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Awakeri School

Room 8 Camp at the Lions Hut 2016


Here we are before we left for camp. Callum and Rhiane are building a bridge across the river.
Cam Peat's group is building a strong bridge too. Standing on their bridge are Rhianna, Rubi, Jaskamal, Ryan A and Cullen.
Room 8 is reading a sign about about wildlife in the bush. It talks about kokakos, kiwis, possums killing the bush. The Lions Hut, covered in wet towels!
We are going into the bush to find a place to build a bivouac. Each group had to build one. Ryan S and Zoie J are working on their bivouac.
Charli R and Chloe are in their bivouac. Will it leak in the rain? This bivouac is big. They tied all the ferns onto a vine.They have a silver blanket with them, which would be very useful if they got lost in the bush. They could even use it to shine at a chopper.
On the scavenger hunt every group had to hug a big tree and take a photo. You were meant to hold hands. On the scavenger hunt we had to find something strange. One group found these orange mushrooms.
We also had to find a live insect and a dead one. Zoie J and Rhiane are being careful with their photography. This is their flower photo.
When we had finished we had to lay everything out and take a photo of it. Mrs Howard is saying be careful of the rocks and don't put your bum too far down the hole and don't scratch your feet on the rocks!
Josh, Brian and Andy are about to send these kids off down the adventure rapids. Kalani is carrying his tube back to the start.
First we got pushed off, then someone splashed us, then someone else spun us around, then we went down the rapids! Hannah is jumping off the rock. Remember to jump out as far as you can or you'll hit the rocks!
Asha is blowing on the marshmellow (spot the chubby cheeks!). Cullen is thinking "I want some of that!" There were three fires for everyone to cook on. We all sang songs that every knew afterwards. This group sang Like A Bright Star.