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Awakeri School

Room 13 Waitomo Camp

March 2016

We are at the Tokikapu Marae and Elijah is playing knots with his group. On the way to the marae we stopped at the Otorohanga Kiwi House. Here we are standing next to the entrance.
Katie is admiring the Kakariki bird on her hand inside the avery of the Kiwi House. Sasha Burr is feeding a Kakariki.
Samantha is happy to finally be at the Tokikapu Marae. Kalib is feeding a long slimy eel!
Summa is feeding lots of long slimey eels! Charlotte is stroking a smaller eel.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHANIE! It was Stephanie's birthday on the day that we leave the Tokikapu Marae Oscar is the first to go down the abseiling rock at Stubbs Farm!
Gabriel is crawling through a tight squeeze at the Waitomo Discovery Centre. Oscar is also trying to squeeze through the tight gap!
GIRL PHOTO! Some of the girls get together to have a photo after leaving the glowworm grotto. More girls are joyful after seeing the gorgeous glowworms.
The boat we took through the glowworm grotto was huge! Awesome looking stalactites hanging from the cave roof of the Ruakuri cave.
A fossil we found while we were in the Ruakuri cave!