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Awakeri School


Robyn Hood Outlaw Princess
Music by: Gary Daverne
Script By: John Reynolds

Flutes Not you again. You're the Howard girl...
Dress rehearsals. After the kapa haka, we have four lovely flutes playing some interlude music while we get ready to open the curtains again. Courtney, Lila, Felicity and Elana. Oh oh, Robyn Howard gets into trouble with the school principal again!! Katy hardly needs to even act for this scene!
Bailey Carter as the principal Bailey Carter, the Sheriff of Nottingham
Bailey Carter doubles as the principal, a rather mean character (aren't they all)...... and... The Sheriff of Nottingham.
Katy White, our hero, Robyn Hood
The princess is captured by the Sheriff's heavies. The sheriff wants to marry her!! Ohh yuk! She's a rebel! Robyn Hood, played by Katy White.
The goodies are the outlaws. This is Sam Looney. What is Mr Sheather doing in the background?! Princess Phillippa, played by Georgia Leonard, beats Little Joan in an initiation contest.
Jess Robbie Lauren Hall, say your prayers
We even have entertainers, like Jess Robbie. Flecther Forsyth is one of the Sheriff's heavies, here he is getting Lauren Hall to say Robyn Hood is guilty!
Kapahaka Himene
Now we're into performances. This is from the second performance. The kapa haka opened with a hymn. It was special and made a very united group of 70 kids. There's Molly, beside her you can see the front of Siri's wheelchair. It was special that she could play guitar for the group despite being very sick.
poi Arko
The girls loloked great doing the poi. "Nga waka e whitu..." Moana, Jenna and Emily. Arko leads the boys in the haka "Ko te kura o Awakeri e ngunguru nei..."
Tom and the haka boys Cody gets a make over
Tom and Tama get stuck in to their work. In the green room, it has been busy getting eveyone made up, costumed up etc./ This is Cody Baker Bragg - the Town Crier. Cody has a really tough song to sing, Make Way For the Sheriff, which he does very well.
Katy White
Now the production is going. Katy sings about her outlaw existence. "I'm a rebel" The outlaws have captured two of the Sheriff's heavies (Thomas and Jayden)
Little Joan, aka Hannah van der Horst Tawari
I give you a toast! Little Joan, played by Hannah van der Horst, tries not to spill her wine. In the entertainment section Tawari Stanley impressed everyone with his excellent guitar skills. Sadly no photos of Molly and Jenna's scary whip cracking!
Georgia is outsmiled by Em The whip for you two idiots
The outlaws are living it up in the forest. Georgia sings "if you're a little person, with a little mind, you'd better go and waste somebody else's time...." Emily Julian can light up a whole stage with her smiles! Don't mess with the sheriff! Two of his bungling heavies are due for trouble.
Go for it Katy! Sheriff Sweetie!
She lets the Sheriff know, but pushes it a bit far, making fun of him! She has the Sheriff thinking that Princess Phillippa actually likes him!
Katy gets the sulks Jared aka the Bailiff
The sheriff wonders what he will do, to get even.... The citizens demand a trial, so here's Jared, the Bailiff reading the charges.... not using council's recycling bins even gets a mention! You can tell the citizens (that's Lauren and co) still support their hero.