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Room 6
Awakeri School


Who are we?

Welcome to room 6 website page. Below is all the wacky adventures we get up to. We are a hardworking, kind, crazy energetic, fun and enthusiastic class. We are also very CUTE! We are the best class in the school (Even Mr Fitz says so.) We have 28 amazing members of the team. There are 15 boys, 10 girls and our lovely teachers are Miss Maunder and Mrs Davidson. We would love to give a shout out to our newest member of the team her name is Carly. Our Website Monitors are Mikayla and Sophie (They Rock). Khloe Newport says: I love my Teachers. Corey Munn says: I love room 6 because we play a lot of games.

Class News

27 Sep

Sorry we havent got back to you we have been very busy. We have recently been to Baywave and Classic Flyers for a trip. In maths we have been doing Measurement. Shout out to Corey Munn for being on the Mathletics leaderboard.

24 Aug
uring maths we have been making kites. We have also been setting goals. We are going to see Thornton's production soon.

27 July

We have been learning about the myth called, How the kiwi lost his wings. The story is very long but here is some of it. Tanemahuta said "all of you birds come down from the forest roof or there will be a punishment."
All the birds said no except one little brave bird that said okay and came down. He was the one and only Kiwi. Kiwi didn't get a punishment. Every other bird had a different punishment like pukeko had to live in the swamp because he didnt want to get his feet wet. Tui had to have a white feather stuffed down his throat because he is afraid of the dark. THE END

For P.E we have been doing soccer. Ash said he has been enjoying soccer a lot.
Millie's favourite part of Room Six is Art and Writing.
Ash's favourite part of Room Six is Maths and P.E.
Room Six is really fun!!

26 July Hi all welcome to Term 3. We all had a great holiday. Today Mr Marple from an energy place came in to teach us about energy. Our song of the week is Firework by Katy Perry. On Wednesday before the school holidays we watched the BFG because we had been reading the BFG. On Monday and Tuesday we did holiday writing. We have been doing some art and this week we have been making trees.

21 June Tonight we have the disco. It is superhero themed. Can't wait to see what superheroes will be there. In maths we have been learning time. When we have Mrs Davidson in, we do running records. Our song of the week is Roar by Katy Perry. Just a reminder there is no school tomorrow. YAY!!!!!!!!

14 June Hi all welcome to week 7. Tonight we've got 4 people going to the jump jam competition who are: Millie, Blake, Khloe and Ella- reserve. Flower art and Tree art are our latest pieces of artwork. Next Thursday is our superhero disco! Yay!

7 June Hi all welcome to week 6. We have been doing buddy reading with room 11. Room 15 non-band people come into our class on thursdays and help us do work. For music rotations we do ukelele, make intruments amd xylophone. Reminder next Tuesday is book charecter day.

24 May Welcome to week 4. In class we have been making cards for Mrs Morris because her dog Bailey died(sorry for the tear jerker). We have been doing division, subtraction, crazy writing and natural disasters.We have been learning the song 'Smell of Sunscreen' by Baz Luhrmann. Just a reminder cross country has been postponed to Monday 28th May. Well done to all the children who got into the year 3 and 4 Jump Jam team.

17 May Welcome to week 3. We have a busy life in room 6. Reminder cross country is next week Wednesday 23. During P.E we have been doing a lot of sports: netball, rugby, hockey and soccer. In maths we made time table cities. We do reading rotations for reading.

9 May We have been learning about emergencies and hazards example earthquakes and volcanoes. We have made sandpit volcano creations. We have been singing hall of fame by the script. In maths we have been learning our times tables. We have been making crafts. During writing we have been doing holiday writing. Watch out mums you will get a great gift from your lovely children!

12 April We have been doing a borobi dance with room 7, for the opening of our school Commonwealth Games tomorrow. When Miss Sisam came in we did dolphin pictures with facts. We have been learning new reading games. We also did original hand pictures made out of dots. Tomorrow is the last day of term, yay!

28 Mar In class we have been learning about Borobi the Gold Coast mascot. We have just got back from camp, we have been doing thank you letters to the camp parents who helped out. During camp we went on a walk, we started at the life saving club ands ended up at the playground.We did a sandcastle competition, we also went on the bouncy pillow. It was a great camp.

7 Mar We love doing art, here is what we've done; our portrait mihis and our Wairaka book. We have created our wild selves. For writing we are learning about similes.

15 Feb In art we have done buzzy bees, butterflies, stars and portraits.We have been doing PAT's. We are going to Ohope Top 10 for Camp.

9 Feb During maths we have been doing graphs which we love, in art we have done a waka and flower pictures, we also love doing writing. When we go to the computer suite we do lots of amazing things, we are doing our portfolio covers.

Students' Work

Room 6 has amazing authors here are some of our stories:


That was my holiday!

Remember when my family went to my cousins cool birthday party? That was my amazing holiday. Remember at my cousins birthday party we played pass the parcel? It was fun. That was my holiday.


The penguins have never, ever waddled or danced before. So they made a stage and got ready to dance on it. By Lucy Mckay

On camp we are going to do lots of things like mini putt on Thursday and Friday. I'm going to have lots of clues for the amazing race. We are going in the pool because its good slides. They are so fast. It is my first camp. Its going to be the best. By Wilson Carter

Great stories guys!


Teacher's Messages

Dear Parents
Welcome back to term 3. We hope you enjoyed your break.This term is going to be very eventful with, cross country
, st johns visit and much much more. Library days are on Wednesdays so make sure your child brings back their book otherwise Mrs White will become a very grumpy librarian.It is starting to get colder as the days pass so can you please make sure that your child has appropiariate clothing.

Thanks, Miss Maunder and Mrs Davidson