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Awakeri School

Interschool Cross Country at Onepu
Scroll down for the list of place getters.

Interschool cross country this year was at Onepu, after years of the Manawahe hills. The seven year olds are off! Kalani Robinson looks determined.
Phoebe Carter and Isla Fergusson have a good sprint for the finish. Awakeri teams did well in all age groups. Here are the 8 & 9 year boys before their run.
The boys sprint to see who gets to the corner first. The start of the 10 and 11 year girls race. Kaia Skipps has got a good space in the front row.
Kaia wins, by quite a distance. Here she waits for prize giving with Brodie Bishop (Bye from Awakeri Brodie!) and her mum and dad.
The 10 and 11 year boys start strongly. Daniel Parsons has a good sprint with an Edgecumbe runner.
Regan Henderson just beats Elijah Wetting-Davidson to take first place. The 12 and 13 girls fight their way from the start. Then the spectators wait and wait until they see who rounds the final corner in the sprint for home, and it's....
Tayla Jones! Lia Haupapa Le Prou also ran well, coming in 4th.
Amber Fort had a huge sprint with her Otakiri opponent. Tayla accepts first placing from Fonterra rep Christian Wetting.
Finally the 12 and 13 year boys are away. Caden Laurent hits the front and stays there! Well done Caden! His cousin Codi came second.
Troy Wilson tries hard to catch two Edgecumbe runners.
  7 year boys 7 year girls 8 & 9 year boys 8 & 9 year girls
2nd Archie Plews Tylah Bateson Dayyan Van Veen  
3rd   Holly Rowlands    
  Team 2nd Team 2nd    
  10 & 11 year boys 10 & 11 year girls 12 & 13 boys 12 & 13 girls
1st Regan Henderson Kaia Skipps Caden Laurent Tayla Jones
2nd Elijah Wetting-Davidson   Codi Laurent  
3rd   Bonnie-Marie Wetting-D    
  A Team 1st A Team 1st A Team 1st A Team 1st
    B Team 3rd B Team 3rd B Team 3rd