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Room 6
Awakeri School

Who are we?

We are the best class in the whole universe. We are a mixture of girls and boys. 13 girls and 13 boys in this amazing class. Our teacher is the magnificent Miss Maunder.

Class News

11 December In class we have just finished our production. We all got a virtue and ours was forgiveness. We are also practising for fancy dress on Wednesday. Our song is Shake It Off. We are all looking forward to the end of year holidays and can't wait to do it all again next year. Room 6 says Merry Christmas to everyone.

15 November In class we have just finished speeches. in topic we have made maps for the bay of plenty. we are also working on our junior production we have a dance to learn. in maths we are doing word problems. in reading we are just reading books. also in writing we have been writing about dexter the cat. in art we have been doing koru patterns and we also went to the marae last week which was fun.

25 October We all had great holidays and we did well at ag day . We have been doing spelling tests in class time. In reading we have been doing word of the week our word this week is frizzy. In maths we have being learning patterns, we also do number boggle. We are practising for our junior production. In P.E we play dodgeball and capture the flag.

29 September In room six we have been making Mexican mirrors. You cut out a circle and put a mirror on it. Mr J is leaving next term. We have made reports about Mr J being a sausage monster, we also have pictures of him. He will be missed by all of us. We went on a trip to the mount in Tauranga. We walked up the mount and back down. We went to the hot pools by the mount as well. We have made puppets about legends.
GOLDEN TIME. In room 6 we have something called golden time. To get golden time you have to do all of your mathletics and homework. It is free time - some people like to play on the computer and play friv games and some like to play on the play ground with their friends.
We are looking forward to the holidays.

4 August In topic we have still got Constable Maree and we are learning about not to bully. In writing we have been writing our dream superhero, we also drew pictures of how we think they should look. Also in art we made WANTED pictures and used coffee to make it look old. Half of our class is going to Mr Sheather's to do writing. In reading we are learning to perform plays, Miss Maunder chosses the best to present it in front of the class. In P.E we are playing the game capture the flag with Rm 7. Miss Maunder has also set up class dojo who ever gets 20 points gets a prize and if you be bad you get a point taken off you. Rm 6 is learning new songs, one of their favourites is a song from the movie Trolls.

28 July We all had great holidays and now we are ready to learn again. We are learning about Kia Kaha which is being good all the time. We are also doing golden time so if you complete all your homework you get golden time which is free time. In art we are drawing tikis. In maths we are using our Prime book and also learning times tables and word problems. In writing we have some people that go to Mr Sheather. Every Monday and Friday we do dodge ball. We all want to thank Constable Maree for coming in to talk to us.

23 June We are a choir in Awakeri's Got Musical Talent and our song is Believe It or Not, we hope to win the juniors prize. You know how fidgets spinners are the new craze, well we have made spinners which are like fidget spinners. We also have written stories to explain how to make them. In P.E we have been doing rugby and basketball, in reading we have been reading to the teacher. We have been learning the Macarena. In topic we have been drawing stars and making necklaces.

16 June In art we have been doing maui and the sun pictures, in topic we are learning about matariki and we have been learning the poi and the matariki mucarena. In writing we have been doing self assesments, in reading we reading non fiction books and been buddy reading. In math we are learning measurement and seeing how many squares to fill up our name. In pe we are learning all different sorts of stuff like netball soccer and hockey.

8 June We had a great long weekend. In reading we have been reading a lot of books. In math we we have been learning about measurement and been answering questions that Miss Maunder has put on the board. In P.E we have now finished netball and moved on to hockey. We love learning the rakau sticks in te reo, we are learning the colour song. In writing we are doing our self assessments for this term. In art we are doing squiggle patterns. We have a new class member called Ayva- Welcome!

29 May We all did great at cross country on Wednesday 24th. In math we are currently doing math tests with 100 questions each side. In reading we are reading articles about things we like to do. In topic we are doing term 2 title pages and learning about Matariki. We have been writing poems, please scroll down below to see them. Since cross country has done we are now learning netball. We are all excited on Fridays for the raffle that is drawn. We have people going to Mr Sheather. They are Jade, Ollie, Mihaere, Joshua, Jacson, Ferghus and Esther.

10 May We all had a great first week of school, in art we are making a lot of stuff for our mothers. In reading we are reading a story and then answering the question. In maths we are learning hard addition and basic facts. In writing we have been writing Mothers Day poems, scroll down to have a look. We love having year 3 assemblies too.

3 May We all had great holidays. In art we have been making pinch a pot out of clay for Mothers Day. In writing we have been writing about our holidays and the terrible cyclone. In reading we have been using Reading Eggs and are also reading about animals. In math we are learning our times tables such as 0, 1, 2 and 3, we also love playing math games. In P.E we are getting ready for cross country which is Wednesday 24 May. In topic we have been learning about kiwis and also painted pictures. Luckily no people in our class got flooded.

10 April In art we made a book called the day of the flood by Room 6 and 7. In reading Miss Maunder read us a book called Dawn Parade. In maths we have beeen learning about shapes 3d shapes any sorts of shapes. In P.E we have to run around the court two times everyday. At camp we went to the hot springs, we also did an amazing race which was fun, we did a bushwalk to Kohi Point afterwards to finish off we had a sausage sizzle. CAMP WAS THE BEST.

24 March In reading Miss Maunder has been reading Dirty Bertie to us. She puts up animal cards on the board, we have to write one adjective or two about the animal. In writing Miss Maunder writes part of a Maori legend on some paper then we have to draw a picture that matches the writing. In art we wrote about fun in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, we also made pictures in our book to match our writing. We also have started magazine art which is really fun. WE ARE REALLY EXCITED FOR CAMP LATER THIS WEEK.

8 March In writing we are writing about a kea and a kiwi, we also watched a funny video. In maths we have also been doing problem solving and basic facts. In reading we have been doing a reading log at the back of our books we have also been doing SWIBW which is finding 10 small words from the word of the week. Can you solve our brain teaser? what is smaller than an ant's mouth?

2 March Today we were making complementary art, with contrasting colours such as orange, red, pink, yellow, green, purple and blue. We have also made pop art with some more matching colours, they are also self portraits. We have also been inserting pictures onto word of pictures we like. Also on the computer we have made portfolio covers with borders and a picture of us. We have done a picto graph of where we live, Whakatane won with 11 people, Awakeri 2nd with 9 people, Edgecumbe 3rd with 5 people and Te Teko and Coastlands 4th with 12 person each.

28 Feb In maths we watched a funny video on place value and are learning place value up to billions. We are all flustered for all our P.A.T. Also in writing we are learning to be descriptive on our Who I Am writing. ( Look below students' work ). Every week Miss Maunder puts a boggle up and we have to solve it. In art we have been making koru art with our family on it and we have painted it. In P.E we have to touch all four corners on the court, it's tiring. We have been learning our virtues on what we want our class to be this year, we have made our own (look below students' work)

23 Feb We have been making a waka with our amazing faces on it. We have also been making a class puzzle with all of our ideas. In reading we have been doing word searches, we have also been learning how to write poems. In maths we have been using Prime Maths and we have mastered graphs so we have moved on. We are all excited for our camp in Week 9, Term 1......

16 Feb We have been making pencil holders and have made friendship buckets. We have the best stories in the school of the best day in our life look below students work.

13 Feb We are getting to know each other and are learning all about teamwork.

Students' Work

ferghus fingers fell on the fire they burned.


ollie the octopus ate oscar the ostrich on top of the mountain.


My mum looks like a wondrous fairy godmother. My mum sounds like a sparkling magician. My mum feels like a wonderful caring mum. My mum sounds like a delightful rose.

By Cooper

The kea

The beautiful rainbow kea is enjoying the breeze, the kea is a native bird. The kea is going to its guarding nest.

by Addison

Going to Rainbows End

The best day of my life was going to Rainbows End. We went with mum's friend. When I got there it was so cool my eyes nearly popped out of my head. We went to the kids kingdom because the other rides were too big. The first ride I went on was the rollercoaster train. We went up hills and down the other side whoosh!!! That was fun but I wanted more, so I went to the giant bouncy playground. In the bouncy playground I went in and out of the flaps and down the slides. After going on the other rides I stayed the night at my grans house. It was so fun.

By Esther


My hair is a blonde like the ocean sand. I'm a lover of soccer and cricket. I also love farming with my dad. My eyes are blue like the sea. I am as smart as a scientist and as strong as the hulk.

By Billy

We need to be honest with each other.

By Kendra

We need to respect our team mates.

By Ollie and Mihaera

Teacher's Messages

Last friday we peformed our show ` some you win some you dont '.Room 6 did a wonderful job singing,dancing,acting and playing a different instruments. everyone loved the show. It was a great way to end an amazing year. Thank you to lucy who has been a great website monitor this year. Wishing everyone a happy holiday.

Room 6 achieved some fantastic results at ag day. we were really proud of our mexican mirriors that were on display.we are busy practicing for athletcs next week and learning about the marae for our visit in week 4. it is an exciting term with lots happening.

We have been learning about matariki (maori new year) we have enjoyed learning about rakau poi and matariki and mucarena. This week we wrote retails on maui and the sun and we also did some awesome art. we are looking forward to our matariki celebration 30 the of June.

We have had a great start to term 2.room 6 has enjoyed expermenting with clay and has created to things so far. we have been busy training for cross country. we are enjoying collecting data on how many laps we can do in 5 minutes. A big warm welecome Bryan Leitch who has joined our class this term.

Room 6 is a wonderful and vibrant class. We have had a fantastic start to the year, we have been learning all about tally marks, pictographs and bar graphs. There is lots of fabulous work going up on our walls so drop in and have a look.:):)