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Awakeri School

Kapa Haka 2012
Dress rehearsal and then performance....
Scroll down for the kapa haka break up too

Andrea Maru does Jenna's hair Siri takes the group for a warm up
Andrea puts the finishing touches to Jenna's hair, ready for the dress rehearsal. Siri warms the group up. The audience are starting to come in, ready for 6 o'clock.
Molly Bradley
Now we're on. Molly Bradley, on the right leads the himene. "Ki runga i te whenua tapu...." We had a huge group this year, almost 70 were still in it at the end..
Ti Rakau Fletcher
Ti Rakau. The rakau girls have been bribed to get their actions in time and not to drop their rakau! Haka time! Fletcher Forsyth in action.
Olivia Tino ataahua!
Finally, the action song... "Awakeri e...". This is Olivia. Behind her, Emily Julian is a master at lighting up the audience with her smiles, and actions. Afterwards, the senior girls look happy with their work. Jenna, Molly, Sam, Lauren and Amelia.
Lauren Baxter Lauren Hall
Now it's the break up day. Sadly, Siri passed away a few weeks before, but we were so glad that she managed to get through all the performances.
Andrea is handing out the certificates. Her cousin Heni is giving each person a special photo of Siri, you can see it around Lauren's neck.
Another Lauren. This is Lauren Hall, one of quite a few year eights getting their final kapa haka certificates
Daniel Perkinson Arko Brabant Weitkamp
Daniel Perkinson was another year eight. Daniel was strong in the haka. This is boy leader Arko getting his certificate from Andrea. Arko's brothers were also leaders. Check out our kapa haka history for all the leaders over the years.
Irene Cronin
Irene Cronin was one of a number of staff members and parents who were also thanked for their tremendous help. Mrs Cronin has not been well, so it was great that she could be there too. Several kapa haka members got up to say thank you. These are Adele Hermansen, Poppy Rika, Shardae Last and Atawhai Wooldridge. Adele and Poppy had made a cool video of photos to the sound track of Awakeri E, with Mr Sheather's help. We watched the videos earlier in the afternoon.