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Awakeri School

Room 4

Who are we ?

We are room 4 and we have 24 kids in our class, we are all 5 and 6 year olds and we love our new teachers Mrs Turner and Mrs Morris. All of our 5 year olds have turned 6 and some 6 year olds have turned 7. Our website monitors are Kalib, Josh and Bonnie-Marie

Class news

Dec 12 We have been making some awesome new picture books and we have just read them to our website monitors and they said they are all amazing. We have just finished our junior production. We also have just started to take down all our art before the year finishes.

Room 4 have recently gone on there trip to julians Berry farm, Chineese garden and the museum.

14 November We have been writing thank you letters to Room 14 and Room 15. For maths we have been learning measurement. Sadly our class fish Captain Night Shade has died. Happy news is that we got to go for a class trip to the marae at the heads.

31st October Room 4 have found out that they are going on an exciting trip to Julians berry farm, Library museum, Japanese garden and the marae. We are learning about heavier and lighter. The clock weighed 100g. New World was kind enough to donate us some little gardens and Boston said that he likes his yellow beans because they make him feel like a daddy. For math they are working on work sheets as well. Room 4 are excited to be back at school and ready to start the last term of the year!!(:

28th September We have been using equations to colour in our cute lion pictures( 0+1= Brown) For our calendar art we are doing our two fishes Mrs Shimmer and Captain Night Shade. For Ag Day we are painting some tin cans white then we will do some colours over top so it has a better finish. We also have made some pictures that is called crazy art. Now days we feed the worms five cups of compost.

21st Room 4 have made another recycled game and it is knots and crosses Boston versed us and one the mini champion ships. Mrs Morris bought in a billy and the kids investigated it.Therer worm farm has come a long way and Millie said that she saw a baby worm. They had done a spelling test.Nyrians favourite character was stink, Boston liked the voodons, and Millie liked the entertainment.

11th September 2017 We have still been learning about recycling. Millie and Jamie have made amazing games out of recycable materials. Our worm farm is doing great. On the 30th of August we feed the worms 4 cups of scraps. We have been picking up rubbish. We found the most amount of rubbish on the field. We found 34 pieces of rubbish in the senior lunch area. We found the least amount of rubbish in the sandpit.

30th August 2017 Today we put the got a worm farm. Rachel came in and tought us a little bit about worms. Rachel, Kalib and Josh helped us put it together. Lots of people in our class brought some scraps along to school to feed to our worms. We had to make sure that the size was as little as our pinks finger nail. The worm farm is black. Rachel sprinkled a little bit of lime over the food that we gave the worms.

11th August 2017 Room 4 have recently be learning about rubbish so they decided they should recycle by making a toy out of rubbish. The toy is a catcher. The aim is to get the ball attached to string in the top of the cut sprite lid. Another game is trying to get marbles into the cut holes in a juice carton. Room four are also working on 3-D shapes. Room four are also learning how to do plays. Ella said ''I love doing plays in front of the class because it's fun. Lots of people that live in Awakeri have frosts."

28th July 2017 Today Room Four are painting fish because they got two new fish on Tuesday! There names are Captain Nightshade and Mrs Shimmer. They are swimming in an eco system. Room Four does not feed them because they pick of the oxygen seaweed, but they were so hungry they ate the cleaning snails! Today our special helpers are Boston and Dominic. Room Four are learning about capital letters. Room 4 have been extra helpers becuase they have gone around the school and picked up lots of rubbish and counted them for maths. The special helpers also get to go in the front of the line and get the milk! Their class is reading Dirty Bertie. Our unit is Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. We are doing an experiment. We have buried peels, metal, plastic and a paper bag and we will see what will dissolve the fastest. This has been a great bang for the first week back at school!!!

24th July 2017 The class is just back from the holidays and have told us what their favorite activity was:
Ella-lost my tooth
Maddie-Going to Cape Reinga
Cole-a sleep over
Addison-rock climbing
Ash-Jurassic park
Corey-playing on my tablet
Jamie M-swimming
Jamie-Lee-rock climbing
Boston-going to my nana's
Dominic-Playing in snow
Camron-Playing with cousins

29th June 2017 This week we have been really really really upset because we found out that Mrs Prodger is going to be leaving so we have told our website monitors about how much we love her and will miss her, so hopefully this will want to make her stay. Fingers crossed.
I like the way:
She looks after children-Blake
She Looks after us-Jamie
She gives people ice packs when they are hurt-Corey
You can tell her anything-Nicolas
Get to go home early if we get sick-Heath and Seth
She helps us-Cameron
She gives us ice packs-Hayden
She fixes my toes when they are hurt-Cole
She is nice and cares about everyone-Couper
She is nice and helps the people-Addison
She helps me when I am hurt-Wilson
I like her-Boston
She helps people when they are hurt-Narayan

21st June 2017 This week we have not started doing anything new but our Website moniters Kalib and Bonnie-Marie have asked us what our favourite things in our class is and here is what we like:
Fantail pictures -Addison.
Drawing -Quinn.
Playing with little blocks -Corey.
Going on computers -Flynn.
Art -Lily.
Going on computers -Heath.
Going on computers -Couper.
Making snowflakes - Khloe.
Reading eggs and Mathletics -Maddie.
Mathletics -Blake.
Art -Ella.
Art -Ash.
Art -Jamie.
Writting -Jamie-Lee.
Maths games -Cole.
Reading eggs -Hayden.
On computers -Dominic.
Maths -Boston.
Games -Cameron.
Golden time -Wilson
Golden time -Narayon.
Mathletics -Seth.
Kids being excited at everything we do -Mrs Turner.

13th June Welcome back so far we have learnt about our parents jobs and how to do them. We have also had fun learning how to sketch, we had to sketch 6 pictures. In maths we are learning about patterns and what they are. We are also learning about how to tell time on clocks. We have been writing thankyou notes to our parents for coming in and talking to us about their jobs. We have started to do interesting experiments now. We have been writing about what we want to be when we grow up. We have drawn volcanoes and cut out snow flakes. We have even made our own chalk! I can't wait for next week!!!

6th June Every Wednesday we are allowed on the new space net that landed near the big kids playground. We are learning how to do jobs like our parents. Seven parents have offered to come in and talk about their jobs. Wow that could be interesting! Also the Fonterra milk tanker came to visit. As always the stories about the milk tanker are down the bottom (Scroll down).

9th May 2017 I hope you had a fun holiday but now we're back at school so here's what we're learning: We're learning about fractions like quarter and halves. We are also enjoying our Prime Maths, that we think is very fun. We are finishing our topic on birds and are starting to learn about police safety and keeping yourself safe. Our parents are going to come in and talk about the jobs they do at home. We are so happy to be back at school and to be catching up on everything as well. Look under students work to read some stories about waddling birds.
Congratulations to Miss Moore who got married in the holidays and is now Mrs Morris!

April 10 Sorry again for the long wait but now we have got lots of interesting things about room 4. Room 4 have been learning all about birds like how they live, how they find their food and how they eat it. Most of the kids favourite birds are kiwis. Under students work there are 3 pieces of amazing writing of students work. Recently the kiwi camper van came to our school and room 4 got to go in and have a look. They loved it. In maths some kids have been going to room 5 with Mr Sheather and learning fractions and the rest of the class stays in their class to learn fractions in there. This morning room 4 were lucky because they got to go to Life Education and meet Harold. Harold told them all about respect and to treat people how you want to be treated. Dont forget to read the students work and teachers messages below. Have a happy Easter and fun holidays. Bye!

23 March Sorry about the long wait for the next newsletter, so here it is. Room 4 have been learning about the school cat Dexter. Under students work there are some kids writing about Dexter. Chloe New port explained to me about all different birds.
''Did you know that Kiwis are native to new Zealand?'' Thats what Addison told me.Their topic is about birds and they are really liking it. In maths we are learning about shapes.
''Did you know that circles do not have any corners!'' yelled Seth. Millie told me that she is liking the new book Dirty Birty. The four kids told me to write ''you should read the book it's really cool.''
Room for had made some pretty cool birds, you should go have look.

3 March Scroll down to Students' Work to read some stories of a visiting dog!

February 17 Room 4 have finished some hard spelling tests with new, interesting and long words. Room 4 has been making a helicopter out of brain box. Room 4 have just started some fun, new maths called prime maths. They have been making graphs about how they get to school, birthdays and where they live.We have been making colorful crayons that represent us and how each crayon is unique. We have each made a very cool place mat and we got to design them ourselves. We have been reading a book called Stuck. It is about a kite that gets stuck up a tree and a boy tries to get it down with other objects but they get stuck. The next morning the kite flies out of the tree and the other objects are still stuck up the tree.

3 February We are having fun making pretty birds in class. We died a peice of paper each and they look soooo cool. We are having even more fun learning how to weave. Miss Moore is teaching us how to skip count in 2s. We have been playing with new people and make fun new friends. Miss Moore brought her dog in. That was really fun and awsome.

Students' Work

Today in room 4 Ella's dad is coming in a big Fonterra truck.
Ella's dad is going to talk to us about the Fonterra truck.
It is going to be fun.
And we might be able to look inside the Fonterra truck.
By Khloe

Fonttera trucks have a tank to bring the milk to
the factory and let in the bottles. It is as big
as a big tree. It is blue and white and green.
By Ella

The Tanker
Milk tankers are blue, white and green.
They are as giant as a house.
They collect milk in the tanks.
The driver was wearing a yellow coat with grey stripes.
By Lilli Brown

Fontera trucks have a tube to suck up the milk.
The fontera truck has two tanks for the mik to go in.
Tanks are like big barrels that hold milk.
The fontera trucks are as big as a bus.

Fonterra trucks are as round as a circle.
Fonterra trucks are as shiny as diamonds.
It's as fast as a shot gun bullet.
It's flash as a car and a van.
By Flynn

The Wading
A pied stilt wading bird.
It feeds in a river.
It has long spindly thin legs to go in the water.
It has a strong pointy beak used for catching insects, snails, worms and shell fish.
Ash Kelly

Flying birds
Some flying birds have bigger wings than their body.
Some birds can fly very fast because they glide.
Some just flap their wings and relax.
Did you know a fantail came into our class and I held it and
put it in the nest.
Addison Griffiths

Wading birds
We are learning about wadling birds.
They have long legs.
They have sharp beaks.
They walk in the water thats why they have long legs.

Flying bird
Birds start off by flaping and then glide across the sky.
Their wings are bigger than their body.
Their beaks are little and small.

Kiwis have very sharp beaks.
Kiwis have enemies which are stoats.
Their mum and dad don't feed their babies.
Their tummies look like big pompoms.

Baby Kiwi
It looks like an egg but bigger.
The kiwis claws are sharp.
The kiwis nose is at the end of its beak.

The fluffy brown Kiwi looks like a brown fluffy egg.
I like it when it curls up.
I wonder what the kiwis claws feel like.
Jamie Moore

Teddy came to visit. Miss Moore gave Teddy a treat, but first Miss Moore made him roll over and shake hands and wave. He is 4. Then he had to go but Miss Moore gave us one more pat.
Khloe Newport

On Thursday I went to school and after fitness Miss Moore brought her dog in. Straight away when her dog came through room four's door, Teddy started to bark. Like this: bark bark bark, it was fun. The whole class liked it. Teddy was furry and soft too. And some people got to do tricks and some people did not. My friend Ella got to do tricks but I did not. Most of the boys got to.
Millie Bateson

Dexter the cat writting:

I am looking after Dexter.
1.Theese are some things that Dexter needs.
2.He needs cat food and water.
3.He also needs cuddles.
4.You have to take Dexter to the vet.
By Millie Bateson

You have to feed Dexter.
His food is cat biscuts
When Dexter is sick you take him to the dr.
Make sure he goes outside.
By Addison Griffiths

You give Dexter water.
You give him food.
You have to keep his bed tidy.
You take Dexter to the vet.
You keep him safe by looking after him.
You give him cuddles.
By Seth Rowland


Teacher's Message

We are lucky to have 2 teachers in our class. We have Mrs Turner on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and we have Miss Moore on Thursdays and Fridays but sometimes we are super lucky and get Miss Moore on Monday, Tuesday or Friday.