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Awakeri School

Thoughts of our senior students about doing your years 7 and 8 at Awakeri (apart from the obvious things like the tremendous successes of our ex-pupils at high school)

1. Why should our Year 6 students stay at Awakeri School?
Because they will have a higher chance at primary school to show leadership throughout the school like looking after little kids, helping out teachers etc. At an Intermediate school everyone is around the same age and there aren't as many roles to play. (Summer)
Because when you get to year 7 and 8 you get so many other opportunities such as: senior social, intensive, tech, house captains and once you're a year 7 at the end of the year, you can make up the new chant for your house next year or make the flag or design the cardboard that goes aroung the new chant. Also, at fancy dress you do the gay gordon. (Celeste)
We have good opportunities and we get to help the younger kids at the school. Also we have ag day and tech at Edgecumbe College. (Sophie G)
There are so many more opportunities for year 7 & 8s such as; going to Singapore, AIMS Games and Tech. (Sam)
I think that year 6 students should stay at Awakeri for many different reasons, some like: When you're a senior, you become a role model that little kids look up to, you are a respected by the rest of the school. (Caleb)

2.What opportunities do our Year 7 and 8 students get offered to show leadership?
House captains, Speaking for the school at the marae stay, being part of the top school team. With Ag day u get to help out around the school. (Celeste)
They get to go for house captain, be helpers for little, help teachers at ag day and sports days and also get a better chance of getting a main part in production. (Jake)
We get to help little kids when they are hurt or something's wrong. We get to help teachers when they need it most. (Ollie)
Wet day monitors, looking after younger kids when its raining, House Captain, being the leader of your house group and looking after your house on sports days, Marae stay, help out the younger kids when they stay at the marae for the day, Helping out with ag day jobs (Summer)
There are many more amazing opportunities at this school, those are just a few of them!!! (Caleb)

3. What our students think of going to tech at Edgecumbe College (one of the best tech departments in NZ):

I love Miss W and Mr J, they are always so helpful and nice and they always help you if you're struggling and they don't just tell you what to do they tell you why to do it and the science behind it. (Leah)Having a day away from school and not doing book work. also we get to create cool things like speakers and wooden boxes. we get to buy food from the canteen (Sophie S)
It is really fun and I love Food and Wood.. I love how you get to make things be creative and communicate with your friends well. (Henali)
I like how we get to make amazing creations such as wooden boxes, speakers, food. and I also love the canteen. (Bailey)
Hard-work non-stop but its good because it teaches you to push your boundaries (Dylan)
At tech we do all sorts of amazing things like cooking wood and metal, don't cut yourself, great techers and friendly environment (Joel)
You are taught so many more things that you don't get taught here at Awakeri. You can do cooking, Sewing, Metal, Wood and Bio. (Celeste)
You learn stuff about life (Kyan)
You learn lots and get to make new creations. You learn how to cook, sew, use tools and they have a canteen so you get yum food. (Sophie G)
You learn how to use all the tools and make cool creations and learn how to cook and other important things. (Ashlee)
I like the tasks and the social environment, the teachers and the learning that supports children to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and prepares them for a future career. (Sam)
Tech at Edgecumbe College is fun because we get to learn how to build, cook, metal work and sewing. There is also a canteen that sells pies and chips and cookies. they also have a field that you can play on during morning tea and lunch time. (Jake)
Tech is the best. We build, we cook, we learn how to get food on our plates. (Ollie)
I like how we can leave the school and learn extra things that we aren't able to learn at APS. I also like that we learn skills that we can use when we`re older like, cooking, building, sewing etc. I also like that we only go when we are yr 7 and 8`s so we have something to look forward to when we are a year 6 (Summer)
You get to do such crazy things that you would never thought you can make such as.. Bio Tech, Cooking tech, Sowing tech, Wood Tech, Metal Tech and even a cafeteria. (Reghan)
I love tech. My favourite subject in tech is probably food tech. You have the ability to learn how to make food taste food, and because I love food. the two teachers are both friendly they are Mr J and Ms Wycherley. (Jon)
You get to learn about all of the different building tools in life. you also learn about how to wash dishes well. you learn how to cook. Also you get to learn about the science behind the food. (Kenna)
Its very independent while it still helps you and teaches you without doing it for you (Kennedy)
I like doing tech because it will help us in the near future. They teach us how to cook and build. (Jamie)
I have really enjoyed Tech, from wood work to cooking!! My favourite activity was probably cooking as you can get free food, kidding, the food was amazing but the fact that I made it makes cooking even better!! (Caleb)
When we are at tech I like learning life skills that we can use later on in life (Jessie)

4. Describe Year 7 and 8 at Awakeri in 3 words
Fun Exciting Tech (Sophie S)
Intermediate Grown-up Leaders (Tyler K)
Fun Challenging Cool (Henali)
Opportunities Fun Exciting (Bailey McDonald)
Fun Kind Happy (Dylan)
Different Quirky Extraordinary
Fun Crazy Challenging (Celeste)
Exciting Challenging Fun (Kyan)
Exciting Challenging Fun (Sophie G)
we are awesome (Leah)
Fun Inspiring Challenging (Ashlee)
Excitement Opportunity Leadership (Sam)
Fun Intense Interesting (Jake)
Fun Happy Hard (Ollie)
Exciting Challenging Leaders (Summer)
Role-model Cool-kids Fun-stuff (Reghan)
Leadership Opportunities Tech (Kenna)
Full of Opportunities (Kennedy)
Caring Friendly Leadership (Jon)
Full of fun (Jon)
Role models, Confident, Kind (Caleb)
Fun Challenging Crazy (Jessie)