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Awakeri School

Room 4

Who are we ?

Hello we are an awesome class this year filled with 10 year 1s and 10 year 2s, and between that we have 10 boys and 10 girls. We have two wonderful teachers who teach us some amazing stuff and we have lots of fun with them. They are Mrs Turner and Mrs Grindrod.

Class news


We have been working on painting land marks like The Big Ben. We have been writing about our land marks that we have chosen. We enjoyed writing about the landmarks and learning about new things we didn't know about them. We have been writing about Wairaka and been doing art of what she of her looks. We have written about what we did on the holidays we had a lot to talk about. We have been learning instruction writing. That is when you write down intructions and the person has to follow them. It was very hard to do but we did it at the end we were very proud of what we did.


We are going on a kiwi walk. We hope to see a kiwi and learn some more about the kiwis. This walk is near Ohope. We are excited to go on the walk, hopefully it dosen't rain. In Math/Art we are working on our 2D and 3D shapes. We hope to be good by the end of this. We are working on our class garden and topping it off we are planting some vegtables / fruit. We have liked learning about our garden. We have been trying our best for cross country. We don't care if we lose we will be happy because we had fun along the way and we tried our hardest. In art we are learning to shade in our drawings so they look good.


In our class we have been taking photos of the teachers and drawing them. They look amazing! We are very proud of them. We have also made a crayon box. Mrs G made the box and we each made our own crayon to go inside the box. We have made rainbow fish friends as well because we have been learning about friendship this term. Now our next topic is the sea and we have a beach trip planned! We have made a collage about the sea, also we have been talking about all the animals in the sea. We have even been doing overlapping art by a famous artist. Doing that was very fun!


We have been writing about our favorite toys and then the other children have been guessing them. We have teddies in our class that we have cut and drawn on. We have been working on over lapping/collage art we have been taking photos of teachers and drawing them. We are very proud of them.
We are still doing fill our buckets. We think we have done really well with our progress with fill my bucket. We have been climbing a mountain (Not a real mountain) by how well we did with our work.


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Teacher's Message

Remember your book bags!!!