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Awakeri School

Making Masks

using the technique of Paul Klee

Step One:
Make a clay model of how you want your mask to look.
Step Two:
Cover the clay mask with gladwrap and then torn strips of newspaper pasted together.
Step Three:
Cover the mask in strips of black paper, then newsprint.
Step Four:
Paint a base colour.
Step Five:
Paint over with other colours and add accessories, e.g. feathers, glitter....
and... voila!
Here is Stefan's finished mask. The one above is Louise's.
You can see Paul Klee's techniques of using dots, dodging the dots and extending the lines from the dots.
Here's Louise cutting a stick to hold her lovely mask with.
This page was put together by Kate (the intelligent blond!)
Thanks to Mrs Parker for teaching us this.
Thankyou Mr H for helping!