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Awakeri School

Cross Country

Scroll down for the list of place getters.

Mr Fitz welcomes everyone to the cross country. It's Mr Fitz's last cross country. Bang! The clappers ring out. Mr Hawkes sets the 12 and 13 year old boys off on their course.
Joseph (in green) was leading but took a wrong turn and had to make up about 30 metres. He's not far behind Joel. Mikayla, Ella and Phoebe had a good race in the senior girls section. Ella's long legs got her there in the end.
Rimu house wave their colours proudly. Leah comes over the stile, heading for the finish line.
The seven year old boys are off. Mason leads them into the first corner. Darcy Brown is focused as he comes back into the school fields.
Zoe has been escorted around her course by Jessie. There's lots of support on the sidelines. The 10 and 11 year old boys are all looking very determined.
Astrid Smith finishes well in the 7 year olds run. Through the kiwifruit orchard run Aramia and Danielle in the 10 and 11 year olds.
Student teacher Miss Mills has been on practicum in Room 13. She helps Max get to the finish line. Taylor's smile is always there. Yes! The finish line!
Sam, Jay, Callum and Sonny stay away from the blackberry as they run through the orchard. Finn, Cody and Brad battle out a great sprint finish
Bryan and Ollie had a good final sprint in the 8 and 9 year olds. Yasmin and Danielle help each other to the finish line.
Age Girls Boys Age Girls Boys
12&13 1st Ella Murphy Joseph Spalding 10&11 1st Aramia Hanlen Ryan Somerville
2nd Mikayla Bailey Reece Jake Laurent 2nd Tylah Bateson Ben Peat
3rd Phoebe Carter Joel Jones 3rd Danielle Bach Christensen Arran Dominick
8&9 1st Addie Tetze Bailey Le Prou 7yr 1st Paige Horner Mason Kerdemelidis
2nd Jayda Smith Alex Whiteman 2nd Astrid Smith Harry Davidson
3rd Millie Bateson Bryan Leitch 3rd Storm Le Prou Josh Jennings
6yr 1st Olivia Hathaway Miller Spence 5yr 1st Maddie Paling Kyan Krause
2nd Isabella Mitton Lockey Hawtree 2nd Harlo Mitchell Mason Dylan Edwards
3rd Kaylee Howson Braxton Yardley 3rd Scarlett Mead Logan Owen