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Awakeri School

Room 14 Aongatete Lodge camp

26 February - 1 March 2019

At the end of a hot tiring first day, we went to the river. The water was refreshing. Wade checked out the rocks and landing zone and lots of kids did some good jumps. Cody doing a manu.
Day two and after a flash bus ride with Ron, we are at Martha Mine. Janine is telling us about the open pit, which has not been working since a big slip three years ago. On the bus around the mine, Katelyn and Samantha get to touch one ounce of gold - $2000 worth.
Kenna felt rather tired! At the Waihi Museum, Dylan spots the chopped off thumbs that the olden day miners got compensation money for.
On the train from Waihi to Waikino, Henali, Jamie, Guan Yu and Kennedy are enjoying the ride. We beat the Awakeri record by getting 27 toots (1 point per truck and 0.5 per other vehicle) on the way to Waikino.
Back at camp there were lots of games. Wade got some rugby league going. Sophie G passes the ball out to Ollie. Reghan scored quite a few tries. Lots of people improved on the stilts. Ashlee and Guan Yu are going for a walk.
Late in the day Wade sings some songs with the kids. Day Three, breakfast. Yum!
Early gutter board games to start the day. Summer had a long winning run. Now we're walking in the Kaimais (not the Ureweras!). The murder game has started. Cullen is down. Dylan did the best death.
A very big kauri tree! Tyler decides to mass murder people, unfortunately, he tells people what he is doing! Jake has died down a bank, so you can't see him!
Luckily Jake is back alive, he and others feed some morning tea to a hungry chook in the car park. Now it's Thursday night. Mock Court! Judge Debbie, Henchwoman Dianne and prosecutor Celeste.
Caleb is in the dock for being pregnant in his wet suit! Sophie S gives evidence.
Gary and Mike are in trouble for "crop dusting". Shaun tells the court what he knows.
Mr Hawkes is guilty of not wearing his seatbelt in the bus while telling the kids to wear theirs. Do a seatbelt haka is his punishment. Last Day. After a good morning kayaking, we are now doing shore activities. Jon is about to hit the water hard off the hydroslide.
Sophie S is stuck on the hydroslide, but she looks worried about her dad coming to give her a push! Bailey slips and slides.
Guan Yu and Dylan slide down into a warm pool. Sophie G has just flown high off the blob.
Cody has just been blobbed. Relaxing at the end of camp... Joel pedals Debbie and Dianne around the river.