in buddies, we have to read as many books as possible.

26 July: We have had a great start to the term. we have a new student called Romeo. He is from Australia. Lately we have been learning about the past the present and the future. We have been bringing things from home, that our parents have from their past. In math we are learning about repeated patterns. In reading we are learning about boring sentences and learning how to make them better. For P.E. we are finishing rugby and moving onto soccer. We have doing a bit of handwriting too. In the weekend our teacher Miss Maunder got engaged. So on Monday a group of classes including us sang a song to her to say congratulations. We have done some cool little three pigs art. We got to make our own house like they did but how we wanted it to look like. After drawing it up we got to colour it in. This week has been great, we have welcomed a new student and had fun while doing it.

3 July: This week we have been finishing up things for the end of the term. We have finally finished reading Charlotte's Web and are now doing a review on it. For Math we have been doing work sheets on Time. In reading we have been doing our normal reading rotations. For Te reo we have been learning about Matariki and a song that goes with it.

28 June: This week it is one of our class mates last week at our school. Her name is Summer and we will miss her heaps. Yesterday we had some delicious treats. Today we got a cake. Everybody got a cupcake too. At the moment we are finishing reading Charlottes Web as our class book. It is really good. Since reading the book we are doing some awesome web art. First we drew a web and now are dyeing them with different colours of our choice. In maths we are learning about time, and are learning the time song. For P.E. we are doing rugby. For now we are just learning some skills. For writing we are doing recounts on our weekend. It has been a cool week, and will miss Summer heaps.

17 June: For the past few weeks we have been learning about Matariki. We have learnt a song, made lanterns and we are going on a class trip with Room 7 this Wednesday. Today we have done some weekend writing with Mrs. Davidson. We are doing Fractions for math right now. Some of us know a little bit about fractions and some of us don't know much at all. A few weeks ago we did some awesome Day and Night painting. We also did some art on the stars of Matariki, they look awesome. We have been writing our self assessments for our reports.

24 May: This week we had a great week. On Wednesday we had cross country. Olivia Hathaway came 1st for the 6 year old girls. Miller Spence came 1st in the 6 year old boys. Josh Jennings came 3rd for the seven year old boys. We are learning about matariki with the seven sisters. We are doing a cool art to do with this too. We colour a A4 piece of paper with crayons, then paint it black once dry we scratch it off. We will draw the seven sisters.

9 May: This week we have been working on things for Mothers day. The things we are a surprise and our mums don't know. we have had a great week 2 of the term. We wish everyone a happy mothers day.

7 May: Today we have been busy doing our reading rotations. We have been working on making our sentences more detailed. Also we have been put into groups and have been given a math problems to work out. We have to read through the problem then work it out, our working has to be shown. After that we have to put it in our own story. Later today we are going out for PE. We are getting fit for cross country.

3 May: We have had a great start to the term. We have started reading Charlotte's Web in class. We have done some cool holiday recounts, We have also done some acrostic poems. You find some awesome student work by Josh and Tanner(scroll down below). Cross country is coming up, and we have been working hard to get fit and stay healthy. For math we have been learning to add more than two numbers together. We have also been playing math games, one of them is bingo. We are starting a garden this term. Some of the seniors are helping us. For topic we have been learning about seasons. We have also been making clay pinch pots for our loving Mums for Mothers Day. At the end of last term we finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, now we did a book review on it. We have been doing plays for reading. The play we have been working on is Little Red Riding Hood. A group of us performed it to the class yesterday. In the computer suite we have been playing one hour of code. This is where you have a whole lot of fun learning games. Over all we have had a great start to the term!

11 April: We have finished reading Charlie and the chocolate factory. In reading we have have been doing reading rotations, reading eggs and our readers. In maths we are learning our addition and subtraction. For topic we are learning about our native birds and how we can save them and the forest. For art we did stuff for gum boot day which was on Friday. We decorated gum boots too. we are so excited for the end of the term.

1 April: This morning the teachers played a prank on us. They made us cut grass, with scissors! We have been doing art on our native birds. Our teacher has been reading us the chapter book Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. We have this golden ticket puzzle we have to solve before the end of the book. If we solve it we get a week with no home work. In the computer suite we have been doing buddy writing.

25 March: Today we have done some writing about Top School that happened in the weekend. Some of the stories about it are in Students Work (scroll down below). In math we have done Prime maths.

20 March: This week we have been dong wordals with our buddy class. The wordals were made in the computer suite. For camp we had parents come on camp with us. They drove us to where we stayed and help us with all of our activites. So this week we are writing camp letters to the parents. In class we have been reading picture books from the national libary. For topice we are still focusing onbeach safty.In maths we are learning how to do antilogarithms. We are also have been playing dodge ball with Room 7.

14 March: Today we have been doing math. In math we start by doing a warm up game with a buddy. Today after the warm up we counted back from 100. After that we did group maths, we have four activities that we do. They are: Prime Maths book work, mathletics, maths games and teacher work. We love doing maths in room 6.

13 March: This week we have still been focusing on camp. For writing we have been reflecting on the activities we did at camp. Down in Students Work there is Brooke's and Tanner's writing. To work out what we would write, we did a brain storm. We did forward flips on the tramps, bounced on the Bouncy pillows, swimming in the pool, having an amazing race, playing cricket and mini golf. We did beach education with a lady named Sarah. We did some beach games with her, like a relay. She also taught us about being sun smart. For reading we have been reading our readers to the teacher or to our self.

8 March: This week we went to camp. We had a lot of fun doing a lot of different activities. Where we were staying there was a pool, and it had a hydro slide too. We all love that. The place we were staying was the Ohope Top Ten Holiday Park. Also we did surf life saving activities. While we were there we did mini golf. For dinner we had burgers. Today at school we have looked at all of the photos from camp. After morning tea we have golden time with Room 7. Golden time is when we have a free choice of activities. This afternoon we are sharing at assembly. We made tins to put our stationery in.

22 February: Today the whole class had to hand in their home learning books. We have been told to read our readers every night. Every day we have a thing called problem of the day. It is where we have a problem to work out. If we get it right we get a prize. We have class room jobs. For maths we do Prime Maths.


Students' Work


By Tanner

On the holidays I went racing I am coming 5th in the championship. After that we went to prize giving. My Dad said to me I don't think you will get a trophy. But I was junior driver of the day and I got 100 dollars and I got lots of easter eggs.

By Josh

In the holidays I went Deer hunting and we didn't get deer and we saw 39 deer but they were on a proptey. But we shot 8 possems and we saw a good trout and we shot it and it sat there.

By Malakai

Yesterday I drove to Top School and I went to the chair-o-plane them the mini wheels and then the chair-o-plane with Kolton and the the mini wheels with Kolton.

By Olivia

Last night I went out for my Mum's birthday. I had fish and chips. We had cup cakes for desert. W went on the play grounds. I went to Top School during the day and I got some candyfloss and some lollies. YUM!

By Tanner

On camp it was fun playing cricket and it looked cool with Dad and Darcy going down the water slide. It was fun doing surf life saving. Me and Josh and Miller came in the car. My Dad hurt his back down the water slide. My breakfast was so yum I could eat the whole school.

By Brooke

On camp I went down the waterslides with Miss Maunder on the blue and yellow slide. It was fun and it was cool sleeping in a tent.



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