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~Awakeri School~

~Interschool rugby tournament 2016~
Matata hosted a great day. These cool photos are from photographer Pete Olifiers.

In the first round, two of the Awakeri teams had the hard job of playing Te Teko. Troy's team get ready to scrum. Referee Karaitiana Taipeti, an ex-Awakeri student, who is now at Edgecumbe College, did a great job throughout the day. Ben Olifiers is team tackled by two Te Teko players.
Cambell Julian's speed gets all the defenders chasing him. Meanwhile in the younger age groups, Awakeri had two teams that performed very well. Here is Dayyan Van Veen taking on his opponent.
Ethan Cavey was a brave runner. He scored against Te Teko and Otakiri. Ethan Forbes holds the ball in his hand away from the potential tackler.
Gabriel Medcalfe was very good at wrestling for the ball and ripping it away from other players. Here he is being tackled by two Edgecumbe players. Tayla Jones is high fived by team mates Cambell and Ethan. She scored several tries during the day.
Inderpreet tries to hang onto the ball against Te Teko. Ex-Awakeri student Meadow Howe was a tough competitor. Here her old school mates get ready to try and tackle her.
Savanah Stewart was a nervous player, but with encouragement she got stuck in and even scored three tries against Thornton. Caden Laurent decided to set her up to score and did a great job! Sam East was brave playing against people twice his size!
Here's Ethan Forbes being brave tackling someone twice his size! It looks like the perfect tackle. This Te Teko player is going to crash down. Let's hope the Awakeri players get there quickly to win the ball. Tayla Jones passes the ball out against Otakiri.
Awakeri v Awakeri! Alex Robbie is getting ready to try and stop Tayla Jones in her tracks. Vinnie Te Maipi played hard, as did Regan Henderson who is in support.
Caden Laurent steps his way through the Edgecumbe team. At the end of the day was another all Awakeri game. Photographers Pete got out on the field to get some interesting pics. The underside of the scrum!
Even the refs were playing! Oscar Murray is chased by Karai. Sam is in support. Campbell Forsyth!! Really, it was a fun day!