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Awakeri School

Music & script by: Timothy Tuck
In association with Maverick Musicals

Dress rehearsal and Performance

After all the auditions, learning lines, roles, rehearsals, set construction, orchestra and dance practices, it's time to move into the Little Theatre and get ready to perform. First up a few glitches with the lighting system....
Mr Fitz and Mr Sheather struggle to get the lighting controller to do anything useful. Two hours later.....
An SOS to former student Bryce Coulter and the problem is solved!
No, you need to put that plug in this output socket!
In the orchestra pit. Ryan Mapu, Liam White, Elijah Wetting and Gemma Heal have their percussion instruments ready. Bass guitarist Dave Smith and pianist George Hannah get their music organised. Michael Seales, Jon Tiwha-Smith and Seth Templeman aren't in the pit yet because they're in kapa haka too. On with the dress rehearsal... Here are the Board of Jokes in the crazy Kingdom of Witt. Lady Lark (Lucy Knot), Governor Gag (Cambell Julian), Lord Limerick (Ryann Kelly), the Baroness (Tayla Jones) and Wisecrack (Alex Robbie).
A human called Jo (Amber Fort) ends up in the kingdom and has to sort them out. Here Amber tries to get through to Quip - the King's jester (Ben White). The Princess Amustasia ( Mary Bragg) complains to the gnomes that her jokes never get chosen.
Jo ends up in some weird places, like the palace kitchens. The head chef gives a strange cooking lesson. Here are 'currants' being added to the cooking.
The palace gardens have giant flowers and potatoes. But they are very afraid of a caterpillar!
The joke gnomes turn up to try and get new jokes added to the great book. Governor Gag talks to some Riddle Gnomes. Jo tries to make sense of it all.
Of course there are palace guards. They get gassed while Punella or someone steals the book of jokes.
Professor Paradox (Isaac Clements) runs the kingdom's school. The King (Cody Hall) with guards and the jester.
Lady Lark sings her lines Director Mr Fitz gives Keiran Butler instructions on how to 'pie' someone properly. The King wears this one!
Punella (Aleisha Boyce) and Orff (Jessica Bell) make the most of the shockingly bad puns. The Royal family. Olivia Sheaff shows how to look like a queen! Everyone is beneath her!
Jo is getting really annoyed by the whole story. Guard Daniel Parsons finds it funny! Now we're getting ready for our second performance. Backstage is a hive of activity before the show. Here are Mrs Plews and Mrs Cass putting make-up on Sharaya and Kate.
The 60 strong kapa haka opened the show. Whakaaria Mai.
Ben Olifiers led the haka There are lots of young kapa haka members.
The poi was beautiful. Leaders Taylor Skipps and Tayla Jones set the example. The ultra-violet lights transform the poi.
Anei he rau harakeke e.... It is a united group The chant is loud and spectacular to finish.
How to get the King to stand in the proper place..... whisper in his ear! Well done Governor Gag! The princess has just told the Board of Jokes another useless joke. If this was a reality show, the princess would have been sent home long ago!
Teigan Nolan is transformed into a beautiful butterfly! You're a lady who?! Haylee Schuler is a knock knock gnome. Haylee also did a wonderful job selling tickets every day before school to help out the office.
Yet another of the princess's jokes! Governor Gag says it is not original, so Jo throws it down to the Bad Joke Monster. A joke's not a joke unless it's funny! The Board of Jokes sing the lines. This is Wisecrack aka Alex Robbie.
Punella (Aleisha Boyce) threatens everyone with a pun bomb. Hers and Orff's puns drive everyone mad! Ben White - Quip - sings Crying Inside.
The prisoners back up Quip, watched by the warders. Jo says "I'd like to be your friend!" to the Bad Joke Monster (John White). Jo kindly gives him a good joke.
"I'm not funny, I'm not cute..." sings BJM. The final song Laugh and Grow Fat! It was another great performance!