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Position (tick)  Parent/caregiver ___  Staff ___  Visitor/student teacher __

As participants in the education and supervision of children, I endorse  the following statements.

Remembering that education is secular and available to all, that I am to abide by school policies, Board directives and applicable legislation, I shall: 

·  meet any reasonable requirements for the protection and safety of others.

·  preserve confidences. (Only authorized staff to communicate concerns / incidents when and where appropriate.)

·  convey apprehensions and concerns in a private manner to the appropriate person.

·   respect all others and their property.

·  respect and acknowledge the cultural differences that occur in our society.

·  have high expectations of learning and behaviour.

·  not display racist nor sexist attitudes.

·  practice religious and political tolerance.

*  When carrying children in cars, make sure that the car is legal and safe. i.e. current  registration, WOF etc.

*  Alcohol is not to be taken or drunk on school trips and camps.

·  accept and carry out to the best of my ability, collegial and employer decisions.

·  recognise that primarily the teacher, then syndicate leader, principal, and Board are in  control of and are responsible for the students.

·  acknowledge that physical discipline and verbal abuse is not acceptable. (Any disciplinary  measures must protect/maintain the dignity of those  involved.)

·  exercise safe practices when being in close proximity to students.

·  exercise discretion and not criticize or show dissension in the hearing of  students and  Caregivers.

 signed .................................................  Dated ____ / ____ / ____

Please note; Pre-schoolers should not be taken on trips or activities as parents are required to supervise class children and activities.

For all employed teachers and staff, parent helpers and volunteers, and workers in the school.

To be read and signed on enrolment and at the start of each year.

To be signed if necessary prior to every school camp unless signed in the previous 12 months. 

     Signed copies given to Office.

     Office use — recorded student manager    YES