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Awakeri School

Room 14 Aongatete Lodge Camp

20 - 23 March 2012

Haiku Walkway Barry and friends
On day one, it wasn't raining, so we headed off to explore Katikati. Here are Moana, Elana and Lila (hey their names all end with -a) trying to figure out what's unusual about that haiku poem. Jessie writes her answer about the very realistic statue of Barry outside the information centre.
Sam and Kayleigh are always posing!
Some people take every chance to pose for the camera! Kayleigh and Sam make the model kauri dam look even more wonderful! When we got back to camp we went down to the swimming hole. After quite a bit of rain, the river was flowing quite fast, so sliding down the waterfall was exciting and refreshing. Not this waterfall...
Brenda Looney
The one up stream a bit! Georgia's Dinosaur pose. Even the parents gave it a go. This is Brave Brenda.
Bailey Carter
Arko soaks in the pool, while Bailey has a turn. So does Kayleigh.
Pooh sticks  
On the second day, it was raining. We had to do a different walk to avoid a river crossing. Quite a few people played pooh sticks. Felicity and Arko are dropping their sticks in this side of the bridge.  
Thomas and Bleyne wait to see whose stick comes out first. It was a very large kauri tree. Try fitting your arms around that one!
Luke Otten
The creeper made beautiful patterns growing up the tawa tree. Arko points it out. Now we're at Sapphire Springs. Luke leaps in.
Felicity Klein Ovink Bleyne Heberley
Flippy flips in. Back at camp, the rain gets heavier and heavier (and heavier). We do indoor rock wall climbing. Here's Bleyne belaying his climber.
Amelia Howe Thomas Fretwell
Amelia does well up the wall. She got to the top of two climbs. Camp director Greg watches while Thomas makes sure Bleyne knows what he is doing! Jaspreet is in support.
Keely Forbes
Keely enjoys her time up the wall. Look no hands! On Thursday we had to get up early. After enjoying the porridge, we went on a bus to Martha Mine. Bailey, Ethan and Johannes stop beside a dump truck.
Daniel Whiteley Molly Bradley
On the tour, gold and silver get passed around. Daniel is holding $2000 worth of gold. Next stop is the Waihi Museum. Molly is glad she hasn't had to chop a thumb off "accidentally"!
Then we take the train to Waikino. We set a new record, getting 26.5 trucks to toot at us on the trip. Carrying billiard balls around with you is one thing, be careful what you say to people about them though. Brady, Christian and Liam crack up.
Elana and Felicity chant, "Apple on a stick, makes me sick, makes my heart beat 246..." Back at Aongatete Lodge, Jessie and Molly's film crew are recording. Felicity makes a mistake and hopes it will be edited out!
Meantime, people are playing cricket, until Johannes's dad hits the ball into an epiphyte, other are building huts. This is Georgia, Savannah, Lila, Moana and Keely. Thursday night, time for mock court. Prosecutor Molly reads the charges, Judge Flash and Henchman Bryce get ready to keep the court in order, while the jury - Paige, Christian and Sirita - make the verdict if the judge lets them!
Pat Riddall
Lila's dad Patrick is in court for showing off his kitchen skills, how to chop celery without looking. He ended up breaking the knife while showing off. Guilty. He had to prance about like a pony! Lots of others were guilty... Daniel, Savannah, Mr Hawkes, Sam, Georgia, Thomas, and the snoring parents. Now it's Friday. We're at Waimarino. Our instructor Shaun makes sure we know what to do. There were a few rules and if you broke them, the punishment was...
Amelia Elana
press ups! Amelia ended up doing 160 when she couldn't control her mouth or her running or.... We went out on the river and learned lots of skills. We could swap kayaks, paddle from strange positions (low rider, high rider), rescue people etc. Getting out of the water was even dangerous. Flash can't resist making sure everyone has another swim! Elana is trapped in her kayak. Is Lila helping?
Room 14 rafts up Sammy
Out on the water we raft up so our instructor can teach us the next skills. Wow there were some speedy people flying off the water slide. Sam's mum gave her a helpful push to make sure she went even faster! This is gonna hurt!
Christian flew a fair way before he hit the river. Maiya flies a long way out off the slide in her kayak.
Going off the high diving board was a challenge. Flash climbs up. Meanwhile, on the gladiator pole, Ethan's mum Val gets the better of Jared.
Warming up or chilling out. What happens when noone is looking? Jurgens falls out of his kayak!
Brady Jayden flies
Brady impressed with a lot of back flips off the high diving board. The Blob was spectacular. Quite a few kids got large parents to launch them. This is Jayden Hoefsloot, launched by his dad. He went higggghhhhh!
Can you spot the flying child??
Here we all are at Waikino on Thursday, heading back to the train for our trip back to camp.