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Awakeri School

Wairaka Marae stay 2019
The school went to stay, or visit Wairaka Marae, 5 - 8 November

On the first day, after the powhiri and kai, we (Rooms 13, 8 & 9) had free time for a little while. Kids played rugby, did skipping, explored... and these guys sat under the tree and played cards!
We went on a walk down the Whakatane River (not Ohinemataroa in this section!) and learned about the Mataatua waka and the people involved. Mr Hawkes talked to us about the two waka, the new Mataatua and the Hinemoana. We also learned things from the carvings on the waka and the waka shelter.
We visited te Ana O Muriwai. Cole is enjoying his visit to this ancient place. Back at the marae, one of the activities is learning and creating poi moves. Whaea Andrea shows a behind the back move. Miss Manderson and her class give it a go.
Mihaere and Ben get into the swing of the poi. Nathan studies the wharenui as he works on his art assignment.
Room 13 learn rakau games. Single throws... e papa waiari Christian Wetting was a parent staying with Room 13.
Art assignment work in the porch of the whare. Max and his Mum Shannon walk with room 13 on their way up to Toi's Pa.
A group photo by the Whakatane River. Up near the pa site room 13 go through tall grass.
They finally get to the trig. Yay! On day two Room 13 was ready to welcome Rooms 14, 11 and 10. Karma, Bree and Brooke will start with the karanga, then Cole and Ari will do the whaikorero. We have practised singing Taku Rakau lots to make sure we know it!
Here come our manuhiri, led by their kaikaranga Kenna, Malia, Jade and Whaea Andrea. Jon and Kyan do the whaikorero for rooms 14, 11 and 10. Sitting on the pae are Caleb and Tyler, who will do that job the next morning when they welcome the next group.
The hongi line. Caleb hongis Mr Hawkes. Brooke welcomes Tyler.
We had lots of fun activities. Here are Henali, Malia, Sophie G and Kyan performing a made up poi action. No Inia, No Tuhoe, No Te Ati Awa, No Whakatohea ratou. Nathan and Guan Yu do some poi moves.
All the groups made up their own actions to songs of their choice. Most of them were very good!
Now Room 14 have gone home and room 15 are the tangata whenua. They have been joined by Mr Fitz on their hikoi to Toi's Pa. Ani, Lucy, Rhiane and Jazz are cruising up the hill.
Now it's getting to be hard work. Grant Bateson, Mr Hawkes, Mrs Elliot, Mrs West and Mrs D are working up a sweat.
Phoebe and Nathan are looking fresh though! Room 15 are at Toi's Pa.
Zealia and friends use Whaea Andrea's phone to take selfies Looking good at the trig.
Ella has made it. Later that night, actually at 11pm, we find Karen John, Whaea Andrea and Karine in the wharekai fixing poi for the next day. Karine was our chief chef for the week. The kai was tino reka!
The last day. Room 15 host the junior kids. Devon, Cody and Charlie teach some rakau moves. Zealia and Addi teach some string games.
Jemma and Lily teach some poi. In their break times these girls put together some cool actions to "E minaka ana". They sang it and sang it!
Mason talks about the carvings with his group of juniors. The seniors did a great job of being tuakana to their little kids.