Awakeri School

Wellington School Singapore 2012

Awakeri v Wellington Football game

A highlight of the Wellington School visit to Awakeri was the international football game between the two schools. A big crowd turned out. Wellington School were confident because they play together and are a classy team. The teams line up to march on to the field. The national anthems were played.
Awakeri did a haka as well. Wellington School were keen to see a haka. Jack and Tawari do their best pukanas.
Now it's into the game. Welliington were very quick on the break and their players had good skills. Emily and Campbell chase their attacker. Finn defends, with Taryn anxiusly watching on.
Linette Jacob
Linette was a strong defender. Kevin and ref Miss CT keep an eye on the action. Jacob tries to make a tackle but the attacker veers away. Emily is next to try and stop him. In the end Wellington Sch won 5 - 0. Kevin went very close to scoring for Awakeri.
Hand shakes afterwards. Everyone looks happy with the game.

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