Awakeri School

EBOP Cross Country at Opotiki
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The senior girls look very happy to be at the EBOP Champs at Opotiki, representing, not only Awakeri, but also Rangitaiki. Riley Macdonald, Ayla Rowe and Sammy Neale. Teigan Nolan runs across the challenging countryside. She did very well, coming second.
Teigan and twin sister Olivia got great placings in the 11 year olds. Aramia Hanlen came 5th in the 8 year olds.
The 12 year old boys look very happy with their certificates and medals. Our most successful age group: the 11 year old boys. Jamie Julian, Elijah Wetting-Davidson and Kalib Schuler.
Ryan Somerville and Kobi Wetting-Davidson are happy with their placings in the 9 year olds. Archie Plews came an excellent second in the 8 year olds. Sadly Archie is leaving Awakeri soon to move to Hawkes Bay. Good luck over there Archie!

8 year girls 8 year boys 9 year boys 10 year boys
5th Aramia Hanlen 2nd Archie Plews 3rd Kobi Wetting-Davidson 3rd Joseph Spalding
    4th Ryan Somerville 5th Joseph Bateson
11 year girls 11 year boys 12 year boys  
2nd Teigan Nolan 2nd Elijah Wetting-Davidson 5th Cody Hall  
4th Olivia Nolan 3rd Kalib Schuler    
  4th Jamie Julian