Farewell to Melva prodger 7/7/2017

Kalib and Bonnie give Mrs Prodger a card of memories from room 14, things like giving people some of her own lunch, getting out a stuck earring, helping get out a spring Amie swallowed, cleaning up injuries... Lots of classes made things like poems to read.
Room 10 says thank you Mr Fitz had some good tales to tell.
Farewell to Melva, one of the best!
Read our song below...

Melva 2017
Tune: Tutira Mai Nga Iwi

She's been at Awakeri, since 1995
She has been here longer, than we have been alive
She is our Mrs Prodger
Her last day today, Mrs Prodger
She is our office lady, she looks after us
Tatou, tatou e

She's sells us stationery, books and pens and stuff
She minds us in the sick bay when we have had enough
She cleans up all our blood
Helps us in a flood, Mrs Prodger
She pulls out all our prickles, gives us ice packs too
Tatou, tatou e

When we first arrive, we see her to enrol
When we're feeling sick, she might give us a bowl
We always use our manners,
When we come to ask, Mrs Prodger
She rings up all our parents if we don't come to school
Tatou, tatou e

She's always really busy, and she can multi task
If you don't know something, you just go and ask
Keeps track of all our money
She always keeps quite calm, in a crisis
A bad beesting reaction, the bus has broken down!
Tatou, tatou e

She says goodbye to Sandra, and to Mr Fitz
No more jolly audits, or lips stuck in a zip
The Queen of our Olympics
She is leaving us, Mrs Prodger
To spend more time with Charlie, go for walks and trips
Tatou, tatou e

Ta-tou, ta-tou e-Thank you Mrs Prodger, ki aue hi!